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Divorced man starts his own club and tries to be a gentleman… But he’s just a man

My name is Richard and I’m a 40 year old man and I’m SOMEWHAT recently divorced. By “SOMEWHAT” I mean it’s been 4 years since my EX cut herself out of the picture. We were married for 10 years and had been together 14 years in total but there’s no hard feelings here, I am a realist, sometimes people grow apart, some people shouldn’t be together, or maybe a couple just begin to want different things out of life, but regardless everyone deserves to be happy.
After the divorce I did some soul searching, wondering if things could have been different, questioning everything, myself and my marriage, like what went wrong, did I try hard enough, did we ever REALLY love each other, I assume the way most would do in my position. Eventually coming to realize that no matter what I would have/could have done, more than likely our relationship would have ended the way it did. I accepted it and moved on and began focusing on myself. I was trying to figure out what my next move was going to be…
I’m between 5’11”-6’0” tall and weigh right around 205 lbs. I’ve worked construction since I graduated highschool, which has kept me in pretty damn good shape, but I’ve became bored with it. I was tired of working for other ppl, it was long days, hard work, outside in the weather, and I was tired of answering to someone. So I cashed out my 401k, paid off my house, and rented out a building, so I could start my own business. I used my construction background to remodel the building the way I wanted it.
I put a bar inside that stretched 1/2 the distance of the place and I put up a wall about 3/4 of the length of the building to make 2 separate “rooms” that ended up becoming 2 “kind of” separate businesses connected by a small entryway. I put 3 stages in the bigger half of the building, complete with 6 poles 1 for each end of the 3 stages. I decorated the inside with all kinds of different lights, carpet, and 1 hell of a sound system… I had to put a men’s restroom in, it ended up on the wall opposite of the other business. Last but not least was the women’s restroom and “dressing room” which I butted up next to the wall adjacent to the wall of my other business. My GENTLEMANS CLUB was almost COMPLETE!!!
Now time to remodel the smaller section. This side was simple, pretty basic actually, I put in a floor, had to put shelves up on the walls, opposite of “the club”, put a small right angled counter where a cash register would sit, and put in a glass display case that’d butt up against the counter. I boxed off a 5 ft wide section coming off the wall between the club and the small “store” I had been working on. This space was for my office, but during the construction I wasn’t thinking about the dancers “changing area” and ladies restroom being just on the other side of the drywall.
A few weeks passed and everything came together great, better than expected to be honest. I hired someone to run the club, just so happened to be my EX-brother-N-law and someone for the store. We hired a few other necessary people like, the 2 bouncers, both good friends of mine I had known since grade school, a couple bartenders, the DJ and a few waitresses. Now it was time to spread the word that we were looking for “dancers” but we couldn’t just hire any girl to come in and dance I wanted something different, special even, so we’d leave the competition in the dust.
Much to my surprise on the 2nd or 3rd evening of “auditions” my EX’s 2 nieces came in. They are 2 years apart in age and they are both college students. Both of them are gorgeous in their own way and COMPLETE opposites, from their physique to the way they dress, and their personalities… night and day difference. Chelsea or Chels for short is the older of the two sisters. She got light brown hair, beautiful green eyes and the fullest lips you’ve ever seen. She is 5’3″ MAYBE weighing 110 lbs but believe me it’s ALL ASS and TITTIES!!! It shocked me the most looking up and seeing her in my club because she has such a quiet, reserved, and shy way about her. The younger sister Dana, on the other hand, is out going, free spirited andhas been know to be a little wild, carefree. At 5’11” she is quite a bit taller than Chels. She dirty blonde hair, sexy blue eyes, and a slim athletic build from years of gymnastics and playing volleyball. Her tits are smaller than her older sister, but her long toned legs, thick thighs and fat booty more than make up for it.
When they walked up I didn’t recognize them at first, it had been some years since I had last seen them. When I realized who they were I told them to have a seat and asked what brought them over to this side of town, they said they had heard about my club and wanted to come check it out. We made small talk and they gave me their input on the ladies that would audition. Dana gave her opinion more often then Chels of course.
“OMG look at that girls butt!!!” She exclaimed. “She in amazing shape, she’d be a total 10 if her breasts were just a little bit bigger!”
“Dana can u be any louder?” “That was kind of rude, what if she heard you?” Said Chelsea
They hung out for a few and we talked about school, how life was going, and my new business. Chelsea looking uncomfortable and out of place almost the entire time. Dana seemed intrigued, and fascinated by how good of shape the dancer were in. They helped me with a few of the more difficult decisions when it came to keeping or letting some dancers go. We made small talk and before we knew it everyone had left. I told the girls I had to go to my office to file a few papers and I’d be back shortly if they wanted me to walk them out, they said they would stay and wait.
I walked to my office, still in shock, and filed the papers I had in hand. I reached in the top drawer of my desk and pulled out a joint I had rolled earlier in the day, sat back in my chair and fired it up. I hit it a few times trying to relax and I hear a loud, hard smack!!! I ran out of my office, joint still in my mouth, and as I rounded the corner all I could hear was Chelsea laughing hysterically. When I got in the room and looked on the stage I saw Dana laying flat on her back with her toes pointing straight up to the ceiling. I could hear Chelsea laughing but did not see her. As I got closer I saw Chelsea rolling on the ground laughing her ass off. I looked up at Dana, still lying flat on her back legs pointed up and couldn’t help but notice her bare ass showing from her skirt being flipped up. I was in a trance, hypnotized by her perfect 23 yr old ass pointed right at me. I shook it off, barely finding the words to ask her if she was alright. Jumping up on the stage I grabbed her hand and helped her to her feel. Her face was beat red with embarrassment.
“I feel so silly” Dana said. “It didn’t look all that hard, watching the other girls on the pole. I wanted to try to do it too.

“Are you sure you’re OK?” I asked

“I’m fine” she chuckled “Just a little embarrassed

Chelsea was still on the ground trying to catch her breath from all the laughing.

“No need to feel embarrassed” I said “I own a strip club, I see ass and titties all the time” I said trying to ease the embarrassment.

Almost instantly after the words left my mouth Dana’s red face changed 10 shades deeper red. I knew me seeing her amazing ass hadn’t even crossed her mind. Chelsea noticed it too and began cracking up again. Dana jumped up and before anyone realised what she was doing she Rand over to Chels and ripped her top down, unleashing THE MOST PERFECT pair of size C tits ever to cross my eyes. My jaw dropped to the floor!
“Hows it feel?” exclaimed Dana “Embarrassing isn’t it?”
Chelsea sitting there, her amazing tits still out, looked over at me, then to Dana, and what she said blew her sisters and my mind both, it was completely unexpected.

“Honestly I’m not embarrassed, not even a little” she smirked “that was exilirating, I feel… Excited” she said with a small grin looking in my direction.

I needed to pull myself together, I wiped the drool from my chin, and remembering the joint I had earlier, put it to my mouth and lit it up. All the while trying to figure out what the hell just happened. Chelsea pulled her shirt back up and stood up. She then asked if I was reading to walk them out to their car. I said I’d be glad to. Dana tapped me on the shoulder and asked if she could hit the joint.

“Of course” I said “actually, u can have what’s left” I stammered, passing it to her.

“Thanks!” She exclaimed and hit it a few times as she led the 3 of us towards the door.
She stopped to put it out, and accidentally dropped it on the floor. As she bent over to pick it up, Chelsea flipped Dana’s skirt up giving me one last glimpse of Dana’s perfect ass before drawing back and smacking her little sisters ass so hard her handprint was instantly tattooed on Dana’s ass cheek. Dana looked back over her shoulder with a devilish grin and continued out to their car. We said goodbye and they left the club, while I’m racking my brain about what had just happened. Damn those girls are sexy, I don’t care if it’s wrong I am only a man and those 2 babes are built like a brick shit house. I went back inside and finished up before locking up and heading home.
A few days later the sisters are back but this time they make their intentions known. The both want to audition, and want to dance at my club. I couldn’t resist. I told them to go ahead. Chelsea jumped at the chance to get on stage 1st and peformed a great striptease. Dana went next, and she ripped the stage apart! That girls flexibility, endurance, and not to mention her body was the highlight of my night. I wanted to hire them both, so I did. I paired them up with a couple of dancers that had been doing this a while and as time went on EVERYTHING meshed perfectly.
A few months go by and business is going great. I’m sitting in my office when I can hear some muffled chatter coming from the other side of the wall. Being knee deep in paperwork I pounded the wall with my fist to let them know I was in my office. About 60 seconds later whomever was over there pounded the wall back. I returned the knocks with a little more force. Then they did it again, and so did I. Then all the sudden with the next few bangs coming through the wall the drywall cracked leaving 2 small holes. The ladies could see in my office if they wanted and I could see straight into their changing room
Just sitting at my desk. I walked around to the changing room knocking before I entered to tell them about the split in the drywall and to let them know I’d get it fixed ASAP. The dancers that were in there said no biggie, it doesn’t bother them and to take my time fixing it. I went back to my office to finish my work and heard giggling from their room. I looked through the hole to see what was so funny and I saw one of the dancers burying her face in Chels’s titties then licking her nipples.
“OMG” I thought to myself. “Mmm mmm, damn girl ur body is something else”
I tried to focus and get back to work but the giggling became so much more. It kinda turned to a hum, then the hum became a light moan and it made me curious. I had to look again. As I looked through the hole I see Chelsea laid back with one dancer kissing her marvelous titties and another ones head burried between her thighs. My cock is full erect, my bulge is busting my pants at the seams I’m so hard. I start to pull it out when out of nowhere Dana’s sexy blue eyes are peering through the hole into my office. Startled I jumped back.
“Fuck!” I mumbled “God Damn it, I’m in some shit now. WTF you idiot” I say to myself turning my back to the hole while shoving my dick back in it’s cage.
I took a few deep breaths and started the paperwork again trying not to hear the moans floating into my office, but it’s no use. I stare at the girls pleasuring Chelsea, and I notice Danas ass pointing directly towards me, she’s bent over fingering her pussy looking back my direction to see if I’m watching. I’m not sure if they can see me but I can’t help myself. My cock is so hard I can feel my heart beat in it. I have to get it out of these damn pants! I pull it out slowly playing with it as I watch the girls. I notice fingers poking through the hole ripping down a lil more drywall. The fingers then begin to wave me over but my pants are around my ankles.
“Will you show me your cock” a sexy little voice whispers through the wall
I think I’m imagining things, no way u heard that, you got to be tripping I think to myself. More drywall gets torn out and I see fingers poke back through waving me over, and then theres the voice again.
“C’mon I know u r watching, you have seen all of us naked, be fair and bring that hard cock of yours over here, we want to see it!!” The voice demand.
I stood up slowly stroking my hard shaft, and began to walk towards the hole in the wall. I got so close the fingertips through the wall was lightly grazing the head of my cock.
“Mmmm, look at that fat cock! The voice said excitedly “my mouth is watering and my pussy is getting wet thinking about what that thing could do to me.

“Stick it through the hole so I can have a taste” the voice said hungrily

Fingers begin tearing away drywall, ripping out what’s in the way so my cock will fit through the hole. I shoved my throbbing cock through the opening. I can feel hands begin to rub me, and soft lips slide around my dick, I felt 3 tongues licking all over my shaft at the same time. The girls begin alternating sucking my cock. Whomever had my dick down their throat was on their hand and knees getting their pussy fingered and licked and getting their tits played with. Then they’d switch and a new set of lips would be working my hard cock. They switched 6 different times!! I AM IN FUCKING HEAVEN!! Then the feeling changes, and my cock is between some titties and if I had to guess I’d say it’s between Chelseas titties. She works my dick back and forth between those volumptious titties of hers and they switch again. I can still hear the girls moaning in extasy as they switch again but this time a hand grabs my cock and forcefully pulls me against the wall, someone slowly guiding my rod into their dripping wet pussy. In and out again and again slowing picking up speed.
I’m so caught up in how amazing it feels I didn’t notice that Dana had came in my office. She’s completely butt ass naked, rubbing her hard nipples against my back she runs her hands slowly up and down my thighs before grabbing my hand and placing it on her dripping wet pussy. As I begin to slide my fingers insider her, she presses her lips up to my ear she lets out a few soft moans.

“Are you enjoying yourself?” She whispers teasingly as she’s licking my ear. Chelsea then comes in my office, her wonderfuly amazing titties out, her nipples hard enough to cut glass

“How does it feel burying that fat cock of yours in those soaking wet pussies on the other side of the wall?” Chelsea asks enticingly reaching down grabbing my balls

“AMAZING” is the only word I could muster up to say

Dana bends over my desk and begins rubbing her titties as Chels pulls me away from the wall still holding onto my sack then drops to her knees and begins sucking my cock. I reach between Dana’s legs rubbing her moist slit with 1 hand and playing with Chelseas tits with the other. Chels stand up and whispers in my ear.

“We both saw you drooling over Dana’s legs and ass, put that hard cock of yours in her and fuck her pussy until her legs begin to tremble” she says as she nibbles on my earlobe.

Dana’s ass is swaying back in forth in front of me, as if it’s begging for my cock, she pushes her ass away from the desk just enough so my cock slides over her pussy teasing her. She’s so fucking wet it’s driving me insane… I can’t hold back any longer. I grab her hips and slide my dick in her from behind. She moans in extasy and I go deeper and deeper! I grab the back of her hair with 1 hand while the other is holding her hips and I start thrusting my cock faster and faster into her tight pussy my body bouncing off her fat bubble butt. I’m holding her hair so tight he back is arching and I keep thrusting my cock in and out of her, faster and faster. Her soaked pussy begins tightening up on my thick cock.


Her tight pussy starts contracting on my dick as he juices soak the floor I keep thrusting and I cand gold back any more my cock is getting tighter and tighter.
Chels is on her knees beside me and as I pull out of Dana’s pussy Chelsea grabs my cock continually stroking it aiming my dick at her titties I begin to cum Chels still stroking my cock, milking me for every last drop her titties covered in my cum. Both Dana and Chels grinning from ear to ear.

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