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Cousin got me drunk

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Male cousin get me drunk and talks me into oral

Im Jake and this is how I became bi. When I was about 12 yrs old my family and I went to visit our cousins for the weekend. My uncle was very rich and had a huge house. My cousin Johnny age 13 and I took over the entertainment room in the basement. After eating Johnny and I went down stairs to set up our sleeping arrangements and watch movies. After about a half hour Johnny asks me if I want to get drunk. I told him I’ve never drank alcohol before and were would we get it from? He tells me his father has a room full of booze in the next room over. We go and look he grabs a bottle of some sort of sweet pre mixed drink. We start drinking and talking eventually the conversation turns to girls. He asks if I’ve ever seen a girl nude before I tell him only in playboys (no internet at that time). I actually had seen my two female cousins nude but was to embarrassed to tell him at that point. As we keep drinking and talking the booze really starts to take its toll on me. I admit that I have seen my cousins nude, he asks how? I proceed to tell him him how I would sleep over on weekends. One weekend a year ago my male cousin 4 yrs older then me had talked me and his two sisters (one a yr older the other a yr younger then me) into playing truth or dare. One thing led to another and we were all taking dares and looking at each other naked but not touching. Johnny asked why I lied? Feeling really drunk I tell him I was embarressed and that there was some touching. His eyes widened and said you played with your female cousins? I said no my older cousin had me lay on my side while the two female cousins showed their pussies to me. He started to rub his hard cock in between my ass cheeks which really turned me on causing me to get hard. Johnny then asks if I’ve ever had a blow job I tell him no. He asks if I would want to try and blow each other. I tell him I’m not gay and he says either is he and that he and his friends help each other out when they get horny. He then says I’ll suck you and if you do not like it you do not have to do me. He then places his hand on my lap and starts to rub my cock. I get hard and he says see your cock likes it stand up. I stand up in front of him and he pulls my shorts and underwear down my hard cock springs back up hitting my stomach. Jonny reaches up from the couch and starts jerking me off. After a minute or two his mouth comes closer and he licks my cock. He looks up at me and says well should I? Drunk and hard I say yes. He starts giving me my first blow job, slowly working his way down my shaft and back up. Eventually taking my cock into his throat he kept working and working. I’m still not sure why I didn’t cum maybe my age or the booze (I hadn’t started jacking off at this age) but I had several dry orgasms. After about 20 minutes he asked if I enjoyed it. Obviously I said yes. He smiled and said good my turn! With that he stood up took off his shorts and pushed me down onto my knees. His cock was hard pointing straight up. I looked at it for a moment and then nervously took it in my hand. It was odd to feel how hard it was but how soft and smooth the skin felt. Johnny pushed his hips forward cock brushing againist my closed lips. Again he thrusts forward still holding his hard cock I stick out my tongue and lick the head getting some precum. I open my mouth and he pushes in wrapping my lips around his hard cock my teeth accidently catching the head. He pulls out and tells me no teeth! I apologize telling him I’ve never done this before. Johnny says just relax and cover your teeth with your lips and with that he takes a hold of my head and slowly starts fucking my mouth. His hard cock going a little further with each thrust. Soon he is gagging me, my eyes and nose running I have to pull off. I tell him I will puke if he keeps doing that. He puts his cock back in my mouth and starts with shorter but faster thrusts his cock gets harder one last deep thrust causing me to gag his body tenses up he pulls out and shoots his load all over my face. He hands me some napkins to clean up and we passed out. We never spoke about what happend that night but the next day I really wanted another go at his cock. Between my two male cousins I bacame a life long bi male who craves cock when I don’t have any pussy. This is a completely true story that does continue on with my best friend and his sister while in high school.

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  • Reply Twickers ID:2kyer0sd9d

    Nice story… Continuity was way off.
    . Still hot though

  • Reply Terry ID:h9azenvqm

    Very good wish you was my cousin mmmm

  • Reply Cumgulper ID:8k4dcerm9a

    I do not tag myself. I just consider myself to be be overactively sexually enhanced. I get curious, l try. If I like I continue. I am into just about everything now.
    The first time I was curious about same sex was when I was wondering if cum from a dick taste like it it did from a pussy. I called a friend that I knew who indulged in same sex relations and told him what I wanted to try( sucking dick). I told him that he could even bring a friend with him. He brought three with him and to make a long story short I sucked, was fucked, raped, sodomized and well satisfied.

  • Reply Phat pussyfoot ID:7ylg7a6rd4

    Give me part two!!!

  • Reply nathan ID:bk9b3vrv1

    i realized i was bi a similar way, when me (at the time 13) and brother (at the time 17) started messing around with each other. i love pussy, but to this day the best orgasm i get is when he fucks me in the ass. im 16 now and he’s 20, and we always fuck nonstop when he’s home on break. its so hot to be dominated by him.

    • G ID:43ygkf6ij

      Fucking sexy!!!