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Hillside Terrace

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I guess they called the apartments that, because they were backed up against a hill. They even had ledges up, with black square logs to keep the dirt in. Sticky with tar, like a telephone pole, but they smelled piney. They planted rose bushes up there to give the apartments a better view, but I went down there from the park to smell flowers, and stuff.

All the time, especially when the roses were in bloom, but then I caught some boys back there smoking, and talking. I came around the bushes, on the next ledge up, but then one turned around, and said, “I’m just going to take a leak.”

He was lying, I could tell just from the way he said it, but I had to be careful, climbing up the railroad ties to look over the rose bush. I couldn’t exactly go around to the front of them, but the boys just kept their backs turned, and he had his head down. He didn’t look up, and even though I couldn’t see it, I knew what he was doing.

He put his arm up to hold onto the railroad ties, and his head went down even lower, but he didn’t moan or anything. Then, he zipped up out of breath, and turned back around. He bummed a cigarette off of one of the other boys, and then a different one turned around to drop his pants behind them.

My neck got tired, and my fingers too, just from holding on. Twisted around to see over the ledge, but while their backs were turned, I climbed up. There was a little grass between the bushes, and the drop-off, I guess so the groundskeepers could take care of the front rose bushes, but they weren’t in bloom. Just thorny, and weedy, but I got a better view down from there, and I could roll back, on my back.

A long story short, they took turns, “Taking a piss,” while the boys just kept their backs turned, for privacy. They shared one pair of bird watching binoculars, but they didn’t fight over them. They held their heads together, careful not to get too close, or touch each other, but it wasn’t that far to see what they were looking at.

Ms. Taylor, I found out later. She was out on her balcony, on a towel, and she wasn’t just sun tanning nude. She was playing with herself, and I started playing with myself watching her too, but from up there, I got a good look at their dicks, one by one. When they turned around, and pulled up their shirts, then unzipped their flies. Some of them un-buttoned their pants all the way, while others just whipped it out their flies, and this one boy dropped his pants completely.

He was young, well. Maybe a little older then me, but you know. Probably a little too young to be hanging out with the older boys, that had hair on their balls, and he had the exact same haircut as his brother. I guessed, they looked alike too, but they kept coming back when the weather was nice, and Ms. Taylor. She didn’t just masturbate out on her porch, while suntanning nude.

She also had a big screen TV, that she could plug in her laptop, and watch porn in the living room. Big enough that you could see all the action, if you knew how high to climb around, and see right through her patio door, but you had to wait until after dark. Otherwise, the glass was too bright, and about all you saw was the reflection of daylight, shining on it.

It was easy enough to find the spot, after the boys left, and the mess they ejaculated all over the railroad ties. There was puddles of piss too, but they set the railroad ties up like steps to follow the hill, so it was easy to climb up, or down. I used to wear pants, and stuff, to go back there, so my skirts and dresses didn’t get caught on the thorns, or stick to the tar when it was hot, but when it wasn’t. The star pretty much stuck to the wood, more or less. I found some old work gloves that were way too big for my hands, but they kept them from getting sticky, so I could get my fingers in my underwear.

I got caught by boys a few times, or spotted going around to watch them peeping on her, but they just ran off. So, I decided to dress a little more revealing, in the hopes of them letting me stay. Okay, I wanted a gangbang, because that’s what Ms. Taylor liked to watch the most. With her big bag of toys out on the coffee table, and the couch folded out to a bed for her to get on. Working her way up to 3 of them, one to suck on, often another between her tits, and they sure talked about those a lot.

She was pretty busty, but anyway. I probably don’t have to tell you where the other 2 went, with the girl on the big flat screen getting double dicked, at least. Then, she got payed, I guess. It was about the beginning of the month, I remember that, and she had a lot of money for the strippers. Maybe she got her tax returns, I don’t know, but she sure blew a lot of money on a real live gangbang.

There were lots of boys, all down on the same level as the balcony, so they could look straight through her patio door, when it wasn’t too crowded by half naked guys. Standing around in their shorts, or whatever. At least they pulled something on, but then they finished smoking, and went back in, to get hard again, and again.

For hours, I swear they were at it all night, even after she ran out of bills to stuff in their underwear. It was all over the place, and used rubbers too. She had a big bowl, a trifle dish, if you know what that means, but it looked a lot like a giant glass with a foot, and a neck around the bottom. Or like the base of a butt-plug, only with a big round bowl, instead of a plastic cone, but you’d have to be a giant to fit that up your butt, and of course, it wasn’t the right shape, but they all had safe sex. She put them on when she could, or they got one out, and unwrapped it, and the boys got bored when they saw to men kissing.

“Ugh, why’d they have to make it gay?” They all wandered off, but that just left me to watch them taking turns. Getting down on their knees, and smoking each other on the patio. Boys, they couldn’t look past the bi guys. You know, they were just in there stripping, and fucking Ms. Taylor, or at least getting sucked off, to whip off the rubber, and cover her with juices with their balls in her mouth.

“Huh!” Well, they sure left a mess behind them, taking turns between sharing the binoculars, or just watching, while somebody was behind them, relieving himself. By then, I had a tight dress, I saved from a few winters ago, so it was long, and long sleeved, but stretchy, so you could see my boobs. What little I had, I still wasn’t as big, and busty as Ms. Taylor, but she wasn’t married, and I went to talk to her when I ran into her down by the mailboxes.

This was long before she saved up enough money for a wild sex party with male strippers, but I told her “You know, the boys watch you sunbathing naked, and even watching porn in the living room?”

She got embarrassed, and blushed, but she smiled guilty too, and then she shushed me. “Keep your voice down.”

I looked around, but then I pointed out that “There’s nobody else here, and.” The windows, out to the parking lot, “We can see anybody before they come in, so we can shut up, but. It’s not like every man in the building doesn’t know about you playing with yourself out on the patio.”

She confessed, “I’m an exhibitionist, so it’s a lot more exciting when I know someone’s watching.” They came out on their balconies, and looked over the side, since the building was sloped up away from the rose terrace, too. They had a big wide open area out front, with a vaulted ceiling, and it was expensive, to afford the rose bushes that was really the main attraction.

“I thought it was something like that,” but most of the men in her building were married, and looked around when they came out, to make sure there wasn’t another man out there watching. So, they didn’t have to worry about being spotted by anyone else they knew, but she spent a long time out there, so her tan was even a little darker than her bleach blonde hair.

I guess it was rude to ask, “Are you a porn star?”

“Huh, no. Of course not, I wanted to be when I was younger, but you’d be surprised. It’s a lot harder to make a living at that, because there’s so much competition.” she kept all her appearences in amateur movies though. She just didn’t watch them, because none of them we public gangbangs, or orgies. I get it, of course being the center of attention, and all those guys getting hard for her makes her feel super sexy, and desirable, but it doesn’t happen as often as you might like to think.

“Yeah, I bet,” but she was easily the hottest woman in the whole building, because every man had seen her naked, at least once, but when she went out, you wouldn’t know it. She doesn’t dress revealing at all, outdoors. Just out on her terrace, and also around the house, when she has it to herself. So then, the next thing I wanted to know was, “How come you’re still single?” It was Missus Taylor, and she wasn’t even divorced. Never married, but a single mom, with 3 kids, who lived with her.

First, there was Jerry, and he was at least 5 years older. Then, Brad, he was only a couple years older, but you know boys sometimes start later, right? Well, those were the 2 boys that had the same haircut, and they invited Jerry’s friends out to the Terrace, to whack off with the binoculars they shared.

She didn’t know that, but Brad went to my school, until after 6 grade, when he went to middle school, and I was just starting 5th. I didn’t tell her, but she asked, “Wait, when you say boys, you mean.”

“High school boys.” Mostly. “I don’t know how long they’ve been going up there to watch you, but it’s been a couple years since I caught them at it, and they at least check to see if you’re out naked, or busy watching porn, all afternoon, and every evening.”

“Well, it isn’t every evening, but what do you do?”

“What do you think I do? I play with myself watching them, and imagine them, well. I’m really afraid of what they’d do if they caught me, because there are so many of them, and even one of them could get rough, and rape me.”

“You have a lot of rape fantasies?”

“I try not to, because that’s a turn-off.”

“Sh!’ She pointed, when a neighbor came to check the mail, so I had to leave. Before I got too embarrassed, but she did say the V word, while I was there.

“Voyeur.” Now, we weren’t rich enough to have internet, and a big flat screen to watch porn on it. I didn’t even know how to look up words for sexual fixations, and obsessions, but long before she told me, it was already too late. I was addicted, and even took my homework to the park. With a towel, so I could lay out in front of the rose bushes, and wait for the boys to show up, but sometimes I just saw Jerry, and Brad in the apartment.

Of course, she tried to hide it from her kids, but Jerry was a full blown teenager, with hormones, and girlfriends, he cheated on so they’d dump him, and everyone knew it. At least all the high school girls did, depending on who you asked, if you went out with him, he was bound to stay faithful until you put out, and then he was going to cheat on you, because that’s what he always did. On the other hand, he was a sure thing, so if you wanted to get your hands on a boy, or do a blowjob. Even if you wanted to get fucked, he always had rubbers, because his mom bought them by the case.

She always sent the kids away, too, but her daughter. She was only about 8, or 9 at the time, and completely oblivious. Her brothers always took her to a friend’s house, so they could call their friends, and meet them up on the Terrace to watch the show. I was almost always there, so I could get my show too, and then go down to look at their mess. Smell it, and even play with it, but I only tasted it once, because it was either gritty from the tramped down dirt behind the bushes, or piney from dripping down the wall like stairs.

Not to mention the fact that I was just plain scared of boys period, because they’re big, and strong. Well, not to mention all the horror stories I heard from my mom. She wasn’t a rape victim, but she worked with a lot of them, and while she didn’t go into any graphic detail, she did have all kinds of statistics. Like 1-in-3 girls report a sexual assault before they turn 18, and that’s just the Reported ones. It’s also hard to talk to someone about something so scary, you’re bound to get flashbacks, and the justice system isn’t always exactly sympathetic to the victims, but this isn’t about that.

This is about sex, and whacking off. For me, seeing it, and thinking about what I want, when I’m old enough, while trying to avoid the thought of what I don’t want happening. How horribly wrong it can go, especially if you get caught by a guy that just wants to hurt you so bad, it’s more important than even sex. Sadists, Angers Excitation torturers, Anger Retaliatory rapists, Power Assertive Serial Killers, and Power Reassurance stalkers, long before I found a copy of Holmes’ and Holmes’ profiles of sexually motivated criminals.

I just didn’t know the words for them, or where to look them up, but I knew boys from listening to them talk. When they don’t think that there’s anyone else around, and they start telling each other what they’d do if they ever got their hands on her. Ms. Taylor, of course. None of it sounded romantic, and a lot of it wasn’t even sex. It was rape, gang rape, and even though they never went through with it, I knew that they wanted to, bad enough to talk about it. With their friends, when they didn’t know I was listening.

So yeah, I guess that’s why I started having rape fantasies, and a lot of my wet dreams turned into violent nightmares.


Brad (mg Porn)

Yeah, I know all about my mom, and her sexuality. She didn’t tell us too much, but at some point, you have to ask her, all the FAQs. I’ll just give you the answers:

My dad was Bradley, just like Jerry’s was Jerold, and Winny’s was Edwin. They dated, they had sex, and then she dumped them, because she didn’t want a husband, or even a long term relationship with them. She’s a bit introverted, and yet she’s also got a powerful libido, and she’s an exhibitionist, but she doesn’t really want to talk to them.

Before, or after, she doesn’t like dating, she especially doesn’t want to see them again, and there’s also the main thing for the men, too. In a word, Jealousy. Where do you find a man that is willing to stay with you, when he knows he can’t satisfy you on his own, and you’re going to show off to get turned on, because that’s what turns you on? The only thing that turns you on, honestly.

It’s paraphilic, and psychological. She sees a therapist, and has to go to a lot of trouble to deal with the risks. There’s a lot of risks when you attract that much attention, mainly that somebody is going to want more than just a show, and she’s not going to be willing to. So, we’re basically talking about Rape. Gang rape, stalkers, and worse.

My girlfriend’s mom finally had to tell me all about the worst of the worst, because she had books all about it, and she knew all the keywords I could search, but I’m getting ahead of myself. I saw her on the bus, when she didn’t even ride the same bus as me, except for in the afternoons. That’s because she lived across the park, up on the little plateau, and rides her own bus to school, but then she took our bus back, so she could watch the boys, watching mom from the bushes.

Let’s just say that Jerry had lots of friends, because he let them come buy, and watch mom nude sunbathing. We left her alone, so she had the house to herself, and besides, it was more fun to hang out, than be stuck at home, unless it was raining or something. So, we hung out at somebody else’s house, but ironically, she needed her privacy.

The men around the building, they wouldn’t even look at you, and it was even fun making them avoid you, knowing it was because they all saw mom naked. Probably whacked off on their balconies looking down, just like most of the boys did, but the girls? No, at least none of the ones I knew, and we sure as hell didn’t take them up there to watch from the bushes. We protected our little sister too, as best we could, until we couldn’t hide it any more, because the boys at school told her that mom was a whore.

She’s not, by the way. In fact, the one time any money was ever even involved is when she payed a bunch of male strippers to cum by, and throw a party, but Jerry we had his own little party up on the Terrace, with all his friends.

I didn’t go there, I took Winny up to the park, and walked around, while she met up with her friends there. They played Flashlight Tag, which is like Hide, and Seek, only after dark, and whoever’s it has to shine the light on you, and say your name out loud to tag you.

I didn’t play, because with the park so full of boys and girls. Mostly girls, honestly, because a lot of boys were busy somewhere else, I just kept an eye out for the cops getting called, or worse. I was really afraid of her, and her friends, getting caught by some boy all horny, and disappointed from watching mom’s big gang bang party, but then they all started walking back, at least the ones that didn’t live down the hill, or overlooking the valley.

So then, Jerry caught up with us, and I asked him “How’d it go?”

He kept his voice down, but Winny walked up ahead, with a couple of her friends. They switched clothes, to fool the flashlight, so she had on a black hoody, that was too big, but it had a big Hard Rock Cafe logo on the back, and down the sleeves, too. Neat trick, because even though that made you easier to spot, they could just run away with the hood up, so they had to guess.

“Well, it was going all right until a couple bi guys got gay out on the balcony, and turned all the other guys off.”

“How gay?”

He shrugged, “Just fluffing, I guess. They both already got off once, so they just made out, and sucked each other hard again, then went in. That girl was there, though.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Yeah, but nobody could hear her grunting, with all the guys talking.”

“Huh, yeah. She’s kinda creepy, but.”

“Yeah, kinda kinky, and hot too. I know.” She kept staring at us on the bus, until Jerry went to middle school, and then I went to middle school while he was in high school. Now, me, and her were in middle school, but she never talked to me, and just ran off before I could talk to her. “Stalker.”

“No, I’m not?”

Jerry grinned, and looked back. “Of course you’re not.” He patted me on the back, and turned me around too. “I’m going to catch you later, all right?”

“Hey, uh.” I held my hands up, “I’m Brad.”

“I know.” She rolled her eyes, and nodded.

“Well, I don’t know your name, and I’m sorry Jerry called you a stalker.”

“Huh, well. It’s all right, I guess, I mean. I have been following you.” She wrung her hands, “A little.” In a black dress. I didn’t see her around the park, while I was watching the kids play Flashlight tag, but then again, I probably wouldn’t. Even if she wasn’t busy watching the watcher party.

“Well, you look nice. Is that a new dress?” Of course not, she wore it all the time, because it’s long sleeved, and didn’t hang loose around her legs, to get caught on the thorns, or stick to the railroad ties, climbing around up there. She told me, later.

“Oh,” she shook her head, “This old thing. No, honestly, it’s a couple years old.”

“You want to go somewhere, and talk? Just talk.”

“You’re a voyeur too, or. Are you just like all the boys, I guess.”

“No, I’m not a voyeur, honestly.”

I held my arm out. “You cold?”

“Oh, no. It’s not cold out here, at all.”

“Well, that looks like a warm dress, too.” I just dropped my arm, instead of grabbing her shoulders to hold onto. She wasn’t running away, but she wasn’t ready for me to touch her, even on the shoulders, so i didn’t rush it.

“I didn’t see you there.” She bit her lip, and stayed just out of reach, walking next to me.

“No, my sister wanted to to play Flashlight Tag with her friends, so I stayed to watch out for them. You know, mostly girls, hiding in the dark, and even swapping clothes to fool whoever’s it.”

“I never played it, but I had friends, tell me about it.”

“Well, why don’t we talk over here, you can have your own table all to yourself if you want.” Under the roof, it was just held up by posts all around, but also dark under there. They had lights, but they were higher than the roof was, and I saw lots of kids help each other climb up, to hide in the rafters.

“So, you didn’t.” She shook her head, and looked away, but then she almost made a fist, and grunted. “Ngh!” I couldn’t see her face, through her hair, but her body. Well, that was one tight dress, and she’d grown into it. So, it only came halfway down to her knees, showed a lot of leg, and even her shadow on the lit up grass behind her.

She had hips, and the waist bunched up before it widened out to her ribs. Her hair covered up her chest too, but on the way out here, we had to walk under the lights all around. So, I could even tell that she wasn’t wearing a bra. I wondered if she had on any underwear, at all. “Did you?”

“Huh?” She just let her hand fall back in her lap, and wrung the other one with it. After making the tugging gesture. “No, I didn’t have the chance.” I took care of it before we left, but that was hours ago, so I already had a bone on. “You wan to watch?”

She turned, just enough to look out of the corner of her eye. Peeking from behind her hair, I leaned back, and held onto the top of my picnic table. Picking the zipper out of my fly, and slowly pulling it down.

She shook her head, and made that grunt again. “Ngh?” only that time it ended with a little squeak. “Can I. Touch it?”

“Of course.”

“Okay, okay. Okay.” She shook her hand, and walked around the table, behind me. “You can do this.” She said to herself, then paced back and forth behind me.

“What’s wrong, you’ve watched me do it before.” So many times I lost count, there’s no telling how long she was even watching Jerry and the boys down there before I spotted her. She’s really good at hiding, and waiting patiently. Usually a lot further down, and the next terrace up from us for the perfect view, along with a little break between the shrubs for the grounds crews to cut through.

“Huh!” She touched my shoulder, and said. “Don’t look. Please?”

“Okay,” but then she pulled out the back of my shirt, and felt around my side with the other hand.

“Hhuh!” She wasn’t cold, she was warm, then red hot, and sweaty. Squished against my back, “Can you scoot back to the edge?”

“Yeah,” I grabbed my pants to take them with me. Not wanting to get splinters in my butt, but she held me on the edge. Standing up on the bench, and her knees on the edge of the table. I felt her hand on my back turn over. Then, her wrist, the back of her hand pressed against my spine, while she felt my boner.

She didn’t start stroking it, she held it pinched between 3 fingers, and the forth one felt around the head. Then down to stretch my scrotum, and pull my balls out of my waistband. “Here, I’m just going to.” Pull it out, so I can hook my thumb, and tuck it under, with my balls hanging out, where she can play with them.

“Huh, I always wanted to do this, with you. I’m glad you’re the first one, I got to touch. Hhuh, it’s so hard.”

“Yeah, take your time. I’m not in any hurry, and you feel nice. You’re so hot, your body is so hot, and looks so sexy in that dress. You really grew into it, and I love the way your body feels against mine. You can rub your body harder against mine, huh. Yeah, you like this too?”

“I love it, keep talking.”

“I love your face too, especially the dirty look on your face when you’re peeking out from between the bushes.”

“You saw me.”

“Of course, it was only a matter of time before somebody spotted you, but I didn’t say anything to the other boys. Just my brother, and also on the bus. Especially the old school bus, when you first started staring at us. That’s when we knew that you knew what we’re doing. Well, Jerry was, I wasn’t old enough to, but when I started.”

“Ejaculating? Huh, yeah. You haven’t ejaculated yet today?”

“Yeah, I have. I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to make it to the party, so I jacked off before we left.”

“You’re such a good brother. I mean a big brother to your sister. What’s her name?”

“Winny, Edwina.”

She giggled a little. “Why Edwina.”

“We all have different fathers, so really we’re half brothers, and sisters, but we’re all named after our fathers.”

“Oh, that makes sense.”

“Huh!’ She was really picking up the pace. “What’s your name?”

“Vera,” she said it like Vera, instead of Vira, “Veranda.” I know that’s a kinda porch, and while that might also be a name, or the kinda word her mother might have named her, I think she was probably lying.

“Huh, well Vera. Was there really a couple of guys, getting gay at the party?”

“Not out on the terrace, but yeah. Out on the patio.”


“Why, does that excite you?”

“Yeah, I’m sorry I missed it.”

“Why, are you bi?”

“I don’t know, maybe it’s because of all the boys I’ve seen beating off, and I know I’m not supposed to look, but of course I got to see them. Their dicks being bigger, and hairy, with balls full of sperm, until I started. Uh, hH! Huhhhhhh!”

“Ihmhn!” She kissed my cheek. “Good boy,” and stopped stroking, just to hold it, and feel the pulses up the bottom. Against her fingertips, then she let go. Held her fingers up, and turned them over so I could see the stripes glisten on the backs of her fingers. “Huh, snh!” She let go, and backed up, but she told me not to look at her. “Mn, smup! Huhl!”

I couldn’t help peeking over my shoulder, and my eyes slipped closed, remembering the sight of her. Standing with that dress up above her hips, her panties down, and her hand over her crotch, with 2 fingers sticking down, and the other 2 curled up. The knuckles appearing when she slipped them out, then disappearing again, when they pumped back inside her. Fingering herself, and licking my jizz off her fingers.

“Huh, get up, and pull your pants down.” She grabbed my shoulder, and almost pulled me off the table, but I stood up on the bench. So she could yank my pants down, and grab my junk. Holding it up, and sucking the spurts off my tummy. Licking down, and swirling her tongue around in her pubes. She let them curl out of her lips, then pinched my hanging wiener to milk the last drop out, licking it so I hunched from her tongue on my sensitive tip.

“Mhn, delicious.” She smacked her lips.

“Huh, I like it too.” I nodded.

“Well, you can pull your pants up now, before someone else sees your pale butt hanging out.” She looked around, but of course the park was empty.

“You going to finish yourself now?”

“You want to watch?”

“Yeah, I always wanted to see what you do back there, and how you do it. I don’t have to touch you, or anything if you don’t want to.” Honestly, just feeling her hot body behind me, and her arm around mine made it the best handjob. Okay, the first handjob I ever had from someone else, but that’s what made it better than even I could do, when nobody else knows how I like it, because i can feel it, and I knew what to do in the moment.

I knew what I wanted, of course, but I never wanted anything so much as her. “Well, I think I’m about a 6. You know the Kinsey scale?”

“Of course, my mom’s a social worker, specializing in the worst victims of domestic, and child abuse.”

“Oh,” I shook my head. “Sex abuse?”

“Yeah, there’s a lot of sex abuse, like I said. The Worst cases.”

“Oh.” I don’t want to hear about that, then she opened her eyes.

“Wait, isn’t that exclusively gay? I mean it’s 0-to-6, it doesn’t go up to seven.”

“Yeah, the way I remember is the 0 is a hole, and the 6 looks kinda like a little penis.”

“Huh, yeah. A flaccid penis.”

“Yeah, but not like, he’s not aroused.” She likes me to talk, while she’s doing it. Not much to see with her hand in the way. “Like he just ejaculated and he’s satisfied.”

“Hhuh, uh huh?”

“Like me, almost as sexually satisfied as I feel right now.”

“Hhuh huh!” He fingers were moving a lot faster now, and I even heard some wet squelches, but I could see one thing. 2 fingers, the first 2, with her pinky, and ring finger on the side. Then, she started slapping herself. Not in the face, but in the crotch, so I could hear her fapping, harder, faster, and louder. “HUH! HUH! HUH! UH!” She relaxed, and squirmed. “Ohhhhh!” Moaning, on the bench, right next to the picnic table. “Oh, oh god. Oh!”

I never heard her moan out loud like that before. Only grunting, and just barely that, but once I saw where her favorite spot was. The next break down from the best spot right across the balcony. I went around, all the way around the other side, and even crawled up right under her. Where I couldn’t see her, but she couldn’t see me. I could hear her, grunting, so she didn’t moan loud enough to hear her.

“Huh, huh!” She started panting, and then she looked up. Smiling at me, and looking so beautiful, and satisfied.

“Huh!” I risked brushing her hair out of her face, then when she let me, I felt how hot her forehead was. Her cheek, and she she whispered. ‘you can kiss me, if you want.’

“Of course.” I got down on my knee, “i do.” I kissed her sideways, and felt down her neck. To her shoulder, I held onto her, until she felt my arm down to my hand, and put it on her chest.

“Uh, huh!” I just had my pants buttoned up, so all I had to do was stick my fingers in there, and feel it starting to swell up again. “You want to jerk me off again?”

“So soon?” She shook her head, and looked down.

“Soon enough.” I pulled it out, before it was too hard.

“No,’ she stuck her hand up between my legs, and pulled me in by the butt. She didn’t say what she wanted to do, she just licked it up to her mouth, and sucked it hard. The rest of the way, she rubbed my butt back and forth with one hand, and went back between her legs with the other. I juts felt her chest, until she let it slip out, and bounce up to the button.

“Huh, let me get up,” she pulled her dress up, and bent over the picnic table on her knees.

“I don’t have a rubber or anything.”

“I don’t care,” she slipped her fingers out, and slipped them up. “Put it in my butt.”

“Uh! Okay!” She got just 1 finger in there, but I spat in my hand. “You better let me finger you some more first.”

“Uh, huh! My pussy too. Huh, yeah. Finger fuck me, stick your thumb in my butthole! Inh, uh!”

I love her grunts. “2 fingers,” I stuck my other two up, and felt her shaved pubes. “Like this?”

“Uh, huh! More spit in my butt crack.” She hunched, and puckered when i slipped my thumbnail out.

“Hachk! Spt!”

She pupped my fingers out, and replaced them.

“Huh, now fuck me with your dick, in my buthole. Fuck me up the but, huh! Yeah huh, butt fuck me. Buttfuck meyah!”

I was a little surprised no only how quickly I got it up again, but how long it took to get another orgasm. With my body up against her back, and her butt squishing, our sweat slipping together, my hands on both boobs, and she had some pretty good handfulls by then. I thought for sure her egging me on, and grunting, I could feel her grunt. It pushed her pucker out, to suck at me, and pull me back in more and more, but before long she couldn’t say anything, and just grunted. Fluttering out soft, and then tightening to pull me back in, so I didn’t even have to move. She did all the stroking with her butthole until finally, I could wait for the orgasm to creep up my back, and I clenched my teeth. “Erh it cmz!”

“Huh yeah, cum up my butt, huh? Huh!” She just panted, but I shook so hard, my knees almost slipped off the bench. I couldn’t keep it in, but it stuck up between us, and just spurted against my belly. The small of her back, and I smeared it together between us.

“Huh!” I just turned over on my side, and she felt back for the mess. I sniffed, then breathed in through my mouth, when i smelled her shit. “Huh!”

Then, Jerry came out clapping. “Good job.” Slowly.

“Huh!” I grabbed her dress, and went to cover her up, but she just said “Thanks.” She took it, and stood up, in nothing but her socks and shoes. She wiped her ass, and her back Turning around to face Jerry.

“Huh, you enjoy the show?”

“Yeah,” I’m proud of my baby brother, finally getting to nail you, but that’s all.” he held his hands up, and held her by the shoulders. He shrugged, “I’ll probably beat off to it later, but I don’t want to come between you two. You need to talk to him about whether you want him to watch you with other men.”

“Oh, no.” I laughed. “She’s the one that likes to watch, remember?” I held her shoulders, just to feel her body against me again. “So, what do you say, you want to watch me, with other guys?”

“Huh!’ She turned around. “You bet.”

“Brad! You’re bi?”

“No, I’m gay, but I’m willing to make an exception.” I held up a finger, a clean one to her lips, and she kissed my finger. “1 girl, you. I’m never going to find another girl like you anyhow.” I made sure it didn’t have any feces on it, so I could move my finger, and kiss her.

Of course, it wasn’t for years that we actually met any men online, who were willing to let me fuck them, while she watched, but that’s a whole ‘nother story…

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