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Man Next Door

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He knew that he probably shouldn’t, but then she appealed to his Vanity…

I heard them leave, and come back. The “Fosters,” I called them. Actually, their last name is Ogden, and Mr. Ogden. He’s the manager, so not really my landlord, but he collects the rent for the owners.

They live up in a house, on a hill, overlooking the apartment complex, but I got up, and looked out the window. It was barely getting light, but then I saw the kids running around in their Sunday best. That’s how I realized it was Sunday, and went back to bed.

Then, they came back, and woke me up again. I guess I left the curtains cracked, because the sunlight was shining in, so I stretched, grabbed a glass of OJ from the fridge for carbs, and did my morning crunches to get the blood flowing.

Then, I checked the temperature 48°s all ready, and got dressed. It was supposed to get warm today, for the middle of February, but then I went for my morning run. A little late, almost noon, but hey. It’s my day off, so I slept in a little.

A few laps around the apartments, and I saw the playground was empty. So, I took a drink of water from the fountain, and got up on the stairs, to do dips on the bars at the top. Pretty low bars, for kids to hang onto, so even hanging over the steps, I had to cross my feet, and hold them up to go down.

Almost to full extension to get my deltoids all the way up. I just payed attention to feeling them, for the signs of fatigue toxins, since I can’t exactly watch them from here.

“Hey, man.” I stopped, and stood up. Turned around. “You think you could give me a hand with something?”

“Yeah, uh.” I recognized him, even changed out of his sunday best, but I snapped my fingers. Trying to remember his name.


“Yeah, like Mike. What can I help you with?”

“Well, my mom, and dad are off, doing some.” He scratched the back of his neck, then picked out the side of his hair, and patted it. “I don’t know, fundraiser thing.” He turned, and let his skinny dark arm fall.

He’s adopted, they all are. All colors, and ages, why I call them the “Fosters.” You know, like that Ellen Foster girl, with the flat bats.

“Come on.” I just followed him up the hill to the driveway. “If I could do it myself.”

“Do what? Oh,” I put my hand up, when he looked back. “I didn’t mean it like that.”

He just shook his head, and grinned.

“You know my sister, Reyna. Well, she just turned sixteen, but, she doesn’t know how to ask you, so she asked.” Asked, not aksed, he’s real well spoken. “Me to ask you, if you could come over.”

“And help you, move something?”

“Oh no. She wants you.”


“Ihnmin!” I heard her laugh, and looked back to see her head disappear around the side of the house. Peeking around the corner.

“The little Latina one, she’s sixteen?”

“Yeah,” he shook his head, “but she’s shy.”

“Hey, Reyna is it? It’s all right, you don’t have to be shy.” I kept my voice, as gentle as possible. “Why don’t you come out here.” Where I can get a better look at her. I’d seen her around, but not up close.

In her sunday dress, socks pulled up over her knees, and her long dark straight hair brushed out, to shine a little in the sun. “Is that right, what your brother. Jordan said?”

She smiled shyly, and nodded. “So, you understand English.”

She rolled her eyes. “Of course I understand English, I’m American. Born, and raised, I barely even understand much Spanish, but I’m taking it. As elective?”

“Good, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it like that, but.” I feel a little awkward. “Your brother, Jordan said you just turned sixteen?” She nodded.

Well, okay. That just happened to be the legal age to consent, in this state. Unless he happens to be less than 3 years older, in which case they make an exception, but if they knew that, then they waited for her birthday.”

“Well, happy birthday.”

“Oh, it’s not her birthday any more. That was friday.”

“Valentine’s day. You’re born on Valentines?” She smiled, and nodded, but didn’t say anything. I caught a little sparkle of braces, on her teeth. Which made her thin dark lips puff out a little, and she smiled with them closed, tight. I’m guessing to hide her braces, I knew girls that were self conscious about that, when I was in high school, and even Jr. high.

“Well, I bet that’s rough, everyone ignoring your birthday, because of the holiday. Why, I had this friend, he was born on Christmas Eve, and he always complained about his birthday being ruined, by Jesus.” She looked up. “I know, you’re religious.” She shook her head, and I looked around. It was just us 2, out here, so I closed the gate. “You’re not?”

“No, but Earl, and Liv make us go anyhow.” She took a deep breath. “Huh! You look good.”


“Especially in that cutoff shirt, so I can see your arms. You work out, a lot.”

“I don’t know about a lot, but I like to stay in shape.”

“You don’t go to the gym, or lift any weights, or nothing.”

“Nope, just calisthenics.”

“Well, it shows. Huh, you work so hard on your body, and it really pays off. If you don’t mind me saying.”

“Wait,” I just realized. “How did you know that, I don’t lift weights, or own a gym membership?”

“Huh, well?” She said that, like Olivia. Or a Quaker? “I didn’t stalk you or anything, I just.” She took a deep breath, “Huh! Couldn’t help seeing you, in the window sometimes. When you don’t have the curtains drawn.”

“Doing what?”

“Well, you know. The usual, like, your situps.”

“Crunches. Situps aren’t good for your back.”

“Oh.” She let go of her hand, held in front of her, and felt up the front of her dress. Rubbing her tummy, in circles. “Huh, well, whatever they are, they really work on your tummy.” She just stared, at the front of my shirt.

“Hey, you haven’t seen me, doing anything else in there. In my bedroom?”

She shook her head, but even through the deep tan of her clear complection, I could see a little blush. Darken her cheeks, and she felt her bottom lip, with one finger. Took a deep breath for another sigh, but instead, she giggled, and turned around. Shaking her rear. “Uhm, how come you don’t have, a girlfriend, or a wife?”

“Well,” I felt her shoulders, and started rubbing them with my thumbs, under her hair. So, she’d relax. “I just went through a divorce, it was a couple years ago, but she took me to the cleaners, and now, I guess I’m just taking my time. Getting back on my feet,” Back in shape, and then the best shape in my life. “So, maybe it’s about time I started playing the field again.”

“So, you are,” she turned around, and looked up. “Still single.” She looked down, and wrung her hands together, between us. “I wouldn’t want to think that, I’m stealing you away from an older woman. Someone a little closer to your own age, but. You know Liv, and Earl.”

“Of course. They’re a bit of a May-December romance, too?” I lifted her chin. “It’s all right, you’re not too young, and you are, very pretty. You know that?” She shook her head out of my hand, so she could look down again, and held her arms.

So her dress bunched up under them, crossed like that, but even through the baggy blue, and pale blue plaid, I could see that she had something in there. “Um, we better go in, now.”

“Yeah, I thought you’d never ask.” She let me in, but it smelled like old man, of course. Aspercreme, or maybe icyhot, and other odors. I’d gotten a whiff of them before, bringing the check up here, for rent. “Huh, you know I.” I have a daughter, that’s almost her age, but I don’t want to say anything creepy. Especially when she’s already nervous, but as long as she wants to seduce me, in her own shy way. “Uh, never actually been in here.” I looked over at a picture of him, a lot younger, at his wedding.

His first wedding, it was in color, but that old grainy faded color, and his suit had one of those pizza collars from the 70s? I guessed, maybe the early 80s. That looked like an 80s LTD, or Crown Victoria, with [Just Married] across the old bumper.

“Hm, this must be.”

“His first wife, Martha.” She nodded, “I didn’t get to meet her, she died. Before I was born.”

“Yeah. Uh, I never asked, but. It would be rude of me, I guess.” I moved down, to the next wedding photo. He looked older, a lot older, but she ironically looked even younger than Martha.

“Oh, she’s like thirty something now.” She shrugged, “I guess.”

“Yeah.” So, he’s old enough to be her father. Not Rayna’s, Olivia’s, she must have been born some time in the 90s, if I’m doing the math right. Not, wait. Had to be the 80s, about the time he and Martha were still newlyweds.

“Huh!” She touched the next photo, then straightened it up, when the frame went a little crooked. “They went to the Bahamas. You ever been to the Bahamas?”

“Can’t say I have,” but Olivia, in that bikini. Bent over to hand him a drink, or take it from him. Either way, he’s holding it up, with half a celery stalk sticking out, even though she doesn’t look old enough to drink. “They never had kids of their own.”

“Yeah, he doesn’t want to take any pills for it, like Viagra, Levitra, or Cialis?”

I assume for religious reasons, since they all seem to have a problem with birth control. It never occurred to me that would include the little blue pill, but then it got quiet, a little too quiet. I realized that every time before this one, I always heard them playing in the house, or running around out back when the weather was nice. “I like the beach, and. Maybe you could take me to the beach some time, for spring break?”

“Yeah, all right.” I lied, not really even thinking that far ahead, and also thinking about how it would look. You know, actually going out with a teenager again. Yeah she’s 16, and that’s Technically legal, but Barely Legal. I swallowed, “Where is everyone?”

“Oh, they’re all went, so we can have the house to ourselves.” She took both my hands, and stepped back. Leading me down the hall to the end of the stairs. Backwards, I noticed. Instead of coming down to the front door, as they should be. They came down next to the living room, and the door to the kitchen.

“Uh, I’m a little thirsty, after that workout.”

“Yeah, I’m a little nervous, too” she let go, so I could follow her into the kitchen. “We should have beer, and wine, but if you want a shot of whiskey, he keeps that in the bar, back down the hall.”

“No, that’s okay, I don’t drink.” Any more. “It kills my metabolism.” 15 months sober, to work off my beer gut, but I’m not nervous, really. It’s just like riding a bike, but she got up on a step-stool, and pulled down a wine glass, from the top cabinet.”

“You sure?” I looked up, at a beer glass right next to them. (Golden Hudepohl Beer) it said, in a white circle.

“No, I’m good.”

She hopped down, and bent over the refrigerator. Looking back, I looked up from her hips, and she smiled. “Suit yourself.” she swished her hips a little, so the pleats swung over the backs of her socks. The pale tan of the backs of her knees, where they’d never seen the light of day, or maybe it was just February, and she was dressed for Sunday school, or.

No, she’s 16, so. They don’t still go to Sunday school, as teenagers? I tried to remember, but she likes the beach, and I’m trying to imagine her in a swimsuit. Not a bikini, like Earl’s late wife. He mentioned that, he was a widower for a few years, but she passed in her sleep. So, he remarried, when he was done mourning, and I made a crude joke about never being a Mourning person, but he didn’t laugh.

He just took the check, and slammed the door. She pulled out a drawer with a jangle of silverwear, and held the bottle on the counter. With a weird steel knife, she popped out the cork screw from the back, with a can-opener wrapped around it, and screwed it down into the cork.

I got a glass down, a plastic tumbler, and filled it up with water from the tap. “We got Ice.” She grunted, prying the can-opener against the lip of the bottle, until it came out with a pop.

“No, this is fine.” Same water we got down in the apartments, Artesian water, but not from a hipster bottle. They call it that, because it comes from an Artesian well, and you don’t even have to pump it out. It’s already under pressure from the water table, running down underground from the mountains.

Of course, if they didn’t put that on the label, they could probably bottle it, and sell it for 5 bucks a pop. No one would be any the wiser.

She smacked her lips, and put down the wine glass. On the counter, next to the bottle with the cork back in the neck. “Kah! You won’t tell Earl, that I’m drinking, right?”

“Of course not.” So anyway, I was over at your house, when you’re away, and before I took your daughter’s virginity, she got a glass of wine out of the refrigerator.

I picked it up. [Latron Monestary.] I read. [Trappist Gewürtztreminer] Blue on blue glass, with a big G on the label, like the initial in a nursery rhyme, in gold. I just can’t help thinking that I’m robbing the cradle here, but knowing Earl. All right, yeah he’d probably mind, and judge me for it, but he’s not going to get me arrested for Statch. She’s 16, and the old hypocrite sure likes them young. Even Martha looked like she couldn’t be much more than 16, herself when they got married. Went to the Bahamas for their honeymoon.

“Huh!” She slurped, and put down the glass empty. “Huh!”

I sipped cool minerally artesian well water, while she rinsed out the glass.

“You mind putting this up?”

“Sure,” it had some kind of foam mesh down, so I turned it over, and set it up to drain, between 2 upright glasses, and 6 Hudepohl beer glasses, nested together so the narrow bases were between the wider mouths. He’s got good taste in German Beer, and wine, I guess.

White wine, it turned out, from the dark blue bottle. I’m sure the miner in Gewürtztreminer doesn’t mean that. Maybe it means it’s for iron miners, in Germany, for all I know, but she’s not. Technically a Miner, and she even got her brother to come invite me up for this.

“You want to see our room?”

“Oh, you share a room, with your sister.” I guessed.

“They’re not my sisters, really. I never had one before.”

“That’s why you still call them Earl, and Liv instead of mommy, and.”


“Okay, sorry.”

“No problem,” she skipped up the stairs, with her hair swinging, and her dress swishing over the backs of her white tube socks. Maybe I am a little nervous, because it’s been a while, and she’s young too, but not that young, and willing enough. The wine even seemed to loosen her up, or get her over her shyness. You know what I mean.

“In here,” she held the door open for me. “He renovated, and took some walls out, to make 2 big rooms.”

“This has to be the girl’s room.” I looked around, and she went over to the wall.

“Yeah,” she felt the board he had up, all the way to the beam across the ceiling, where he took the wall out. In between the bunk beds.

“It looks like a dorm, at an orphanage?”

“I wouldn’t know, but, I guess. I’m not an orphan, I got taken away from my.”

“Father?’ I guessed. She shook her head, but then she made a face. Took a deep breath, and went over to plop down on a bottom bunk. “Huh, yeah. I should probably tell you about that. It’s just like a minefield, so you can’t really avoid setting one off, and all this walking on eggshells.”

“He didn’t.”

“No, not really.” She took a deep breath, “Huh, I was the youngest.” she held up 3 fingers, “3 brothers, but when he. Huh!”

“I know this must be hard, but I kinda have to know.”

“I know, but he told them to go out, and play, and then his brothers came over. They let me run around naked, and even encouraged it, but they also set up the sprinkler. In the kiddy pool, and let me play out back while they. Watched me.”


“No, but then when I was good and worn out, they invited me in, to take off my swimsuit, and then they. They masturbated together, looking at me. I was too young to understand what they’re doing at the time. I guess I just liked all the attention, but then. When they got caught, and I went to children’s services. They told me what that was all about, and got me in therapy. And then they found me a nice place to live, until I’m old enough to start my own life, so I came here.”

“That’s. Really sick.”

“I know, but I’m over it, and now I just want to get on with a normal sex life. I’m sixteen, and I can’t believe you’re really here, in my room with me. So, uhm.”

“Yeah, uh. I don’t want to, do anything to you. So, I’ll just let you tell me what you want. If you can.”

“I want to see your body, your whole body up close. So, you think you could start with your shirt?”

“Yeah.” I pulled it up, and her eyes went right to my abs. She smiled, and started touching her lips again. Feeling back, and forth, and smiling, with that dirty little grin. Her dark thin lips still held tight over her braces, and I hoped that she wouldn’t scrap them if she wanted to suck it.

“Huh, I better take this off, but you’re not even hard yet? I.” She stopped, and left the straps down, but held the front of the dress up, over her blouse. With one hand, she squeezed the side of her chest, but she reached out with the other. Almost touching my abs, she looked up, and then got a self conscious giggle, shaking her head.

“You want to feel them?” I took her hand, and held it up. “Go ahead. It’s okay.”

She looked away, but pushed, hard enough for me to let her go, and touch my tummy. “Huh!” She rubbed it, then looked back sideways. Her cheeks so dark, they even showed a little red though the dark tan she always had on her face. The backs of her hands, her fingertips tracing the line of definition over, then down to tickle my navel with her middle finger.

“Huh!” She snatched her hand back, and looked up, but her thin lips were smiling so hard, they pulled back a little over her braces. “It’s not as hard as it looks, but it’s firm, and i love the way it ripples, when you flex it.”

I nodded, unbuttoning her sleeve, and noticed the tan line, from her cuff. So, she does tan, she just starts out a slightly deeper shade of flesh tone. Not a bit of pink in it, and she even had tiny black hairs on the backs of her arms, but not a lot of them.

Then, she stood up, and felt up to my chest. Let go of her blouse, so the loose top of her dress fell down, then she spread her hands out over my chest. Feeling my pecs, and taking a long ragged breath.

“Oh, huh!” She felt my nipples, and rubbed one hard between her too fingers, then she leaned over. Licking her lips, and planted a peck on the left one. Her hand stopped playing with the right, but then she stuck her tongue out flat, and wiped it up until it got to the tip, then flicked it up, and down, and kissed it. Sucked it, and started feeling down my ribs.

My sides, and hips, then around to grab my glutes, and pulled me in. “Huh, god you’ve got such a hard butt.” I jumped when she slapped them with both hands, then looked up. “Oh, sorry?” She stepped back, shaking her head.

“Oh, no. It just surprised me, but.” I turned around, looking back over my shoulder, I stuck it out, and shook my hips.

“Oh, my god, your back.” She dug her fingers into the sides of my deltoids, and rubbed circles in the back with her thumbs. “Huh, this has got to be my favorite part.” She kissed my spine, and started licking up it, breathing heavily. “So far.” She felt around the front, and hugged me. “I can’t decide, whether I like your back, or the front better, there’s just so much muscle all over, huh! God, you’re so hot.”

“You too.”

She let go. “Oh, I better take this off.” By the time I turned around, she was already shaking her hips out of her dress. Still buttoned up, the top one stretched to get over them, but even with the baggy modest clothes. I guess her foster family made her wear, or maybe the way her father, and uncles encouraged her to run around naked made her so shy?

I don’t know, but those sure were womanly hips. She reached up to her collar, and unbuttoned it enough to pull it out. Looking down, she sniffed, smelling inside it. “Phew! Huh, I’m super sweaty.” She pulled it up, and over, so her hair flopped down behind her, then swung over her shoulders, and bra straps.

“You like?” She looked back, swinging her hair out of the way with a shake of her head, and reaching back to unhook her bra strap.

“I like you, all of you, but I’m not really a tits man. I love your hips.” I felt them, and she finally let the plain withe cups loose to swing free. I felt the bones in her hips, with my thumbs. “Nice wide childbearing hips.”

“Huh!” She stepped back, pulling the straps off her arms to drop the bra on the bed. “Yeah? I don’t want to get pregnant right away, so you got a rubber?”

“Oh, no. I huh! Honestly, I never really liked them.”


Rani (fM)

Well, of course Mr. Odgen doesn’t have any need for birth control any more. He had kids with his first wife, but his second, Liv. She’s practically a nun, but he still likes the way she looks.

I don’t know, it’s weird but to hear her tell it, she loves his big heart. I know, it’s sappy, and what with my birthday, I never really was one of those pink heart girls. I guess his friend was right, I can’t imagine having an even worse birthday then Valentines, but he probably got to open his presents a day early, so there’s that.

“Huh, I’ve never been with, or even really seen a latina naked.”

“Oh!” I shook my head, “No, I’m Indian. Well, my mom was from Mumbai. Still is, so that makes me half Indian.”

“Mumbai, India?”

“Yeah, so you’re saying, how much you like my hips?” I shook them to draw his eyes, but it’s not that I’m. Well, let’s just say not as busty as some of the other girls in my grade.

“Huh, yeah. It’s just your tan.” He felt my neck, and up to my face, so my eye lids got heavy, and I didn’t know which way to turn. Which hand to nuzzle until I felt his breath on my chin, and his lips on mine.

“Huh!” His elbows brushed my nipples when I pulled my hips up to hump him. I stopped, as soon as I realized what I was doing, and I wouldn’t make it. Even up on my tippy toes, I pulled him around, and switched sides with him.

“No, don’t sit down yet.” I bent over, and stuck my thumbs in his waistband. I had to twist my head, and stick my tongue out to lick the tight knot of his belly button, sideways. I found the drawstring in front, and pulled them out to feel the strings out to the loose ends. “Smooch, I love this too.” Then, I looked down to watch the loops slowly pull through the tight bow, like I was unwrapping a present, and my wide eyes filled with the sight of it sticking out the pant leg. “I love all of it, your whole gorgeous body, but this.”

I pulled them down slowly. Just to savor the sight of his curly hairs. His dark curly brown hair, I blinked, and shook my head. Looked up at his eyebrows, and then his roots. Nope, he must have dyed those too, but I just assumed that he was a natural blonde, until I saw his pubic hairs.

“You like what you see?”

“Huh!” Right, I nodded, and looked down. “Yeah,” I had to lick up a little drool running down my chin from the corner of my mouth, but I only had to pull them down. Well, not even half a foot, before it sprang up, and bounced under my chin. “Huh, yeah. I hope, it’s not, too big.”

He’s a guy, and I don’t want to hurt his feelings, but he’s also. Well, I don’t want to say vain, but. He does put a lot of work into looking good, and it shows, but. I guess I just imagined something more. Like, you know. One of those guys, in porn, or showing off their dicks on the internet?

Not that he has, anything to be ashamed of, he’s just proud of his body, and damn it. You’re sixteen, who the hell are you to judge dick size? He didn’t judge you for being, well. He was polite about it, at least, but obviously disappointed. I shook all that out of my head, and felt how warm it was.

It swelled when I squeezed it, and I guess maybe I gripped it a little too hard, or too long, so the blood pumped in, and made the veins pop out for me to rub with my thumbs. “Hn, yeah. Hihihihn! Oh yeah, it’s. Plenty.”

He smiled down at me, and shook his head. “Just be careful with your braces.”

“Huh, snh?” He smelled sweaty, and manly. Felt meaty on my tongue, but I just licked it all over. To get all the salty sweat, and meaty flavor on my tongue, and then I felt his balls. His hairy balls, and I licked those too, but I didn’t suck them. I don’t know if I really wanted to, but I felt up his hips, and gave him a little push.

“Huh, you better sit down, and.” I picked up his foot. “Let me take these off.” He double knotted his laces, for running, but then he said.

“They slip right off, so you don’t have to untie them.” So, I pulled them off, and then his sweat pants, so I could see his legs, and feel his muscles. Especially the big boxy ones in the calfs, but again. They’re not hard, or at least not as hard as you’d think from the way they look. They’re firm, and meaty, though.

That’s what he is, big, warm, firm, and meaty all over, but I’m still torn between his rippling midriff, and all the neat little dips, and ridges in his back. I could probably spend all day, if not years, just exploring all the lines, and muscles in his back, but it’s a little too much. Then I felt up past his knees, and his thick thighs.

“Huh, you shave your legs?” The stubble there. Then, I looked at his forearms, and his arm pit. “Your whole body.” i giggled, “Except for this. These, huh!” I just went back to his crotch. His warm hairy smelly crotch, and breathed it in. Rubbing it all over my face, and my cheek on his ball bag. Kissing them one by one when they brushed past my lips. “Huh, why?”

“I don’t know, I’m a little hairy, so. I guess it just makes it easier to see what I’m doing in the mirror.”

Okay, so he is vain, but he’s got something to be proud of. he’s a bodybuilder, and he works hard to get this, magnificent body, I just wish he was a little harrier, but he didn’t shave it all off. He left some for me, where it counts. “Huh, you really should bleach your pubes too, so they match.”

“What?” His tummy tightened, and rippled, when he laughed. “Oh, huhahah! No, I don’t bleach my hair, it just get’s more sun is all.”


“My dad was blond, he’s Danish.”

“Uh huh?”

“But my mom was a Brunette.”

“Yeah, mine too, except my dad had brown hair, like this.” I felt it, and he made a face. “What? Oh, no. That? I didn’t mean on his wiener. I mean yeah, he didn’t shave his either, and neither did his brothers, but I mean on his head. It just didn’t get lighter from the sun.”

“Huh, well.” I went back to grip his boner, before it got any softer, and squeezed some more blood back in. “If you say you’re over it, then. I guess you’re over it, but do you think that’s what made you.”

“What, attracted to you? No, I just don’t want to call you daddy or uncle. I probably shouldn’t sit in your lap either, so why don’t you lay down?”

“Okay,” he pulled his legs up, and turned around.

“Better yet, turn over so I can feel your back, and.” Straddle his butt. Sit on it, and rub my panties up against it, while I explore all his muscles with my fingers.

“Hm.” He put his arms up, and turned his head. “That feels good. You take classes on massage, or anything?”

“No, i just love to feel your muscles, and all the cuts in them?”

He nodded, “Definition?”

“Yeah, definition. It just sounds so schooly, like a vocabulary word, and you know.”

“Their definitions?”

I laughed, “Yeah.”

“Well, if you want to take it slow, that’s great, but could you take the weight off my hips real quick?”

“Oh, yeah.” I got up on my knees, so he could arch his back, and reach down to adjust something.

“Huh!” I twisted around to feel down between his legs. His balls, and my hips started humping again. All on their own, but I just let them go, and do their own thing. “Hhuh yeah. Hhuh yeah.” Rubbing the crotch of my panties hard into the small of his back. “Turn over.” I had to stick my hands in the bock spring, and put my leg up, while he rolled over, but there it was. Just as hard as I ever saw it, so I sat down, and scooched around to work the cotton in, and split my sex on his boner. “Huh!” I bumped my clitty right away, and my eyes fluttered shut. “Huh, uhn!” My hips did their own thing, but then his thumbs touched them. My hip bones again, but instead of rubbing them, he dug them in, and started pushing down on my legs. “Huh yeah, uh huh. Yeah uh!”

“Huh, hump it, hump it just as hard as you can, but slow down.”

“Huh?” I looked down, and let go of the slat holding the box spring.

“Not too fast, just slow down a little.”

“Hhuh!” I put my hands down, and felt his flat chest. The hard slabs of muscle, but he had ribs under there, so they’re more like flat steak, or maybe rib eye beef? I don’t know if he has the same cuts of meat as beef, but he’s a stud, and even though he told me to slow down, my hips won’t stop, and he’s trying to hold me back for some reason, but even his big strong hands are overpowered by my lust, and I feel his arms.

Up his thick shaved arms, without any stubble, so he must have shaved them ore recently, but I figured that if i put his hands on my chest, he can’t hold me back, and they feel so hot on my tits, I can almost imagine my nipples popping right off, and landing on his chest.

“Oh, ah ah Ha HAH! Nhm?”

“Hn!” he breathed out through his nose, and took a deep breath.

“HhuhHhuh!” My tummy tightened, and I wished I could breathe enough to giggle, but then my ears started roaring. Like they do sometimes when I’m yawing, but I just slipped down his thighs, and lay my head on his chest, until I could breathe, almost normally. “HhuhHhuhH!” I felt hip his ribs, spreading apart, then coming together, listening to him breathe.

“HhuhHhuh! Smooch!”

“I’m sorry.”

“What for?” I shook my head, and rolled over. I slipped a little, and looked down, to see what was wet on his body. “Oh.” I laughed. “It’s okay.” I felt it, and wiped a little out of the definition, right up the middle. “Huh, I guess I’m a little sorry I missed it, but. Huh, that was amazing. Better than I even imagined.”

“Huh!” He patted my back? Like, you know when you hug someone, politely, and they pat your back, because you don’t know what to do with your arms. I guess, that’s why I always did it, but it’s awkward.

Yeah, like that. “I just feel like, we shouldn’t have done that. I feel a little guilty.”

“Well don’t. If anything, I took advantage of you, and if you’re going to be like this, every time.”

“No, I don’t think we should, ever again.”


“Oh, come on, don’t cry. I’m old enough to be your father, in fact. I have a son that’s a year older than you, and a fifteen year old daughter. As much as I hate to admit it, I know how I’d feel if she was having sex with a man twice her age. My age.”

“So, you’re 32?”

“No, thirty six, but that’s even more than twice your age, and I have to look your. Foster father in the eye.”

“He’s not my father, and he’s nothing like my father. He’s a good man, and so are you. You’re not anything like him either.”

“But you’re damaged goods.”

“Urgh! I’m not just some, thrown out piece of trash like the couch you fished out of the dumpster. I’m a human being! A teenage girl, with feelings, and sexual needs, and you’re the hottest guy in the whole damned complex. You know it, and I know it, so don’t get all sorry, and feel bad for giving me what I” I beat my chest “Wanted. Don’t deny me now, when I still haven’t gotten all that I want, and I know you want it too.”


“Sex, damnit! Real sex, not just a dry hump on the bunkbeds, I want you. I want your penis inside me, and as soon as you buy some rubbers. I don’t fucking care if you like them or not, there’s no way I can get on birth control in this house, but you can’t just tease me like this for years, and then leave me with a broken heart. It’s not fair to me.”

“All right, okay, I’m sorry. Calm down, I didn’t mean it like that, I just. Don’t you think you could wait, a little longer? You’ve already waited for what.”

“A year, and a half, maybe?”

“Yeah, since I moved in?”

“Yeah, but it wasn’t really until you lost all that weight, and. Stopped dating. I guess. You looked so lonely, and then you started working out, and I guess.”

I looked over at the window, the little box between the bookshelves, and the padded seat where you could sit, and look out. Or, I could hold my head up, with my knees on the floor, and get my fingers in my panties when I had the room to myself.

“Huh! I guess you’re right. I waited until I’m sixteen, but how long do I have to wait now, to get you in bed again?”

“Well, when’s spring break?”

“Huh!” I looked up in his eyes, and they smiled, before he bent down, and kissed me.

“Smooch. Maybe, I can ask my oldest, if they want to go to the beach, for spring break. I’ll have them for the whole week, but they’ll probably run off to leave us alone together. Okay?”

“Oh, yes. I’d love that.”

“You have a swimsuit.”

“Yeah, but just a one piece, with a modesty skirt, and a ruff around the neck.” It’s practically a dress.

“Well, what size do you wear? I’ll buy you a nice bikini, while I’m out buying rubbers.”

“Well, I better come with you, and try them on. It’s a little tricky finding one that fits me, with my small bust, and wide hips. So, we’ll probably have to mix, and match the top, and bottoms.”

“Okay,” he finished getting dressed, but his muscle shirt with the sleeves ripped off, stuck to his abs. “It’s a date then.”

“Huh! yeah.” I have a date with him! Wait until the girls hear about this! They’ll be so jealous, but I’m the oldest, so I got to him first!

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