Catching Sister of guard

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So you may have read my first story already and like I promised I will tell you even more.
After that training day I was really looking forward when she was wearing a skirt again. I new that this would probably the only time I could force me again inside her. Since her last one was probably sticky from my cum she had changed the next day to her yoga pants . I had looked really close if there was an opening, a hole like in her pantys but there was nothing to find. But her cameltoe was smiling at me. It aroused me really every moment she passed by. She was really making this hard, or more like make me hard. She had pulled her pants much more over the hips than usual so her camel toe was even more squeezed. The next time I saw her she came into the living room. She was looking out of the window, while i was sitting on the couch and she was basically staying on the couch when she dropped her phone. It fall right behind the couch. She tried to bend over end get it back but she was not tall enough. I had stopped watching TV for a while now. Seeing her pussy squeezing between her legs while she bent down was amazing. I knew I had to rub myself against her. So I stood up and ask her if I should help. I was a little bit taller than her and so she agreed but instead of taking the seat next to her I was bending over her, to see where the phone was. I pushed my hips next to hers and since I was wearing sweatpants I could easily push my penis up and down on her. When I started to rub my penis on her ass, also looking for the phone I told her “can you not just try again by bending depper? You should be able to get it” even knowing she wouldn she bended over the back rest one more time while I was doing the same but lying over her. She then stopped moving. Saying nothing, not moving it was a silent agreement that I was allowed to dryhump her and so I did! I was rubbing myself against her for like 2 minutes before I pumped my load into my trousers. Then I got next to her side bended down, picked up the phone and gave it to her. She was looking me deep in the eyes this time, she looked at me with a fuck face I wouldn’t see for years after that. And than said “thanks for helping me, I think we are done here for now” and then left. But we were not done yet, her yoga pants were all wet below her legs and she needed to change and I needed to change too. So we had to met up at the laundry place…

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