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In my pants

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I girl finds out who’s been getting into her underwear drawer, and why.

I thought, maybe somebody was getting into my underwear, but I had no idea who. For one thing, the only man in the house was my dad, and for another, he didn’t get in my dirty laundry, I don’t think? Well, it’s not like I folded up my clothes in the basket, but in the morning, when I got up, or sometimes when I took a bath before I went to bed.

Sometimes, they were out of place, and I’m not OCD about it or anything, but mommy always did the laundry with me, and she showed me how to pull my undies out straight. So they stacked up neatly, and I could put them all in the drawer at once.

With my socks, those were rolled up in balls together, so I didn’t have to search for a pair that matched, but it was kinda creepy. You know, thinking that somebody was coming in, and sniffing my underwear, maybe rubbing it on his face, or her’s?

No, my sister wasn’t queer like that, and besides, she had a boyfriend. She was supposed to watch me after school, but then they started kicking me out, to go play with my friends. So they could make out, but then when I got there, I had my head full of thoughts about bras, and having him take them off, because all I had was training bras, and they didn’t buckle in the back.

I just pulled them on, and off over my head, but that was to get me ready for wearing a real one, when I had something to hold in them, and it was warm, I think? I didn’t know that ment that I was getting horny, because it was like layering up, when it gets cold, and it was winter.

So, before Greg showed up, I pulled on an extra sweatshirt, and a jacket, but I didn’t bother with gloves, and mittens. I just stuck my hands in my pocket, and went around to see who else was home, and done with her homework.

It turned out that Kealsea was done with her homework, but she wanted to go out to play, and just put on a jacket. Then, she got cold, and stuck her hands in her armpits, because her jacket didn’t have pockets, and neither did her dress. “Aren’t you cold?”

“No, I think I layered up too much, so you want to borrow my jacket?” She couldn’t fit it on over her sleeves, so she just tied it on over her dress, and tights. She had on tights too, but we wound up going back to my place, to see if Gabby and Greg were done making out. Sure enough, my big sister was taking a nap on the couch, but her hair was messed up, and she had a great big grin on her face. Her top was unbuttoned, and we could even see her bra pushed up under it, so we knew for sure what she was doing.

We tried to keep our giggles down, and went back to my room, but I thought for sure that Greg left. I sure didn’t expect to find him in my room, twisted around to look over his shoulder at his butt in the mirror, and rubbing it with both hands, through the seat of my panties.

“Oh my god. Mhnhih!”

“Oh shit, uh.” He tried to cover it up, too late, and bent down to pick up his pants. Hold it over his crotch, and the front of my white cotton panties, with the red hearts, and a pink bow tied in the ribbon around the waistband, sewed with a stitch so it didn’t pull out.

“It’s too late,” I pointed, and heard the door close, quietly. Not too quietly to hear, but she didn’t slam it loud enough to wake up Gabrielle, passed out on the couch. “So you’re the one that’s been getting into my underwear drawer.”

I didn’t think that he did it to put them on, but before he stopped rubbing his butt, I saw his privates bulging out the front, and even a little sticking out the sides, but his balls didn’t fall out. Just a little wrinkle of scrotum skin, but I was already pretty horny, and just realized that’s why I was so hot this afternoon.

‘Does her sister know you’re gay?’ Kelly kept her voice down.

“No, oh no. I’m not.” He bent over, but held his pants up, to cover his crotch while he pulled my undies down, but I still got to see his butt in the mirror. It wasn’t the first time, I caught him with his pants down, but after I caught Gabby giving him head, that’s when she started kicking me out for privacy.

You know, now that I think about it, that’s about the same time that I started noticing my underwear. Just the top pair, put back, but not as carefully as I would, when I stacked them up fresh from the drier.

“Huh, I just like them. Girl’s underwear, but Gabbie’s don’t fit me any more. Her hips are too big, so they’re loose, and slip down. Huh, I love her, but she doesn’t know, and you won’t tell her?”

“No,” I thought, “I don’t know. You know, you really shouldn’t be sneaking into little girl’s rooms, to go through my things, and. Huh.”

Looking so sexy, in my underwear. They weren’t my favorite pair, honestly. I didn’t really have any, I just picked the top ones off the stack, but then again, I never saw anyone else wearing them. Let alone Greg, who I’d thought about, a lot. All the stuff he might be doing with my big sister, and the kind of stuff I wanted to do, once I got a boyfriend, but you know. I always imagined a boy just like Greg?

“Yeah, me too.” I forgot about Kealsea even being in there, “I could tell, but I won’t, if you show me your boner.”


“Sh! You don’t want your sister to wake up, and catch us in your room with her boyfriend, naked!”

“Uh, I’m sorry, but. It might take a little while, to get it up again.”

“Ohm!” My goodness! I looked over, and Kelly had her hands up over her chin, but instead of giggling through her fingers, she just grinned, and felt her lips. Her cheeks were red hot, and I realized, my lips were swollen too?

I didn’t know that, honestly, it was the first time truly being horny, for both of us. Yeah, we thought about boys, and the kinds of things girls do with them, when they get boyfriends, but it was just like. You know when you try to imagine what you’ll do when you grow up, for a job, and stuff? Or what kinda house you’ll have, or car you’ll drive, and how many kids? What they’ll look like, boys, or girls, and playing M.A.S.H. instead of Fuck/Marry/Kill, because honestly, that’s what girls like us did in 4th, and 5th grade.

Well, this wasn’t some square folded up like origamy, so you could pick a number, and find out if you’d live in a Mansion, Apartment, Shack, or House. Instead of a trailer, because we lived in the same trailer park. So, we just wound up hanging out after school, when my sister kicked me out, to do it with her boyfriend, so he could get int my underwear while she was passed out satisfied on the couch.

“Uh,” He squeezed his eyes shut, and tried to pull it hard, for Kealea. “I can’t.” He blinked, then jumped when we heard the bathroom door swing shut.

“Sh!” I shook my head, and whispered. ‘it’s just the bathroom,’ I looked over at the alarm clock, by my bed, but it was still too early for dad to even pick mom up from work.

Then, we heard the toilet seat go down, and then a little later, she flushed, and then she started the shower, to get undressed.

“Huh!” he sat down on my bed. “I can’t do this, but you promise you won’t tell? I could get in a lot of trouble, and maybe even get arrested.”

“Well, I won’t tell,” I looked at Kealsea, “If you don’t tell, and it’s my underwear anyway. So, if anybody gets to chose whether or not to call the cops, it’s me.”

“Well,” she got a dirty little grin, and didn’t take her eyes off his lap the whole time, but he tucked them in, and held his knees together., so all we could see was the triangle of hairs sticking out. “Huh, I have an idea.” She pulled her dress up in back, and bent over to slide her tights down her legs. “I bet these are stretchy enough to fit, if you want to try them on.”

“Ooh, yeah!” I jumped, and ran over to the closet. “I bet. Uhm.” I looked over the hangers, and switched them back and forth, to find them. “This might be loose enough to fit you.” I picked my biggest baggiest sun-dress, with the stretchy tube top, and spaghetti straps. So I thought maybe his big broad shoulders, and thick muscley arms would fit. “Try it on.”

“Yeah, if she comes in when she’s done in the shower, we can just say we talked you into playing dressup. You have any makeup?”

“Of course not, I’m a guy.”

“No, not you.”

“No, but Gabby has some right here.” I dug back behind her shoe boxes, under her bed to get out the tackle box, with the mirror glued in the lid, and the trays full of makeup stuff. “You can keep those, red heart panties if you like, them. So much.” I didn’t turn my head, but I bit my lip, and watched him through the mirror in the lid.

“Huh yeah. Thanks, they’re my favorite. You’re really cool about all this?”

“Sh!” We stopped, and froze when Gabby turned the water off. Then, the shower curtain pulled open, and we both got the giggles bad, while he pulled on the peach sundress, and stretched it over his flat chest. I was wrong, it was still too tight, but speaking of which. Once he had it over his lap, he could keep his junk covered, and started turning Kealsea’s tights right side out.

I picked up my panties, well. His panties now, and they were still warm. I almost rubbed them on my cheek, and sniffed them. Iif Kelly hadn’t been there, I know I would have, but instead, I threw them. ‘here, put them on quick.”

Then, we relaxed a little, when we heard the hair drier, across the hall. So, we didn’t have to keep our voices down so much.

“Huh!” He sighed? I think, I don’t know, but he sure let out a deep breath, and smiled. Almost pretty, sticking out his toes, and slipping the stretchy white fabric over his hairy legs. “Oh,” he looked up, “They’re still warm.”

“Huh!” Kelly’s head bumped up against the door, and her eyes drooped, sleepily, but she was breathing real hard, and rubbing the skirt of her dress between her legs.

Then he stood up, and said, “Well.” He held up the front of my dress, and showed us both his crotch. The big hard bulge in the front, so we broke down into hysterical giggles until the hair drier stopped.

So, I hurried to find some lipstick quick, and threw Kelly a bottle of nail polish, so we could start making him up before Gabby got finished, and came in, wearing a towel.

“Oh, you’re still here.” We both giggled, and I managed to say “Doesn’t he look pretty?”

She just shook her head, and said “Get out, let me have some privacy, so I can get dressed.”

“Meah,” Greg wiped off his mouth, “I better go, too.” He grabbed his pants, and took them in the bathroom to change, but we waited out in the living room. Whispering excitedly, and giggling, since we just saw our first real live hardon. Even though he wasn’t hard for us, either of us, the fact that he was wearing her tights, over my panties, or his since I’d given them to him, and they were still warm from wearing them. Well, his panties, from him wearing them, and the glimpse of bare wrinkly scrotum I got to see sticking out the sides.

Then, he came out, a long time later with just his pants on, but Kelly pointed, and we both saw her tights still stretched over his feet. He grabbed his boots from by the door, and shook his head. Grinning self consciously, and a little guilty, but he asked ‘you don’t wan them back?’

“No, it’s okay, you can keep them.” Then my sister came out.

“How do I look?” She put her hand up, on the corner of the hall, and her knee up next to her, to show off her legs. She’s proud of her long legs, but that just reminded me of him pulling on Kelly’s tights, and getting a boner again, with his hairy boy legs, and the hairs even showed through the tight white spandex.

“I thought I told you to take off!”

“Okay!” We grabbed our coats, and shoes.

“You look great.”

“Thanks, you want to go out?”

“Okay, you hungry?”

“Yeah,” she made a mean face at me, and pointed. “I’ll go eat out at Kelly’s.”

She laughed so hard, you’d think I tickled her, but then we pulled on our purses, and left.

“You’re not cold again, without your tights? You can borrow my jacket again, if you’re cold.”

“Oh no. I’m hot. So, what do you want to eat, out at.” She couldn’t keep a straight face, and broke down laughing again.

“Oh you know. I’m sure we’ll find something.”

In her panties, I hoped.


Greg (mf TV)

I know, I should have told her, and I wanted to, but I just couldn’t think of the right words, and how can you even start a conversation, about that?

I even hoped that she would walk in on me, in her underwear, and find it as sexy on my as I do. But then, we hit puberty, and she started getting to broad in the hips.

I’m not complaining about that, but that ment she got bigger underwear, and I wore out her old ones. The ones she left over at my house, or in the back seat of a car, because she was too dirty and wet to pull them on again.

I washed my hands, after I finished in the bathroom, so there was no use smelling my fingers again, but honestly, I liked it better when she kept them on, and just let me rub them in under her skirt, or with my hand down her pants.

Is that weird? I know, it’s pretty sick, especially when I found out her little sister was old enough that her underwear almost fit. Almost, but that just made them so tight, and usually Gabby just went right to the bathroom to douche, and piss.

This time she passed out, so I had more than a minute to grab a pair quick, and I knew she would start to notice that they were disappearing. At first, she just had plain white ones, without even the double layer in the crotch, so I knew she hadn’t gotten her period yet.

“You’re quiet,” Gabby hugged me. “So where do you want to go, to eat?”

“Uh,” I got out my wallet, and checked the bills. “How about Taco Bell, I don’t have much money yet.”

“Yeah, it’s cheap, and filling.” She hugged me. “What’s on your mind?”

“Uh,” I didn’t want to say, but I never wore them out. I mean, of course, the elastic snaps eventually, I can’t help getting rough with them, but now it’s starting to cut into my legs, around my butt cheeks, and the tight. Well, tights, of course they’re tight, especially since I got them from Kelly, and maybe she’s a little older, I don’t really know. She is a little taller, and I didn’t even get to see under her dress when she pulled them off, which is probably a good thing, because I’m here with my girlfriend, and I shouldn’t even be thinking about other girls, let alone her little sister’s friend’s underwear.

When I’m wearing her tights, and the crotch feels like the only thing keeping my balls from squeezing out the tight crotch of the panties. “Just a sec.” Right inside the door, there’s another door, but there’s a corner that’s not all glass. So I can adjust, before it gets really hard, all twisted up like that. “Huh!”

“I’m just going to order real quick. You want something?”

“Yeah, no. I’m not hungry, you go right ahead.”

She just stood there, holding the door, and her hand out.

“Oh yeah.” I pulled out the $5, and the ones, “Here. Can you get me a drink?”

She flipped through them. “Yeah, I think this’ll get a combo, so we can share a cup.” She let the door swing shut, with us both in there, so the loud dining room went quiet, and got up on her tippy toes to kiss me. “You sure recovered quickly, how long was I out?”

“Uh, I can wait.”

“I know.” She looked back, over her shoulder, and patted my crotch. Before she turned, and went in through the door. Instead of going into the restroom, I saved it, and got a booth. She payed, and dropped the tray off with my change.

“Pepsi all right?”

“Better make it Sierra Mist, it’s late, and I don’t need the caffeine.”

That did it, for now. The boring small talk, about food gave me a chance for the swelling to go down, but now sitting like this. “Gabby, huh. I need to tell you something, I.” Swallowed, or tried to, but my throat was dry. So when she came back, I gulped down half the drink, and got up to refill it.

I. I’m a transvestite. It’s not gay, I don’t think. I don’t like any other guys, and even thinking about them dressing up in girl’s underwear. There, that helps. A big fat hairy guy, stretching out a tiny pair of panties so they’re about to burst at the seams.

I’m lucky the girls didn’t ask too many questions either, because I just don’t have any answers. They’re sexy, all right? I feel sexy, and my butt even looks pretty sexy in a tight pair of cotton panties, but that doesn’t mean that I want to bend over for some dude, and take it up the butt.

“Huh, thangsh!” She sucked the straw, and gulped down nachos, then dug back in the box.

“Uh, Gabby. Gabrielle?”


She stopped, chewing a chip.

“Uh, you got a little. Cheese right here.” I pointed, and she licked the corner of her mouth. “No,” I switched over to the other side. She licked it up, and smiled.

“Thanks.” Picked up the napkin. “I know, I’m a messy eater.”

“Huh, I love you.”

“Huh! Oh!” She reached across the table, and pushed the tray out of the way to hold my hand. “I love you too, but thanks for saying it.”

“Huh, I. Love your. Well, the way you eat. I mean, you know how some girls are fake, and just get a salad, to poke with a fork, but then they get home and scarf down a pint of Ben, and Jerrys?”

She smiled, and chewed. Shook her head, and took another drink to wash it down. “No? Not really, I mean. I heard that too, but you know?” She looked up, and shook her head, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen that, except in movies. Maybe that’s a myth?”

“Yeah, huh. I guess that must be it, just some Hollywood stereotype, and sexist. I’m sorry.”

“Oh, no problem, but you know what I love?” I shook my head, “About you, you really care about my feelings, and you know I’m not like. Those feminist girls, but still. It’s nice to be with a boy that actually pays attention, and cares out how I feel about stuff.” She picked up a chip, and looked at it. “That’s why I don’t mind eating in front of you, because I know it doesn’t bother you, you know?”

“Huh, yeah.” I picked up the soda, and drained it down to the ice, mostly for an excuse to go fill it up again, and then went into take the panties off. They’re too tight, so tight they started really hurting, and though that’s good for not getting another boner in public.

I can’t believe that. That Kelly girl, even wanted to see my boner, let alone threatened to bust me if I couldn’t get it up, but. She let me keep her tights, and I guess they’re tight enough to keep everything in place.

Oh, man. I forgot my underwear, on the bathroom floor, and it’s funny since I was always the one that made sure to pick up after Gabby. So, I could wash her panties, and put them on, but I just fixed up my pants, and looked around for somewhere to stick the undies. “Uh. Shit.” I don’t want to throw them out, especially here where some Mexican.

No, that sounds racist, but even if it’s a white guy, or a black one, it doesn’t matter. She said I can keep them, and I don’t want to just leave them in a men’s room, for some guy to find, and what if the manager calls the cops thinking that some child molest.


I’m not. Well, I didn’t, you know, they made me do it, and it’s not like I flashed them, really. I know how it looks, and no matter how I try to say it, I have to admit that I did. Pull up her dress, okay she wasn’t wearing it, I was, but. “Huh!” I don’t even feel guilty, and why didn’t I feel guilty at the time?

They thought it was funny, they just laughed, and we didn’t go any farther then that, but what was I doing in their room in the first place? Well, if they talk to them, they said they wouldn’t tell, but isn’t that what dirty old men tell little girls? It’ll be our little secret?

I have to get out of here, before Gabby tries to get in my pants again, and she’s my girlfriend, but she’s going to find her little sister’s underwear in my pocket, and.

“Wait, Greg! Where are you going?”

“I feel sick. Just. I’m sorry, but I think I’ve got the stomach flu or something, and I just threw up. I better go home and lay down.”

“Well,’ she touched my neck, “You don’t feel like you have a fever, but.” She looked me over. “Actually, you’re ice cold, and really bone white, so. I hope I don’t get it too, but let me go throw out my chips, and get a bag for my taco.”

“No, I. Just enjoy your dinner, I’ll see you later?”

“Yeah, okay. Thanks, love you, bye.”

“Love you too.” She kissed me on the cheek, but of course I’m not worried about her catching what I have. I’m scared she’ll catch me with her little sister’s underwear, and I know I better get rid of them, but I can’t.

I’m sick, and I should probably go to jail, for being a sick bastard, but I don’t want to. I just hate lying to her, especially tonight, after I told her how I feel.


Kealsea (gg Pseu Saph)

She giggled, and it was a dirty little laugh, but she didn’t hide it. “I thought he, well. I didn’t know who was getting into my underwear drawer, but now I feel so stupid, because who else would it have been?”

“Oh,” I thought she was. Well, she joked about eating me out, but it was just a joke? I think, but I don’t know, and honestly, I’m so horny, I don;t think I’d even care. I’ve still got the image of my tights stretched over the thick manly bulge, but any thought of doing it with another girl after that.

So, I’m not gay, at all. Good to know.

“I never thought that he was getting In my underwears, though. I mean, putting them on, and dancing around in front of the mirror, and feeling his butt?”

“Yeah, but how come it was so hard. I mean, not hard at all, but he really had to work at it, to get it up?”

“I don’t know, but he did just make it with my sister, so maybe he was just tired.”

“Or maybe he doesn’t like little girls?”

“Oh, no maybe. He never even looked at me like that, and if he did, I’d tell Gabby right away.” She crossed her arms, and looked like she was about to cry.

“Oh, did someone.”

She shook her head, “He didn’t touch me, but he tried to. Once.”


“Huh! Some guy, my dad used to hang out with. I don’t know, some guy from work. He came over for some beers, and he brought his wife, but he left them out on the porch, and came in. He came in my room, and he said he was looking for the bathroom, but when I told him where it was, right across the hall, but he didn’t go. He just stood there, in the door, and he started talking about. How pretty I am, and he wanted to play dollies. I wasn’t even playing with them, but he picked up Louisa, and he sat down with her in his lap. Then, he wanted me to sit up in his lap like her, but I got scared, and said “No!” Just like they told us to, when a creepy man starts getting creepy, and wants to get in my pants. I mean, not like, Greg. You know?”

“Yeah, but. Huh, I. I guess, I should have said it.”

“Said what?”

“No? When it happened, I didn’t know, well. I guess that’s not true. I thought it, and I really wanted to say it out loud, but I couldn’t.”

“Oh, what did he do?”

“Nothing, he uh. Well, he just came by the playground. In his car, and he. He wanted me to get in his car. He said he had a puppy, and she got out, but I knew that one.”

“Yeah, they told us about that.”

“Yeah, but I didn’t run away. I couldn’t, I just froze up, and you think he’s the same one?”

“I don’t know, what kind of car was it?”

“Let me think, um.” I tried to remember, but after all those years of trying not to think about it, because I knew I’d get a nightmare if I did, I just thought about Greg. In my tights, and her underwear, and somehow, that helped? “I don’t remember, but then he flashed me, and drove off.”

“His penis?”

“Yes, of course his penis. He had his shirt pulled out, so I couldn’t see it, but then he started up his car, and before he drove off. He pulled it up so i could see it hanging out of his fly. In his lap.”

“Hanging out, so he didn’t have a boner?”


“What color was it. The car I mean, was it brown?”

“Maybe, no. I think it was tan?” I closed my eyes, and thought back. “I wasn’t really looking at the car, but I think, yeah. It had a tan seat. On the passenger side, and. Oh yeah!” I remember, “The door was brown.”

“What about the roof?”

“Oh no. That was white, and cloth like a convertable, but it wasn’t a convertable. It was metal, but it had cloth pulled over it on the outside? No, that doesn’t make sense.”

“Yeah, but that’s him. That’s the same car, anyways. I remember them pulling up, and getting out. I didn’t see the seats inside it, but it was. A big old 4 door, with a long hood, brown paint, and a white roof. I think it might have been white cloth over, it, but I didn’t go down to check.”

“Oh. So, there is a child molester, in town. And we know what he drives, so we should probably tell someone.”


“I don’t know, a grownup, but not my mom. I don’t want my mom to know.”

“Yeah, me neither, but how about the principals at school?”

“Yeah, good idea. If anyone should know, it’s them, so they can look out for his car, when he comes by the school.”

“Was it the school playground?”

“No,” but if he’s driving around looking for little girls, you can bet he’s going to look at the elementary school, where there’s lots of us all there at once. “It was over at the park. The duck park, with the pond?”

“Okay, but. You mind if we don’t fool around tonight?”

“Oh, no. I thought you’re kidding, but I don’t want to. I like you, but not like that. I’m straight.”

“Oh, okay.”

“You’re gay huh?”

“I don’t know? I don’t think so, but I never got so horny before in my whole life, and I guess I got a little crazy there for a minute.” She twirled her finger around by her ear, but without her hair. “I’m sorry.”

“I forgive you.” We hugged, and then said good night. So I went in, and worried about her walking home alone. Just in case he came by the trailer park, but I hope she’s all right.


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