Made me gay

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First, I’m not gay. I’m a straight male of 19 years old. The story I’m sharing started on my 19th birthday.

It was my birthday and I share it with Jeremy. Jeremy is a friend of mine. He was making 20. Their family is a rich one and I don’t mean mine is broke, but middle income earners, my dad being a city trade, my mom working with him. As the state was, I couldn’t organize a birthday party. The good news was, Jeremy invited me to his. We had lots of fun. However, what happened after the party is why I’m telling this story.

It was late and going back home was a security risk. Jeremy’s parents are so cool or maybe they were only to me. They suggested I stay the night and set of early tommorow for my safety’s sake. I bought it right away. As Jeremy was saying “see you’s” to the other guests and friends outside, his mom was briefing me of how I can make myself comfortable on my stay. Showing me the room I’ll use, the bathrooms and stuff like that. A little bit tired, I went straight to the bathroom to take a shower and from there I got to the bed to rest. Just when I was about to catch a sleep, I heard a message alert. It was Jeremy asking if I reached safe. It seems he had no idea I was staying at their home the night. “You’re crazy, boy. I have a room in your father’s house.” That was what I replied. Barely a minute later, I heard the sound of the door of my room open and the same sound again, I think I was now closing. It was Jeremy. I got to know when he turned on the dimmest of the lamps on the side of the bed. “Hey, mate”, he said with a light smile. I was surprised how he knew where I was and that exactly how I looked. “I knew you were in the visitors room, don’t think I got some magic or something” All along I hadn’t noticed he was completely naked. I thought he was only shirtless. Myself, I usually sleep nude on hot nights. “Dude, you’re nude? You’re crazy” it was disgusting to me seeing a male almost as old as I nude. “It’s just too hot”, he said as he turned on the fan on the other side of the bed. In the process, his chest and right arm laid across my chest to reach the power switch and what a weight it was on me.

I didn’t understand this, but after turning on the fan, Jeremy just laid himself on top of me. I felt his dick poke the inside of my thigh. Puzzled and with panic I asked, “Jeremy, what are you doing”. He stayed quiet as he opened the bedcover and here he was at my naked self. After what felt like 20 seconds of silence, he whispered in my ear, “We should have some fun on our birthday. Just you and I tonight” and kissed me on the neck” I knew he was about what I had heard of so much before as homosexual. I wasn’t gay and I thought Jeremy too wasn’t but how could he tell me he wasn’t with what he was doing and trying to? I tried to resist but he was much stronger than me and I was worried about anyone else being called by noises of a physical struggle and I can’t say I resisted too long. He run his hand on me as soon as I eased. He did it while kissing my neck to a point where it felt good.

I think he sensed I was starting to like it so he said, “Thanks, Moris. You’ll like it, trust me”. “Jeremy, I’m not gay. Let me go” . He resignedly begged, “I just wanna fuck you once, please let me” I was double shocked and tried even harder letting him off me and I somehow succeeded. I got at the door while still was on the bed but couldn’t go out ’cause I was nude. “I wasn’t trying to force you”, he said. I could understand, he was just trying to force me get in the mood. I asked him to send me my clothes so I could get out. He got hold of them and said he was dying to fuck me and he begged again. I felt the vulnerability in his voice when he begged.

Here, I decided to help him. I went to the bed and sat. I said, “I can only be involved in what you want not all the steps like you would want it. I thought I could bear being penetrated but kissing, blowjob, I just couldn’t. There’s a feeling of disgust that I couldn’t hold back imagination kissed by another male. Even the anal sex offer was out of so much sympathy for Jeremy. This dude was so hungry to fuck me, he accepted the offer. Meaning he would just fuck me right away. His dick was hard asf.

He pulled me over to him and asked me to get on my knees and put my hands on the bed which I did. At this time, my heart was racing. I rubbed his dick up and down my asshole. The feeling was a bit nice but the panic in me was taking it away. A few seconds later, Jeremy busted into cum. He pushed me down and got me laying flat on my belly. Loads of cum were shot between my ass cheeks. I was warm. After emptying his dick, he played with by ass cheeks apart and together. It felt so good that my dick got a little hard. He then pulled me by the waist up getting me on all fours again the started rubbing his dick against my buthole. I grew intense and liking it more.

What followed was his dick sliding into my asshole. My asshole was so lubricated by Jeremy’s cum so the friction was not even a little. My asshole was so tight ’cause I had never been fucked. I felt so much pain down there. Jeremy must have anticipates I would scream so loud at first so pressed his hand on my lips. He went like and 2 inches in and withdrew from my asshole. He then pushed in genlty and slowly back in again. This time all the 7 inches were inside me. I felt fulfilment when he shoved it in and screamed a little more. He started pumping me for about 5 minutes before be started cumming again. All the hot cum was shot in my ass. The pleasure was getting too much and I liked it. He then told me to lay on my back. He stuck his dick into my wet asshole when I spread my legs open. He lay his body on me and fucked me a moderate tempo. His weight on me was a good feeling and his fucking a better one. He fucked in this position for about 20 minutes and cummed again. This time after cumming, he fell beside me and I knew he was out.

I loved the whole session of being fucked by Jeremy. I even regretted having made him beg that much. In the morning, I had to go back home. Jeremy has been texting me more frequently and he always wanted to talk about that night. Ever since then, we have met privately with Jeremy and he’s fucked me more than 10 times now. And as of now, I’m waiting to be fucked again

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    Hot! Did you ever fuck jeremy ? I had a simalir experience only i found he had 8 1/2″, i was 16 virgin, he pinned me face down and the first load was in my ass ball deep, so was the second load. I felt knocked up he reemed my ass! He told me i better come back the next night if i want it to stay a secret. He fucked me couple times a yr for 30 sum yrs. Never fucked him once