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Auntie Christa

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A brother, and sister visit their Aunt in the country, and learn about their family history…

Dad dropped us off, with our overnight bags, but he had to go out of town for a job interview, and mom had to work. So, we got to spend the night over there, in her big old farmhouse, but she didn’t have a farm, or a family.

Just the big old house out in the country, with a pretty big yard left, after they sold the fields to the neighbors. She practically had a playground, with swingsets for kids of different ages, slides, and stuff, but we were getting a little too old for any of that.

My brother was 13, and I 10, but I had already started the changes to become a young lady. Dad didn’t even get out, he just turned the car around, and drove back down the driveway, between the fences to get back to the road. Just as soon as we got out bags out, and closed the trunk, but Aunt Christa met us as the door.

In her bathrobe, she didn’t even bother belting it up, but held it closed over her body. “Sorry, I forgot you’re coming, so I overslept.” She let us in, and locked the door behind us, but then she hung up her bathrobe by the door.

“What are you watching?” My brother went in the living room, while I admired her nightgown. She didn’t have any underwear on under it, and I could tell, because it was sheer enough to see her nipples, and the patch of pubic hair she had right through it.

“Oh, just a home movie.” It turned out to be an old one, from the summer when she had her above ground pool set up, and even a diving board off the back porch, of sorts.

The boys, and girls skinny dipping, and this one boy got up, and climbed over the side by the style. His little stiffy bouncing when he jumped down, and ran up the steps to the porch. Out the plank without even stopping to look.

“Cannonball!” He jumped, and tucked up his legs, but a girl had to dive out of the way. He almost landed right on top of her head, but then the camera shook from running up to the side.

“Lawrence! You almost hit Muriel on the head, get out.” She snapped her fingers, and waved him over to the style. That’s like a ladder, but it’s got steps up one side, and down the other. So, you could put it over a fence, and climb over, instead of going around the gate, or trying to duck between the barbed wires without getting caught.

“I’m sorry, Miss. Christa.” He looked down from the top step, but he’d lost his stiffy, so it hung down over his balls, shrunken up from the water, but I smelled something.

It smelled like pussy in there, but my brother just stood there, watching the movie on the big screen.

“Well, you’re going to have to take some time out.”

He grinned, and by the time he climbed down, his little woody came back. So it stuck straight up, and the skin pulled back from the little pink head to stick out, like an eye.

“Come on.”

“Oh!’ He jumped when she swatted his bare behind, and covered it with both hands. “Ow!” He rubbed it, but I couldn’t see his stiffy bounce with his back turned.

“Huh!” Christa plopped down on the couch, and I saw something roll back. Now, we’d been out there lots of times, and even run around naked, because that was allowed. Skinny dipping, or just getting a deep tan all over. Just like the country kids that she watched while they’re out of school.

That’s how she made a living, watching farmer’s kids, on summer, and the weekends, so their parents, older brothers, and sisters could work the fields.

“I won’t do that again, I promise.”

“You say that every time, but I’m going to have to keep spanking you,” she set down the camera on the side of the porch, and turned around. “Until you learn your lesson.”

She had on a dress, a sun-dress, but it was really more like a long white tank top then anything, and it was already wet. Soaked through, so it stuck to her whole, and you could see she didn’t have any underwear on. Nor any body hair, underneath it, she must’ve shaved everything for summer.

“Come on,” she waved him over, and he bent over her lap. Still hard as a rock, and then, she. Well, i don’t guess there’s any nicer way to put it, but she felt him up. She didn’t hit him very hard, at all, but she spent more time rubbing his red cheeks, and squeezing them than smacking them.

“Huh!” I looked back, then reached over the end of the couch. “What’s this?”

She just had her legs crossed, but it was obviously some kind of toy, she was playing with when we showed up. That’s why it smelled so much like her twat when we came in.

My brother looked back, but not very long. He had a bone on, of course. “He really likes spankings.”

I know that child-porn is bad, like illegal, but I don’t guess the county Sheriffs know about it. They must not’ve cracked down on it like the city police, they even came to our schools, and arrested kids for sexting. Well, the middle school, I’m only in 5th grade, so there’s not a lot of kids old enough to be doing it, yet. Especially with boys, but I was a little busy trying to figure out this thing, I had in my hands.

It looked like an alien, with robot parts you could see inside, though the clear purple rubbery plastic. Silicone, I guessed. It felt more like that silicone caulk dad squirted around the bathtub, so the shower water didn’t run down behind it, and rot out the wall, or floor in the bathroom.

“Huh!” I found the switch, but it just had a little tiny vibrator on the side, with these fingers that stuck out, and waved together. It looked more like eye stalks on a slug, or snail with it’s head stuck out then bunny ears, but I had a friend that borrowed her mom’s rabbit, to show us. Not how to use it, she just explained that, but she kept her clothes on.

Okay, so those are supposed to buzz around your clitoris, I get that, but the head head. That didn’t look like a penis either, or maybe an alien penis? I don’t know, but that was almost pointed, and stuck out at an angle, so it went around, and round, inside you, I guessed. Also, there was little ring of ball bearings, that rolled around the inside, the other way.

“Huh, we didn’t used to have these, when I was your age. You want me to show you how to use it?”

I shook my head, “I think I can figure it out, but. Huh!”

My brother dropped his pants, and started spanking his monkey, right out in the living room.

“Uh!” Lawrence stiffened, and moaned. “Ohhh!” Loud, with his head held up, and his mouth wide open. Shaking in her lap, but bent over like that, I couldn’t see whether he shot anything out of his balls. Just her hand slipping down his buttcrack, and her fingers disappear between his legs.

“Not any more, I had to stop spanking him, because it just encouraged him. I had to come up with a better punishment.”

“Yeah,” he turned around, and covered his butt. With both hands, “I don’t know if I’d like a spanking like that.” Rubbing his cheeks, “Uh!” His stiffy bounced, but it was warm enough in there that his balls could hang, and swing, when he swatted both his cheeks. “Maybe if you didn’t hit me too hard.”

“Huh!” I just thumbed the button, then hit it again when it sped up. Then again, and again until it went through all the speeds, and finally shut it off.

My brother tilted his head, sideways. “Hey, did you use to spank dad like that, when you’re little?”

“No, of course not. He was older, and never really liked spankings.”

He laughed, “Shows what you know. Now, he likes to smack it like this.” One handed, “When he’s beating off to your old family photos.” He used the other hand to start stroking again, but he’s circumcised. So the skin didn’t wink over the end like an eye. It just bunched up around it, and his knuckles.

Just like child porn, I heard about incest, in the country. I didn’t really know whether to believe that, cousins would marry each other, and have messed up kids. From birth defects, because that’s what happens when you breed with somebody too closely related. All though, I have seen Amish people, and some of them are pretty funny looking. Because they’re too closely related, that’s what happens when you live in such small communities, and nobody wants to join them, just to live like it’s the past, and give up things like cars, or.

Battery powered sex toys that look like they rolled out of some space-ship. While they’re visiting to mutilate cows, draw circles in the fields, and abduct people for anal probing. I can just imagine this, as some sort of anal probe, for some weird alien medical experiments on humans.

“My family photos?” She went over to the side board, and pulled out the drawer.

“Uh huh, from the nude beach you visited.”

“Well, that’s when, we.” She put a box down in front of the glass doors, to display the family china, in stacks, and up on plate stands. “Well, we had to be careful, not to do anything that could get me pregnant.”

“He took your virginity?” I guessed. She stuck her thumb in the side, then ripped open the top. Perforated, in a triangle, and then around the sides.

“No, of course not, but he was there. So, he got to watch me, and a boy. Huh!” She sighed, and pinched something in the little box. “He got to play doctor with his sister, at the same time, so he was a little busy. Too.”

It looked like a little condom, only it was white, but I carried the alien probe over to read [Finger Cots] on the front of the box. [Assorted sizes, 144 count.]

[Perfect for burns, blisters, abrasions, and cuts. Protects finger wounds…]

“Let’s see what size you wear.” She got down, on her tippy toes. Like she was squatting down to take a leak, but instead of pee. I smelled her fresh wet pussy juice fill the air, again.

“Snh?” I smelled the alien device, and felt my crotch. To wipe the little bit of wetness in the bottom. dry. “Huh, so it’s okay to have incest, as long as it’s safe sex, so you don’t get pregnant.”

“Of course not. How’s that?”

She let go of his penis, so it popped back up, but the bottom bulged out of the tight ring at the bottom.

“A little too tight.”

“Here,” I handed her the box. “I hope that wasn’t the largest size, but. You think I could keep some to take home, after we’re done, for the weekend?”

“Of course.” She had a whole gross, a dozen dozen, in 6 different sizes. She bought a fresh box from Walgreens, and it’s weird when I think about it. The fact that there’s 6 different sizes, when you only have 4 fingers, and a thumb, but I guess that’s to accommodate different people. “Phwew!” She blew her hair out of her face. “Now, you know that, I could get in a lot of trouble for showing your two these things.”

“Oh, I won’t tell,” but I knew right away that we’re talking about Child Porn, and Molestation. And incest, but I didn’t know any boys, that I wanted to use finger cots on for condoms, so we could have sex, without getting pregnant. “We aren’t going to tell anyone, right?”

“Oh no.” He shook his head, grinning, “Not at all.”

“Good,” she tickled his balls, “You’re starting to grow a little hair down here, so does that mean you’re no longer shooting blanks?”

“Yeah, uh.” he thought, “I mean no, I’m not shooting blanks any more. I’m making sperm, and ejaculating.” He nodded.

I didn’t know that, heck. I didn’t even know he was sprouting pubes yet, because it had been so long since I’d sen him naked. I guess, a few years since we stopped coming out here, where it was okay to run around naked, skinny dip, and look at other kids in their birthday suits.

Now, I know why. She wasn’t just cool with it, and also a bit of a nudist herself. She was a child molester, and she had child porn videos, but I didn’t even know that our dad whacked off, and spanked himself, looking at old photos of his sister at the nude beach.

I’d seen the photos, of course, but they were so young, they just looked like naked kids. “So, when did you, and our dad get into incest together? I mean, how old were you, when you started?”



Auntie Christa (gbfm Incest Lies. Child molesters, and pornographers lie, to conceal their crimes, as well as grooming their victims. Just so you know.)

“Well, as you know, we used to go out to the coast, on vacation. Back then, they didn’t have this, puritan view of nudity, and children were allowed to go through that natural phase. Satisfy our curiosity about each other’s bodies, and learn how the opposite sex peed, for example.

My brother and I both watched each other peeing, which is how I knew that boys could do so standing up. What flies were for, and such. There was nothing sexual about it, but then. We went to a nude beach, where we could not only see grown men, and women in the all together, but also well.

Your grandfather was much younger, and got aroused by all the women walking around naked, or topless. Mother saw it, and sent us off to play, but we didn’t have to go very far. Just out of sight, where we could peek over the dunes, and watch them. Mother put his penis in her mouth right away, while father reached over to her side of the towel, to finger her.

Right there in front of everyone, but it was the 80s, and a rather more liberal state. Huh! California, and the locals, didn’t see anything going on that they hadn’t seen before. Most of them didn’t even look over, and kept walking down the beach, but they had a parawing up for shade. That’s a sort of tent, but it only required 2 poles on opposite corners. The other 2 were staked down to the sand, on either side, so they had a little shelter for some privacy.

Then, eventually mother had father wet enough with spit form her mouth, and he had her wet enough from masturbating her. So, he held it up, wet, and glistening for her to straddle him, and they made love right out there in public. The parawing was too low for her to sit up, where we could see him going in, but I had some idea. I suppose you could say that I put it together, simple because he had an outie. I had an innie, and something awoke inside me.

We didn’t do anything, we just watched, but I felt myself getting damp, and even soaked through the crotch of my bathing suit. So, I ran down to the sea to rinse them out in the salty water, but when i looked back. Your father had his trunks down, and his prig in his hand. Stroking himself to his first orgasm. He told me later that he had never played with himself before, and only got hardons in his sleep, but like me, he hadn’t seen anything quite so sexual before in his life.

We both got badly sunburned, since we couldn’t exactly stay in the shade with our parents, while they got it on. Then, we went back to the hotel, where we had our own room, with separate beds. Our parents shared a bed of course, and slept together, because they were married, but I asked him what he was doing, out there behind the dunes. We had aloe-vera gel for our sunburns, from the first aid kit in the room, so after we got our swimsuits off, we took turns applying it to each other’s backs.

That felt so good, we kept rubbing it all over our bodies, and each other, until he got hard, and I started getting wet again. Then, he showed me how he liked it, even better with the slippery jelly, and he figured out how to finger me with it, because we didn’t get a very good view from the angle we had, back behind the dunes.

That was my first orgasm, of many, but he frigged me off first. Before I had done anything except for trying to dry myself in the crotch of my bathing suit, but after that, they let us run around naked, and get out tan lines filled in. As long as we stayed out of the sun for the hottest part of the day.

Then, we met Mary and Joseph. They worked at the hotel where we’re staying with their parents, even though they were about our age. I suppose a couple years had passed, because I had gotten my period, but your father wasn’t far enough along yet. Mary wanted to be a nurse when she grew up, so she got into the first aid kit, and played with the medical supplies as toys. her brother played the doctor, of course.

They knew all about condoms from their parents selling them over the counter, for newlyweds so they didn’t get pregnant. Joseph was older, old enough to have hair on his balls like this, but he used a finger-cot, because he was still too small to wear an adult rubber, without it slipping off. When he fucked me, by then we figured out that it’s best to do oral sex first, for natural lubricant. So, we showed them that, only for the first time, with other people. Teenagers, so Mary was also quite a bit more developed, but I only got a good look at her body.

I didn’t touch her, or engage in anything homosexual with her. I didn’t have a same sexual experience until much later, when I found out that one of my friend’s little sister had a crush on me. Back then, we hadn’t even heard of homosexuality. They didn’t give sermons on that in church, let alone more detailed things like lesbians, bisexuality, nor cunnilingus.

I’d only ever had your father’s tongue inside of me, or as deep as it would go, but he got very good at it, over the years. As good, if not better than any woman, or girl I ever had sex with. Huh! I suppose, he just had more experience, so he always knew exactly how I like it, because we both discovered every dirty trick, together.”


^ I can go on, but something’s come up. No, not that, but this is as good a stopping place as any. This has all the makings of a series, however. So, keep an eye out for Chapter II…

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