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My Mom Was My First

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My mom took my virginity and became my lover after

When I was a kid my parents had a bad relationship. My dad would come and go every few months. Finally leaving for good when I was 14. It was at that time I awoke one night to the sound of people having sex. I didn’t know it at the time but my dad had come over for I can only assume was a booty call. I crept out of room and saw a man sitting in the recliner and my mom on her knees sucking his cock. It never went beyond her blowing him, I know because I watched the entire time. It was dark and I thought I wouldn’t be seen. Plus as a 14 year old it was the closest thing to sex or porn I had. Needless to say I jacked off while I watched. The next morning I awoke expecting to find a man or my dad there but he had already left. Breakfast was rather awkward. I knew what I saw, and I know what I did. From her vantage point, apparently my mom knew as well. She saw my dark silhouette in the hallway. After a long, horribly awkward talk I went to my room. A few days passed by and the awkwardness had begun to go away. Then, about a week after, I’m laying in bed trying to masturbate and my mom comes in the room. It wasn’t the first time she caught me. This time she closed the door behind her. My room was quite dark again. My mother climbed into my bed and I could tell she was naked. “I knew you were watching the whole time, and its OK for a 14 year old boy to fantasize about his mom.” Before I could respond, she wrapped her cold hand around my warm throbbing dick. It sent shock waves thru my body. Once the initial shock calmed down a bit, she placed herself in position to do what I’ve been fantasizing about for a week. Her warm mouth swallowed my entire cock. It didnt take more than 30 seconds and I exploded in her mouth. She crawled back up and we layed naked together. “Where did the cum go?” I asked. She told me she swallowed it. A few minutes of silence went by before I confessed my dick was still hard. She said she wanted to teach me how to please a woman and asked if I wanted to have sex with her. I didnt hesitate to say yes. She got on top, put a condom on me and assisted my still throbbing dick inside of her. My mom was a bigger woman and had large tits and as she began to ride me I couldn’t help but to begin sucking them. A few minutes later she began breathing heavier and bouncing faster. She let out a loud scream! “I’m cumming!” I couldn’t believe what was happening. After she calmed down, she climbed off and got on all fours. “FUCK ME!” she said. Her toned changed drastically from loving mother to passionate lover. I entered her from behind and immediately began to feel like I was going to cum. I let out a loud grunt, then a moan. This orgasm was much more intense. When we were done we fell asleep naked together.This relationship went on until she passed away suddenly when I was 23. That’s the story how my mom took my virginity , became my lover, and got rid of my dad too.

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