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If a girl strips in the woods will anyone see her?

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My 18-yo wife and I were in the woods and assumed we were alone as I was taking nude photos of her. But it turned out we had an audience watching us.

My sexy wife and I got married when we were both 18 and shortly after we started taking nude photos which led to having some FMF threesomes as well as swapping partners with another couple. Which was only the beginning of what we’d get into in the next twenty years in the swinger lifestyle. But this particular day we were going to take some pictures outdoors.

Living in the city there weren’t any places we could go to without possibly being seen and though my wife was an exhibitionist we didn’t want anyone local to see us since it was a small very conservative town. So we headed out into the country to a new housing development they were building we used to go to at night to have sex before we were married. Being it was Sunday we figured no one would be there and if anyone else showed up we’d hear them coming down the long gravel road.

We got there and there were no cars there except ours and we didn’t see or hear anyone so we headed into the woods until we got to a little clearing beside a stream with a couple of trees that had fallen and it looked like a good spot since we couldn’t be seen if anyone else drove up there and we could easily hear them anyway. She started to slowly strip and get in various sexy poses as she’d take off an article of clothing. And I’d hang each item on a tree limb as she undressed.

She was finally totally nude and she was really enjoying being outdoors in the nude and was really getting into the photoshoot. At 18-yo 5-8, 110lbs, 34D-24-35 with long shiny red hair and green eyes she looked hot as hell. She started cupping her big tits & pinching her hard nipples & lifting them up one at a time running her tongue over her huge puffy areolas. Then she put one of her hands between her legs rubbing her bushy red pussy and easing her long slender fingers inside her wet cunt. She was really getting off on fingering her pussy as I took pictures.

We had brought a big beach towel so I spread that out and she laid out on it and continued to please herself. So I handed her a 12-inch dildo we’d brought along. In no time she was sucking & licking it like a big dick. Then she started fucking her wet pussy with it. I was turned on as crazy watching my hot little wife fucking herself with that huge dildo that looked like a real cock. And seeing her take it out of her wet pussy & lick her juices off then stick it back in. Getting me to think of the times I’d seen her eating another girl’s pussy.

It had been total silence except for the swishing of birds flying through the tall grass & squirrels jumping from tree to tree. So when we heard another swishing noise we just assumed it was a group of birds taking off through the grass. Until I heard a noise of leaves sliding and the voice of someone startled almost right in my ear. As I look over my shoulder I see this guy who looked to be in his late 20,s on a bike and suddenly a second bike almost hitting both of us. With a good looking blonde who seemed to be in her mid 20,s.

Lynn and I were both so shocked we just froze for a minute and the other couple seemed kind of shocked too. But I noticed my wife was making no effort to walk over and put her clothes on. She had stood up and was just standing there with that huge dildo laying at her feet. They apologized for almost running over me but said they didn’t expect anyone out there. And of course, I said we didn’t either. And the guy said they’d go on and let us get back to what we were doing. ” If they wanted us to? “.

Before I could say anything Lynn spoke up and said they didn’t have to go if they didn’t want to since they’d already seen everything there was to see and laughed. Then looked at the other girl and it was like their eyes were locked on each other. And Lynn asked her if they ever took pictures? The hot blonde responding that he’d been wanting to but they’d just never done it. And said but if she were to she thought outdoors would be great. Lynn was being much bolder than usual when she said how about now? As it turned out she’d noticed a little 110 camera hanging from the handlebar of his bike.

The blonde looked at her boyfriend and said if it was ok with him and added after all he’d seen my girlfriend nude so it seemed fair. Neither of us said we were married we just waited for his reply. And he seemed to be all for it. They introduced themselves as Jeff & Terry and they were getting into mountain biking and had been riding through the woods just getting the feeling of it before going to the mountains or any trails other bikers would be on. And they’d come in on a dirt path. That’s why we didn’t hear them.

Terry didn’t hesitate and pulled off her top and jeans leaving her in only a skimpy pair of sheer black panties and a matching bra. And she’d stepped on the towel right beside Lynn. And Lynn ask Jeff if he wanted her in the picture or just Terry and I’m pretty sure he was going to say just Terry because he seemed nervous and it was like this was more her idea. But before he could speak she took Lynn’s arm and held on and said if it was ok with me she’d like Lynn in some of the pictures and that I could take a few pictures of both of them too.

Jeff seemed a little surprised but I think he’d do whatever Terry told him to. So we took a couple of pictures of Lynn helping Terry take off her bra & panties. Then of them in various poses beside each other. I knew Lynn was probably hot for Terry because she was hot. She was about 5-6, 115-lbs, 34B-24-36 with natural blonde hair & neatly trimmed blonde bush. Then things got hotter when they decided to look like they were playing leap-frog. Lynn got on her knees and Terry got behind her with her hands on Lynn’s shoulders and had her crotch pressed against Lynn’s neck. And her hands were on the front of Lynn’s shoulders and after that picture, I saw Terry’s hands rub against Lynn’s big tits and their eyes locked in a sexy look.

Then my wife got behind Terry and as they stood there she put her arms around Terry as she looked over Terry’s shoulder her hands locked under Terry’s tits just barely lifting them up and with Lynn’s tits pressed against Terry’s back. After that shot, Terry had them face each and hold hands with their tits pressed together as they looked at each other with a sexy look. I could tell Jeff was really getting off on seeing my wife naked as well as seeing the two girls so close.

Jeff had been pretty quiet through all of this then he asks if they’d pretend to kiss? And they didn’t hesitate to start kissing very passionately as their tits pressed together and their hands moving over each other’s bodies. Jeff said ok after he’d taken a picture but they continued to kiss for another 30-seconds. Terry asked if he’d like to see them pretend to fondle each others tits? And before he could answer they were fondling each others tits & ass. Then kissed again and then Lynn took one of Terry’s tits in her mouth.

I noticed Jeff adjusting his cock as he was obviously turned on by the show. Soon the girls were kissing, sucking each others tits and running there hands all over each others bodies and rubbing each others pussy. Then Lynn dropped to her knees and gave Jeff a sexy look and asked if her wanted to see her pretend to eat Terry? And then she started eating Terry. And before long they were in a hot 69. By now we’d both run out of film. And My cock was so hard I had to undo my pants. The girls got each other off then just lay there for a couple of minutes. As they were getting up I looked over at Jeff and saw he’d pulled his cock out and was stroking it.

So I pulled mine out and began rubbing it. Terry whispered something to Lynn and she smiled and said sure. And Lynn headed toward Jeff as Terry came toward me and in no time they were sucking us off. I was hoping Jeff was OK with that but by the look on his face he was thrilled. Not only because my wife is great at sucking cock but the way he was watching his girl going down on my thick almost 9-in cock. After I emptied a load down her throat I saw Jeff shoot off in Lynn’s mouth. As I was hugging Terry and fondling her tits. She whispered to me that Lynn had invited her to our house for a threesome one night Jeff was working and that she couldn’t wait for me to fuck her.

It turned out we hooked up with Terry several times but Jeff knew nothing about it. But who would imagine going out in the woods on a quiet Sunday and running into people? But it wasn’t the only time we had 2 hunters walk up on us one time and another couple a few years later. Hope you enjoy our experience. We appreciate positive comments or questions. But not request for photos! [email protected]

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