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Sick Day

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A girl stays home from school, gets bored, and finds something to do to pass the time…

Mom got up from the side of the bed, and stopped feeling my forehead. Dad came back with the thermometer, but she said “Yeah, she feels pretty hot.” So, he went to call the school, then left for work.

Mom being mom, she fussed over me all morning. She took my temperature, “Only 99.8.”

“Only?” I had to kick the covers off until I got the chills, then pulled them up again. She had her coat on, though.

“Huh, if it gets any higher.” She started buttoning it up, and I shivered. “I’ll have to take you in to the doctor.”

“I don’t want to get up.” I feel too weak, and even the thought of getting dressed just felt like too much trouble.

“I’m going out, to the store. Are you comfortable enough to manage until I get back?”

I nodded, even though the last thing I was was comfortable. I was too hot, or too cold, when my body could just pick one instead of shivering with a cold sweat.

I guess that’s why it’s called a cold, but laughing made me cough. At least she left me a box of tissues, but I looked over at the wastebasket. Clear across the room, and spit it out in the tissue instead.

“Ugh!” I pulled another one to blow my nose in, but I couldn’t smell anything. It was quiet, and I could barely reach up to feel around my headboard without my arms getting tired. Probably good, because my pits probably stank with sick sweat, and I wondered when I’d feel good enough for a bath.

“Hm,” maybe when mom gets back from the store, she can help me to the tub, so I can just soak, and have a nice soup mug to sip out of.

I knew she was probably picking up a “Chicken Flavored Chicken” from the store, to make broth. One of her favorite remedies, but the joke is that people say stuff “tastes like chicken,” because they’re used to factory farm warehouse chicken fed the cheapest feed they can buy.

So, it tastes like nothing, but they’re huge, and they can cut 3 breasts from 1 bird, so if that’s all you’re used to. The all natural free range unfrozen chickens she gets from the butcher look tiny, but they’re packed with flavor. Whole, they don’t just cut up meat, and put some of it through the grinder to make burgers, and sausage there. They also sell whole chickens, with the neck and everything, only the giblets stuffed back in the cavity in a bag to make them easier to pull out, and save for. Something, pate’, or mousse, usually.

Makes for a nice strong golden broth, and schmatlz she can skim off the top. Jelly she can mold into an aspic for parties, and now I’m hungry. I skipped breakfast, waking up with a tummy full of snot, but now that I’m awake, I can spit it out. The tissues are starting to pile up on my bedside, but all the books within reach are ones I read a hundred times, and just keep there, because they’re my favorites.

I want an escape, though. Something I haven’t read before, so maybe if she’s not too busy, or fusses over me again once she gets back. She can go out to the library, and leave me alone. She’s going to get sick herself, if she’s not careful, and spends too much time in here.

“Ugh chough KAUGHK!” I spit it out, and wiped my mouth, but then I opened it up to look at it. Why did I do that? I shook my head, but of course, it was milky, and slimy. Thick, and that made me think about, something. “Snh?”

Of course, it didn’t smell like that. It didn’t smell like anything with my nose so stopped up, but. Okay, I thought he had a girl in there, my brother. All I heard was her panting, and practically whispering ‘yes yes yes!’

“Huh!” I was all ready to bust them, but it turned out to be just a movie, on his TV. He had his eyes closed, which is weird, for watching a movie, but that ment he didn’t see the door cracked, while he flapped the blanket up and down, between his knees. Spread wide open, with a bottle of lotion on his bed side, and a box of tissues on the bed next to him.

Over by the wall, so when he looked over, and pulled his hand out. He turned away from the door, and plucked the top one out. His hand going slower, and finally, he held it under the covers.

“Ugh!” He groaned, and I held my breath, so I didn’t giggle out loud.

“Aghl aghugh guk Kahk!”

Then, one of the men. Not boys, but the one standing up next to her. It was a threesome, but he turned it off before I saw the rest. Dropped the remote, with his arm up, and the tissue wound up in the trashcan.

“Huh!” He just smiled, and rubbed his tummy, satisfied. God, I’m so hungry, but also hot. Under the covers, but it’s not just a fever. I had to sneak back in there, later once he got up, and went out to smoke on the porch.

He was supposed to be watching me, but I watched him, watching a sex movie instead. I smelled it, though. His sperm, on the tissue, even though the lotion was a little too perfumey with the baby powder scent.

The pink bottle, but I just threw it away, and hit play again before he put it out, and came back in the house.

I saw the rest of the scene, though. Of course, they pulled out for money shots. One on her face, and then the one that was pounding away between her legs shot it up her tummy. The first couple hit her tits, and we’re talking pornstar implants, and everything, but she really seemed to enjoy it. What little she got in her mouth, before the first one stuck it back in, so she could suck out the last drop from the tip.

He just had the sound turned way down, so I heard the door, and hit stop before he came back down the hall. That was the first time, I tried to get an orgasm. It took a while to figure out what I like, and more chances to watch the one video, to get pointers?

It turns out they had a babysitter, too. In the movie, I know it’s not real, and honestly, they need to write more. They’re not really even characters, besides the Husband, dear. Honey the Wife, her nameless lover, and the baby sitter.

No kids, or at least you never see them, or any sign of them. I mean, if you run it back to the beginning, they obviously went out for the night, and got started on the porch before he even got his keys out. She, and her husband, but then when they got in, the babysitter got up, and ran to turn the TV off.

Too late, it was obviously a home movie, a sex movie, but mom, and dad either didn’t make any, or they hid them way too good for either one of us to find them. Which is fine, great really. I don’t need to watch mom getting plowed by dad, and honestly, if I wasn’t already sick.

“Huh!” Oh well, I managed to forget, for a little while. If I were writing it, though. I sure would at least try to make it, a little more believable. They didn’t even ask her, about the kids. Because they don’t even have any kids, I’m guessing that there’s probably some law about them even being on set for a porn shoot, but Becky.

That’s the babysitter. They showed her, switching back and forth to her in between the couple making out on the porch. She already had her underpants off, and kicked under the couch. Her fingers busy in between her legs, and showing off.

For the camera, why else would she hold her legs up, and pull her thighs wide open, so you can see all the way down her gash? When a real girl, like me would cover it up with her fingers, unless there was somebody to show it to, but I know it was just to prove she’s a virgin.

Well, mostly. It looked a little ragged, and torn around the hole. It had a hole in it, just big enough for her to stick her pinky in, and pull out, so it popped back off her knuckle.

Again, for the camera, man I guessed. Can’t really tell, because he stayed out of the picture, but I guess it’s possible that there’s women that zoom in for closeups. She must have saved it until she was 18, since it says right on the cover that all models are at least 18, but just the way she had to twist around.

Half off the sofa, with one foot up on the coffee table, and the other leg pulled up over her, so she could stick her pinkie in, and hold the rest of her fingers out of the way for you to see it.

Then, the door thumped, and it switched right back out to the porch. Her husband got his keys out to unlock the door, while she pulled her dress up, to settle that big fake Barbie boob back into her bra.

Of course, he had a huge boner when he walked in, and the babysitter looked back. Her finger on the VCR, still running. She almost covered her mouth, but not enough that you couldn’t see her dirty grin, and her eyes looking down.

It switched back to his boner, and his wife reaching around, to hold his pants tight over it, until he said “Honey,” and she looked over his shoulder.

“Oh!” It’s just, so hard to believe. They spent a good 8 seconds on that closeup, of the boner, the grope, and the word “Honey,” before she saw the baby sitter over his shoulder.

She had plenty of time to stop the tape, pop it out, and turn the TV off, but when they switched back.

“Oh honey, yes, fuck me, uh! Fuck me!” On the screen, with the sound all the way up, loud enough for the kids to hear, if they actually had any.

“Hhuh!” Then, I got the dirtiest thought. “Hhuh, what are you two, doing up? Huh?”

The kids, really miniature versions of the adults, because I couldn’t think of anything else, but them standing there. At the top of the stairs, holding hands. In her nightie, and his PJs. Tented out of course, with a stupidly oversized erection throbbing in there, so the fly strained with 1 tiny button in the middle to hold it back. Biting my lip, feeling oh so close, and anticipating that popping off. Rolling down the stairs, and the big veiny.

“Huh?” Dangit?

“Gen’?” Mom shut the door, and I heard the paper bags. Bye the front door, but I pulled the covers up over my chin, and a chill run down my spine.


“Hmhm? I’m fine mom, uh. I’m hungry though, and.” My heart beat out of control, listening to her feet falling in the hall, getting closer, and closer, until she turned the knob, and I tried to hide the fear on my face.

Caught red handed, well. Okay, if I hadn’t already taken care of that, long enough ago that it’s healed, and thank goodness I wasn’t on the blob, And sick at the same time, but she came in, and I closed my eyes. Shivering, she felt my head. “God, you’re burning up.” She picked the bangs out of the sweat, and then I heard the glass rattling.

The thermometer, I opened wide, for her to tuck under my tongue. “I better make sure you don’t have to go to the doctor, before I start cooking.”


“Huh!” She took off her coat, and dropped it, right there on the floor, so she could shoot her cuff, and look at her watch, for the longest 60 seconds in all my 12 years. “Let me see,” she pulled it out, and held it up.

When for some reason, I imagined her taking even more off. First unbuttoning her cuffs, and then down her blouse, while dad came up behind her, and smelled her hair. Kissing her neck, and rubbing her tummy until she had to move his hands out of the way to get the rest of her buttons. Then, his arms around her, crossing at the wrists, so he could feel inside there, and rummage around her bra.

No idea which one she even had on that day, she frowned.

“Well, you seem to be going down.” She shook it, and I closed my eyes. The image of her turning around, and slipping the blouse of her arms. Squatting, and opening up dad’s pants, so she could Go Down on him.


“Ninety Nine point Six. So, I better go start the water.”

“Uh, in the bath tub, too? I need a bath, I bet I stink like a goat.”

She wrinkled her nose, and shook her head, but before she turned around, I caught a little smirk out of the corner of her mouth.

“Of course, I’ll.” She pulled the door, “Leave you alone.”

“Huh!” I couldn’t help panting, as soon as her steps hurried down the hall, but I can’t believe I did that! Practically daring her to smell my cooch, which had to be stinking up the whole room, even if I couldn’t smell it.

Then, when I dared to move my fingers again, all I could think about was Her. No, not mom, the fake mom, with the Barbie bust. “It’ll only hurt a little,” she was gentle, then just a little pink smear on her finger when she slipped it out.

“Uh!” Then back up to the babysitter’s face, the wince going away as soon as she thought to look, right at the camera.

“There, that wasn’t so bad, was it?” Then, “Let me kiss it, and make it feel better.”

It’s sick, I know, and I had to tell my brother just how sick it was, because I didn’t trust him, not to believe that. Virgin babysitter housewife defloration, so she could eat her pussy, and loosen up for her husband to bang, like. It’s that quick, oh. Now it’s better so I’m ready to take a full grown man that’s 9 inches long, and almost 2 inches thick, just like that?

No, not even. It took me a couplefew days, maybe even most of a week before I was comfortable with even my pinkie inside there again. It’s an open wound, and it hurts, until it heals, so you can do anything with it.

I wonder if they waited a couple days, or just cut it out. The hours, and hours it must’ve took to get her ready for that big fucking thing. I’m not even ready for anything, nearly that big. A regular sized hot-dog is plenty enough, and only if it isn’t a jumbo, or one of the ones that plump when you cook it.

She knocked, this time.

“Yeah, mom?” I sat up, before I realized I was still dizzy, and almost fell off the bed. “Uh, I’m decent.” I guessed, but when I looked down, my night shirt. Really just a teeshirt, but I was so soaked with sweat, it was see through, so I pulled it out. “Huh, I really need a bath dough. Cough, aHM!” I pulled another tissue, and she grabbed the trashcan, to hold up. I swept the old ones off into it, and dropped the latest one in on top. “And I’m starving, is there anything I can eat before the broth is done?” I blew my nose on another one.

“What would you like?”

“Um, scrambled eggs? No butter or grease, or anything. Just soft scrambled eggs, and a hot bath.”

“Of course.” I got up, all by myself, and pulled the shirt off. I kept my panties on, as much to keep the stale horny stink in, until I got to the bathroom. “I got it mom!”

“Okay,” she called back. “I got some herbal tea, too.”

“What kind?”

“Lemon Ginger Chamomile?”

“Okay,” I hoped the lemon, and ginger would cover up the taste of chamomile, but I was getting light headded again, and the water was warm. So, I got in, and plugged the drain before I fell down. “Hhuh!”

I shivered, and turned the hot water, all the way up. Until it got too hot around my feet, and the tea-kettle whistled on the stove for her to turn it off.

I could hear the pressure cooker huffing like a train, out of breath, chugging up a hill. That reminded me to ask her, to go out to the library later, but finally the water was deep enough to slide down, and cover my shoulders, like a blanket.

She came in, with the tea tray, and put the toilet lid down for it. “This should be steeped by now,” she poured me a cup, and I sat up. She stood up, and leaned in the doorway, frowning.

“You don’t have to worry, mom. I think my fever’s breaking, but can you grab me the box of tissues by the bed?” I leaned out, to dry my fingers on the towel, while she pulled a roll of toilet paper out.

“Gen, uh. I hate to ask, but. When I was a little younger than you are, I used to pull a trick on my mother, to stay home from school.”

“Ogh?” I blew my nose, and just threw the wad behind the toilet.

“Huh! Well, how should I put this? I found out that I could fake a fever, by thinking about, something erotic.”

“Oh, well. No, I don’t thingh khuhk!” I pulled some more tissue off to spit. “Think that would fool a thermometer, and besides, I really am sobbed up, doo. Huh, you smelled that, when you gob back?” I think it was the steam, from the hot bath, but now my nose was running almost as fast as I could wipe it, and blowing it just gave me a few seconds before it filled back up. “Huh, I just got bored, while you’re gone, and I didn’t have anything to read, so I. Guess I let my fingers do the walkingh?” I snorted.

She nodded. “Well, you’re almost a teenager, so.”

“Oh yeah, and you think you can go out to the library, to get me something new to read? Later, when the veggies are in the stock, that takes a few minutes to cook down.”

I know, I helped her make the medical grade chicken broth, when my dad, and brother got sick. I even cooked it for her once, when she was sick with bronchitis, and pneumonia. that’s about what it took to put her down, and she came back in just 3 days, when that would probably killed dad dead.

“Yes, of course, but. Well, I suppose I could find you something, a little more mature than Young Adult.”

“Uh huh?” I shook my head.

“Well, it was at my own library, not the school library that I discovered some novels, that looked like romance, but turned out to be, a lot more.”


She held her lips tight, and nodded. “Mhm?” I knew about those, of course. I had friends, some of whom had fathers with pictures and movies, while other had mothers with housewife novels. “Uh, they’re not all, soap opera cheating, and.” I shook my head. “Huh, well most of the ones I read with my friends, they were like that.”

“Soap opery?” She laughed, a little. “Most of them are, but. It would help if you could narrow down, what kinds of interests you have. In reading.”

“Huh! I don gnow!” Here came the snot again.

“Well, why don’t you think about it, while I go get started on the veg.” She finally turned around, and left. The door open, so there was a draft, and I could hear her chopping. Sounded like carrots, I know there’s also celery and onion in it, but. Well, other then the carrots tend to split, so the knife comes down hard, and hits the cutting board hard.

There’s other, erotic uses for carrots. If you haven’t happened to worked your way up to cucumbers, or ears of corn yet. It almost feels like a homework assignment, but. The problem is, this isn’t some teacher, she’s my mother, and I have to worry about what she might think.

Well, honestly, you don’t have to specify, any kind of. Older woman, younger girl scenes in there, quite possibly with a man watching, or the girl watching until she gets caught, and then invited into there bed. Or maybe they don’t notice her there until he finishes, and then she gets up, but she’s not satisfied, because honestly.

They don’t write about satisfied happily married housewives, because they’d run out of stuff to write about before they ever got to a novel, if it’s just her and her husband. Unless they start getting into the rough stuff, and I’m not really ready to get into the tie me up, and spank me rough sex stuff.

I don’t know, really. What I want, besides more tea? “Uh!” The lemon, and ginger covers up the chamomile, but only until you swallow, and then it still clings to your mouth. “Mogm? Cough.”

“Yes sweety?” she came back down the hall, in her apron. She had her watch off, but she left her rings on, and rolled up her sleeves.

I laughed, until I coughed, “Can you bring me the sugarbowl?” Maybe that would kill the taste. She knows I hate chamomile, just like I know it’s supposed to help me sleep. She’s a bit of a kitchen witch, so she’s not against real medicine, or vaccines, but she’s going to try the old grandma remedies she grew up on, and her mom got from her grandma, back when they were just discovering penicillin.

She came back, and I dipped out 3 spoonfulls before I dipped the dry sugar shell in the tea, and stirred it. “Threesomes?”

“Oh, 2 men, or 2 women?”

I just blinked, and shook my head. Surprised at how quickly she, well. We never really talked about, erotica before, and while I’m not at all surprised that she used to read it. I’m a little surprised that Grandma ever. Got moist, let alone did anything with grandaddy to get her pregnant. I just can’t imagine either of them that young, and attractive.

“Doesn’t matter, I guess. I mean, don’t they usually fit both kinds in, just to have enough action to fill up a whole novel?”

“I suppose so,” she took the sugar shell back, and dried it on her apron, then left.

I hand’t really thought of that, but then. I remembered the 1 movie I saw, and while I wondered where he even got it, before he’s even old enough for NC-17, I couldn’t exactly bust him for watching it, when I wasn’t even supposed to go in PG-13s.

“Huh!” They had one of each. Kinda 2 love triangles, put together along the line between the husband, and wife. I guess, and while the idea of 2 men is appealing, let’s be honest. It isn’t exactly believable. Maybe it’s just the one I saw, and maybe it’s because I can put myself in the baby-sitter’s place, but you know, how guys are.

When there’s 2 of them, naked in the same room, they just get weird, and. You know, they think it’s gay, when they don’t even look at each other, let alone touch swords, but with 2 girls, there’s no problem there.

Better yet, a man, a woman, and a young girl, so there’s at least some decent sized ones, since I’m not going to be winning any bikini contests, any time soon. That wet teeshirt told me that, I’m not that flat, but still. There has to be something between mole-hills, and great big fake plastic mountains, that look like they’re fresh out of a jello mold.

“Hhuh!” I got a chill again, but the nice thing about bathwater is I can just sink down into it, and still. Almost breathe. “SNHK!” The water washes the sweat away, instead of making it build up, like the covers did, in bed.


“Uh, yeah mom?” I had to pull up on the side to let the water out of my ear.

“I’m going out to the library, is there anything you need before I leave?”

“Yeah, help me back to bed? I’m still not very steady on my feet.”

“Of course.” She left her coat in my room anyhow, but I managed to sit up on the side of the tub, and pull the towel off. Over my shoulders, but my wet hair still dripped down my back. Making me shiver.

We got me dried off, and my hair wrapped up in a towel, then back to bed. She had her sleeves pulled back down, over her watch, but then when she stood up..”I better change into something dry first,” she took her coat wither. “So, if you can think of anything else, it might save me another trip.”

I just held the covers up, shivering until the got warm, but I was already thinking about something else.

She was wearing the paisley lace bra. She had a lot of lace trim, on most of her underwear. Some of them had stretch lace around the waist of her panties, and. Now I’m thinking about her in her underwear, and wondering which pair she had on under those pants.

“Huh! Hhuhhhh! Snh?”

Well, the hot tea, and bath water sure seemed to clear up my nose, but now I was warm, and starting to heat up. So, I slipped the covers down, and felt my nipples. My warm pink puffy nipples, and on my back, the usual cones flattened out, so they were even a little round on the sides, but I pulled them out, just to feel them slowly start to slip between my pinching thumbs, and fingers.

“Huh?” She knocked, on the open door, and I blinked. Looking over, and covering them, a little late. “I guess the fever, turns me on a little, is that normal?”

“I’m sure I don’t know, but I’m about to go.”

“Yeah, uh. Mom?”

“Yes, sweetheart?”

“if you can find a story with a young girl. Not young, like. You know, a little girl, but. A young lady, and a couple?”

“A married couple?” She shook her head. “Changed your mind about cheating then.”

“No? No, I don’t know, is it really cheating if the woman is bisexual?” Oh, my god. I must be delirious, because i think, I just came out as bisexual, to my mom, and myself, at the same time?

“I don’t know, honestly, but I’ll see what I can find.” She checked her watch, then pulled the coat-sleeve out over it. “I better go, and come back, before the veg cooks down to mush.”

She left, but. That wasn’t uncomfortable, at all. Maybe it’s because of how quickly she accepted me, being sexual, and even agreed to go out, and find me something a little more mature.

“Oh, shoot!” I forgot. No fantasy, I mean. Okay, no magic, dragons, elves, or vampires, just regular people, but modern, and contemporary? Maybe if it’s, I don’t know. Jane Austen historical, I hope it’s not a western, but too late to worry about it now, and I was so close when she came back before, I better make sure I finish before she gets back, and how long would it take her to find me something good to read, you think?

Better not to worry about it, but it’s not hard to imagine her in Her place. The main character, or one of the 2. The married couple, that’s starting to get into threesomes, but not with the baby-sitter, and Not Dad.

So, first start with her, I don’t want to go straight to girl scout, but she’d have to come to the door for some reason. “Oh, yeah.” The spring chocolates, “She likes chocolate, but not milk chocolate. You have any dark chocolate?”

Well, that’s repetitive! Like those candy bars we got, in the boxes you could break in half, carefully so the handles don’t tear, and you can carry them.

“Oh, no. My daughter’s doing that, we already have plenty.” She’s start closing the door, in her bathrobe, and her underwear under it.

“I know, Genny from school? Jenna. Jennifer? Huh, yeah. She sold out, so she just sent me to go get the other box.”

“Well, I was just about to take a shower, so why don’t you grab it from the kitchen table, and lock the door on your way out?”

“Okay, mis, ses…” I can come up with another name later, but. I guess that’s why they write them so badly. The movies, I mean what do you say to a full grown woman when you’re over at her house, she’s half naked, and making you horny, but you’re not sure whether she’s bisexual, because she’s married, and of course her husband could be home any time.

“Hhuh, yeah.” Of course, if my dad caught her, with a teenager, he’d probably be upset, but I don’t have to write it like that.

She doesn’t leave though. She locks the door, but knowing that beautiful woman is getting in the shower, maybe she can get a glimpse of her naked, and it’s like a sneak peek at what Jenna will look like, when she grows up.

They’re secretly girlfriends, but since they’re young, “uh.” Not too young, though. Well, it’s my fantasy, and I already know what it’s like being a horny 12 year old, so I can imagine what it might be like if she was a little older. A lot more developed in the chest, but not like mom’s.

34 Cs. I know from going shopping with her, because she told the lady. “No, the Young lady!” Working at the boutique. “Huh!” So, she won’t be all wet when she gets out of the shower, because it doesn’t have to be a shower, it could be just a dressing room.

But since she’s got her blouse on, there’s no way of knowing for sure whether those are a boob job, or all natural. So, she can’t help peeking, right when mom unhooks it, and lets go, so the big round womanly domes drop out, and bounce a little, swinging together. In the mirror, or better yet, 3 way mirror so she can straighten up, and turn. One way and then the other, feeling her tummy, and admiring all the hard work paying off from getting rid of her baby bump.

She just stopped breast feeding, and dried up, which means going back to her regular size, that has to be at least a cup size, right? Or, maybe she’s leaking a little, because she’s pregnant, but not yet starting to show, and she has to go up one, or buy a maternity bra, but either way, the teenager lets out a little gasp, or even moans.

Quietly, feeling her perky young A cups, just starting to hang down enough to bulge out round, but not quite heavy enough to sag, and licking her lips. Drooling at the milky white drop rolling down from a nipple, and the woman hears her, but only glances in the mirror enough to see her lick her lips.

“Do you think you could come in, and help me with something?”

There must be a man in there, somewhere. She is bisexual, but, maybe the woman hadn’t really thought about it before?

“Of course, honey.” He hears her, just standing around, and holding her purse, a little awkward in the Maternity section, but looks back just in time to see the teenager slip in, and pull the curtain behind her.

“What can I help you with, miss?”

“Huh, I seem to have started leaking.”

He hears this, and carefully. Kicks off his shoes first, and looks around to see that they’re completely alone in the store, sneaking up on the curtain, and listening, but only hearing. What?

I have no idea, but inside, the young lady wastes no time getting a taste of mother’s milk, but licks it up from the drop, clinging to the slight crease at the bottom, all the way up, to kiss it.


“Huh!” That’s what the husband hears first, and can’t believe his eyes when he parts the curtain just enough to see his wife. Holding the girl’s head, and cradling it, while picking up the other side carefully. Not carefully enough to stop another drop from leaking, and running down her fingers, but he’s hard as a rock, and unzipping his pants to get it out, right there in full view of the windows.

Too horny to care, but then his wife manages to bend her neck enough to touch her nipple with the tip of her tongue. Just to taste it, then her milky fingertips slip up, and more squirts out, for her to lick off her fingertips, and he probably falls over. Through the curtain scraping on the rod, groaning, and spurting gobs of hot sticky man milk out on the cold hard tile.


My fingers shaking, so it feels like they’re rubbing in overdrive, then my heels dig in, so I can curl my toes, and arch my back.

“O!” Eyes as wide as my mouth, I can’t breathe, just spasm, until my sides start hurt right under my ribs, and it’s so bright it’s blinding. “OH UH HUH! FUGH! Snhrghk!” It shot out both nostrils, hot and sticky on my chest, and rolls right down to the valley to puddle together, but even through the stars bursting in my clenched eyelids, I can just imagine his balls shaking, and his knuckles pumping right over my nose so close, they’re almost brushing it, while gob after gob of dick snot pukes out over my whole body.

“Huh, huh!” I can barely breathe as it is. “CHUHK! Pthooh!” It’s not the real thing, it’s not even close, and I just got out of the bath, but it’s warm, slimy, sticky, and my fingers are nice and slippery rubbing it into what little I have.

“Oh, ohhhh, god. Huh, god. Jesus, yeah. Huh! Huh!” It takes a while to catch my breath, but that energizes me enough to get up, and go in the bathroom, to clean myself off with a warm wet washcloth, before mom gets home…


^I can go on.

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  • Reply Anonymous ID:2vjtrizl

    This was unreadable. I love to read, but it was so damn hard to read and so random, jumping all over the place that I couldn’t make heads or tales of what the hell was going on.