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I screamed as he fucked me, his dick destroying the inside of my pussy.

I woke up to feel a hand squeezing my tits and rubbing my nipples. I opened my eyes to see my dad. “What the hell! Dad what are you doing?” He wrapped one hand around my throat and pushed me back down. “You finally woke up.” He stroked my long blonde hair. “Your so gorgeous.” “Let me go!” I choked out. He smacked me hard across the face. “Don’t speak unless spoken to!” What the hell has gotten into him? He yanked back the sheets and reached down to my clit. He started rubbing ferociously and I struggled to get free of his grasp. He let me go and stood up. He grabbed my hair and pulled me up by it. I gasped in pain as he lifted me. He pointed to my dresser. There were folded clothes on top of it that I hadn’t left there. “Change into that and do something with your hair. You have 10 minutes to be ready. I already took your phone so don’t bother to call for help.” He dropped me and fell back onto my bed. He slammed the door and locked it from the outside. I stood up and walked to the dresser. There was a red lace lingerie. It was a one piece set with no back and a deep v that went almost all the way to my belly button. There was a belted choker with a metal ring and a matching leash. There was a matching set of black laced heels. I put on the outfit and brushed out my hair and put it in a half braid half ponytail style. I put on red lipstick and black eyeshadow. About four minutes later the door to my room opened and my dad walked in. He shut the door behind him and turned to look at me. He grinned and walked towards me. I backed up until I hit the window. The glass was cold against my back and goosebumps ran across my flesh. Dad slid his hand towards my pussy. I pushed on his arm trying to get him away from me but he easily overpowered me. He rubbed my clit through the lace of the bodysuit. I let out a small moan, only causing my dad to rub faster. He trailed his lips up the side of my neck as I tried to pull away. With his free hand he grabbed my jaw and forced me to face him. He squeezed my cheeks, puckering my lips. He planted a hungry kiss and I struggled to get him off me. The hand he was rubbing my clit with went to the leash. He yanked down on it forcing me to my knees. “You will crawl around like a dog unless I say so or someone says so.” He pulled me towards the door. He led me out into the kitchen where some of dad’s friends sat around a table with beers and pressed down on my back, causing my back to arch. “Gorgeous” and “Beautiful” were repeated as they all looked at me. “She will be perfect for them!” One older man said. “Of course she will be. She is my daughter after all.” My dad said proudly. He yanked on the leash pulling me towards the master bedroom. He opened the door and dragged me inside. Once inside the room my dad slammed the door. Inside sat a man, I assumed in his twenties, with black hair, tan skin, and white eyes. He was ripped with huge muscles and was well over six feet tall. Me being only 17 was nervous that this good looking man was looking at me. “Boy. This is my daughter, Lola.” Dad announced proudly. “Lola, this man is going to fuck you until he sees fit. Have fun boy.” He dropped the leash on the ground and left the room, locking it. The man stood up and walked over to me. He smirked as he looked me up and down. “You’ll do fine, Lola. Won’t you?” I nodded in response. He bent down and kissed me roughly. Causing me to fall onto my ass. He didn’t break away. He pressed his tongue to my lips asking for access. Enjoying this, I allowed our tongues to entire twine. He ran his hands up and down my thighs. His hand found his way in between my legs and started rubbing my clit.

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    Would serve the SOB right if she woke him up with axe handle beating! Every !@#$% Day!

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    Kimfslut I am Tim and I would really like to hear from you I am looking for a little slut and would like to know more about you you can text me at 1-209-324-7633 or my email address is [email protected]

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    Oh my god kimfslut I would really like to get to know you I really hope to hear from you soon how old are you where do you live

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    at least you enjoy it or not

    • Timothy copenhaver ID:nc5gtdnh

      Hello I would like to no what you are looking for

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    More. It make me think of my self