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Head Out

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Either you’re gay, or bisexual, or you’re not. Whatever you do, doesn’t really change that. (MMF Mm Mother/Son Talk)

My husband called from work, he had to shout over the music, it sounded like a party, but he said that he was going out with the guys, for a drink.

“Don’t keep me waiting,” maybe I said it a little too quietly, because then, it was a few hours before he got home. I took a bath, and shaved everything. Well, almost everything, I washed my hair, and stood up, while I let the water out. Left a little patch to lather up with, but the hardest part is under my left arm.

Because I’m not right handed, my bust gets in the way, but finally. I felt it with my fingers, and closed my eyes. Imagined his tongue swirling around in there, before he worked his way down, my chest. My panting tummy, to the neatly trimmed beard I left for him to bury his nose in, but it was still soapy.

So, I rinsed off, dried my hair, and went in to pick out something to wear. Checked the time, “How long does it take to have a drink? We have beer here.” So, I picked out a negligee, a pair of crotchless panties, and put on a robe, to go out to the kitchen. The bubbly was nicely chilled, so I gathered 2 glasses, one for him too, and took them back to bed with me.

I got started without him, but I made sure not to finish. I got close, a few times, but that ment a mind blowing climax when he finally got home, for a good drunk fuck. “Huh!” I took a sip of champagne, it had gone flat, but before it warmed up too much, I put on my robe again, to go get the ice bucket.

Then back to bed, to buzz myself through the lacy slit in my crotch, and feel the scalloped trim against my fresh shaven lips with the vibe, but I stopped. Before I finished, and took another sip. Poured myself another glass, and dropped the bottle back in the bucket of ice water, to cool off. Rinse, repeat, so I was good and ready when he finally got home, but by then.

I had turned off the light, hoping he’d open the door, with the hall light shining in, and posed myself alluringly, but that’s not what happened. I heard them, talking in the living room, and got up. Put on my robe, and smelled the hall when I came out. Blinking in the bright light, the hot sexy stink rolling out of the bedroom, wasted. I belted my robe.

“What’d you need help with?” I heard a little slurr in his voice, when he said “With,” then my husband said.

“Well, my wife’s asleep, so if you don’t mind.”

“Sure, but you owe me.” They bumped the coffee table, so it slid out, and then I peeked around the corner to see Allen sitting on it. His drinking buddy, they’d been best friends since childhood, but then my husband got his pants open. Fished it out of his underwear, and held it up.

I had no idea, how good friends they really were, until he held it up, Allen took it from him, and kissed the tip, then sucked it in, so it stretched out, and reached down to unzip his own pants. “Huh!”

I realized my mouth was hanging open, and my tongue felt a little dry, so I closed it, and tried to swallow the lump in my throat. I had no idea, Allen always acted so manly, and joked about cocksuckers. They laughed, and hit each other’s arms, “Cocksucker,” I never took it as anything but men’s room talk. I certainly never took it seriously, but then my husband pulled down his pants, and sat down.

His erection pointing straight up from his lap, he pulled his shirt off, while Allen got down, and pulled down the back of his pants. Between my husband’s legs, he didn’t even look up. He closed his eyes, watching his still glistening head disappearing into the mouth of his drinking buddy.

“Huh, guys.”

“Oh, shit?” Allen let it pop back up, and reached back for his belt.

“Honey, I can explain.”

“What? I’m sure it isn’t what it looks like, oh!” I slipped off the corner of the hallway, and caught myself on the wall.

“Don’t faint.” He ran up to hold me under the arms. The sleeves of my robe, untied, and hanging open, to pose for him. Hoping he’d look up at some point, and see how sexy I looked, how horny I was waiting for him, but he ignored me.

“No, I’m just a little tipsy. Huh, don’t let me stop you, you like blowjobs so much, huh?”

“I didn’t know you’re up.”

“Well, go on?” I made it to the arm of the recliner, and sat down.

“You want to watch?” Allan had his pants back up, and even buckled his belt, but he left his fly down.

“Huh!” My head stopped spinning, and the open crotch of my underwear was soaked, of course. “Yeah, don’t you owe him a blow job, honey?”

He shook his head, and worked his jaw. Trying to say something, but nothing came out.

“Yeah, come on. Can’t you see she’s into it?”

“You really want to watch me, sucking dick?”

“Huh, yeah. You like head so much, why don’t you show me how you like it?”

I don’t, particularly. Of course I did it, for him. I love him, and it always helps everything go smoother, once we get to the main event, but it was always just foreplay, to me. I never sucked him off, well. Unless you counted him pulling out, and holding it up, to finish in his hand, but the tip just inside my lips.

“Huh!” Allen dropped trow right away, and I couldn’t believe that, I couldn’t believe how nervous my husband was. When hadn’t even considered the possibility of seeing him with a dick in his mouth, an hour ago, but he kept looking back at me.

“Go on.” I smiled, and lowered my voice, “Cock, sucker.” As sultry as I could. “Huh, you know. HhuhH!” I shivered, even though I was burning up, and the satin robe clung to my back with sweat. Sexy sweat, from god only knows how many hours of drinking, teasing myself, and now this.

“Yeah, you know what to do.” Allen flopped it in his face. “Suck it. Suck it hard.”

“Mh, hn!”

“Huh!” I saw him, looking up as it brushed his lips, then his eye lids drooping.

“Snh!” He took a deep breath, and then it stretched out, sucking it in his mouth. Allen’s whiskey dick, in my husband’s mouth, he pulled out, and twisted his hips. Swung it back and forth, to flail against his cheeks, then pulled it up. “Suck my balls, too.”

He looked over at me, then smiled, when I nodded.

“Go on.” Allen used the moment to pull down his pants, and underwear. Put his leg up on the arm of the couch, and hold his hair balls. Swinging over my husbands chin.

“Oh!” I couldn’t keep my eyes open, or wait. “Oh god, that’s so hot.” I cracked them, when I heard a grunt. “Huh, suck them, suck the sweat off his balls, yes. Oh, yesss!” I hissed, and then I couldn’t take another breath, when my tummy clamped down, and I shook with shudders of pent up sexual tension. Hours of it, “Auh, ahhh!”

“You see that?”

“Swop!” I blinked, just in time to see them pop out, and drop, swinging between Allan’s legs. Then the hard on appear around his hip, when he turned, and it swung like a crane. “Now suck it, suck me off, you cock sucker.”

“You like it, yeah.” I hadn’t even caught my breath, “You love that hard cock in your mouth suck it. Suck it real good, suck him off, honey. Oh god, I love you so much.”


“Uh, fuck!” Once again, Allen had to bend down, and pull his pants up. “Dad? What thef. Hell?”

“What are you doing up?” His father git his pants up, and Allen was already zipping up his fly.

“What are you doing, sucking off uncle Al?” I just held my mouth, thankfully the orgasm cleared my head, and had started dying down, but all I could do was breathe through my nose, and try not to look down, at the front of his pajamas.

All it took was a glance, to realize that he was sporting wood, but. He’s 16, and. All right, legally a little too young to look at porn, and R rated movies, or NC-17, but we allowed it. He just ran off down the hall.

“Son, Derrek, come back.”

“No!’ He slammed the door, down the hall.

“Come on, son. We need to talk.”

“Shut up, you fucking cock sucker, leave me alone.”

“I better go.”

“Yeah,” I pulled the belt, and the sides of my robe back together. “That might be a good idea, but. We’ll talk later.” I got up, and followed him to the door. Much steadier on my feet, and he wasn’t even slurring either, but my husband was still pounding on the door.

“I don’t want to break it down, just unlock the door, and let me in. I just want to talk.”

“Don’t run off. Just give it a few minutes to calm down. You have your phone on you?” I felt in his pockets.

“Yeah, it’s down in the car.”

“Snh, you’re probably still too drunk to drive, so stick around.” He nodded, and let himself out.



“Hey, cock sucker.”

“Wh?” As soon as the door shut, he came out into the porch light. From the shadows.


“Oh, like you don’t say that all the time, cock sucker. Come on.”


“It’ll be warmer in your car, come on.”

“Look, I can explain.”

“Explain what? You like sucking cock so much, so why don’t you start by explaining why you make fun of fags, and cock suckers, if you like it so much?”

“We’re drunk, and it just happened.”

“Ha, I bet, my dad just fell over, while you had your dick out, and it slipped in his mouth, huh?”

“Well, no. Not really, I just. Look, when we’re younger, a little younger than you’re what. 15?”

“Seventeen, and that’s almost old enough to go to the porn store. So, you’re not.”

“What the fuck do you need the porn store for? Don’t you have internet?”

“Of course I do, but don’t you know about that?”

“No, what?”

“They don’t just sell porn, and sex toys there, they also rent movies, you can watch in the back.”

“Why the hell would you pay to rent movies, in the back of a filthy sex shop, when you can watch them for free, on the internet?”

“Because, they’ve got private booths? In the back, only a couple of them aren’t, completely private, you know?”

I shook my head, “What are you talking about?”

“A glory hole, between the 2 booths in the back. That’s where gay guys, and bisexuals go, to get their dicks sucked, so their wives don’t know.”

“Oh, well how do you know about this?”

“Because I have friends, who’re seniors, and when they turned 18, they went to check it out. The guy behind the counter said that they could make some money, if they wanted to, but they didn’t, because they heard that you had to do gay stuff, with guys before you ever even got to meet the big tittied porn stars.”

“Oh, huh!”

“So, you want to suck my dick?”


“Come on, man.” He unzipped his pants. “You like sucking cock so much, and I’ve got a raging boner now.”

“Huh!” Sure enough, I was drunk, and, you know. When I get drunk, I don’t know why, but it’s like those girls that can’t keep their tops on, when they have a few too many shots of tequila.

“I won’t tell my dad.”

“Okay.” It’s just a blowjob, and it’s worth it, to get good head, or so I told myself. No, that’s a lie. I am a cock sucker, a dirty fucking cock sucker, and now here I am, sucking my best friend’s son in my car.

“Huh, ah! Fuck!”

“Snh?” I forgot, how quickly teenagers could blow their wads, but after a glimpse of his pubes sticking out of his fly, I just took a deep breath of his ball sweat, closed my eyes, and swallowed.

“Huh, yeah.” He ran his fingers through my hair. “You are, a pretty good cock sucker, you know that?”

“Huh, thanks. Now, you want to do me?”

“Ew, no. Faggot.” He got out, and slammed the door. Then, my phone buzzed, and I got a message, from his father’s phone.

[You seen Derrek?]

[No, not sense he busted us.] “Whew” My eye twitched, and I took another deep breath. [Why?]

[He’s not in his room, so he must have jumped out the window.]

[Well, then he must have run out the back way, because I haven’t seen anyone. It’s all clear out here.]

[Well, you better come in, so we can have that talk, we’re talking about.]

“Oh,” she used his phone. [Okay, but just talk?]

[No, of course not. With Derrek gone, there’s no reason not to finish what we started, so get up here. Now.]

[Okay, I’m on my way.] Excited to finally, have that threesome, I always thought about. Never suspecting she’d actually be into it, but man. She sure looked good in that skimpy bathrobe, babydoll, and crotchless panties. Playing with herself watching her husband suck my balls.

He never sucked my balls before, so maybe I should try that?


Derrek (Fm Talk)

Finally, uncle Al left, and mom knocked on the door. “Derrek, you back?”

“Yeah,” I pulled some pants on, “I’m decent.” Wasn’t getting hard again anyway, but she came in, and I heard water running in the shower. Not across the hall, but down it, so dad must have gone in their room, to wash it all off.

“Couldn’t sleep?”

“After what I saw?” I shook my head, and sat down. “Mom, is dad bisexual?”

“No, huh!” She sat down. “I don’t know, honestly. Maybe when he’s drunk, he loosens up. He didn’t really want to talk about it.”

“Just have a cock sucking orgy with you and dad.”

“Well, it was. Pretty exciting, but how do you feel about that?”

“I don’t know?” She hugged me, and I just put my head on her shoulder.

“Well, how was it for you? Out in the car.”

I shrugged. “All right, I guess.”

“It’s okay, I understand, and I’m not going to tell your father.”

“Well, what business of his is it, if he’s running around on you, and giving uncle Al head?”

“Huh. You’re not jealous of him?”

“No? Why should I be?”

“Well, you two.”

“Mom, is it gay if you let someone else, suck you off? I mean a man, and not you. Of course.” I shook my head, “I’m just so confused, but you know what I mean.”

“Well, honestly, I don’t know, but if you give me a chance to do a little research, I might be able to get back to you, on that.”

“Well, I didn’t suck his dick, or anything.”

“I know.” He looked around, when he sat up. Behind the wheel, drunk, and I could smell the alcohol on his breath. I didn’t see her, standing in the window, until I got out, and she let the drapes swing shut, but I was still zipping up my pants.

“it was pretty good, for me too. I guess, what the guys said, about it being pretty good, even when it’s bad, it just felt so gay, but I just thought about.” Oops.


“Nothing?” No one.


“Huh, well. There is this one girl, and. I guess we’re going out, but. Promise you won’t be mad.”

“Of course not, you’re a young man, and you have needs, but let me ask you this. Is she on birth control?”

“No, but she’s a virgin, and she’s saving it, but she’s not really sure if I’m the one, yet. I just, well. I don’t know how else to say this, but she’s not as good at. You know.”

“Oral sex?”

“Yeah, and she wanted me to. Eat her out too, but I didn’t know what I was doing, and. I liked it, I really did, and I want to do it again, but she didn’t.”

“She didn’t like performing philatio?”

“And what’s the deal with giving head, anyway? How could anybody do that, and enjoy it?”

“I’m sure I don’t know. Honestly, I only ever did it to please your father, but you might want to ask him, some time when he sobers up.”

“Huh, no. He probably doesn’t want to talk about it, but how long did you know?”

“That he, and Allen were such good friends? I didn’t before tonight. Why, did you know?”

“Yeah, it’s not the first time, I walked in on them. They were having a few beers, and I.”


“Huh, well I snuck in the kitchen to grab one from the refrigerator, but just one, and I didn’t even drink it.”

“Why not?”

“Well, because, then when I came out, they were on the couch, going at it, and I. I guess I didn’t care about, tasting beer. For the first time, I just wanted to see what it tasted like.”

“Well, you’re sixteen.”

“Almost seventeen, but if it’s going to turn me into a cocksucking fag, then.”



“I don’t want you saying those things about your father.”

“Well, it’s true, you know it. You saw him sucking cock yourself, just now.”

“Yes, but. It’s not that, I’m not offended by cock, or dick. You know that, but I don’t want you using such a hateful word, for your father.”

“What, fag?”

“Exactly, it’s just as bad as calling a black person, the N word.”

“Well, I’m sorry, I don’t hate him, I love him, he’s my dad, and uncle Al. He’s not my real uncle, I just call him that, but. It didn’t even feel gay, how come it didn’t feel gay, even when he sucked me off?”

“I don’t know, honestly, I’m the last one to ask about, homosexual things.”

“So, you’re not interested in, a bisexual threesome, with another woman?”

“No, of course not.”

“Huh, well, you think that maybe Ma. My girlfriend. I don’t even know if she is my girlfriend, this is all so, fucked up. I’m sorry.”

She laughed, “Don’t be, that’s exactly what it is, but we didn’t have to worry about these things, when we were teenagers. Well.” She thought, and shook her head.

“Maybe you didn’t know about it, but uncle Al said that, when he was even younger then me. That was the first time, they gave each other head. I guess, maybe he was talking the truth, I don’t think he would lie about that, and if he did, he’d say that they didn’t, but. Huh, yeah. I think they’ve been doing it, for years. Years and years, even before you and dad started going out?”

“I know, he told me.” She held my head again, and took a deep breath. “Huh! I don’t know whether to believe them, but they at least said that they get horny, when they’re drunk. Together, and the first time, it just happened. They both wanted to know what it felt like, to receive a blow job, and they were drunk enough to do it, in exchange for getting it?”

“Oh, huh. I guess that makes sense, but I sure don’t want it bad enough, to suck a dick for it.” And I never want to get drunk, enough to find out.

“Well, fair’s fair.”

“I’m sure, but I can get a blowjob, anyways. Maybe not all the time, but I’m happy to take things into my own hands, until I get another chance.”

“Well, I better buy you some condoms, if you’re going to be sexually active, and she hasn’t been with anyone else, before you.”

“No, I told you she’s a virgin, and she’s not just saying that. I checked, she’s still intact.”

“Yes, however oral sex is still sex, ual. Contact, and she could still get a disease from it, if she has a cut in her mouth, or if she swallows it.”

“Well, she doesn’t get cold sores, I don’t think.” Then I remembered, “Well, she said it was a pimple on her lip, here.” I pointed, “But I don’t think she’s been. Well, honestly, I don’t know. I didn’t think to ask her, when she said she was a virgin, I just assumed that included oral sex, but.”

The thought of her having another boy’s dick in her mouth. “Well, maybe it might be a good idea if you talked to her about getting tested, for VD.”

“What’s that?”

“STDs, sorry. They used to call it Venereal Disease, but it’s not just Herpes, and Aids.”

“I know, they told us all about Genital Warts, and HPV in school. They made it sound like anyone could have it, and it can give you cancer, but you can’t get genital warts on your mouth, can you?”

“I don’t know.”

“Well, I sure hope it was just a pimple.”

“I’ll call the doctor in the morning.” I heard the shower curtain, and realized the shower had stop, but good thing dad decided to take his time in here, so me, and mom can talk. “Try to get some sleep.”

“Good night mom.”

“Good night.”

Well, once I jack off, one more time, but even if I did go play Glory Hole, when I’m 18. I guess it’s not gay, even if a gay dude sucked me off, on the other side. That wouldn’t make me gay, right? As long as I don’t let him stick his cock out, and suck it in my mouth, until he blows his wad.

“Uh, huh!”



Maybe I am, turning a little gay?

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