The Ideal Indian Bride (part : 3)

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My father in law brought everyone in house in the bedroom. I was shocked seeing all man come to me. Because I was naked I felt shy. Everybody was watching my naked breasts and pussy.

My mother in law called everybody “Come here and fuck her as much as you like ” she was still massaging my pussy.

Ramu kaka (the cook) and the two security guards came to my head side and took out their penis. I understood what I should do. Like a good girl I took two penis in my two hands and one penis in my mouth. I started pulling the two penises and sucking the one penis in my mouth very hardly.

My father in law came to my pussy and opened it widely. Our driver and the old gardener uncle put in their fingers inside my pussy and started poking. I cried by pleasure and felt horny. “Give me penises! Please fuck me! Fuck me!” I screamed.

The men then put both their penises inside and fucked me very angryly. I screamed at first because I never took two penis together in my pussy. I was having very much pleasure inside my pussy.

My father in law came to my breasts and rubbed his penis on my nipples and started to cum. The two village uncles took my feet and started rubbing their penises with each of the feet.

They changed their places and fucked my whole body. After they finished fucking me very hardly. My whole body was paining and cum was coming down from my pussy.

The next morning, my mother in told me to make tea for the village uncles. I took off my pallu and went to the kitchen to make tea. Suddenly the cook, Ramu kaka came behind me and grabbed my breasts from behind me. He started squeezing them.

I understood what he wished for so I needed to fulfill his wish. I seat on the floor and took his penis in my mouth. I sucked him very hardly so he quickly cummed in my mouth. I ate it happily. Then he poured some cum on breasts too. I massaged it on my nipples and my navel.

My mother in law suddenly came to the kitchen and saw me doing this. She told me “Don’t wash it bahu. Hurry and go give tea to the uncles. If you are late your father in law will get angry.”

I was afraid so I quickly took the tea and went to the uncles to give them tea and breakfast. They took my hand and pulled me to their bed. Then they fucked me too much and poured some more cum on my face, hair and body.

My father in law saw me and told me not to wash it until night.

After that my father in law took me to unknown places and bring unknown man in the house. They fucked me very hardly and gave money to my father in law. They cummed in my pussy a lot. I was doing sex everyday and whole day.

Everyday was same and I was tired every night after fulfilling everyone’s wish. My mother in law told me not to be upset because this is a woman’s life. We women have nothing to do. She told me I should make everyone happy because now I was everyone’s wife.

Soon I will have more husbands and I will have to make them happy too.

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