Be careful at party’s

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Drank to much at a party and learned a lesson

I wanted to be cool when in high school so I drank did some weed just fun partying. Anyway there was a party across town I didn’t no the people but heard about it through some guy’s. So I told my mom I was spending the night at a friend’s house. She and I went to the party we got there we really didn’t see anyone we knew and were going to leave when a man gave us a drink told us to drink up. Hey now it’s not so bad right so we drank and danced talked to different people until we got separated. I was dancing I didn’t see her anymore. I kept drinking and partying until I became very dizzy and needed to sit down. I went to the couch sat down and was looking for my friend we needed to leave. When I tried to get up to look for her a nice guy a bit older helped me we looked around a bit bit I needed the couch again. He took me into a bedroom told me to lay down so I did. I felt my face being smacked and as I opened my eyes he and I were in bed together I was undressed so was he. He was fucking me it took a second to realize what was happening. As I started to try and move he was speeding up and then he just tensed up and I felt him coming. He laid on me for a minute told me I was a great fuck
Then he got dressed and left. I got dressed when back out to were the party was still looking for my friend. I found her out back I told her I didn’t feel well and needed to go. We went back to her house I fell asleep the next morning I got up didn’t no what to say to anyone. I went home tried to put it out of my mind. I was late for my period but that happens sometimes so I didn’t panic until it was a month later and still no period. Got a home test and I was pregnant still in high school and no idea who the father was.

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  • Reply Doug

    Another fuck face in the making – before too long will just be another cock sucking cunt that lets everyone and anyone enjoy her mouth and cunt. All right for every one to get off on her as we will be supporting her and her bastards. Once her cunt is no good, face fucking will be all she does and swallows every load. The world never changes………………..

    • Isabella

      Doug that’s a horrible thing to say. I just went to a party.

  • Reply Bruh Nick

    This reminds of the time i got a 18 year old pregnant, and i was 17 at the time

    • Isabella

      This wasn’t my boyfriend I didn’t even no him. I didn’t agree to have sex with him when I woke up he was inside me. Before I really had a chance to do anything it was over.

  • Reply Big 0

    Isabella if he had to slap your face to wake you up. Then most likely you ran a train you fucked lots of men that night. And that my dear is fucking awesome. So how do you feel now?

    • Randy

      Shut up you can’t no that.

  • Reply Carl

    Nice party rape, spiked drink given to you, you drunk it up like s good girl, then taken to a bedroom for your raping. nice that he got you pregnant, couldly happen to a nicer girl.

    • Isabella

      I was only 16. I went to have fun not for sex

    • Carl

      You went out to an unknown party, you took drinks from strange men. You did have fun, but I think you will find your body was giving off the “Fuck me” signals.
      It didn’t matter that you didn’t want sex, the guys wanted sex. you were there drunk and a bit out of control, so yeah, they took you aside to the back room and raped you. The raping sperm found their way deep inside your womb, just as they are met too. and hey presto, a baby for you.

    • Randy

      Hey Isabella These guy’s are right you had a lot of boyfriends that night. Try to think of how many men where there and just no most of them put there cocks in your mouth and pussy. At just 16 yo you now had as much cock in you as a hooker. I am sure there are lots of pictures of it. Can you guess the age range of all the men that have fucked you. I hope at least one or two were old men. My only hope is the guy who set you up for this at least charged each guy money to use you.
      You will never no who the dad is I promise you you fucked 10 to 20 guy’s that night. If I had been at the party I would of fucked you and cum on your face while videotaping it for the dark web. And definitely charged each guy $20 to fuck you. Then stolen your phone to send all your friends and family pictures
      But don’t worry the pictures will show up someday.

  • Reply Randy

    You wanted to act like you were older and cool. So you got treated like you were older. How that work out for you Isabella?

    • Isabella

      I wanted fun like I was older enough to drink. Not sex


    now you know why you should not drink, care to text me at(347)949-2811 and what are you going to tell your parents about you getting pregnant and don’t know who did it?

    • Isabella

      I still going to drink. 🙂

      I already had my baby told my parents it happened at a party I got drunk.