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Games with brother

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sudenly he put his hands behind my head and had grab my head strong he start my head up down his cock in a rhym i couldnt follow

This is conitinue of games with a pedophile, a week has pass after enent in beach with stranger and sam all this days stranger was nowhere we were sad because we liked what we had doing and if stranger want we would do again but we werent again lucky sam and i agree to put money in a safe where only we two knew and use them for bigger need sam had starting forget and not speaking for the photos but i couldnt forget all this things we do in abandone house pose photos with sam nude and not.
All this because for a girl in this age a situation where she come very near from sex even with her brother stay in her mind for ever this exactly happens to me all this night i masturbate with my mind had the scenes where i and sam come very near first and better of all scenes with his cock because i was virgin and it was my first cock i want to taste it again and sam bedroom was in aside room i was wearing only a white underwear and a white sleeveless shirt and my virgin pussy was so wet i get out of my room and go outside of sam bedroom it was half open and i slowly open it sam had every night a nightlight and i could see inside his room very clear sam was sleeping with his back but he was half nude wearing only a black underwear and inside of that my dream.
I knowing it isnt right a sister have this desires for her brother is not right but couldnt hold i get inside slowly i get up in his bed from down side and i was in frond of his legs now or never sandla i could see from his breath sam was sleeping deep and he was so sweet then my eyes go again in his underwear bulge where i put my hand and start rub his cock over his underwear it was small first like it also sleeping but after some minutes i could feel it to grow and become hard exactly like i was remembering it all this time sam had some moans but he not awake when i could grab with my fingers his cock i understood its full erected so i open a little his legs and start put down his underwear not all but until his cock get out of his underwear when i had it in frond of me with my one hand i take down the skin of cock so appear cockhead and i had in my eyes a pink medioum size cockhead i knew from some porn cockhead is a place in a blowjob can give in a man big pleasure why not in a boy from my knees i go in four like dog and i start up down my tongue of cockhead until bals sam start moan more in this up down i could feel some hair my small brother was near to be a man perfect after some minutes i stop my tongue because i think see sam awake and open his eyes.
I had wrong and i go to cockhead and with slowly moves start my mounth up down his cock like first time it wasnt difficut to take him all and sams moans become more sudenly he put his hands behind my head and had grab my head strong he start my head up down his cock in a rhym where i couldnt follow i didnt know he had so much power and i was athlete of box i knew this was mounthfuck i try tell him sam please stop but it was imposible with his cock inside my mounth he suddenly stop but he still keeping my head with his cock still inside my mounth and i feel his cock start moving and liguids pouring out to my tongue and throat my god he cum inside my mounth he doesnt let my head i hadnt any other option and i drink them all only then he let my head i put out his cock outside my mounth hacked then sam switch on the light of bedside table sandra you are true here of course i am true here what do you mean i had see you all this time play with my cock but because i was halfsleeping i was thinking it was a dream for this reason i was a little violent a little your cock was near to tear apart my throat really sister sorry dont worry i enjoy it at end so dont tell me sorry i aswered with laughs.
If you thinking it was dream me to blowjob you it means that you have a desire for your sister right sam i asked him with pinching his cheek yes i have this desire from photos with stranger but i was shy to asked you pity because for a same desire i come to your room tonight and i doing your desire a nightmare sister a little schoking yes but not nightmare i wouldnt sad him well brother at least you enjoy it yes sister and did you want more i wont say no but problem is my cock is soft dont worry i know a way to do you again hard i was still very hot to end with a wild blowjob so i pull out my shirt left it fell in floor and i remain with my chest free did you like them sam yes sister but it wasnt enough so i came above him sitting up his cock still wearing my underwear and rub his cock with my ass how did you feel this sam you and your boobs is more sexy nude thanks brother did you want to grab them and i put his hands above my breasts you can play with them if you want it will not pain me..
Now i could feel his cock under my underwear become hard again nice time for fun sam i get up of his erected cock i put down more his underwear i put in one side with sam hands still in my breasts my underwear and i start rub his cock with my pussy his cockhead i lay down to him more if you see my face to pain not scared its my first time and its alwayls difficult at first time and now enjoy it now i start slowly pull down my pussy in sam cocks the feeling of first time cock inside my pussy doing me moan while sam was with eyes close he also enjoy it i feel his cockhead hit my hyemen now it was the hard piece but to not hear me our parents i put my hand inside my mounth and i begin again to push and with a big pain and hard try to not scream my cherry is gone and take sam cock until balls are you ok sister yes you i feel only something like my cock hit a wall and you broke it now i am woman and you little brother a man.
I start again my ride of sam cock my god sister i feel fantastic the same i sam all this time me be some metes above him but sudenly i hear the door of our parents opening and now what we will do sandla maybe we are lucky and dad or mom go to bathroom i was right you see brother but later if they open your door or my and catch us they wont now stop sam had right but the danger of catch us while i ride my brother cock doing me more hot and i start riding sam faster i was realy crazy of erection and i put my hand again in my mounth to cover my moans also sam start moan more so i cover his mounth with my hand sorry brother but must not hear us and i start feel coming my first orgasm and i could understant of sam eyes is near to orgasm here is coming big pleasue brother and the hearing of bathroom door open give me a big exprosion also in sam after some minutes me standing above sam without moving and hear parents door close we could breathe and talk free again i free my and sam mounth are you ok sam yes he aswered me.
It was geat i know did you think kids in movies in dads computer feel like us i dont know i get up my pussy above sam very wet cock why my cock is like this this is our liguids i will clear him i get to my hands his cock did you want to taste them yes sister ι smeal my firger with them and i give it to sam where he start licking it with pleasure while i clear his cock and now its time for sleep what only this one other time sam i wear my shirt sam his underwear and anyone in their rooms while i fell in bed i remembering in a sex education in my school warn us for before every sex boys wear condoms is this going be a problem next time.

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    Watch what you’re doing or you will have a inbred baby and two will be called Uncle Daddy and Aunt Mommy.