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Sibling fight escalated

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I have read a lot of accidental penetration story’s but I can assure you most of them are fake. I will tell you my story about how I accidentally fucked my sister and how it came to that point. You will see that it’s much different from what you read in other story’s. Just as a final reminder, you can’t just probe a vagina without some consent or rape.
So here is what happened…
Me and my sister were nearly the same age, she was only one year older than me and when she and me hit puperty our relationships went tense.
We had already a lot of fights about stuff when we were younger and most of the time I was stealing things my sister, who was always a little bit stronger than me, cached up and beat me up for doing so. I was jealous of most of her stuff and I didn’t know why. Sometimes I even stole her Barbie dolls.
So when I went 15 I experimented a lot with myself and masturbating was a daily routine for me. I jerked of like 3-5 times a day and it was just a normal day when I heard something strange… You know my room was next to my sister and of course my sister who was 16 was masturbating too. When I first heard her moaning I got really really horny. I have never heard a woman’s orgasm and even though it was my sister, I was excited about the sound. She did it at least twice a day too. And since it made me horny I always tried to match her times. Sometimes she left an unintentional bin by saying “I will go into my room now and will paint a picture” – I mean her hobby was panting after all but usually she never announced it that way before. And when I went after her I was promptly rewarded by moans. I was a pervert. But also young. I started to moan loud too because I wanted her to hear me too. I’d made me even more horny to think about her masturbating to my moans and I always tried to match her speed and tried to cum same time.
It was a great thing for a 15 years old horny boy.
This went on for like a half year when I also realized how hot my sister actually is. I sometimes tried to sneak up to her to get a nice view while doing stuff. Sometimes I got a blink of a nipple or a pussy lip while changing clothes but the best view I ever got was when she was looking for her stuff. She had a game boy and I had damaged mine. So as normal I stole hers to play. So usually she changed clothes after school but when she realized that her gameboy was gone she did not hesitated to get it back. It started to be a routine for me to steal it since most of the tine she run into my room only wearing her panties and bra… She started to wear dessous and you could see through her bra and panties when they were white. I started to get a boner even before she came in.
But it also happened that she was fully dressed or just half dressed.
One day she went mad. It was the first Incident of more coming up.
She was masturbating when she realized the gameboy was gone. I was sitting next to the wall when her moans stopped and I heard her screaming after me. First I was shocked, did she heard me jerking of and was mad about that??! Out of nowhere the door opened. Since I had disturbed her masturbation seasons she was really mad. I also could bearly hide my own dick when she started to attack me with the words “this way the last time you stole my Gameboy, time to fuck you up little rat” she then started to wrestle me down and was sitting on my stomach hitting me like the old times… But this time was different. I was wearing sweatpants and she had a very short skirt… When she was sitting on me she was also sitting on my dick. Since she was just recently jerking of herself, she also did not wear panties and I could feel immediately her lips catching my boner. She must have felt that too bit instead of standing up, she enjoyed it too. Afterall both of us were on the brink of cumming when she went angy. I tried to push her away by raising my hips while she was repositioning herself, rubbing herself on me, and trying to push me back down. Since she was still stronger than me I was losing of course and she here and there hit me in the face too. But then she was starting to breath deeply really pressing herself on me and I think that must have been the moment when the rubbing made her so hornx too that she “secretly”, like me, wanted to use each other to finish the job. It felt amazing when I finally shot my load into my pants and while I was pulsating my sister hold me tightly. Then she grabbed her Gameboy and left without saying anything. The first time I did not really realized what just happened, I just wanted it to happen again and yes, it indeed happened again. Even on a regularly base. I was stealing the game boy, she came over, we wrestled and we jerked off.
It was a nice thing going until the day it went wrong.
It was definitely my fault because I wanted to go further ahead…..i was planning to probe her….big mistake. It was so good and I destroyed it. Like I said in the beginning you can’t penetrate someone by “accident”. One of both needs to have the intention and here am I. I make it short – i prepared my sweatpants to have a dick hole and when she was fighting me again, I ripped it more open so I could release my dick, when she was sitting on me, that wasn’t a problem. But it was just that moment when she stopped moving, feeling that this time my penis was not covered in panties and I tought that’s the time and pushed my dick up her vagina… I did not know that woman who never had sex would start to bleed when firstly penetrated. She took the full dick, she still was lubricated too and then she stared to cry out of pain stood up and went to her room… In tears. I had a blood sea on my pants and was scared as shit. I wi spare you with what happened next. In short, I tried to talk to her, we never did it again and she hated me for life, today she is not even calling for my birthday. I truly fucked up my connection to my sister and my parents felt that something is wrong too. My sister was a very happy girl before that but afterwards she went very silent. I still feel unbelievable sorry for her and ashamed of what I had done.

That’s a true story of what would happen when you “accidentally” penetrate your sister. It’s not horny or fun. It’s one of the worst and saddest decisions in your life

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  • Reply Pampered ID:2nhjfq5oi9

    Only believable incest story on this whole site. Despite this messed up evert, I hope your sister is OK and happy in life. I know I’d acted the same way if my brother or family member did that to me.

  • Reply Paul ID:1ah770leqrc

    That’s a fantastic one

  • Reply Anabel chukwu ID:2kyee16vv3

    That true and sorrowful

  • Reply Psiberzerker ID:1fr6k6ud4

    “I never heard a woman’s orgasm before… I was exited by the sound She did it at least twice a day, and I tried to match her.” By the sound? This is the sort of contradiction that can throw off the reader, and confuse them.

    I aught to know, because confusing the reader is part of my Signature as a writer.

  • Reply Grgyrvhfghydf ID:305667zhrk

    This went sad fast

    • Mr ID:179ywbk0d

      Nice story and it’s somewhat believable..👍👍

    • Mr. NoName ID:179ywbk0d

      Nice story and it is somewhat believable…👍👍

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    I learned about the female body and she learned about the male body through me I have seen my little sister’s boobs that ware a size of 34c and she didn’t like to ware a bra.

    • Anonymous ID:2wzln3gb0b

      I understand your pain and I’m sorry it could get better but probably not I used to watch my sister change and one time she saw me it was not hot at all she almost killed me and I now wish she had we haven’t talked since and last year she committed suicide and blamed me

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    She wanted it before. You should go and rape her.

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  • Reply Carl ID:cc4itbgql

    Good that you were her first, it’s ok, you went a bit too far, but hey, it happens. enjoy fucking other girls

  • Reply Anon ID:btthk9tqrc

    I didn’t know what to expect while reading this but now I’m sad. How old are you now?

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