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our beach part two

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i rise my head and i could see his cock full erected inside of his underwear waiting to tear apart my virgin pussy.

next two days pass without problems after beach until today we were in a beach some meters of our house.We were in our towers in sand for sunbath in my mind i had the scene of my brother up to me with his cock to rub in my pussy entrance i left fear to convince me i was thinking so stuping i was i take a look in his spedo and i take desision today to give him my entrance for this reason i put my hand up his speedo he looks at me with suprise i tell him if you still want me tonight at my bedroom ok little sister to be ready only.We left the beach and arrive in our house all the day he looks at me wild he couldnt wait for night.We fell for sleep i couldnt i care to wear up and down white pants with down underwear have a little flower that is in frond of my pussy suddenly i hear my brother to come in my room wearing only a black underwear that give in his special place more glamour he come up my bed dont open them yet he start lick with his tongue my legs my thighs he give a kiss to my underwear it liked him the flower image in my underwear and continue to my breast and arrive to my face this time i will be more sweet than first time and starting to kissing i put my hands around him it was fantastic the same time he put his hand inside pant and he start play with my breast doing me to moan now i could feel his cock erection in my thigh he stop to kiss me he help me put out my pant and start lick my nipples with his tongue drive me crazy in feelings and my nipples in a nice puple color if you like this where to see next.
He left my nipples where he go to my underwear is time to open your legs sweetie i opened them where he wants he put my underwear in side and start to rub my pussy with his fingers another virgin pussy and he get out his fingers and start to lick it with his tongue because of the first time of a tongue in my pussy i was ready to scream but i put my hands in my mounth we didnt want to wake up our parents i could feel his tongue in and out of my pussy i realy try to not sceam i rise my head and i could see his cock full erected inside of his underwear waiting to tear apart my virgin pussy.and
He rise his head of my pussy and puts down his underwear show me his erected cock then he pull down my underwear your pussy is more beautifull now with your legs more wide and he stand up a little up of me and he put the head in my entrance he start slowly go to me the same time i could feel his cock to slide inside me until it hit my huemen of the try to broke him my brother kiss me for to not scream i only had some tears the pain it was only in beggining later i like the feel of slide in out of his cock in my pussy until we cum together but he in my belly we wear our pants after we kiss he go happy in bedroom i thinking this feelings days until next adventure and story.

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  • Reply Liligirll ID:h9al2bg8k

    I lost my virginity at 9 yrs too .
    Hope you enjoyed dick inside you .
    I’ve enjoyed dick inside me since and love him to cum inside me.

  • Reply Daddy4teen ID:1des9ieet737

    When you answered emily you had almost good english why couldn’t you use that for your story I don’t expect perfect but I couldn’t even read it so please re-do it so I can enjoy it.

  • Reply Daddy4teen ID:1des9ieet737

    I couldn’t understand a word you were saying what the fuck was that abominación of a ecteamly good stories if not told by a 9 yr old. If you come here to post a story in english get a proof render my fucking god that was a slow train wreck.

  • Reply Emily ID:x90lbfv3

    OMG, the worse grammar and punctuation ever. I tried reading twice, but with all of the wrong wordings, I really couldn’t follow the story. So, she got fucked right?

    • kate ID:grkxs4xik

      sorry my english is not so good yes my brother finaly fuck me where i had wrong wordings

  • Reply Timothy Copenhaver ID:1dakil1oi9

    What a great story I would love to hear from you text me 1-209-324-7633

    • Atlas ID:1yr1nwv9c

      Timothy leave now you pedofile fuck