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A girl gets a boy to carry her new telescope up a hill to an overlook…

“Can you carry this?”

He picked it up, “It’s not that heavy,” bounced it up, and down by the handles. “Where do you want it?”

“Up that hill,” Mom, and dad dropped me off, at whatever friend’s house I wanted, but even if I didn’t see the invitation, mom’s dress said it all. It was short, too short, and the ruffles pushed the skirt up, when she walked. To show her matching underpants, white satin, with pink hearts, and her bra straps matched those too. The top was strapless, but like a big red heart, and she was made-up like a whore, too.

I just got out the gooseneck flashlight, with the red filter screwed in, and aimed it at his feet. “Try not to bang it into any rocks, and stuff. It’s fragile.”

“Oh, okay.” He wasn’t even out of breath yet, but it wasn’t very far.

“Right here is good.” Close to the edge, so once I set up the tripod, and screwed the tube into the 14″x20 post, I could aim it down, and lock it in place. Looking through the spotting scope, I got out an eyepiece, and screwed it in to the focus. Adjusted it until it wasn’t blurry.

“I thought you’re going to look at the moon?” I told him that, it was even better if it was only half full, because the shadows from the mountains, and craters made them easier to see. Which is true, but honestly the light pollution from the city was too much to look at anything else, in the sky.

The heat of the day from the city made the stars twinkle, which is great for a nursery rhyme, but not so much for looking at them, through my Christmas present, but sure enough, the party was well underway. The image was up side down, though. So, I got out the prisms to flip it back over, screwed that in, then focused when I got the Plossl screwed into that.

“Take a look.” Stepped back, and our car pulled up to the driveway. So mom could get out, her side, but out back, they had a patio, and women coming out in bathrobes, to smoke cigarettes. While more walked back and forth behind them, wearing nothing but party masks, and maybe rubbers. I couldn’t tell from this far away, but I figured since they ordered a big box full of them, when it was there turn to host, and hostess.

“What do you see?”

“Is that a sex party?”

“Swingers, yeah. BYOS.”

“What’s that stand for?” He didn’t take his eyes off the lens, though. “Huh, is that your mom?”

“And dad,” I clicked on the light, to shine on the back of his pants. Sure enough, they pulled tight from him bending over like that, and then went loose, and tight again.

“What’s she doing?”

“Kissing some other man, where’s your dad?”

“I don’t know, probably getting a drink, and looking for some other wife to talk to. That’s what the S stands for. Spouse.” I think. I’m not sure on that, but that’s the one that makes the most sense. “Bring Your Own Spouse.”

“So, they’re swapping wifes.”

“Husbands too. Of course, the men wouldn’t even show up, unless the got to have some action, too.”

“Huh, there’s a couple of girls kissing, out on the back porch. You want to see?”

“Huh, no.” He didn’t stop watching, or his elbow moving in and out. In time with his pants pulling tight, and going lose. From him rubbing the crotch, slowly I guessed. “Huh, my hands are cold.” Felt around his hips, and his hard butt against my hips. “Huh, you mind if I warm them up?” I found his pockets, and slipped my hands in, but I was wrong. “In here?”

“No.” No means yes, he doesn’t mind. If you ask it like that.

He wasn’t rubbing the front of his pants. He had his hand in there, and I had to move his fingers. “Huh, it’s nice and warm in here.”

“Yeah, uh!” His butt clenched.

“You don’t mind?”

“Nh, no. I don’t mind at all.”

“Good,” I found it, and pinched it through the pocket, and his underwear. “Huh, that’s a nice dress, and everybody seems to like it.”

“Uh huh?” I felt down, and pinched the side of his underwear. To stick the corner inside, and feel his balls. With the other hand, it was awkward to really get a stroke, pinching his peener through the underwear, so I just rubbed it when it slipped off my thumb. Rolled it back, and caught it again. So, I tried rolling it back and forth with my thumb, until it slipped off again.

“Yeah, uh huh. The men, and the other women, too. She’s the center of attention.”

“Yeah, I love that dress, too.” No way it would fit me yet, even if she let me borrow it for the Valentines dance coming up, and with it that short, they’d kick me out for dressing so provocatively, but I bet all the boys would follow me out to the parking lot. The girls would be so jealous, but there’s nothing they could do but watch. All the boys, crowded around me, with their pants falling down, and their dicks in their hands, waving them in my face, and pumping them faster, and faster, until.

“Huh! Uh, Jeese! Ah Jeeze.”

“Hihnhim! No, jizz.” I was afraid of that, but as soon as I felt it twitch, and touched up at the top, it started soaking through, and sticking to my fingers.

“Huh!” I had to hold him up. “HhuhHhuhuh. Huh!” Finally, it stopped, bot wow, it was a lot. At least it felt like a lot, so his balls had to be so full, they were about to burst. I kissed his neck, and let go. He tried to steady himself, i guess, but then i heard him fall down. The legs clack together, and then a bunch of stuff rolling down the hill. Dirt, and rocks, and stuff, tumbling after the telescope, and tripod, but no glass shattering.

“Uh, ss.” He hissed, and stuttered. “Sorry.”

“Huh!” I rolled my eyes in the dark, and reached back to pull the flashlight off my back pocket, so the clip snapped in the dark. “Well, we better go down, and see how bad it is.”

“I’m so sorry, I bet it’s expensive.”

“No, don’t worry about that. It was just $69.99 plus shipping and handling. On sale.” we only saved 6 whole bucks, but it was a $75.00 gift certificate, to Orion Telescopes, and Binoculars.

“Uh, does this mean, we’re boyfriend, and girlfriend, now?”

“Huh, I don’t know. Do you want to be my boyfriend, now?”

“It depends.”

“On what?”

“Well, I guess it depends on, if you want a relationship like your mom, and dad have.”

“You mean, swinging?”

“Maybe, uh. They don’t have parties like that, for kids our age, huh?”

“Not yet. Why, would you like to have a party like that?”

“Yeah, if you have any friends, I mean. You know your friend, John.”

“Johnny Inverness?”

“Is that his name? You know the one, that’s going out with Rachael.”

“Oh, is that what it is?”


“You just want to go out with me, so you might get a chance to hook up with her?”

“No, I swear, I just heard that he’s got this. Open relationship, she doesn’t mind if he sees other people, so I was wondering if, they were like that?”

“If she slept around, like him? since he sleeps around a lot?”

“Well, maybe? I was just wondering.”

“Yeah, she thinks you’re cute, too.”


“Yeah, but if you’re my boyfriend, you’re My boyfriend. You understand?”

“No, not really. You mean that I better not leave you for another girl, or you’ll get jealous?”

“Huh! No, I just don’t want any secrets between us, so don’t start lying to me now, okay? That’s no way to start a relationship, so if there’s something you need to tell me now, it’s the truth.”

“Yeah, I like you, but. I also like how Rachael looks, and Johnny said to stay away from her, or he’d beat us up, so I wanted to make sure he would be okay with it, if something like that happened. I just don’t want to get beat up, okay?”

“Huh! Oh, kay. I guess, I can talk to him, to make sure. You want to watch?”

“You mean you, and him. Together?”

“Well, if you want to get with Rachael, I don’t know what her boyfriend told you, other then he’d beat you up if you talked to her, but since you said that, I better go talk to him. Yeah, he doesn’t seem to know how this is supposed to work.”

“So, how then?”

“Well, there’s rules, you see. Not only might somebody get jealous, and hurt, but also, we have to worry about the adults finding out, and the older boys getting in trouble, if anyone found out.”

“I don’t want to go to jail, either.”

“But you want to have sex?”

“With you?”

“Yeah, and you don’t mind if I have sex with other boys, if you get a chance to, with their girlfriends?”

“No, that seems fair.”


“Uhm, where did you get that telescope from?”

“You got a computer?”

“Yeah, of course I do.” he let me in the house, and even held the door for me, before he came in, and closed it behind us. “You want my Email?”

“Sure, but let me show you the site, where I got my telescope from. You want one too?”

“I don’t know, if I can afford to replace the one I broke, and another one for me too.”

“Yeah, but now that you know which house to look at, you might want to get one, for the hill?”

“No, you can bring you’rs over.”

“Okay.” I sat down, and clicked on the address bar, to type in the address:


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