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Rainy Day (Gb)

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A barely pubertal Girl goes too far, and takes advantage of a young boy she’s responsible for.

“Huh!” In never thought he was cute, before. Okay, maybe in that way that some little kids are. I don’t know, androgynous? There’s not really any big difference between boys and girls until, well.

Okay, I was just starting to notice, a few things that ment my body was going to start changing. I talked to mom, and she told me about my period. I didn’t have that yet, but there were a couple things that started sticking out.

Then, I started walking Toby home, because it was Wednesday, and his mom was worried that he might get lost again. He wandered off, alone, and she went nuts. Calling all over, and getting everyone worked up, including mom, but she had this prayer meeting Wednesday night, so I got a chance to make 10 bucks a week, just walking him home.

I wasn’t really babysitting, and I didn’t think of myself as a babysitter, let alone the dirty babysitter, which is mostly just a fantasy of dirty daddies that want to. Well, bang the babysitter, right? I wasn’t thinking about that, neither, but the news didn’t say anything about the chance of rain, so I just bundled up for cold weather, and then we had to run the west of the way when it started pouring down, out of nowhere.

Well, it was overcast all day, but there wasn’t any thunder and lightning to warn us. It just started coming down, so I grabbed Toby’s hand, and tried not to run too fast for him to keep up. We got to our building, and under the stairs when I could get the key out of my purse, and let us in. Then, I took my coat off, and shivered.

Toby looked up, and then he made this face. He looked confused, and I looked down before he stepped back, and pointed. “What happened to your nipples?” Back and forth. Now, I never had a boy look at me before, like. Well, men look at women, and boys look at girls, even some men look at girls that are way too young for them to look at like that, but I hadn’t. Even gotten any dirty looks from them either, not that I wanted to. It’s creepy, and.

“Huh, I’m just cold.” I hugged them, and shivered, but my wet hair made it run down my back

He just said “Me too,” and kicked off his shoes first. Then started on his wet pants, but I started staring, and thinking at the same time how rude it was to point that out, when I realized that it was just as rude to stare at the front of his underwear like that.

“Uh,” I really should have looked away, and gone home to take a hot shower, but instead, I heard myself say, “I better get out of these wet clothes. Too.”

He didn’t even look up, instead, he took his shirt off, and dropped it on his pants, then he bent over to pick them up, while I picked at the buttons on my top, and stared at his cute little butt. Then, he carried them back to the bathroom, stuffed them in the hamper, and backed right into me, standing in the door.

Then, he turned around, and looked up. “Oh,” he pointed, “You can put them in there,” and ducked under my elbow. Still unbuttoning my shirt, I didn’t pull my jacked closed. I just grabbed his hand, and ran. So it was wet all the way down the middle, but even though the sides were dry, my nipples. Well, they were already swollen, and sensitive, but when the goosebumps popped out, so did they. So he could see them, and point them out, but he was six.

A 1st grader, and so innocent that he didn’t even realize that it was. Anything, he just saw them sticking out, and thought there was something wrong with them. I said I was cold, and that was the truth, but now I was thinking, incredibly inappropriate thoughts, and starting to heat up. Even before I got the half wet blouse off, I wasn’t just warm, and I was getting hot.

The first time in my life, I was hot for somebody, and you know what the most alluring thought was? He’s so innocent that if I did anything. I didn’t even make up my mind what I wanted to do to him, but I knew that there was no way he’d understand it. So, I could explain it somehow, and when I went in his room topless, he was already in bed.

“Huvuvvuvuv!” He shivered, cutely, and looked up. “Your nekkid.”

“No, I’m only half naked, but oh look.” I felt my skirt, “I better get the rest of these wet clothes off, too.”

He nodded, but looked down, sideways. In bed, standing over him, but you know he was the exact right height? Standing up, so when he took his coat off, and I turned around from hanging them up, my nipples were right there, at eye level.

I dropped my skirt, which was dry by the way, but my socks were wet. So, I leaned up in the door, and picked my feet up to take them off. That just left my underpants on, but he slowly stopped shivering, and didn’t take his eyes off my chest. So they felt tight, and even harder, but not from the cold. Not at all, in fact the hot flush had spread even lower.

First from the tops of my ears, and then down my neck. The goosebumps went away, but my nipples thawed, and started swelling even more. I felt my heart pounding, and I think either my pulse in my nipples, or it was beating so hard in my chest, and they were sensitive enough to pick it up, but then the heat seeped down between my legs, and deep inside my tummy, where my baby maker started firing up.

“Huh, you think. It’s big enough under the covers for me to get warm, too?”

He nodded, and held the covers back. “Your hair’s wet.”

“Yeah, I’m sorry, but it’ll just be a minute, and then we can put you pillows in the drier. Your hair is wet, too.” I felt his head, but didn’t even pull the blanket over my hip. He shivered when I touched his tummy, and right then, I knew what I was going to do.

I was going to touch his privates, in his underwear, and maybe make him take them off. If I could just think of a good way to talk him into it. “Are these wet?”

He shook his head, but that was good enough to touch them. To make sure.

“Your hands are cold.”

“Yeah, but your undies are nice and warm in here, and.” He shivered, and I stopped when the goosebumps stuck out on his arms. “Huh!”

I never noticed that before, because the hairs on his arms and legs are so tiny, they’re almost invisibly microscopic, but then I looked up, and saw the tiny pale points sticking up on his chest. “Huh?”

He poked one of mine. “You’re sure there’s nothing wrong with them?”

“Yeah, I’m sure. They’re just starting to grow, so I can have breasts, like your mommy’s some day.”

He frowned, and his eyebrows rolled over the bones around his eyes, so they stuck out too. “Huh, they’re very cold, but. You remember when you’re little, and hungry, and your mommy used to feed you. Like this?”

“Uh huh?”

“Huh!” I guess, it wasn’t that long ago, and I never even wondered when I forgot all about mom breast feeding me, but he must have still been young enough to remember, because he went right to kissing my nipple, and sucking on it.

“Huh, still cold in here?” Nope, still no sign of an erection, but he let it slip out, and brushed my chest with his nose. “How come they get bigger when they’re cold, instead of shrinking up?”

“Like these?” I felt his balls, and even surprisingly firm wrinkles in his nut sack, through the double layer of his underpants. You know the fly they have, in 2 triangles, instead of a zipper, or button like boxer shorts?

“Your hand’s not cold no more.”

“Sh,” I felt his damp hair, and held his mouth back up to my nipple, to shut him up. “Huh, it’s nice and warm in here,” I plucked the outside up, so I could slip my fingertips in, and pull the inside out of the way to touch his soft little pisser. “Huh! Nice and warm, huh! Huh!” I was so excited, and then he touched me too! The front of my panties, so I slipped my fingers out, and touche his hand. “Your hands are cold too, but it’s nice, and hot in here.” I moved it up to the waistband, and plucked it out with my thumbnail for him.

“You don’t have a fly in yours.”

“No, because I have a fly inside. Why don’t you see if you can find it. Huh! Uh!” His little fingers were cold, but I was so hot, it didn’t matter, and they warmed up quickly.

“Where’s your Peter?”

“I don’t have one, want to see?” I scooted up, and pulled the other side off. Over my hip, while the sheet rolled down the rest, so I could twist, and slip them down my thigh. I almost rolled off the bed, but then I just got up, and took the off. Feeling the heat from his big bright eyes, looking at my sex.

“How do you pee?”

“I’ll show you some other time, when I have to go to the bathroom, but.” I picked up my underwear, and felt how warm the were. Checked for any wetness, and then smelled them. “Snh, huh!” Wow, that’s a really strong odor!

“Ew, you smell your pee?”

“No, they don’t smell like pee, they smell good. See?”

“No!” He turned away, and screwed his face up, pushing them away, so I dropped them.

“Never mind, look.” I put my foot up, on the bed rail, and spread myself wide open with my fingers. “Huh, see? I have a little hole here.” I felt it, and pulled it up to show him. “This one’s for pee.”

“What’s that once for?”

“Huh, that’s for fingers. Especially cold little fingers, to make them nice and hot. Uh!” I almost scratched myself with my nails, but I didn’t have to stick mine in there, with his little ones right here. “Why don’t you try it?” He got this look, in his eyes, but not on his face. His face went blank, but his eyes. Oh god his eyes looking in between my legs, and then his tongue came out, to chew it in the corner of his mouth. He looked up, “It’s not hot, but it’s really warm in there.”

“Uh huh, and wet?”

“No dry, it smells funny.” He wiped his nose, but not with the hand he was using to poke inside me.

“Uh, huh! Try this, just push them in, and out. Huh, yeah, faster, and deeper. I think it’s wet deeper inside me. Deeper. Faster uh, huh!” I don’t know what his eyes did, because I couldn’t keep mine open, or if his expression changed. If he smiled, or even looked up from what he was doing, but he obediently kept pushing in and out, deeper, and faster until his hard little knuckles bumped my now swollen cunt, and I guess that somehow shocked my hot spot, because that’s all it took and I couldn’t hold it back any more.

“Oh, ah huh nh neah yes yes yes! Augh yes. Ah god yes. Huh! Huh!” I just put my head down, and held onto the mattress, but any idea of getting his undies down, let alone his little Peter hard were gone, as soon as the orgasmic feeling washed over me, and my baby factory kicked into high gear. Beating like a heart, but not nearly as fast as my pulse racing out of control as I felt my first orgasm, molesting a little boy.

A 6 year old, first grader, barely even out of kindergarten. It felt so dirty, and perverted, but not enough to ruin the powerful pleasure forcing the breath out of me. So, I got back into bed, and cuddled him, until he fell asleep. Then, I caught my breath, and went back in the bathroom, to get my top. Off the side of the bathtub, it wasn’t that damp any more, but honestly. I was still so hot that it was actually a bit of a relief.

Then, I went back in his room, and tucked him in, before I started molesting him again in his sleep. I thought about it, but then I didn’t want to get caught half naked when his mom got home, and put on my clothes to go wait out in the living room for her to bring me my 10 dollar bill.

Then, I turned the TV on, and ignored it. Thinking about all the things I wanted to do next time. Next wednesday, when I got another chance to molest him, and put him down for his afternoon nap again. “Huh!” Like a babysitter. For some reason, it wasn’t until then that I thought of myself as a baby sitter, and the worst kind. The dirtiest kind, that took her trust in me, and used it to take advantage of her innocent little boy sexually, while she was away at her church meeting.

Then, I had to hope he didn’t say anything, or ask any suspicious questions, until I got to talk to him tomorrow at school. I better not wait, but I’ll see him again, tomorrow at school, and I’ve got all night to think of a good story to tell him so he keeps his mouth shut.

When he doesn’t have my nipples in it, that is.

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    Well there’s nothing better else to do when you’re cold and wet! In the kid has to learn sometime.