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Watch and be watched

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While on vacation we found another couple who was into voyeurism and exhibitionism as much as we were.

My wife Lynn and I had been married a couple of years and were both 20 years old at the time. We’d rented a cottage at the beach and on our first night realized the window to our bedroom was only about five feet away to the bedroom in the next cottage as when we went in the room and our lights were off we saw the couple next door had their lights on and had the shades & curtains open as did we since the cottages didn’t have AC.

I’m an avid voyeur where my wife is a real exhibitionist but she saw what a great opportunity for me so she just sat beside me in the dark and watched. The couple in the next cottage looked to be in their early thirties and were quite attractive. The husband was about 6 ft and slender and the wife was a knockout. She looked to be about 5-2, 100lb with big tits and a firm body and had long blonde hair and her bush proved she was a natural blonde.

We watched as they undressed each other and as soon as they got on the bed he went between her legs and started eating her pussy as she squeezed her big tits. Then they swapped places and I loved seeing her big tits hanging down as she sucked his what looked to be about a 6-7 inch cock. After sucking him off for a while she straddled him and started riding his cock. Those big tits of hers were bouncing around and Lynn and I were both turned on as hell watching this. After a while, he got on top and put her legs over his shoulder and was pounding his cock in her like a jackhammer and we could hear her moans of pleasure. Until he finally emptied his cum inside her. They laid there cuddling for a while and finally got up leaving the room.

We went to the living room and again we could see right into their living room window. We could see them walking around still naked but it looked like they were getting ready to go somewhere. And we went back to the bedroom and watched them get dressed. By the time they left we were both turned on as hell and fucked like crazy with the lights on hoping they’d come home and see us. But they were gone until late so we had to hold off on putting on a show for them. We saw them the next day and introduced ourselves to them and I couldn’t help but notice his eyes moving over my sexy wifes 5-8, 110lb, 34D-24-35 body with her long red hair and green eyes she attracted most guys attention. And with her wearing one of the skimpiest bikini’s she could find she was showing plenty of skin.

Their names were Rick and Tammy and as he was checking out Lynn I noticed his wife looking down at the bulge in my tight swimsuit. I’d also seen both Tammy and Lynn checking each other out. We talked for a few minutes then Lynn and I went down to the beach and they left to go shopping for souvenirs. I was thinking about what a souvenir a video of them the night before would be. While on the beach my wife laid on her stomach with her top untied and if she thought someone was watching would raise up to get lotion or take a sip of her drink letting them see her big tits hanging down. I’d gotten in a volleyball game so I could see her but not be so close to ward guys off. Being 6-5, 240lb I sometimes scared guys off if I stayed to close. She got lots of attention and we both enjoyed that. But didn’t want to stay out too long.

We’d decided that that night was going to be our turn to put on a show. So once the sun went down I went into the bedroom and turned the light on. I could see Rick and his wife in their room both completely dressed. And could tell they had seen how well you could see into the others window. I started to undress and their light went out. But I could see their outline in the window from the light from the other room. And knew they were sitting on their bed watching like Lynn and I had done the night before. So I started asking Lynn when she was coming to bed as I stood there nude stroking my thick nearly 9 inch cock as they watched. Then Lynn came in the room in her favorite black garter belt & silk stockings. Giving them their first look at her naked body. We kissed and ran our hands over each others body then got onto the bed only about 5 feet away from them.

We started out with Lynn sucking my cock as she licked around the head and up & down the shaft. Then gradually taking more & more of it until she’d taken every inch of my cock down her throat. Then she moved down and sucked on my balls. And during this time she’d had one hand fondling her big 34D tits and reaching down rubbing her fiery red bush. After a while, I rolled her over & straddled her and as she held her tits together I pumped my cock between them giving her tits a good fucking as I’d occasionally move up putting it in her wet mouth so it would slide between her big tits better. Then She got on her knees and I got behind her and started fucking her doggie style as she moaned and was telling me how good that felt. Then after a while, she said loudly for me to fuck her in the ass! So I eased my cock in her tight little hole but making sure we were at an angle so they’d see my cock pumping in & out of my sexy young wife’s ass as she begged me to fuck her harder and having a very loud orgasm. Then she turned around and started jerking me off until I shot several huge loads of cum all over her face & big tits.

After shooting my load she licked me clean then started lifting up her tits licking off every drop of cum she could reach and scooping the rest up with her fingers then sucking it off her long slim fingers. After watching this I’d gotten hard again and she climbed back on me in a hot 69 her sucking my cock as I ate her pussy. This time taking my cum in her mouth but letting some ooze out of the sides of her mouth. So our neighbors could be sure she’d just taken a mouth full of cum. We laid there and ran our hands over each others bodies then she got a couple of was cloths to clean us up. And we knew Rick & Tammy were still watching. So she made a comment knowing they would hear about how it was too bad one of my friends hadn’t come with us because she’d have loved to of had a big cock to suck on while I fucked her in the ass. So I added or having us both fuck her at once one in her ass and another in her pussy? She quickly replied and said that was always good. Then added OK so a couple of other guys so two of you could fuck her while she sucked the other. Then added like we did with Mike & Mark that night.

We knew we’d given them a hell of a show and plenty more to talk about between themselves. We turned off the light and left the room and like we’d done the night before they went to their living room to try and watch us. I wasn’t at all surprised when later we saw their bedroom light on we saw them on their bed going at it and occasionally moving lower on the bed to be right beside the window. I wasn’t sure if they knew we were watching but I was sure they were hoping we were. This went on for the next couple of days and Tammy and Lynn were staying nude night and day and our shades wide open. We knew we were watching each other but both acted like we didn’t. Each night fucking our partner’s brains out. Knowing we had an audience. Then out of the blue one day, Lynn was going to run to the store and I saw Tammy run out and caught her. After a brief conversation she got in the car with Lynn and they drove off together. I couldn’t wait to hear what that was all about.

They got back about 30 minutes later and Lynn was beaming when she came in and started telling me that Tammy had just come right out and told her they’d seen us having sex and assumed we’d been watching them too. And went on to say they’d been playing with the idea of wife swapping and that after seeing us and being so turned on thinking we were watching them they were wondering if we’d ever thought about doing something like that. So Lynn confessed we had been watching them and had been intentionally letting them watch us. And told her we had swapped with another couple before and really liked it. And noticing how Tammy was looking at her tits and just having a feeling she asked if Rick had ever said anything about how he’d like to see her with another girl? And Tammy got a huge smile and said only all the time. That it was his biggest fantasy and told Lynn she’d told him she’d think about it. Not wanting to admit she was bi and had been with a few girls. Then asked Lynn if she’d like to put on a show for Rick saying she imagined I knew Lynn was bi.

So that night we went over and sat around having a few drinks then Lynn & Tammy went into the kitchen. When they came out they were both naked. Rick had a big grin on his face that turned into surprise when Lynn & Tammy started to kiss as they ran their hands over each other’s body. Then they laid on the floor and took turns sucking each other’s big tits and then Lynn went down and started to eat Tammy’s pussy. That turned into a hot 69. They were really going at it and had gotten each other off a couple of times. Then just laid there holding each other and kissing. A few minutes later Lynn went over and sat beside Rick as Tammy sat with me. And I think watching me with his wife was as big a thrill as him being with my wife. Soon we were undressed and Tammy straddled me sliding my cock inside her wet pussy as Lynn was sucking Rick off. Finally, we went into the bedroom and all four of us got on their queen-size bed and Tammy sucked me off and I fucked her in various positions as I watched Rick with my wife. But I noticed he was watching Tammy and I the whole time obviously being thrilled to watch his wife sucking my dick and me fucking her. I finished up shooting a hot load of cum in her mouth and she and Lynn started kissing swapping my cum back & forth. And Lynn asked Rick to shoot off on his wife’s tits. Then she proceeded to lick Tammy’s big jugs clean.

We got together again the next night and while having drinks talked about those nights watching each other. And learned like us Tammy was an exhibitionist and Rick liked to watch. So the girls put on the skimpiest outfits they could find and we walked down the boardwalk. We got to the pavilion and started playing pool and each time one of the girls leaned over to take a shot you could easily see their tits and their ass was almost completely out of their shorts. And every once in a while I’d pat Lynn on the ass or kiss her then a couple of minutes do the same with Tammy. And Rick was doing the same. We played several different games where guys could see our wive’s big tits but looking accidental. Then before going back as planned we went down on the beach and acted like we were playing around and in the process, both girls tops got soaked. Making then completely see-through. And once we got back on the brightly lit boardwalk they might as well have been topless. And they kept joking around letting their big tits bounce around for all to see. And at one point started kissing as we walked past a few teenage boys.

Once we got back the girls took a shower together and at my suggestion, we took pictures of them in the shower. And then after they’d fixed their hair & make-up they put on sexy outfits and we took some more pictures of them together and some with Rick taking pictures of my wife naked in various poses as I took some of his hot little wife including some of her sucking my cock. Soon we were going at it with each other’s wife and at Tammy’s suggestion with Lynn’s full support Tammy went down on me while Rick fucked her and we swapped places and finally, after fucking her big tits we both jerked off and shot off on her tits so Lynn could lick her clean again like the night before.

We went our separate way and when we woke up the next morning and they had gone. But they did leave a note on our door saying how much they’d enjoyed meeting us and left their address. They lived too far away to hook-up with but we did swap a few pictures through the mail. Was in the seventies before computers.

Hope you enjoyed hearing about our experience. We love positive comments and you can’t offend us if you’re graphic.” Just don’t ask for pictures ” Period. [email protected]

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    This was the perfect vacation for a couple like you.
    An exhibitionist wife and a voyeur husband is the perfect match. The fact that you also share your sexual adventures with others is delightful. Thanks for sharing.