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Heart Attack

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A willing victim makes excuses for his sexual abusers, because they’re girls… #Femdom

The first thing I remember was playing sex with my big sister, Tabby. That’s short for Tabitha, but first, I had to get up, and take Toby for a walk. He was a puppy dog, but then he got old, and died.

First thing in the morning, he really had to go, and lifted his leg right on the porch. Mommy pushed him off with her foot, and scolded him for peeing on the porch, but he squeeked when he hit the ground, and tucked his tail behind his legs. Then, he got up, and lifted his leg by the steps.

I though that was a pretty mean thing for her to do, but I knew better then to scold mommy. Then, we went around to the park, so he could do a number 2, but he didn’t right away. Instead, he sniffed around everywhere, until finally, he squatted down to take care of business. So, she got down with a bag inside out, and held her nose to pick it up.

She scolded Toby for taking so long, I think she hated that dog, honestly. Then, we kept going around to the street, complaining about him making her late, and saying that’s why we’d have to fend for ourselves for breakfast. Then, I saw a couple of teenagers, and I pointed. “Mommy,” tugging on her pant leg, “What is she doing to him?”

“Don’t look,” she picked me up, and carried me off, but Toby just kept up. By the time we got back, mommy just had to get in the car, and go right to work. Tabby was up making breakfast, so I got the kibble out to make Toby a bowl of cereal.

Then, I told Tabby what I saw, “Erin Torres was in the park, with a boy, and she put his peepee in her mouth. Why’s she do that?” first thing in the morning too, the sun had hardly come up.

“Huh!’ She turned off the stove, and said, “Because she’s a whore.” Then, she dumped sausage, and scrambled eggs on plates for us. I remember, all of this so clearly, right down to what she made, when I don’t know why. Nothing else from around that time, not even going to school, learning to count, and write letters are so clear, in so many details.

So then, she told me that it was “For sex.”

I asked “That’s sex?” I don’t know what I thought it would be, but the last thing I could imagine was putting your peepee in her mouth.

“Well, oral sex, but it’s also how you get ready for the main event. 4 play.”

“Oh.” I nodded. Then, she picked up our plates, and put them in the sink. Then, we went out to the living room, and she got some magazines out of mom, and dad’s room, to show me. “Come here.” She patted her lap, and helped me up, to show me the pictures.

Dirty pictures, but back in the day, they were mostly topless. I’m sure they had “Euro” porn, with bush, but I didn’t see any. Tabby had a bra on, and she wasn’t incredibly well endowed, but her chest was getting soft, like mom’s.

“Huh, well usually the girl sits in his lap, but first you kiss, and tell her things to get her in the mood.”

“What kinds of things?”

“You know, romantic things like how pretty she is. Try this, you’re so pretty, the most beautiful girl in the whole world, and I love you. Then kiss me.”

“You’re so pretty, you’re the most beautiful girl in the whole wide world, I love you then kiss me.” I joked, but she didn’t laugh. She just closed her eyes, and puckered up, so I kissed her. Just a quick peck on the lips, but she smiled, and rubbed my pant legs in my lap.

“Then, you feel her legs like this, and her back too. Down here if you want too.” She rubbed the small of my back with her other hand. “You feel that?”

“Uh huh.” I kissed her again, but this time, I held our lips together longer, until she licked mine, so I stopped.

“Huh, let me stick my tongue in your mouth.”

“Why?” I shook my head.

“Well, I guess you’re supposed to stick your tongue in my mouth.” She stopped rubbing my back, and pulled me in, with her mouth wide open, so I just stuck my tongue out, but she licked, and sucked it. Until I started giggling, so she stopped.”That’s a French kiss.”

We had all day, because it was a Saturday, so she took her time to show me how to play with a girl, the right way. Which means lots of foreplay, instead of just whipping your dick out, and sticking it in before she’s ready, which helped a lot.

I’m going to skip a lot of stuff, because honestly, we just made out, practiced kissing, and necking all morning. It took hours, and there really wasn’t a whole lot of dialog, since our mouths were busy. She kept feeling up to my crotch, to check. Then, she went back down my legs, and felt them some more, but she didn’t tell me that I was supposed to get hard.

The boy in the park, he wasn’t hard yet. Erin just flopped it up with her fingers, kissing it, and sucked it in her mouth, but then mom picked me up, and carried me off. Holding my head away so I wouldn’t look, but it was too late. I already saw it.

“Huh, after a while.” She told me. “Maybe a few dates, she might let you touch her here.” She put my hands on her chest, but she got up, so we’re standing. Helped me up on the coffee table, so I wasn’t too much shorter then her, and let me squeeze her through her bra, and top. For a while, we got some more kissing practice, and I think I was getting pretty good at it.

“Huh, that’s second base. Kissing, and necking, that’s first base, but.” She touched my crotch. “Still nothing going on in here?” She rubbed it through my pants. I shook my head, but her little boobs felt so warm, and soft. I just looked back down, and kept playing with them. “Wait, was Erin’s boyfriend hard?”

I shook my head, “He’s fat.” He had to hold his belly up so Erin could slip it in her mouth. sitting on the ground, with her legs crossed, and her top unbuttoned, so you could see her bra.

I didn’t know what she ment, maybe I was aware of erections, maybe not. Infants get them in their diapers, and even in the womb, but I certainly hadn’t made the connection between that, and what we’re doing. Finally, she got impatient, and just pulled my pants down. She sat down on the corner of the coffee table, and pulled me over. Standing up with my feet on either sides of her legs, and she fondled my butt, while she sucked me to an erection.

Then, she laid me down on the sofa, so she could get down between my legs. She kept sucking it in, then letting it slip out. Then, she licked it up, and sucked it in again, only to let it slip out. It took a while, but eventually, this stimulated some blood to flow in, so it got chubby, and even heavier when it fell out. Then, it started pointing out, until finally, it popped up.

“Huh, finally!” She grinned, and got up. “Pull it like this.” She demonstrated on thin air, but I just let it slip through my fingers, and pop up. It was slippery, and wet from being in her mouth, but she took her clothes off as quickly as she could, while I had it up. Then, she told me what sex was. “You put it in there.”

She pointed down, and she was hairy, but also she shaved her legs, trimmed carefully around her pantie line, and she pulled her pubes, so I could see her peepee. “You don’t have a peepee?”

“Uh, yeah I do, it’s just on the inside, because I’m a girl, but give me your hand. Your other hand.” She took it, and put it between her legs. “Keep jerking. Keep pulling on your little willy, and feel how wet I am in there?”

I looked up, grinning.

“That means I’m ready for you to put it inside me.” Let’s just say I tried? Finally, she had to finger herself until she bled, but I couldn’t keep it up, and I sure didn’t want to touch her down there, once she popped her cherry.

By then we’re in her room, and she was naked on the bed. So, I just left her alone, and I guess she finished. Maybe she was faking it, but she moaned every boy’s name except mine. That was it, then she took a bath, and never did it again. I’m not sure what you’d call it, she didn’t molest me, because we never did it again. I guess it was technically incest, but you know that there’s all kinds of games kids play. Even between brother, and sisters, so it was like Doctor, or Mommys and Daddys.

I told all my buddies the truth, though. Well, most of it, they were still all in the “Girls are gross” stage, but I guess I was a little ahead of the curve, and I was happy to tell them how you make babies. I even told them “My sister told me, and showed me in a dirty book,” but I didn’t admit that I practiced on her. So, I guess I’ll chalk it up to Practice, until I got my own girlfriend.

Gina, her name was Regina, but all the boys called her “Georgina,” and she hated it. You know that old nursery rhyme: “Georgie Porgie, pudding, and pie. Kissed the girls, and made them cry.”

Well, that was her, and she even had a gang of friends that helped her chase down boys, in the schoolyard. They’d corner you, and kiss your face, then left you alone, but most of the boys cried. Not me, in fact I caught her holding another boy down, and sitting on him, so she could kiss him all over the face. He turned this way, and that, but she just kissed the other cheek, and then she wouldn’t let him go until he let her kiss him on the mouth, but it was just a quick pucker, and peck on the lips. No tongue.

He ran off crying when she helped him up, but then I followed her, and when I caught up. I told her “You know you’re not supposed to make boys kiss if they don’t want to,” My dad said that the best thing to do to a bully was confront him, or punch him in the nuts, but she wasn’t a typical bully, and she didn’t have any nuts to punch her in, either. “and you don’t have to make me kiss you, because I like you, and I think you’re the prettiest girl in the whole school.”

“You do?” She blushed, and smiled, so that worked. Thanks Tabby!

“Yeah, come on.” I took her hand, and she followed me, even though she was bigger. Older by a couple years, so she was large enough to overpower the younger boys. The older boys, she had to get her friends to gang up on, but it was just kissing.

“Why don’t you sit down, so I can sit in your lap? I know the girl’s supposed to sit in the boy’s lap, but you’re so big.”

“I have a better idea.” She just lay down, and closed her eyes. With her hands up over her heart, like Sleeping Beauty, or Snow White. So, I got down, and bent over, on my hands, and knees to kiss her sideways, but I didn’t slip her the tongue, right away. She blinked, and smiled, so I just held our lips together, until she was satisfied.

So then, she told all her friends what a good kisser I was, and they stopped bullying the other boys for a while. I guess “Heart Attack” was a variation on playing “Doctor,” only I’d pretend to have a heart attack, or drown if we’re swimming by the water hole. So, “I think he needs mouth-to-mouth,” Regina would diagnose. All the girls liked kissing me, but Regina. She made sure that I was the only one that slipped her the tongue.

“You’re my boyfriend, so I don’t want you Frenching the other girls.”

“Okay,” no problem, because I really liked her the best, and I wasn’t lying about her being the most beautiful girl at school. At least to me, but also there was the heart attack thing, so I knew that she was interested in boys. Enough to make them kiss, and get her friends to help her. She just liked to share, I guess to prove that I really was such a good kisser, instead of making that up.

I don’t suppose that I have to point out the pun, in “Heart Attack.” Since it was a girl game, made up for girls, and also a sexual assault. Even though it was just kissing, and childish games, it was sexually motivated. Not romantic, that’s why the boys cried, but it didn’t help that she did it right out in public, so it was also embarrassing.

I was too young to realize that’s what I liked, and then loved about them. The role reversal, and the roughest, most violently aggressive girl at school. Of course she was pretty too. Honestly, most girls are pretty when they’re that young, and they go to a lot of extra trouble to look that way, but I had to learn about the more adult stuff to finally come to terms with my sexuality.

I’m submissive, if I were gay, I’d even call myself a bottom. I guess it came from mom being so mean, and cruel, but even my sister Tabby took advantage of me on it, once. So, when it comes to girls, I don’t like the giggly passive-aggressive ones, that just smile, look pretty, and wait for you to make your move.

I also found out, years later that Regina means Queen. The perfect name for her, because she’s not a Princess, and honestly, she never was. She rules, commands, and dominates, that’s just the way she is.

She always was, and she always will be, but I’m just lucky, and happy to be her loyal subject.


Ryan (bB Girls Talk)

Sure enough, after school Chris was up to his old tricks with the girls. All around him in the corner, he had his arms around 2, and Reggie was kissing him, but the other girls were necking him too.

Finally, Regina and the other 2 got on their bus, and he walked over to our’s. “Hey,” I moved up to the seat next to him. “How the hell do you do that?”


“Get all the girls?”

“Well, it’s not all of them.”

“No, but it sure seems like it sometimes, and it’s not fair, you hogging them all to yourself.”

“Well, you remember when they used to chase you, and make you kiss them?”

“No, they never did that to me.”

“Well, that’s because you’re too old for them to overpower you, but I made them stop it.”


“Well, I just didn’t put up a fight. I let Regina kiss me, and then she told all her friends what a good kisser I was, so they didn’t have to make the other boys kiss them.” He nodded.

“How old are you?” I shook my head. If I hadn’t seen it myself, I wouldn’t believe it if you told me.

“Seven, why?” he didn’t even have all his teeth back.

“Because, they’re like 9, 10, and 11 year olds, and some of them even have boobs already.”

“Huh!’ He smiled again. “Yeah,” then he looked at me. “But I don’t get to second base with them. Just Regina, I’m her boyfriend, so she won’t let me touch the other girl’s boobies.”

“That can’t be it, though. What’s your secret?”

“Well,” he grinned, “I don’t guess I told anybody else this, but.” He leaned over. “I don’t just kiss her. Regina, that is. We went all the way, but don’t tell the other boys that.”

“Why not?” If I had a girlfriend, in 2nd grade, and I lost my virginity, I’d tell everyone that would listen!

“Huh! Because, then if everyone knows that she put out, they’ll think she’s a big fat whore, and try to get her too, when they can’t, because she’s mine.”

“Okay, okay. You can have Reggie.” She’s a mean bitch anyway, “All to yourself, but it’s still not fair, you taking all the other girls, so there’s none of them left for the rest of us.”

“Well, I have another secret.” He leaned over, ‘you know Lauren, Connie, and Lisa, too?”

“Not really.”

“Well, they know you, and they have the hots for you, too. All three of them, they told me. Well, they all told me who they think the cutest boy in the sixth grade is, but those are the 3 that said you.”

“Really? Huh, that’s awesome! You think all 3 of them would do a threesome?”

“Well, that would be 4some, including you, but yeah. When I get home, I can probably call them, and ask them.”

“You’d do that for me?”

“Of course. Honestly, I can’t handle all of them myself.”

“Oh, boo hoo. Poor you, with more girls than you know what to do with.”

“I know what to do with them, it’s just not as easy as you might think, when they all want to go father, and if Regina found out. She’d find out, right away, and then there’d be hell to pay.”

“Yeah, she’d probably break up with you.”

He laughed? “Oh, no. That’s not the worst thing she can think of, not even close. She’s not letting me go that easy, because she knows that if I wasn’t her boyfriend, I’d find another girl to do it with, right away, but I don’t want another girl. I love her, just her, but maybe you better go out with Lauren first.”

“Why her?”

“Because, you can’t take on all 3 at once, they’ll eat you alive, and she’s the one that.” He looked up. “Let me out, this is my stop.”

“Oh, okay.”

“Why don’t you come home with me, and meet my sister?”


“Because she’s a great teacher, and she knows exactly how to please a young lady. You know, if you please them, then you get to keep them. If you don’t, then they’ll just love you, and leave you so you have to start all over again, from scratch.”

“Oh,” that doesn’t sound so bad. “Okay.” I can start with Lauren, even though she’s not even starting to show through her tops. Maybe he’s right, and I don’t want to start off, biting off more than I can chew, but I wasn’t just imagining it. All three of them, were best friends, so they hung out together, and I thought they were looking at me, but I also thought that I was just imagining it, or they were making fun of me, because one would say something, and the other 2 would laugh.

So then, we got to his house, and his mom asked him where his workbooks were. He said “I already did all my homework, so me, and Ryan. We’re just going to call some friends, and see who we can go out, and play with.”

“Nice to meet you, Ryan.” She shook my hand.

“I’m going to take it in my room.” She went back to stacking up dishes from the drying rack, which made a lot of noise.

“Wow, she really likes you too.”

“Who, your mom?”

“Yeah, she’s usually not so nice. Oh, hang on.” He turned back to the phone. “Is Laurie home? I think I got the homework assignment wrong again. So, I just have to check the page numbers real quick. Can you put her on?”

Smooth, “Liar, you’re not even in her grade, let alone in the same class.” He stuck his tongue out.

“Hey, you’ll never guess who I’ve got here, at my house.” I guess she asked who, but I couldn’t hear her. “Ryan.” Then I heard her squeal! “So, you better come over quick, before he gets away.”

“I’m not going anywhere.”

He laughed, and covered up the phone. “It’s better if you play hard to get.”

“Oh, okay.”

“What’s that?” He held it up to his ear again. “Oh, that’s too bad.” He looked up, “She’s grounded. hang on.” He nodded, “Uh huh?” Then back to me, “She’ll have to sneak out later on tonight, but.” Back to the phone, “You mind if I call Lisa, and Connie, next?” He listened. “Uh huh, we’ll meet you there.”


Tabby (fBbGGG Doms)

“Huh?” I knew that Topher Gopher had a girlfriend, and I even met her. She was Italian, tall, and skinny for her age, but not that developed. One of those girls that grew up, before she grew out, so she was taller than most kids in Elementary school, and almost as tall as me. She could get even taller, if she wore heels, but they don’t let them in Elementary school, so she usually came over in flats. It was only a couple times on weekends when she came over in high heels, so she could look down on me, when I’m like half again her age, and everything.

So anyway, I had no idea that there were other kids involved, until I got home, and his friend Ryan was already there. Then, he asked “Where’s your boyfriend?”

“I don’t know?” He didn’t pick me up.

“I’m Ryan,” he looked up, and grinned.

“Great, I’m taken.” The little horn-dog. “I have a boyfriend, you know?” He was in high school with me, so he had some hair on his balls, a driver licence, and he could keep it up.

“All right, all right, I get it.”

“Well, that reminds me, do you think you could come chaperone for us tonight? Regina’s got Practice,” so that explains where she was that afternoon. “So, we might need help just to make sure they don’t get out of hand.”

“Where’s the other boys?” I mistakenly thought that he was talking about boys, rough-housing.

“Oh, no. Just the two of us, and 3 other girls, but they’ll listen to you.”

I guess I was intrigued by all this weird mystery, but I knew that Gina liked to wear the pants in the relationship. Not literally, she wore skirts, and dresses too, but the few times I caught them fooling around together, I heard her. Raising her voice, and ordering him to take off her shoes. Kiss her feet, but no tickling.

He’s pussy whipped, I blame mom, for basically pussy whipping him all his life, except for the pussy part, of course. She was about 10, but he liked older girls, he said, and I guess he did whatever he wanted to get what he wanted out of her, but I wasn’t aware of just how far they’d gone. How many girls were also involved until I finished my homework, and took them out, to Lauren’s house.

It was starting to get dark, but we didn’t stop to watch the sunset, and Toaf stopped us on the corner. “We have to wait here,” but the other girls showed up, laughing, and took Ryan away to kiss in the corner of Connie’s house.

She lived on the corner, so her house was kinda bent in half, around a porch, and the garage covered up the third side. So, they didn’t have to go in, they just crawled under the steps, and Topher said “We’ll just keep an eye out,’ but they just made out. Turning his head back and forth, to kiss him, while the other one kissed his neck, and they had their hands all over them.

His legs, and his chest. I guess around back too, but they kept slapping his hands when he tried to feel up under their shirts, or grope them through their tops.

“Wow, they’re really teasing him, and his balls must be blue by now.”

“Huh, yeah.” My brother pointed. “Oh, there she is.” I guess they were just waiting for Lauren, and she ran right up, looking back at her house.

“Where is he?”

Topher looked back over his shoulder. “There, they just got him warmed up for you.”

“Ooh!” Lauren jumped up and down, shaking her hands exitedly. “Thank you!’ She grabbed Topher, and kissed his cheek. “Thank you so much. I owe you big time for this.”

“Huh, been playing matchmaker, I see?”

He just shook his head, and pulled Ryan out of the triangle of girls. “Okay, just don’t fight them, and let it happen. My sister will make sure they don’t overdo it.”

“Yeah, girls. You better let me set up some ground rules. You don’t have any rubbers? Are any of you on birth control?”

“No, of course not, but who made you the boss?”

“My brother did, and you don’t want to scare him off, do you?” Topher just held his hand up, on Ryan’s back, but he kept looking back at the girls. “Girls, girls!”

“You’re worse than Vageena for cock blocking.”

“Yeah, why can’t you just let us have our fun?”

“Because, I told you. You don’t want to scare him off, and the other thing is, how old is he?”


“Yeah, I think he’s actually 13.”

“In middle school?” I shook my head.

“No, but he got held back.” The third one, I didn’t know yet, because she wasn’t from our neighborhood. She s shook her head. “He was in my class with me last year, but he failed 2 years in a row.” She held up 2 fingers.

“I’m Tabby.” I offered my hand.

“I know,” she wiped her’s off first, then shook hands with me.

“What’s your name?”

“Oh,” she laughed at herself. “Sorry, I’m Lisa, nice to meet you?”

“Well, Lisa. The other problem is that when boys are that age, they’re also easy to over-stimulate. Even with 1 girl, you’re lucky if you can get it out of their pants before they blow it, and if that happens, there’s no way he’ll be able to satisfy all 3 of you.”

“Oh, I know.” Connie laughed, “You really think this is our first rodeo cowboy?”

“You, 3. Really do this like. All the time?”

“No, not all the time, but any chance we can get.” Lauren laughed, and looked around. “Okay, the ghost is clear.”

“Uh!” I rolled my eyes, but I didn’t correct her. “Well, if Regina’s the one that put you up to it.”


“Don’t be silly. We don’t need somebody telling us what to do, and you’re not our mom either, you know.”

“Nevertheless.” I know, my mom sure as hell wouldn’t stand bye, and let me gang up on a boy with my friends, but I had to admit that I was excited, and pretty turned on just from watching the 3 of them’s foreplay under the porch, waiting for Lauren to sneak out. “Somebody’s got to run this 3 ring circus, and you obviously can’t control your hormones.” But I knew right away that Regina had to be the ringleader, because that’s just the kind of girl she was.

They just didn’t want to admit it.


Lisa (Gf Bi-curious… b Voyeur Gg/B Doms)

“Huh!” I didn’t care about Ryan. Honestly, when it came right down to what boy we’d do, it was whatever boy we could catch, and I was perfectly fine playing the bait, because I had the best breasts to catch their eyes.

I just said “Oh yeah. Ryan.” When my favorite 2 girls were talking, to get moist, and maybe get a chance to get them to go a little further each time we struck out, together.

Lauren’s just barely got her period, so all she has is nipples, but the best nipples I’ve ever seen, honestly. They look even bigger on her skinny ribs, poking it out in cones with hard rubbery tips like pencil erasers I could suck for hours, if she’d let me.

Connie had a little grass on the field, and we all thought she was the gay one, because she never shaved, at all. It turns out that she just had sensitive skin, and shaving irritates her, so she gets razor rash, so she just stopped. “If he doesn’t like it, then too bad. There’s plenty of other fish in the sea,” but something I could never get either of them to do was let me sit on their faces. They’d sit on my face, but made childish farting noises, and scooted around, so my tongue couldn’t keep up, but then never even got hot, and wet for me, because they’re straight.

I’m not, I’m not gay either, I like boys just fine, but I don’t Love them. Any of them, they just have the dicks, so if you want to get your hands on one. Well, they’re easy enough to lure, tease, and leave them when you’re done, so that’s just fine. If they don’t want a relationship, I’ll just stick with sex, and they never call you back, even if you do give them your number.

Okay, except for Chis. He’s different, but Regina, she’s so possessive, even though she’s not above getting lezzy with you, as long as there’s nobody else around. “Okay, I promise I won’t tell. It’ll be our little secret,” but she knows, I’m bisexual. She’s really the only one that I can talk to about it, especially my feelings for other girls, but she jokes, and laughs about how I don’t feel about boys.

“So, love them, and leave them.”

“Ha, yeah. Except for the loving them part.” I knew all along that she would understand, using them just for sex, but if I could pick 1 boy, I could actually imagine spending the rest of my life with? He’s so caring, and eager to please, a great kisser, and he really honestly enjoys giving her face, I can tell. She just won’t share, because she’s afraid that one of us will steal his heart away from her, if he even slips us the tongue, up in our top lips. He’s just such a good kisser, I bet he’s even better at the bottom lips, if she’d ever let him go there, but she’s not here.

He took Ryan to the spot, his favorite spot, because there’s a good place to keep a lookout. You can watch the action, and see if anyone else is coming, so you can warn them before we get caught. That’s all I’m going to say, we don’t want to give it away, but it’s also pretty comfortable, too. With all the pillows, blankets, and cushions we could get to line the love nest, and make it warm with our hot bodies in the winter.

Now it was spring, so right after school we could change out of our Dress Code clothes, and wear something more revealing. I had a nice strapless dress, with a stretchy tube top, so you could see my bra straps, and the elastic even held them up together. Squeezed even rounder, and perkier, but the other thing is, you can pull it right dawn around my waist to get my bra off.

If you like, my 28″ Bs? Tabby, though. She was 15, and even bustier. She had a boyfriend though, and I didn’t know whether or not she swung both ways, let alone if she’d let another girl sit on her face, but being in high school, and all. I don’t guess it was a big surprise that she had.

Regina, of course. The slut, she got Tabby before any of us too, because that’s just the way she is, but she didn’t kiss and tell. Not that time, because she knew full well that if there were any girls like me. Bisexual girls, we’d use it against her. Tabby, or Regina herself.

I don’t guess you have to be bisexual to want a pretty little boy who’d do anything to please you, just because he lives to please girls, and the bitchier, the better. Regina was just the queen B of all the bitches, because we’re afraid of what she’d do if we pissed her off, when she knows all our dirtiest little secrets. So, she could destroy you, for life, and let’s be honest, any of us would have been in jail by now if we didn’t have her to cover for us.

I guess that devious mind of her was the good part, the best part of her being the leader. We could do anything, between us. All of us, if one girl wasn’t willing, you could bet that she knew who else in our club was not only willing, but even into it. Butt licking, imagine that. Being so into kissing ass, when she’d shake her head, and turn away from a perfectly good muff right next to it, but she’d kiss any boy’s ass, too.

If he was willing, the trick is finding a boy that’s not so afraid it’s gay that if he likes anything anal, it’ll turn him into a big gay bottom taking any trucker, and biker that’d line up outside the gas-station men’s room for a chance to nail him bent over a toilet.

“Huh!” I grabbed her elbow, and slipped my arm behind it. “We can watch from here, but god you’re hot.”

“You think so?” I ment sexy, but I decided her to tease her with the literal meaning.

“I can feel it, and. Snh! I can even smell it on your sweat now. You stink of it.” Horny girl sweat, and I bet she was steaming up her underwear. Even if they weren’t soaked through yet.

“Huh, well it’s not Ryan, I’ll tell you that. You girls really gangbang boys like this all the time?” She looked around. “Huh, I honestly didn’t think about Topher.” She still calls her brother that, because she knows he hates it, I guess. “Still using this place.”

“Oh, so you told him about it.”

“Yeah, we built it together years ago for our own getaways, but you girls really made it look nice. We didn’t have all those pillows, and sheets. So, you had to make up some story to explain how your knees got so dirty from sucking dicks.”

“You really like that, giving boys head?”

She shrugged, and I checked her boobs, just to see if they jiggled, but I bumped one with my elbow when I grabbed her arm.


“It’s just foreplay, but until you get on birth control, there’s not a whole lot you can do without getting pregnant.” Shows what she knows, but then she pushed my shoulder. “Why don’t you get in there, and finish what you started?”

“Huh, well. I was thinking, maybe it’s better if I have him last?”

“Yeah, but he’s not going to have any left in his balls after they’re done with him.”

We just watched them for a little while. Laying next to him, with his hands in each of their underwear, up Lauren’s skirt, and Connie had her pants down, but you know, some girls are like boys, that way. I guess, I mean, I don’t really know much more about what boys think, than what Chris was able to tell me, but they’re even worse about you looking at each other’s dicks, or asses, because it might be gay.

Well, Laurie, and Conny were the same way, even when they’re double-teaming a boy together, they don’t want to bump boobs, or even see each other’s cooches by accident. They just aren’t afraid that they’ll turn out to be secretly gay, or bisexual deep inside. Straight girls, they just want to be careful not to show each other anything that might be a turnoff, because they’re best friends, and they care about each other staying turned on.

“Oh, no.” Connie pulled his hand out. “Help me sit him up.” She stood up, but had to keep her head down, because she was a little too tall under there. Lauren just got behind him, with his shirt up, to feel his arms, chest, tummy, crotch, and lap, but she kissed his neck, and cheek. She avoided looking at her friend, pulling her panties down, with her skirt up. “Like this. Look, see? I like it like this.”

I remember, so long ago that neither one of us had our periods yet, but the one time I talked her into showing me how she played with herself, while she watched me, and copied my techniques. I even tried to tough her, and get her to touch me, but she didn’t want to, of course. She’s one of the ones that knew my dirtiest little secret, but she promised not to tell the other girls. So, i could try it on them too, but I just figured she stuck to 2 fingers. On either side, so they didn’t pinch, or touch her love button, but her lips squished together between them, rubbing up, and down until she got her orgasm right in front of me.

I couldn’t really see, with her skirt still on, from behind. Just held up in front of her, with her undies pulled out enough to show him, knowing that Laurie wouldn’t look, because she didn’t want to.

“Good thinking.” Chris just pulled his pants up, but I forgot all about him. Good thing, because me, and Tabby never took our eyes off the action, but he didn’t even touch it. Just left it in his pants, and made sure that it wasn’t stuck uncomfortably, but other than that. He just adjusted it, and left it alone. Saving it for Regina.

“Huh?” His sister shook her head.

“If she lets them have their way with him, then she can go in, and cuddle with him. If she wants to keep him, then it’ll be better to foster intimacy after, instead of just sex.”

“I don’t even know if you’d call that sex, or molesting him. If he wasn’t so willing, they’d have to rape him.”

“Huh?” Of course, we didn’t keep our voices down, but that thought snapped him out of it. “Girls can rape boys?” He shook his head.

“Yeah,” Lauren laughed. “We have to gang-rape you, because you’re so much bigger, and stronger. It takes at least 3 of us to overpower you.”

“Uh!” His eyes clenched tight, and then he shut his mouth so hard, you could hear his teeth snap together.

“Uh, Laurie! Look what you did!”

“I didn’t know he’d be that into it!”

“Uh, shit. Huh, I’m sorry. Snh!”

“You couldn’t even wait until we got it out of your pants?” Conny slapped him. “I thought you’re more mature than the little boys, but you’re just as bad as the rest of them.”

“Not me!” Chris stood up proud. “I can hold it, but don’t be too hard on him. It’s his first time.”

“Tell me about it.” Connie got down, and dropped her skirt. “Let him go.” She pushed him, and Laura scooted out. Kicking off her pants.

“I get his face.” She called it, and Connie looked away. So her friend could pull down her underwear.

“Uh, I hope you’re paying attention.” She grabbed his hand, and sat on it. Pinned right in front of his fly, so i bet he could feel the wet mess squish in his pants, but she humped his fingers, while Laura got up on his face. Backwards. Bare assed, but even Connie doesn’t feel as bad about tits, and ass as she does about seeing another girl’s twat.

I guess that was me, and I have enough of an abusive streak to even pride myself on ruining her for any other girl. Even her own best friend, she’d never be able to look at another cooch, and stay hot, like she did. The first time I talked her into masturbating with me. You know, just to show her how I did it?

“Huh?” It was just Chris, leaning over.

‘huheh!’ He chuckled. ‘real smart, letting them have him, so you’re nice and wet for my sister, and you can have the love nest to yourselves.’

“Uh?” I shook my head, but then I looked over, and she grinned back. Winked. She leaned over, and I closed my eyes. Mouth wide open, and hungry for her tongue, but she just turned, and breathed on my other ear. ‘you’re gay for me, I can tell.’

“Huh, no? I know that might be what you want to hear, but it’s not true.” I pushed her back, by the bra, and she held my hands up, on her nice round full tits. I backed her up, to a tree, and got up on my tiptoes to kiss her.

She stuffed my tongue back in my mouth with her’s, so I could suck it, and she felt around my teeth. Just to make sure I had all of them, except for my Wisdom teeth, of course. My 10 year molars though, and I was just happy to finally stop beating around the bush. She let my hands go, and reached around my arms. Held them tight, and squashed our bras together, until I started shaking from my feet getting tired, and weak.

Damnit, I wanted to top her, but she wasn’t letting that happen, and I didn’t fight it for long. I always wanted to top an older girl, or even better a woman, but she overpowered me. Not with her strength, nor her better experience, but with her will.

I gave up, if she wants me, she can have me, but 1 day. I swear, I will get to be the butch. Just not today.


Tabby (fG Lies. She’s not going to admit what she did, let alone take responsibility for her actions.)

I should have realized, immediately that if I hadn’t met Lisa before, it’s because she avoided me, and the only reason why she’d do that, in this circle of friends is because “You have the hots for me.”

Because of the way it works, whenever Topher had a girl over to see him, she had to come and see me. That’s how they managed to keep it under mom, and dad’s radar, because he was honestly too young to have girlfriends, or even any interest in girls, but he was always gifted, and mature that way.

I wonder how he got that way? “No,” she lied, then tried to push me back, and force me? Sorry, bitch. Not gonna happen, but speaking of which. I was so turned on from watching those 3 take turns, having their way with them, a bitch in heat could have walked by right then, and I probably would have gone for it.

No, I’m not into dogs, I’m just saying. Here I was, supposed to make sure they kept their hormones in check, and then they started talking about raping him. They didn’t have to rape him, but that didn’t stop them from acting it out, and.

“Girls can rape boys?”

“Yeah, we rape boys all the time, only we have to gang rape you, because we’re so big, and strong.”

I had to laugh, but I managed to cover it up with a scoff. Big, and strong. Yeah, right, I could have bent him over my knee, and spanked him. There wouldn’t be anything he could do to stop me, all by myself, but I couldn’t.

Not in front of my little brother, and besides. 2 of the 3 girls probably wouldn’t let me either without jumping in too, but Lisa.

“Huh, honestly.” She finally shook, and broke the kiss. She tried to pull me down, and turned away. Can you keep a secret? So, i leaned down, and listened to her whisper. ‘Honestly, I’m in love with them. Both of them, but too bad they’re so straight, and such good friends, I never got a good shot at a threesome with them.”

“So, you really gangrape boys, together?”

She laughed, “No. You can’t rape boys, they’re just saying that.” She backed up, then thought. “Well, unless they’re gay, but then what’s the point? They can’t get it up unless they’re willing, and if they’re willing enough to get it up, then it’s not rape.”

Okay, well what does she know? She’s 11, and she apparently has no idea how little control boys have over their boners, but I’ll put it to you this way: If a boy can’t get it up, even when he wants to, then what makes you think he can control it when he doesn’t? Especially teenagers, who practically walk around with boners 24/7 all the time anyway.

I bet I could rape one, if I wanted to. I just don’t have to, because I have a boyfriend, and if I don’t, I can get another one. “I guess I can settle for you though.”

“Ha!” I looked around, but Toper was already over by the last tree. Or the first, depending on if you’re coming, or going, but he was taking his lookout duties seriously, and also his promises to Regina. Let me tell you, she’s got him so wrapped around his little finger, he doesn’t even beat off, because she wants him to save every drop for her.

Too bad she won’t tell me, or anyone how she enslaved him, or I’d have my boyfriend eating out of the palm of my hand, instead of beating off whenever he gets a chance to be alone, without me.

“Ugh!” The girls crawled out. “I knew it.”

“Then why didn’t you tell me? Oh.” Lauren thought. “She told you not to.”

“You too?”

“Hey guys.” Topher came back. “You better drag him out of there too.”

“Yeah, pull your pants up, and dry off your little worm.” Connie bent down, and Lauren came around beside her.

“Yeah, why don’t you get back to us when you’ve got a little more endurance. Mr. Jump the gun hair trigger over here.”

“Uh, I said I was sorry. Jesus you’re judgemental bitches, you know that?”

They slapped him. Both of them, back and forth. Then giggled to each other. “I think he likes it?”

“Of course not, but what do you think, I’m going to start crying, like a crybaby that can’t even stand a girl kissing him?” So, he let them slap him around some more. “You keep doing that, and I might start to like it enough to get hard again.”

“Yeah, well tell us so we can put an egg on.”

“Yeah, a soft boiled egg, he’ll never make it even 3 minutes.”

Topher laughed. “Well, so much for your plan, to get him after they’re done.”

Lisa laughed too. “Yeah, maybe he’s multi-orgasmic, and he can make up for it in quantity.”

“Yeah, like a girl.”

“Yeah, like a dumb bimbo slut.”

“I think I better lay down.” I held my hand up, to check my forehead. Dramatically, but if those stupid 4th, and 5th graders wants to think I’m gay, like their older friend, fine. Whatever. Like I care what they think, but I have to admit. I never thought of taking advantage of a boy like that, let alone getting a friend to gang up on him with, because what’s the point?

“I better get home before my folks come check on me.” Lauren pulled Ryan off, with one arm tight in both hands. “Call me?”

“Oh, no. I’m coming with you.” Connie held his hand too. “Maybe we can sneak him up to your window, and gag him so he doesn’t scream.”

“Uh?” I took Lisa’s hand, and twisted her arm. “Ow!” She bent over, in front of the entrance to the dug-out.

“Get in there.” I shoved her.

“Uh!” She fell down, and turned over, rubbing her wrist. “You don’t have to make me!”

“No, but I want to.” I grabbed her hands, once I was on my knees, and pushed her back. “You rapist, you like raping boys with your friends?”

“Tabby, don’t hurt her.”

“Stay out of this.”

“No, Tabby. I’m serious. Don’t. Hurt her.”

About time his balls dropped.


Christopher (B fG Pseudo-Sapphic)

“Huh!’ Somebody finally had to put their foot down, but I had no idea that my sister would even think about trying to rape one of my friends like that.

Of course, I knew about Lisa, and her feelings for the other girls. They promised not to tell, each other, but they needed someone to talk to, and they knew that I was the only one that wouldn’t try to take advantage of the situation.

“Don’t rape me. I know you can, I can admit that you are strong enough, but don’t. Okay?”

“Huh, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you.” Tabby turned around to sit down, and tried to hug her.

“I don’t know,” she pulled away, “If I even trust you enough to have sex with you now.”

“Don’t worry, I’m. Not mad any more. Thanks, Topher. Really, if you hadn’t have been here.” She pushed her hand up her lap. Felt down to the end of her dress, and started pushing that up too. “Relax, he’s not going to let anything happen.”

Lisa nodded, and gulped, but she didn’t smile yet. “Hhuh, okay, but. If I let you do this, you have to let me get what I want, next.”

“What’s that?”

“Huh, you know. You can’t really get anything out of raping a girl anyway. Nothing sexual, you can’t even get an orgasm out of it, because if you make a girl, or even a boy eat you out, than they’re not going to be any good at it.”

“You want to eat me out?” She rubbed her back too, but took her time working her way up to her underwear.

I just had to sit back, and watch. I know, how other boys feel about watching girl-girl porn, but that’s just porn. Acting, if you never seen a girl get turned on before, then you can just overlook the fact that they’re faking it, but after that.

Well, violence. I swear, that she’s right, they both were. If I hadn’t been there, I didn’t want to think that my own sister was capable of being a rapist, and a part of me wanted to see how Lisa liked it. After she went, and tried to rape a girl at school, but how do you think that she knew?

All that she said about girls raping girls, she didn’t just think about it. She tried it, until she found out that you can’t make a straight girl bisexual. Not by force, but she had plenty of experience with guys, that were even willing, and yet didn’t even know how to start trying to give a girl pleasure.

If she’s not even willing, and let’s just say she was my age, only more oblivious about sex, let alone girl-girl sex, it’s just not going to work, but yeah. Lisa is a child molester, and attempted rapist. That’s how she fit into this little circle of friends. It sucks being the only boy, that’s in the inner circle, though. The other boys would come and go, but they never stayed.

“Huh!’ Lisa sighed. “That’s better.”

“How’s your arm?”

“Well, you didn’t rip it out of the socket, but thanks for trying?”

I don’t know why, but for some reason, I can remember everything. Only when I’m turned on like this, you’d think that the blood rushing to my stiffy would drain it from my head, but for some weird reason, it just makes me focus on, anything. Even things that have nothing to do with the sexual action, but I know better than to write about it, when you just want to read the sexy stuff.

“Smooch, I’m sorry. Let me make it up to you.”

“Huh, I know that the bottom is the first one to get off, but. If I let you, I want to top you. Next time, you’re another butch, and I can tell. Too bad, 2 butches don’t work, that’s why we just fight over who gets to be on top until somebody gets hurt.”

“Oh, is that what happened?”

“Yeah,” she looked up at me. “That’s what always happens. So, we have to take turns, but you have to promise me.”

They turned to each other, and my sister kissed her. ‘i promise.’ Whispered, so quiet, and breathlessly, it made Lisa’s eyes flutter before she blinked, and shook her head.

“I want to believe you, but you haven’t even listened to what I want?”

“You want to top me?” Finally she let go. “Huh, okay. Fine.” Put her arms back, and held them under her hair. “Go ahead, and top me.”

As much as she knows about how to get girls turned on, and willing. Ready to go, she had to know what Lisa said. All that about the one on the bottom gets off first? If you just give into me, and let me do you, you’ll like it, I promise.

“Huh!” Lisa dropped her underwear, and held her hand up to her snatch. “Well, you beat around the bush too much,” She blinked, and shook her head.


“Uh! I should have known.”

“What?” Tabby sat up.

“Gina got to you first! Uh, damnit!”

“How the hell did you know that?”

“Because she’s my friend, of course I know how she plays with herself, and she likes to be touched.”

“Huh!” I got up.

“Well, when did she molest you?”

“She didn’t molest me. We just masturbated together, and then. We took turns eating each other out, and. She doesn’t have feelings for you?”

“Of course not!” I just went back to lookout. “She doesn’t have feelings for anyone else but herself.”

“Ahahahah! Yeah, you’re right. She doesn’t, but she’ll lie to you, and tell you that she.”

“Well, she’s not here. I am, and you threatened to top me, so forget about her. It’s not my fault, you’re the one that avoided me so I didn’t even know your name before today. So, you can’t blame me for taking her up on her offer before we ever even met.”

“Huh, I know. You’re right.”

I thought about smoking. Maybe when I’m older, but starting when you’re only 8 years old is not going to be good for your lungs, it’s just. “Huh!” It would give me something to do, right now, while I’m keeping an eye out, and making sure that I don’t hear any screams. Muffled squeals if she covers her mouth so she can’t scream, if it turns into rape again, but you know what?

I never really thought about it before, but I guess Lisa’s right. If anyone would know it’s her, but I can definitely see 2 tops. Gay, or lesbians, for that matter. Fighting over who gets to be on top until somebody gets hurt, and it turns into rape again. All this rape, but at least i make sure that it’s only the boys that deserve it.

I’m glad that I’m a bottom, and I’m proud of it. I already knew that if you just give in, and let them have their way with you, they’ll get you off. If that’s what they want, your sperm, then there’s no other way to get it.

If you’re making sperm, that is, but you have to give into feel the pleasure. If you’re so caught up on who’s the biggest, and the strongest. I guess a man can just find a hole, that doesn’t have teeth, and force his way in, but all lesbians, and bisexual girls have is their fingers. Maybe they can improvise, with dildos, strapons, or cut off a mop handle to rape each other with in jail, but you can’t have an orgasm with fingers. At best, you can finger her off, if she’s into it, but only if you have something to prove.

I’d rather just have the pleasure, if it’s all the same to them. You don’t get off, just proving you’re the best.


Ryan (Gg/B… Denial is just the lies we tell ourselves, but there’ also the excuses we accept from our abusers. Sorry for any confusion, but this is confusing enough for teenagers, who’re open, and honest with each other.)

I can’t help it. “Stop, nmh!” I just held my breath, and tried to hold it, again. “NhmhHhHhH!”

They don’t really mind me, getting off. I realized that, right before the third time, but they have to make fun of something.

“Hhihimn!” Laughing at me, and fighting over the mess on my belly with their tongues. This one shot all the way up to my chest, so when Lauren climbed off my face, and let me breathe. She just licked up that, and kissed my nipples, while Connie swirled her tongue around my belly button.

“Huh!” She smacked her lips. Looked over at the bedside. “He almost lasted 5 minutes this time.”

“Hahaha. Yeah, I can’t help it, if you two can’t stop, when I say to stop.” We kept our voices down, because her parents were right across the hall, they said.

“You don’t get to say when to stop.” Connie shook her head, but then Lauren leaned over, grinning, and opened her mouth. I didn’t even realize why she’d been so quiet, until I felt it roll onto my tongue, but then she pushed my chin up, with her fingers over my mouth, and said “Swallow it.”

It wasn’t that bad, it was mostly spit anyway, and Connie got most of the load, but she ate it. Besides, it’s my wad, so my body can just recycle it, but it’s not gay with girls. Especially 2 girls, no matter how hard they try to act like the boys.

“Get on the floor, both of you.” She pushed me, and Connie climbed down first. “I’m going to bed, alone now. So, try to keep it down, so I can get some sleep.”

Connie was insatiable, though. She curled up, and pulled my arm around her, pillowing her head on the other one. I just tried to get comfortable, but the carpet wasn’t very soft. Not as hard as the cold ground, camping in winter with nothing but a tarp, and a sleeping bag under me, but I was just happy to have one in my arms. She giggled, and scooched her butt up against me.

‘that was the best one so far.’ She put my hand down between her legs, so I felt around, and tried to remember what she showed me. Just a few short forevers ago, when we’re down in the cave.

‘like this?’ She nodded on my bicep in the dark.

‘huh, this time you didn’t want to cum. i can tell, it’s always so much better when i make you cum, but you don’t want to.’

‘huh, is that why you made fun of me, having such a short fuse?’

she nodded. ‘that’s what makes it rape. well, there’s lots of ways to rape the willing, but. that’s the way i like it. making you cum, when you don’t want to. uh!’ she pulled my arm up, and moved over. So, she could stick her mouth in my elbow, and sniff in gasps through her nose. ‘ph!’ her cheeks puffed out, but didn’t fart too loud, then she sniffed again, and I just kept dipping out more sex juice out of her hole. Like she showed me, in, and out, but quick. So, my fingertip was nice and wet, enough to wipe it off on her clit, and go back for another dip.

‘uph ph!’

“Huh!” Lauren sighed, and shushed us quietly, then turned over. I guess she put the pillow over he r head, but it was hard to keep up with her humping.

‘hold still, don’t cum. don’t you dare cum, you hear me? i don’t want you to get off on this, hold still, damnit. you want me to stop?’

‘uph uh uh? don’t stop, god. just a little more.’

‘then hold still, and don’t cum. if you cum, i’ll have to stop, so don’t. don’t you dare. don’t even breathe.’


“NGH!” She bit my arm!”

“ARHRHRH!” Shaking her head.

“OW< AH! Fuch!”


“WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON IN THERE?” I heard heavy feet, and I let go.

“AH AH FUCK HUH!” Connie just took over, and rolled around on the floor, practically yelling.

“Where the fuck is my pants?” I trtied to search around in the dark.

“YOU BETTER NOT HAVE THAT BOY IN THERE AGAIN!” He beat on the door. Turning the locked knob. “Lauren Elisabeth! Open this door right now!”

‘forget your pants!’ she hissed, and just pushed me out the window.

“Ah! Wugh?” I fell down, and hit the ground hard. So hard, it knocked the wind out of me, but then I heard bashing, from Laurie’s dad trying to break down the door.

“It’s just us dad!” She waited until the next back to pull down the window.

“Uhn!” I managed to roll over, and then I felt bone grate together in my side. My ribs, I don’t know how many I broke, falling out the second story window, but I could barely crawl over to the side of the house before he pushed the window up.

“Who’s out there?”


“I see you down there, you little shit. You better get the fuck off my lawn before I come down there, and beat you to death.”

It sounded like every dog in the neighborhood was out, and barking, but I just found the closest place to hide in some bushes. Trying to breathe, and holding my side, so the broken bones didn’t rub together, but I knew there was no way I could run. Half naked, with my bare ass sticking out from under my shirt, and my balls just swinging in the wind.

Or shriveled up in the cold night air, there wasn’t even a breeze, but I started shivering, and I felt like it was freezing, even though I knew that it couldn’t get that cold, that fast without wind, or rain.

She said, no. They said that they would rape me, and I didn’t believe them. Then, I remembered what Connie said.

“That’s what makes it rape. Even if you’re willing.”

There’s more than one way to rape the willing, but just my luck, I got one that liked to make you cum, even when you didn’t want to.

Well, once my ribs heal, I’ll let them rape me whenever they want. I thought for sure, that if they were raping boys at school, at least one would brag about it. Come on, yeah of course they told me not to, but what kind of boys would get some pussy, and not at least leave out the part about it being rape?

Let alone having no idea how girls, even 2 or 3 of them ganging up could rape a boy without finding something to shove up your butt, but now I know.

Even trying to think of a better reason for breaking my ribs than falling out a window after almost getting caught by a man with his daughter, and her best friend, I have to go to the hospital. I have to get in the house, to put on some pajama pants, or something first, but I looked up from under my window, and saw how high it was.

Even on the ground floor, I could rest my chin on the window sill, but there was no way I’d be able to climb up there, and put on some pants.

Then, I saw the cigarette butts in the gutter, or washed out of the spout from the last time it rained, and I was glad that I didn’t think to pick them up.

Yeah, I was just smoking up on the roof again, I slipped, and I fell off. Why me? You know damned well why me, they even said that’ll teach you to try to peek in the girl’s bathroom when they come out, and open the door. You think they didn’t see you, hanging out there all the time, because you know that if you’re patent enough, you’ll get lucky, and catch a glimpse of them fixing their underwear under their skirts lined up in front of the mirrors.

I could so easily tell somebody, even anonymously about the girls, gang raping boys at school. All it would take is a pay phone, and a couple quarters, but I don’t want to stop them. I want to let them rape me again, and again, I’ll even let them buttbang me with whatever they want to stick in my ass if they’re not too rough, now that I know that they don’t want to hurt me.

That was an accident, they even told each other, over and over again. “Don’t hurt him, you know damned well that they won’t come back for more if you hurt them.”

It was an accident, I fell, but they can rape me all they want, if they don’t hurt me.

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