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A couple of minutes go on and I can feel my heart beating and as a 17 year old male I was getting horny just thinking about her body.

I remember spending a night at my cousins house and the thing was his restroom doorknob was loose and if you mess with it it it will get loose to a point where you can see enough into the restroom. As I was in the kitchen I noticed his 17 year old sister Megan with a body kind of like
Camila cabello but a little thicker ?? Went into the restroom and started the shower. An my heart started beating fast because she’s usually walking around the house in small tight shorts or leggings that give the shape of her ass so I decided to look through this doorknob real quick but she was already in the shower. My mind just kept thinking This is my chance to see a nice teen body naked. But I couldn’t stay looking because the rooms were across from the restroom and I didn’t want to get caught by the younger sisters or brothers so I just went into their rooms to see what they were doing. A couple of minutes go on and I can feel my heart beating and as a 17 year old male I was getting horny just thinking about her body. I leave the room but I was able to lock their door so I can know if someone is going to open it while I’m peeping. As I close the door I hear the shower turn off and I quickly looked through the doorknob

She got out I was able to glance her b cup breast and her wet nipple and I notice she was shaved down there and seeing her bare ass was amazing I was able to record some of it on my phone and jacked off to it many times but lost it because my phone broke and had to get a new one

I still go over till this day and I pass by her room in the morning and see her ass in short shorts hanging out while she sleeps I managed to get some photos of that. I wonder if she remember what we did a couple of years back ?
If she’ll be comfortable with me now

I’ll be sharing a couple of more

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  • Reply MystyGardens ID:89csv6s5hi

    And now there are tiny cameras that you can hide pretty much anywhere. It is a voyeurs world now.

  • Reply Dan ID:c5rpuenm2

    I peeped my young SIL through a split crack of bathroom door – her ample bush covering her pussy and 34C firm boobs bouncing as she moved are still embedded in my mind….

  • Reply Ben ID:bpcjnotv3

    I know what it is like to spi on a sister I seen my little sister naked from 4 years old to 10 years old I was 8 years old all the way to 14 years old. I had a dream to see my little sisters boobs I wated 6 years and a puch in the stumic later she was. 12 years old and she did not like to wear a bra I seen them. Her bra size was a 34C I wanted to squeeze them but I could not have a chance to.