Raped by classmates

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Hi, my name is Lulu i’m a 14 year old girl. I’m kinda chubby and i have big tits. This is the story of when my classmate raped me. This happened last year, i had a few guy friends so i invited one of them over to hang out. i’d been friends with him for a while so my parents trusted us and they went out for dinner while we had pizza at home. We went into my room and just hung out. he started to climb on top of me, i pushed him off and he climbed back on top of me, i said no and pushed him off again. he wouldn’t take no for and answer and kept forcing himself on me. he held me down and pulled my leggings down along with my underwear i screamed but nobody was home he unbuttoned his pants and took out his dick. he pushed it into me and fucked me. he kept fucking until he came and then he pulled out. luckily i didn’t get pregnant but I started fucking people regularly and sending nudes. I’m now a whore and a slut who likes being raped and fucked. My snap is: pandagirlbaebae

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    Where are you from and cant find ya snap

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    Snap me @its.clemmy i have a similar story..when i was 14 but now im 17

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    Can’t find you on Snapchat please add me wjdixon1 Would you wanna have sex with a VIRGIN?

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    What happened to you was sick and wrong. And everyone justifying this is horrible—it happened to a literal child. I’m so sorry this happened to you and hope you are able to find the help you need in overcoming this trama. Lulu, you are not defined by this and can get help.

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    What size bra do you wear

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    Have you been fucked in the ass yet.I love BBW.Ride my face please. I love young sluts.

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    Sounds very nice, but almost sounds like a guy she fucked or sent nudes too wrote this. Always hard to tell with it being the inter-webs.

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    Great stories would love to talk

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    Couldn’t find your snap

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    Cute story. Loved him raping you, you deserved it, didn’t you? good that you have become a fuck slut, keep it up

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    Nice that you got forced for your first time, and now you have turned very slutty, good girl.