My son for me

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My name is Olivia, I am 38. I am married and my husband, Raymond is a the same age. We have two daughters and a son. The son being the youngest, only 16. Actually, I’ll focus on our son, Thomas because the story I’m telling is a true experience of our incestrous relationship which started about two weeks ago. Thomas is a slender boy, beautiful and as 16 suggests, young. I think girls crowd over him at school. He is my only son, so he has more of my love than our daughters but I love my daughters a little more than I love myself. Me and Thomas spend a lot of time together, almost whenever he isn’t with his friends or seeing a girl in the further neighborhood. We have conversations of how school is, his dreams and so forth, you know he is my favorite our 3 children. Generally, our family is a happy one, the only unhappy thing actually kills all the happiness; Raymond cheats on me.

My husband was the loving kind to his wife. You know, his attention was all mine, he was faithful and providing in all ways. When it came to the bedroom, I have been fucked by about 5 guys before, but no one had fucked me quite as good as Raymond did. His dick was so big and long but it was the perfect size for my pussy. If there’s an art he mastered, Raymond, that’s fucking. Oh, my. But then with time, he got another woman who happens to take three quarters of him from me. You won’t believe my husband would sometimes take about 6 months without having sex with me. I talked him through his unfair treatment but he didn’t seem to care. As a woman, it became pressing for me. Going ages without a dick working its way into my pussy and to make it worse, musterbating just wasn’t my thing. So I was starving. What to do? I had my children and I was quite convinced it was enough. To hell with sex!

One day, I was coming from a jogging session with Thomas in the morning. The girls, they’re too lazy to do this. In my sweat pants and Lakers sleeveless jersey. Thomas was in a tracksuit and a tight t-shirt. That session was amazing, we ran it all the way down about half a mile and back and came back happy about the milestone. We hugged each other, jollily. For about 6 seconds when the hug had to end, Thomas didn’t let himself out the hug. He was holding me passionately and tight enough to make it feel wondering. He later let me go. He looked at me with a little shyness mixed with immense panic and I plained my face up for him then went to my bathroom to clean up. I still went wondering. Gash! In the days that came, I started noticing Thomas stealing stares at me. I never showed I saw him but I took it serious. You too wouldn’t help but be curious. The other day, when he came to school, we shared a hug and this was more weird. He held so tight and close in. I felt his chest entering my boobs. Now, if that wasn’t weird, at least this was; Thomas moved his hands from behind my back to my ass cheeks and squeezed them. I pulled myself out of his chest and told him, “Please, I’m your mother”. This must have fueled his braveness or maybe it was building already somehow, he said, “And you’re a woman too”. I didn’t know what to say next. I thought of Thomas as a good boy but he was going bad. It was only a day before he had to go to the country for some work. It was painful watching him go. We hugged each other, this time it was right to be tight. You know what goodbyes are like. Again, he moved his hands to my but cheeks and squeezed them. This time, I couldn’t pull out of him because I didn’t want his sister’s to suspect something or wonder about the incident; they were in a position face to back of Thomas. They couldn’t see what was behind. I had to let him squeeze my ass. Meanwhile, I felt a hard something poke my lower pubic area. It was so pointed. If what I felt was really it, then my son got a full erection from touching my ass and hugging me tight. I figured what to do but my mind just froze. Thank goodnes, the taxi we hired to transport him arrived. Thomas’s erection disappeared somehow I don’t really know. I was just happy that the girls didn’t sense what just happened. Thomas left.

After the departure of Thomas, I was just left with my daughters at home. They are not boring but Thomas was more fun. Sometimes I missed him so much.
Two or three nights after he left, he texted me for the first time. He was just asking how everyone is and letting me know how he misses me. I would miss him as much but his behavior in the last days with me was a little bit too inappropriate, but which mother wouldn’t miss their child? And for me he was my best friend too. How I missed, Thomas. As we chatted, he started calling me “baby”. “I’m not a baby, I’m your mom. Actually, if there’s a baby here, that’s you”, that’s how I responded. He was not going easy on me at all, he said, “I know you’re my mom but you’re more like a girl. One would doubt if you told them you’re 38” I replied with a “hmm” exclamation. I would add “thank you” but I knew the kid would do it again and again. I liked it when men complemented my looks but I hated it when my son was one of the men. Is he even a man? 16, just a boy. That was the routine everyday, flirting with me on texts.

It was coming to 17th August and it was Thomas’s birthday, he was turning 17. I asked him what gift he wanted and the answer shocked me. “If you give me this gift, mom, I’ll be the happiest” he started. Curious of what it was that he wanted that bad, I said, ” The me, please. I will give you anything” I still wonder where the hell he got the braveness to say, “Just a night with you, mom” I froze for more than ten minutes before I replied, “Are you out of your mind?”
“I just feel attracted to you. I wanna have sex with you”
“For how long have you been feeling this?”
He said he had been wanting to have sex with me since he was 13. Oh gash! I insisted we couldn’t have sex but the wasn’t ready to listen. He suggested we talk when he comes home. It was a weekend and he had like 3days off. I couldn’t imagine talking with my son over his lust for me.

Thomas came home on Saturday. His birthday. Her sisters had gone to party and I was home alone. I couldn’t look him in the eyes. We sat in the living room and talked a while. We talked about everything but his lust for me. He then came close to me. He entered my dress through the bottom and started caressing my thigh. I slapped him on the cheek to make sure he was sober. He was, yet he was touching her mom so I guess he knew what he was doing. In the moment I realized I would lose nothing letting my son have sex with me. “You wanna be a bad boy on mommy’s body, huh? Be. He grabbed my waist, run his hand up my back and kissed me passionately. He triggered feelings all over my body with touches and kissed. I won’t lie to you that I remember how he got my dress and panties off but I just found myself lying on my back with my son licking my pussy. Yes, he was licking his mother’s pussy. He started stroking just tongue up and down my pussy. The unforgettable sensation in this, was whenever his tongue stroked my clit. I was now in for my son. The thought that a son and a mother shouldn’t have a sexual activity crossed my mind but it didn’t change my mind. Thomas ate my pussy for about three minutes and I became wet like I’ve never been. I liked it but I think he enjoyed more because that eating pussy and sucking boobs is one complete meal. But I was eaten down there and my boobs sucked, so my pleasure was overflowing too.

If Thomas took one more second before sliding his 5.5 inch dick in me, I wouldn’t forgive that motherfucker ’cause I was dying to get fucked there and then. He slid it inside my pussy. Tip, two inches and then he shove it all inside me. I couldn’t believe the moment. I had just had my son’s dick penetrate my me. It was intense and overly exciting. He pushes it all the way in so deep my pussy and pulled it three quarters out, starting slow then smashing it harder and harder. I let out so loud mourns as my son fucked me. He took about 20 minutes of fucking me before he came in me and he took 5 to get hard again. I told you just father mastered the art of fucking but it seems like it’s a genetic thing. It’s in the blood of his father, my son fucks like a talented pro. I had seen longer dicks than my son’s 5.5 inch but his and his dad’s are two of those strange satisfiers. Those to idiots fuck like…..I don’t know.

After the fucking closed by my son’s cumming in my pussy, which felt like a litre being jetted in, he just collapsed on me. His head on between my boobs while his calmed down dick was slowly slipping of my pussy. The middle area of the be was extremely wet from his cum and mine. As for me, I think I let out more than a little of cum but maybe it just felt like that. My now 17 year old boy was lying wasted on the bed. More so I was. I don’t know what with me, but I felt it would shame me if my son saw how much cum he made me release so I, amid the ‘after some good sex’ relaxation and tiresomeness, licked the cum. I know mine made the whole thing taste so good. We slept together for the night and in the morning, what he did first was starting to fuck me again before I even woke up. He fucked me the rest two days and together it was like 6 times. The boy fucked me at least three times a day. Now I’m waiting for him to come home after work and he will be with home for the next for months. I can’t wait to be fucked by my son again. I will let him hit it whenever he feels like.

Oh, how I envy Thomas. He’s so lucky. Fucking your mom, a few get the chance. But he deserves it, he’s a good fucker
~ The End~

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    Wow what a hot story.Did you and your son continue the fucking sessions? What about birth birth control? 12/02/22

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    Son’s love their mothers to fuck them. . I’ve been fucking mine since he was 13, There’s no greater thrill than having an incestuous relationship with your son

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