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Father Vincent

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This is a true story, it happened when I was 12 and I was an alter boy.

When I had just turned 12 I lived with my single mother and attended Catholic school. My mom thought it would be good for me to be an alter boy and I had been for a year or so. I just turned 12 when my mom got a new very good paying job that required her to work weekends, so she went to our priest and explained her situation. Father Vincent who was a tall thin man in his 40s told my mom she could drop me off on Sunday mornings on her way to work, around 5:30 am. The first Sunday she dropped me off still in my pajamas at the front door of the rectory. Father Vincent met me at the door and led me upstairs to a bedroom, he pulled the covers back and told me to hop in and go back to sleep. Which I did. A couple hours later he would wake me to get dressed and have a bowl of cereal before the 9 o clock mass. That happened for a couple weeks, then one Sunday I had just fallen asleep when father Vincent woke me up. The bed and my pajama pants were wet. He said i peed the bed and led me down the hall to a bathroom and told me to undress as he started running a bath. At 12 was just starting puberty. I was around 5 foot 6 and 110 pounds and a little embarrassed about getting undressed in front of him, so I stood there in my tighty whiteys. He took a knee in front of me and pulled my underwear down as he told me it was OK. He told me to get in the tub as he walked out of the bathroom. A minute later he came back in with a wash cloth and had me stand up as he grabbed the bar of soap and started lathering up the wash cloth. I stood in the tub as he washed my body from my neck to my feet skipping my genitals and bum. He put the wash cloth down and lathered up his bare hands, he then started washing my dick and balls with his bare hands taking his time as his other hand went to my ass first my cheeks then his fingers in my ass crack. As he rubbed my soapy but hole, my dick I got hard in his hand. That’s when he stood up and took a step back and told me that god was testing me to see if I was worthy of being an alter boy and that I wasn’t because good boys didn’t get excited about be washed up by a man. He said he was gonna have to tell my mom that I couldn’t be an alter boy anymore because I was a sinner, he told me to rinse off as he walked out of the room. I sat and rinsed myself off as I thought about him telling my highly religious mom I was a sinner and I began to cry. A few minutes later standing in the middle of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around me and tears in my eyes Father Vincent walked back in with a disgusted look on his face and handed me my Sunday clothes, told me to get dressed and said he was going to call my mom as he turned and started walking out of the room. I started balling my eyes out and begging him not to tell my mom. He stopped and turned to me and said there was something he might be able to do, but I could never tell anyone ever or my mom and I would surely go to hell. I begged him to help me and swore to never tell anyone. He took my hand and led me down the hall to a bedroom with a bigger bed, he closed the door behind us. He told me to hang the towel on the chair and have a seat on the bed. He took his collar off and sat it on a dresser next to him and started unbuttoning his shirt. As he did he told me god wanted him to cure me. He hung his shirt on a hook on the door and slipped his shoes off. He came over and stood by the bed and unbuttoned his pants and pulled them down and sat on the bed beside me. He finished pulling his pants off and stood and put them on the dresser. As he walked back to the bed I could see his hard dick in his tighty whiteys. He stood right in front of me inches away and pulled his underwear down exposing his hard dick. I had never seen a naked man before and didn’t know what to think. He was around 6 inches cut and thin. I was sitting on the bed, legs dangling. He stood between my legs and started running his hands through my hair, then he pulled my head towards him. He grabbed his dick and started rubbing it on my face, he told me to open my mouth and stick my tongue out. As I did he pushed it into my mouth, just the head at first. Then as he started pushing more and more into my mouth I started to tear up. He pulled out and asked why I was crying, I told him I was scared and didn’t want to do that. He wiped my eyes with his hands and said good god doesn’t want you to like it. But he couldn’t stop, he had to finish curing me. That’s what god wanted. Then he put his hand on the back of my head and pushed his dick back in my mouth. After a few minutes of me gagging and whimpering he pulled it out and stepped back. He told me to get up on the bed and lay on my belly. He grabbed something out of the night stand and got on the bed on his knees with my legs between his knees. Then I felt him squirt something in the crack of my ass, then I felt his fingers rubbing slippery stuff on my butt hole then a finger pushed in my ass, i whimpered and squirmed. He fingered my ass for a minute then laid on me. I could feel him sliding his hard dick in my butt crack. Then I felt his hand and his dick pushing against my little butt hole, harder and harder until the head penetrated me. I yelled and kinda jumped. He put all his weight on me and kept pushing it in. I cried and whimpered, but it didn’t matter. He pushed himself all the way in and started fucking me. At the time it seemed like forever, but in reality he only lasted a few minutes before I felt him swell up and start moaning and squeezing me tight, then he rolled off me and told me god loves me. Then he got up collected his clothes and left the room. I laid there not sure what to do or think a few minutes later Father Vincent came back in dressed and told me my bath was ready. As I got off the bed and grabbed the towel off the chair he told me he was proud of me and as long as I didn’t tell anyone I could still be an alter boy and he would keep working on curing me on Sunday mornings.

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      Enjoyed reading about your experiences! Have years of similar situations and would love to touch base with you! [email protected]

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      mmm same! as he preys and thanks god for the dick he is painfully receiving!

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    Sexy story!

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