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Cathy’s confessions San Francisco

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Being so submissive for my husband, Danny, has led me to total submissivness for his friend Derek.

I’ve become a serial cheater, or should I say, more acurately , a hotwife, but my husband is ignorant of it. My name is Cathy, or a version of it obviously, but I’ll change the names of my husband and my lovers, you know, anonymity and all that. My husband and I role-played everytime we had sex, especially while we dated, we fantasized about his dog fucking me, his two horses, a few of my male friends and female neighbors, and even ex-boyfriends (also; like most men I knew, he loves bisexual women) I was his whore, his personal prostitute, his slut, and his private lesbian, the sex was amazing and still is, but his wish was to actually have me live out some of the fantasies, like allowing his dog to fuck me (I let him hump my legs every know and then, while I was naked and masturbated while Danny watched us), I made out with lots of girls, which I really enjoyed, and brought them home to satisfy his voyeuristic side. However what really changed everything was his desire for me to be a hotwife, even though we were still dating, so he wanted to share me with other men, especially my male friends and ex-boyfriends, so, after two months of the most debaucherous sex I’d ever experienced, I finally gave in to his wishes and went on a date with an ex from South Dakota, he was a cheating asshole, a liar and a thief, but he had the body of a black guy and fucked like he was slow dancing, so basically he was an amazing lover and a physically beautiful man, let’s call him Dick, since he was such an asshole. I dated Dick for two weeks before I got up the nerve to let him fuck me, and during the whole time, Danny and I never saw each other, he let me date Dick freely from September to November, and Dick fucked me in everyway imaginable,
I honestly fell in love with him sexually until Dick started sharing me with his best friends Sean and Tess, for two weeks I was shared, borrowed and loaned out, until drugs got in the way and I ended it immediately. I went back to Danny, who wanted every sordid and depraved detail, we picked back up where we left off, but we seriously discussed what we were doing and decided that he wanted me to explore my sexuality while he remained faithful. I was to be his hotwife girlfriend for two years and if we decided to stop, then we would. I agreed, and he stated how much he loved me and my submissive nature. I was submissive, I realized, and so I had to confess to him, immediately, about the reimmerged feelings I had for my ex, and how i flet lIke shit, even though I loved the sex…we spoke about it and he took the time to learn to fuck, exactly the same as my ex did. For the next four months, Danny and I changed our love making so that I only fucked my ex, Dick, by looking at his photo and saying his name while Danny fucked me. Danny loved this so much that it became the only way that we fucked, until I actually began to see Dick while Danny was fucking me, it was absolutely amazing, to have the man I truly loved fucking me, while fantasizing about another man. Danny would watch me masturbate to photos and small video clips of Dick, video clips of Dick and I making love, or video clips of Dick that made me horny. It was four months of sexual discovery, as we expanded our love making to employ dirty talking, as I expressed to Danny, how sexy Dick was and how much I loved him and referred sexually, every thought I had, I would tell my boyfriend immediately, it was fantastic, we would go out and bring the fantasy of me being with Dick, I would call him Dick, and for the last month, which was March, we role played 24 seven, I would wake up in the middle of the night wanting to fuck Dick, I didn’t need photos to help me fantasize about him, I could see Dick in Danny, I never asked Danny if he was ready to role play, because I knew what he wanted, as well as he knowing that I really wanted Dick to fuck me. Both he and I loved that I could lust for another man while being with him.
By the end of March, Danny’s former work buddy from Baltimore was in San Francisco for a show, he was now a male stripper. ALL THAT I’VE WRITTEN SO FAR WAS LEADING UP TO THIS POINT, THIS IS ABOUT MY CHEATING ON MY ON MY HUSBAND, THEN BOYFRIEND DANNY WITH HIS BUDDY DEREK! This information was to give some background information about my sinfully depraved behavior of cheating on Danny. Derek is a male dancer and black, he’s an Adonis and nothing better describes him other than, “DELICIOUS!” When Danny introduced us, I had to leave and go to the laundry room because I almost passed out from his physical perfection, his sexual energy and his piercing eyes, he was and still is perfect. I quickly ran upstairs to masturbate to Derek as I peaked out the window to watch his sexy walk and perfect ass, as Danny walked him to his room above the garage. I had multiple orgasms to his beauty everyday even during his stay with us for the next 9 days. Danny and I fucked like rabbits, and I gave him the fantasy he was used to, but in my mind, I was visualing Derek fucking me, Danny was completely unaware. Over the course of his stay, I privately took pictures of him so I could masturbate to him after he left.
I even took a few pics and videos of him masturbating in his room, and on his third day with us he brought a Latina girl to his room and they quietly fucked all night, every day for the next 6 days, so when Danny was sleeping, I would record them, every single time. After Derek left, Danny asked if I was attracted to Derek and if I would sleep with a black man, but he never asked if I wanted to fantasize about him and include Derek in our role playing fantasies, so I admitted that I would have no problem dating or having sex with a black man, and that I would actually love it and the thought of it turned me on, but I down played my attraction to Derek, by telling Danny that his friend was too buff for my taste, I WAS LYING! I asked Danny, “if you want me to fantasize about Derek, I’ll be really happy to do that for you, I know that you’ll love that, plus it’ll be lots of fun,” Danny said, “no that’s alright, i’m addicted to you fantasizing about Dick, it drives me crazy with lust for you, plus you really didn’t speak to him much or spend anytime with him when he was here, and he really wanted to get to know you better,”, I asked, “why,” and Danny said that he was going to be the best man at our wedding, if you’ll marry me, I love you Cathy.” I immediately said, “yes,” to his proposal, while feeling guilty about my burning sexual desire for his friend. I’m 28, my husband Danny is 34 and Derek is 32. For the next year until the wedding, Derek was in and out of our lives and Danny made sure that he and I became close friends. Nevertheless, during the first year Danny and I fantasized about Derek fucking me and getting me pregnant, Derek stealing me away from him and Derek pimping me out to his friends and family. It was amazing for me, and I would start every fantasy and role play with Derek as my lover, boyfriend or husband, but Danny would always want my real ex-boyfriend as my only lover, so we ended up mostly fantasizing about Dick, 90 percent of the time, we’ll he did, but I thought about Derek 100 percent of the time, even 100 percent of the day, I honestly never thought of my boyfriend sexually unless it was for him to fulfill my sexual desire for His friend Derek, so for the whole year I felt like shit, the guilt was eating me alive, until a few months before the wedding, when we had a family meet and greet Barbecue and I went to show Derek the pull cart, since he offered to help bring up the beers, liquor and sodas from the basement, and that’s when it happened, he slipped over the cart and fell on his back, I fell on top of him, we laughed as I accidentally pressed on his cock while getting up, we stared at each other, he backed away and I blurted out that I needed him inside me.
Derek pushed me away, and walked away quickly. I pulled up my skirt, took out my Stallion horse-cock dildo and gave him a show, as he came back down the stairs to watch me pump my pussy furiously with it. He came close to me, while I opened his shirt, sucked his nipples, unzipped his pants, sucked his cock, licked his asshole ended by swallowing his cum 3 times. His sexing was hard deep and fulfilling, he face fucked me like a cheap whore, I was so happy, so fucking happy! We fooled and around most of the day, as I seduced him everytime we returned to get more drinks from the basement. I tempted him throughout the night until everyone left and I put Danny to sleep because of his drinking, afterwards Derek and I fucked like teen lovers until 5 in the morning. I saw, though the window that Danny got up, maybe to use the bathroom, so I ran from Derek’s room, ran around the house to the basement and came upstairs to the kitchen where my Danny would find me drinking water from the fridge. We hugged, went back to bed and he fucked me with Derek’s cum still inside me. It was the most intense feeling to cheat on my soon-to-be husband, just a few months before the wedding, with his best man, I was addicted to Derek and we fucked as often as possible, everywhere at any change we got…we fucked up to 8 times a day and when Danny fucked me I would signal for Derek to privately watch us to hear me talk a out him as Danny fucked me, and to hear and see how Danny loves to fantasize about Dick fucking me. After a month Derek stayed an additional week, where we were able to talk, I was able to see him fuck his Spanish girlfriend from time-to-time , and we bonded sexually, even emotionally about my feelings for him. I was jealous of Amelia and I told him that I wanted him for myself, he wanted more women, so I became every woman to him, so now I was his whore and totally submissive to him and Danny equally. Danny and I even went to a show of his, but Danny said that watching men dance is not his thing, but I went to most of his shows, and we would fuck everytime. During that time I ate Amelia’s pussy all week for him, just girl-gil and in threesomes so he cold hAve to pussy’s to fuck. Amelia was into bestiality with horses and dogs and would masturbate to videos for Derek, everyday damn day, so I stepped up my game and really learned to enjoy bestiality, especially horses for the size of there cocks, but mainly because I got to turn Derek on with my depraved behavior. I’ve been in a full relationship with Derek for the entirety of my marriage to Danny. My guilt is gone but I still know that my deception has limited my feelings for my husband.
During the 5th month of marriage, my husband remained on the east coast, as Amelia and I went full hardcore lesbian for three months of nothing but pussy, as my inner lesbian flourished, I was a bisexual wife for sure. Derek came and spent two months with me as husband and wife, he never told Amelia nor did I. I put on a show for Danny every night as he listened to what he thought was a sexual fantasy, while Derek punished my pussy quietly.
It’s been four years of being married, but submissive to 2 men, and being fucked by my lover far more than my husband so I figured that it was time to relieve the old burden of my past guilty conscience. I hope to tell Danny someday, but my sex life with him is all fantasy and role play, but with Derek it’s all real, just no comparison at all.

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