Step Bi Step-Brother

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I always thought he must be gay, but boy, was I wrong!

By the time I got home from school, my step brother was already set up, with his phone out, and plugged into the laptop. So, he had a bigger screen, big enough to watch movies on at night, but I heard a moan.

It wasn’t him, it was a deeper moan, so I made sure to turn the knob slowly. Carefully so he didn’t hear it rattling, and cracked the door to peek in.

“Oh, yeah.” Sure enough, he was looking at the computer, on the bedside, but he didn’t have his knees up, He had his pants down, but turned over on his side, with his leg up, covering his junk, and he was also feeling his butt.

“Oh, ohH!” He had it up pretty loud too, but I knew for a while he was gay. He didn’t tell me, but it didn’t take long for me to catch him looking at guys. Not even on the internet yet, he didn’t have his phone very long, and our computer’s like.

Well, it was a handmedown, and it barely runs Windows 10 without crashing, let alone handle video, and streaming at the same time. No way, but it has a USB slot, and he stopped squeezing his butt cheek to spit in his hand, and wipe it in his crack.

“Inm?” He pushed the pillow up with his arm, and made a face. I think it hurt, but then he smiled, and looked back up. At the computer screen. I couldn’t see what he was doing, with his fingers in the way, but one knuckle. Well, that was bent, and his middle finger, so all I saw was half of it, and then it stuck out again.

“Oh yeah, huh. You like that ass.”

“Uh huh.”

“Shut up, and lick it out good.”


Oh my god, he’s watching two guys, and one’s tossing his salad? I couldn’t see much, from this angle, except for the color. It was definitely a lot of light tan skin moving around on the wide screen, so it had to be 2 white guys, I guessed.

“Mhn, ihn!”

Finally, I got bored enough to push the door open, and threw my bookbag on the bed.

“Uh!” He squeezed his eyes shut, and pulled the blanket over his legs. “Why don’t you knock, get out of here!”

I had to laugh, “Why, so you can go back to watching gay guys eating ass, and fingering your butthole?” I rolled my eyes, “I know, you’re gay, and that’s cool.” I shrugged.

“No, not really,” he pulled the towel off his pillow, and stuck it under the blanket, to wipe. “I’m just a little bi-curious.”

“Yeah, more than just a little.” I turned the computer around, where I could see it.

“No, I. Well, I only got to.” He clenched his jaw, and shook his head, but he looked mad, breathing through his nose. “No, you’re not even supposed to be in here, so why don’t you get out of here, and do your homework in your own room?”

“Well, why don’t you have any movies with girls in them?”

“I do?” He finally sat up, with the towel over his lap, and the blankets. I guess he got a shower when he got home, while I was out hanging with my friends. “You’re not going to tell anyone.”

“No, if I wanted to tell anyone.” The screen shrunk down, and flipped back, with a pointer, but it blinked over to another folder when he tapped the screen. “Then everyone would already know about it, and you would have heard by now.”

“Here, if you want to watch a movie with a girl in it, so bad.” He went back to another folder, and I had no idea he had that much room on his phone, until I saw USB storage at the top. Then, he clicked on BMMF. “See?” He had a lot of them, but I guess he downloaded them on the thumbdrive. Turns out that just about the only thing he didn’t have was any all girl action, since he’s one of the few boys that isn’t interested in that.

“Huh, yeah.” He looked at his phone, and I kept glancing over while they kissed on the couch. 3 teens, but 2 guys, and the guys went back and forth, kissing each other, too. Right in front of her, but they had their clothes on, and still hadn’t even opened up their pants yet.

“So, you only got to what?”

He didn’t get mad again, but he just looked up quickly, and then back down. His cheeks were still real red, though, and I felt hot all over, too. Well, my ears were burning, and pounding with my pulse, it felt like I was having a heart attack, but I wasn’t paying attention. With all this stuff in my head, I can’t remember whether it spread up from my chest, or down from my face, but.

“Uh, you don’t mind if I, at least pull my panties down?” He shook his head, and glanced up at me, but then he closed his mouth, and wiped it where he was drooling a little.

“Huh, you don’t have to hide it, you know, you don’t have anything to be ashamed of.” I looked down at the computer, and put it up on my lap, but then I heard him pull the covers out of the way.

“You really think so?” He leaned back on his bed again, but kept the towel over his legs, and rubbed it in his crotch.

“Not any more, but you’re avoiding the question, so what have you done, and who with?”

“Well, there was this guy.”

“A boy, or a man?”

“Well, he’s a man, I guess. He caught me looking at the other boys though, but he came up behind me, and leaned over to talk to me. In my ear, he kept his voice down, because it was out in public, but he said he knew. Well, I was gay, he said, when really I’m not. It’s just hard to find a girl that’s interested, you know?”

“No. Actually, I know plenty of girls that are interested. In you too, in fact a lot of them can’t really talk about anything else, without changing the subject back to boys, and who they like.”

“They really like me?”

“Well, not especially. Huh, honestly, I think they’d go with anyone, or at least take the first one that came up, and talked to them. Uh, will you just stop teasing me, and take that towel off? It’s not like I haven’t seen it.”

“Not hard like this before?”

“Yeah, hard, and shooting your spunk all over the keyboard, and even eating it when you’re finished. So, what did you and this man do, exactly?”

“Huh, well he’s the one that showed me where you could go, and find the best pictures for free.”

“Uh huh?” It wasn’t even hard any more, but the boys had their pants down. He sat up, again, though.

“I know it’s not really that big.”

“Well, of course it isn’t that big.” I turned it around, and pointed. “They only get the most well endowed boys, and girls to make pornos, so they won’t even let you get in unless it’s at least, 8 inches?”

“Yeah,” he grinned and picked up his phone. “Or double Ds.”

“Huh?” I turned it back, but honestly, I wasn’t really paying attention to her. Top, not when she had to guys kissing her, and feeling her up. Then they got their dicks out, and stood up to kiss each other, while she went back and forth. With a dick in each hand, and kissed, and licked them back and forth.

Then, it jumped back, and the little red bar on the bottom faded out again, because he ran it back. She let go, so their boners bounced, and swung back, and forth together. They touched each other, and felt each other’s balls, pulling them out where you could see them, and rubbing their penises together right in front of her.

Then, she picked up her shirt, and they dropped out. Bouncing together, and squeezed them in both hands. “Huh,” I felt my bra, “I can’t even imagine having that much. You think that’s maybe even a little too much? And I thought they’re supposed to be teens.”

“Well, they are, but she’s not. She’s supposed to be some hot horny divorcee, but I had to cut out all the stuff in the beginning.”

“Oh,” she looks kind of young in the face, but then she took her shirt off, and you could tell. Well, for one thing she didn’t have any underwear on, and she spread her legs wide open, to show her muff.

“Big enough to fuck them.” He skipped ahead, and slid his finger over, to one of them sitting on her tummy, and bouncing those gazongas on his lap, while the other boy stood up in front of him, and held the end of his dick in his mouth, while he stroked the rest in his fingers, and they were all shiny with spit, even his balls.

“Maybe you should take your shirt off, too.” I nodded, and put the computer down, watching, but especially the way his balls swung out. With each pump in the other boy’s fist, they swung back between his legs, and then back out to bump his wrist coming back. “Huh!”

Then, the top pulled out, and took over. Pumping it in one hand, while the other boy licked and sucked his balls. “HhuhHhuh!” The lady had her knees up, and her hands on the other guy’s butt, but he stopped humming her giant milkbags to really get his head in there, and smear the spit all over his cheek before he stopped, and just stuck his tongue out. Mouth wide open, and looking up, I knew without even the sound off, what was about to cum.

“Oh!” Sure enough, the first shot went right over, and disappeared on the other side of the screen, but then he held it down, and squeezed it, so a drop came out, and started rolling down before another one shot him right on the nose, and ran down his cheek from his eye.

The camera switched, to the other guy with is mouth wide open, and his head back, a big “Ooh!” on his lips, which is why he kept missing.

“Can you turn on the sound?”

“No, there’s no sound on this, and the sound card can’t handle it with the video anyway, because it’s HD.”

“Oh,” I just shrugged, and looked back real quick from his hard on. in his fingers, and the wrinkles pulling out of his nut sack when he pulled it up, but slowly.

Then, the other guy got up, and shot it all over her face, but the other guy got down, with his dingle dangling to lick his wad off his boyfriend’s face, and it was just so much at once. “It’s like a gangbang.”

“Well, more like a threesome.”

“Yeah, but when both the guys are as into it as the girl. Or older woman.” I think she even had kids of her own, just judging by how tough her nipples looked, from suckling them. “Huh!” I just folded down the screen. “It’s just too much at once, and. I guess.” I shrugged, “Maybe if it were a girl, a little closer to my age, I might be able to put myself in her place. In my mind, I guess since there’s 2 dudes, and there both bisexual, you can take your pick?”

“Huh, yeah.” He looked up from between my legs, and I remembered to start rubbing my fingers again. To see if that ruined the mood completely, but then he grinned, and his eyes worked his way back down to my chest. My hot chest, felt like it was burning up, even before i felt his eyes on me, and I started working my fingers even faster. That got me right back in the mood again.

“You know, you don’t have anything to be ashamed of, either.” he got up, and what’s with this on again, off again boner, anyway?

“Huh!” I just looked at it, and put my elbow down to sit up, but didn’t stop rubbing up, and down my split. “Why don’t you let me help you out of this bra.”

“Huh, okay, but.” I licked my lips, “What happened to your erection?”

“Oh,” he looked down. “Why don’t you help me with that?” He jerked his hips, “Ow, not so hard, you’re not trying to start a lawn mower!”

“Sorry, I just want to see your balls shake, like the boy in the video.”

“Which one?”

“The one standing up, with the end in his mouth, like this?” I picked it up, and kissed the tip. Let it slip in my mouth, before I realized that he was handling it with the same hand, and even the same finger he just had up his butt when I came home.

Well, I didn’t taste anything. Really, anything at all, I might as well have been sucking my thumb, but he pulled out, and held it up.

“Like this?” he humped the air, and I just nodded my head. Watching his balls swing, and holding my hand up, until I realized that my mouth was wide open too.

“Huh!” I reached out, and almost touched them, but instead, he swung his hips again, and this time further, so they just bumped my finger tips.

“Yeah! Uh!” I grabbed his hip. “Put it in my mouth.” I couldn’t do it with my hands busy, pulling his junk in to my face, and squeezing his ass until my fingers slipped a little, but I felt it swell, and bulge on my tongue.

“Mhn!” I let it stand back up, and said, “Now your balls. Hahl!” My mouth wide open, and my tongue out, so he could grab them, and bunch them up, with the skin stretched tight, and rub them back and forth on my tongue. So, i could try to suck them both in, then one, and then the other. he let go, and felt the back of my head, but his other hand kept pumping right in front of me, and I forgot all about my.

Well, my whole body, topless, and only wearing my skirt, with my undies down around my ankles, and my socks bunched up around the tops of my shoes, but my whole world was just his slippery ass crack. His butt cheeks flexing, and his hand pumping while he humped my face, and one ball rolling around on my chin while I sucked the other, and then he pulled back so even that popped out.

“Huh, uh!” I looked down, to see them bounces, and swing together, so I didn’t even expect the first shot on my hair, and then he pushed me back by the shoulder, and put his knee down on the chair between my legs.

“Oh, huh!” I felt it, and watched his hand beating furiously, but I grabbed his leg, and humped his knee. “Fuck huh. Pump your spunk all over me. Huh uh UH AH!”

I was so wound u that all it took was his hard kneecap, mashing my skirt into my crotch, but my head fell back, and I just tried to breathe. Felt the hot splashes sticking, and running down my tummy, but he got one shot across my chest. I guess when he got down on a knee, after the first shot in my hair, but I tried to squeeze them together, and I couldn’t. So, I just squeezed them, and rubbed my nipples around in circles until I was done enough to shake my head, and look around.

He was gone, he left me alone in his room, with the load mostly soaking into the waist of my skirt, but I wiped enough up to smell it on my fingers, and taste it.

“Huh!” I didn’t like it, it tasted weird, and felt slimy, so i spit it out, but I heard water running. In the bathroom, and I had to pee. My skirt was wet in the back, when I pulled it around to undo the buttons, and it turns out I peed a little when I got that orgasm, but I knocked on the shower door.

“Can I come in, and wash off with you?”

“Yeah,” he let me in. Naked, wet, and already sudzy. As soon as I shut the door, I let go, and shivered from the hot piss running down my legs, but after that mind blowing climax, even that felt incredible.

“Let me wash your back.” he held up the soap, but I shook my head, and turned around. “huh, why don’t you wash off my tits, and my tummy real good first?”

He didn’t need any more encouragement to feel them with his wet slippery hands. “Okay, now down lower. Even lower.” Until he got to my hot crotch, and scrubbed even more lather in the small neat patch I had left, right above my crotch.

“Huh, can you get some rubbers?”

“I don’t know if i can even get hard again after that one.”

“Well, you better, but. Huh!” I turned around, and took his arm with me. Held it around back, “Why don’t you wash it out real good back here?”

He was wrong, it didn’t take all that long, hugging my breasts against his tummy, while he cleaned me out real good back there, before I felt it get hard again between us.

“Well, if you can’t get any rubbers, since I’m not on any birth control, I guess there’s one way we can do it, without getting pregnant.”

“I better rinse it out real good first.” It turns out so it wasn’t too soapy, when he bent me over my bed, and got down to lick it out real good. So he could buttfuck me, when I was loose enough to take it.


Brother (Anon)

I don’t want to talk about what happened, but I have to say that it wasn’t okay. Even though I was gay, and always that way, it didn’t make it all right to take advantage of me.

Then, my mom got a little fed up with dad sleeping around, and at divorce court, I got to chose which parent I went to live with. Well, they fought over, everything, and the judge asked us, but I didn’t want to live with dad. Not because he cheated on mom, but because i figured, he’d find out eventually, and my brothers.

They called me “Momma’s boy,” but they went to live with him, and I was basically an only child for a while. Then, she started dating my step dad, and rather than getting me a baby sitter, she brought me along to watch his daughter while they went out.

I was kinda fucked up in the head for a while, so I hated everything. Having to babysit, especially a stupid girl, and she had to bug me until I would give up and play with her, but being a girl and all. All she wanted to play was stuffed animals, and dolls. House, and I pretended to eat imaginary food when she brought me pictures of plates with food she drew on them at the little toy kitchen.

She’s a couple years younger then me, and I hated girls, because I was still a 6 grader, and gay, so girls were just this weird animal, you saw running around the playground. Hell, most of the boys I knew were afraid of them cornering them, and making them kiss to let them go.

That never happened to me, I honestly have no idea why not, but at least at my school, a lot of the 4th, 5th, and 6th grade girls took advantage of starting puberty early, by picking on the boys they liked. Which ment ganging up on the cute ones, and holding them hostage for kisses to let them go. That was a nightmare for me, and I blamed them for making the boys I liked hate kissing.

What did I know? Irregardless, I guess that’s why I hated my new little sister, even more than I avoided my old big sister, back before the divorce. She was just like mom, only not as tall. Since she was the oldest, usually what she did was use her chances at authority to make us do chores, while she sat in the living room, and watched soap operas on the TV, with snacks.

She was a fat girl too, from being lazy, and eating all summer, while she made us do all the work, so I guess my childish mysogyne might have started there, but I grew out of it. I got over my molestation too, and then I hit puberty. All the dirty picture sites I remembered were pretty much gone, because the FBI cracked down on child porn, but I remembered some keywords, and started doing searches for video, instead.

My step-dad caught me, and locked up his computer, but he didn’t say anything about the kinds of stuff he found in the History. Jocks, and Hunks, I really went through a gay muscle man fetish for a while there, and he got me my own computer to keep me off of his. Which he child safety locked, with one hell of a password I could never figure out, because he never wrote it down anywhere, but my computer was a cheapo Pentium from the dark ages of Y2K, and he told me straight out that it couldn’t handle any video.

Just pictures, but it turned out that the video card could handle it, if not the sound card, and the memory wasn’t enough to hold a decent cache, without buffering. So, it took months, maybe even close to a year to figure out all the tricks to get something to play. On my phone, with the tiny screen, all the files on a thumb drive, which had 10 times the memory, so there was next to nothing on the computer itself, but I could boot it up from that.

So, the shitty little compact memory disk didn’t have to handle Windows 10, at all, and I know I’m boring the shit out of you with all of those technical details. Still here? My sister’s version of it wasn’t enough to get you off, or give up in frustration?

Well, what do you expect, from a 7th grader? She needed help to write it down, but now I have to fill in the blanks, from my side of the story. I was bi-curious, for a while there. Probably because I wasn’t all that thrilled with being gay, and I thought maybe my life would be easier if I could just pass as straight.

Well, I don’t hate her any more. I don’t know about other women, and girls, but I don’t really have to deal with them. Now, I’m 18, and she’s almost 16, and I graduated, so I could move out. Our parents would be just as happy if they could start over, and go on with their own lives, so they let her move out and come live with me.

I even love her. Not like a sister, or even step-sister, I never even loved my real sister, and the only other woman I was able to have real feelings for was my mother. Now, she’s pregnant again, and happy. Her husband is happy, and he trusts me with his daughter, because he knows I’m homosexual, and we’re happy, too.

I’m still gay, but not too gay to. Well, get it up, not to put it too bluntly. There’s still bisexual porn, and that helps, but she’s a teenage girl, and a bit of a nympho. She has needs, and I’m more than happy to take care of them until I, she, or we meet the right guy.

Hopefully a bisexual one we can share, so nobody gets jealous, and we don’t let him come between us. We hope, but not just any man will do. Honestly, we’ve been looking for a long time now, and the problem is our relationship means that the only ones we ever meet are the wrong kind. The worst kind of perverts, the ones that don’t care about us, and only want the sickest sex they can try to talk us into.

I know it sounds sick, but it’s not. It’s not incestuous, when honestly we never were brother and sister, we never had a chance to be. I had my issues, the least of which was being gay, my molestation, and the mysogyne I got from that. Homophobia, and now dirty old men in their 40s that want us to call them daddy.

We don’t want a daddy, we just want a relationship, with a decent guy, our age that doesn’t want to make some sick joke out of it. I guess it’s impossible, but I guess we can keep trying here…



No, this is a complete fantasy, and those 2 don’t exist. So don’t bother if you think you’re mister right. I’m not interested, either.

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