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our beach

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the bikini was in my knees now i could feel not his hand but his cock rub my virgin pussy

summer i am kate 9years old blond long hair because of them and l like always have them in pigtails in the house of my coysin john one year older we wear our bikini for swim he tell me that we will go somerwhere he only he kwows and not tell anything ok i say.I following him in forest inside of narrow panths until we see a nice small beach.Its fantastic i say i kwow lets no loss time we put off our clothes but john was nude i shocked what you havent see again boy nude no i say come we are only we two take off your bikini no one will see us i put of only my up bikini and left down you are very shy kate.Howewer we go down to water it was warm swiming play with water a nice day until we left of water i wil do sunbath john good idea he say i will do the same when i sat i see his cock hard he smile will you put me alittle cream for sun asked him yes kate i sat down all in sand and he beggins to put suncream in my body i could see his cock still hard and the way he puts me sunscream in my breast and legs someway doing me wet especialy when he puts his hand inside my bikini what are you doing i dont get you there only for bath and not the first girl i get here without warning he start kiss me i try to stop him he was very good and i kiss him also his hand inside of my bikini rub my pussy arrive me in paradise with this first time feelingsThen he slowly start put down my bikini and he going continue to kiss me up to me and he open with his legs my legs the bikini was in my knees now i could feel not his hand but his cock rub my virgin pussy i understand what he want and i push him of me no john i am not ready for this but you like it right yes i aswer but iam not ready ok another time as you want he aswer i put on my bikini john sit down in other until return to home and as i promise him he fuck me and i will this story another time. i dont kwown good english for this sorry for my wrongs.leave comments please.

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    Learn to spell and use complete sentences

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    Haaah bad english dullard

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    Perhaps your English isn’t good but we stil) enjoyed it and thanks.

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    Hey Kate. Loved your story and we can talk on kik, skype or tumblr if you want or on Snapchat

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    Mmmmm very nice

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    Ignore nasty comments good start look forward to next one email if you want to chat

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    A bit of editing might have made this good, but too hard to read.

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    Did you want him to fuck you at the beach?