Freaky foursome

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I was struggling with my sex addiction and when it hit an all time low, it got better, time 3!

I just put my immoral relationship with my mom on hold while I got back together with my ex girlfriend Chelsea. Her and I had a pretty crazy sex life the first time we were together but this time she wanted to slow down on the sex stuff while she focused on college. When she said slow down I had no clue she meant not at all.

We were back together for about 3 months and besides the no sex, things were going well. We were growing close again it felt like this was going to be long-term and maybe even marriage. I was having a hard time finding ways to keep myself satisfied sexually. Masturbation only gets you so far. I knew that if I told my mom the situation it would just end up with us in bed together again. Part of me wanted that no doubt but part of me knew that Chelsea was a good woman for me and I didn’t want to cheat on her.

In an effort to satisfy my needs I went to a sex shop, and FYI, don’t ever go to a sex shop when you’re horny. I came home with 3 DVD’s, an 8″ dildo, and a large thing of lube. Being bi, I thought if I satisfied my gay side, it’d be less upsetting to Chelsea if she found out. She was well aware of my bisexuality and was good with it.

For a short time it worked and I was feeling a little less stressed about no sex. But like most addiction, I eventually needed something more.

I decided to approach my mom. I thought that it’d be a one time thing just to get me thru. Mom said that she wants to be intimate with me again but that I’d regret it this time. It surprised me when she talked me out of it but she was right. I would’ve regretted it.

My frustration hit an all time low when I went back to the sex shop. I bought myself a rubber blow up doll just to have something to fuck instead of using my hand all the time. I raved home and blew it up. I had sex with it. I immediately felt like shit after. A few hours later though I was fucking it again. Then when I went to bed, I fucked it a third time. And again the next morning before work. All day at work I couldn’t stop thinking about that stupid rubber doll.

Chelsea and I had dinner plans that night and to ease my urges, I fucked the doll before I picked her up. We had a rather romantic dinner at a nice Italian restaurant. We drank an entire bottle of wine and I was beginning to think tonight was finally going to be the night. I brought her back to her dorm, we made out for a bit but that was it. She told me that she understood my frustration with things right now and she admitted that she was extremely horny but school had to come first. I told her I understand. She seemed pleased and surprised by my understanding. It made it easier that I had my new rubber fuck doll.

Here’s where my luck turns. A few days had passed and nothing had changed. I had decided to call in sick to work and just get weird by myself all day. I was laying in bed naked watching porn when mom left for work and that meant it was on!

I had been rubbing myself for a while just getting warmed up so to speak when I heard the front door open. I scrambled to shove the doll in the closet and my dildo in the dresser drawer next to my bed, shut off the TV and jump back into bed. The door flung open and it was Chelsea, not mom, and she had 2 friends with her. Jesse, who I knew and another, Alyssa, who I had never met. Jesse was also bi sexual and very into Chelsea. She was NOT attractive. Kind of butch and had a deep voice for a 21 year old woman. Alyssa on the other hand was pretty hot. She was tall and had dyed black hair, pale skin and freckles. A similar look to Chelsea who was very petite, also with her hair dyed black and pale skin. They were all heavily into their college Goth scene.

I looked at Chelsea stunned! She looked back at me equally stunned! Then Jesse and Alyssa made their way in the doorway and were in more shock. I had blankets covering up my lower half but no shirt on.

“What are you doing here?!” I asked

“What are you doing here?!” she replied

“I decided to stay home from work today. No reason, just didn’t feel like going in”

“We have some time before our next class and I needed to pick up a book I left here the other day” she explained while sitting down on the bed next to me.

Jesse was mumbling something to Alyssa and I took the opportunity to whisper to Chelsea that I was naked under the blanket.

“Why are you naked?” she whispered back with an intrigued smile and a giggle.

“I’m unbelievably sexually frustrated and I was about to jack off” I reluctantly explained to her.

“Oh! I understand. You have been very patient and understanding. We have to get back to school but I’ll take care of you after class.” she said quietly as she got up and left.

After they left I pulled out the doll and took care of myself. I stayed naked in bed for the next two hours when I heard the front door open again. I knew it was Chelsea this time. She came in the room and sat next to me.

“Still horny?” she said jokingly

I nodded and began rubbing her back.

“I need to explain something first.” she said. “When we broke up last year I began exploring my sexuality with Jesse.”

“Wait! You’ve been screwing around with her?!”

“Not since we’ve been back together but, yeah” she told me. “I think I’m bisexual as well.”

“So is this why you haven’t wanted to have sex with me?” I asked.

“No! Well partly. Maybe. I like being with Jesse but I love you. You’re bisexual, do you understand?”

“Yeah, I suppose I do.” I responded.

“I was serious about taking care of you but I was wondering if it’d be OK if Jesse and Alyssa joined us?”

“Wait! What?!” I said excitedly but also confused.

“Well originally I had planned it just being Jesse but when we came over this morning, Alyssa saw you shirtless and it was all she talked about since.”

“Really?! Well then yeah, let’s do this!”

Chelsea stood up and took of her clothes. Her petite little body was gorgeous, and her tiny little nipples were stiff. I had a single bed and Chelsea knew we couldn’t all fit so she flung the blanket off me, grabbed my dick and dragged me into my mom’s room where Jesse and Alyssa were not only naked and waiting in mom’s bed but were already heavily making out. Jesse was wearing a strap on. Chelsea and I were still in the doorway and she got on her knees and started sucking my rock hard cock. Jesse positioned herself behind Alyssa who was on all fours facing me and began fucking her. My eyes met with Alyssa’s as we were both being pleasures. Our eyes were locked for at least 30 seconds before she moved her lips. She didn’t say anything out loud but I can read lips.

“I want you to fuck me!” she mouthed.

“You wanna fuck her?” Chelsea asked me

“Goddammit I do!”

Jesse laid on her back and I laid next to her. Chelsea straddled Jesse and started riding Jesse’s strap on and Alyssa did the same to my cock. She bounced on my dick like a pro! Both her and Chelsea were screaming out in pleasure. They started kissing each other while riding us. Stopping to catch their breath Alyssa panting, moaned into Chelsea’s mouth “I’m gonna cum so hard!”

Chelsea had her hands on each of Alyssa’s cheeks holding her close. “Me too, baby!”

It was at that point I realized that Chelsea had been with Alyssa as well but at that moment I didn’t care.

We messed around in a number of various positions over the next hour. Both Alyssa and Chelsea came a few times, Jesse even came once while Chelsea was eating her pussy. I came inside Chelsea while she rode me cowgirl style.

The best moment was my second orgasm. All 3 girls were on all fours lined up, Jesse in the middle still wearing that strap on but her pussy was exposed. Possibly a little upset with Chelsea I entered Alyssa first while the other two kissed. After a few minutes of Alyssa’s pussy I had a bold idea. I moved to the side and before she could stop me in plunged my cock in Jesse’s wet cunt. She popped up a bit in surprise but before she could tell me to stop, I was thrusting her hard and fast. She fell back down on her hands and accepted what she was getting. Now she was pushing back against my cock and I started fingering the other two. Jesse’s movements were perfectly in sync with what I wanted and I thought in my tiny bit of spite towards Chelsea, I’d cum inside her. I lost control and shot what was left inside my balls deep inside Jesse’s butch pussy. Before I even stopped cumming Jesse flopped down on the bed and rolled over. The other two fell next to her and they all began to cuddle each other. I slowly started to realize what I was here for.

Chelsea and I broke up for good the next day after we had a good long talk about things. She began an exclusive relationship with Jesse. She also gave me Alyssa’s number and told me she wanted me to call her.

“She’s really into you. You two would probably have a lot of crazy fun sex together” she said as she walked out the door and left. I never saw her again. I also never called Alyssa… Didn’t feel right.

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