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Having babies with my sister

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My sister is a hot 18 old black shirt hair 32 C tits. I have to get her pregnant and married her

Hi I’m Dave. This a story how I make my sister my slut and my hoe. I’m a 30 year old man. I’m a driving teacher instructor. Yes I’m married with my cousin Shauna. She weight 280 and I weight 167. She has a nice big boobs. We fuck every day but she can’t get pregnant. She want a more than 5 children and promise me that I can fuck my own daughter went they 18. She give me a idea to fuck my sister and get her pregnant and have her as our slut maid. She 17 but I can’t touch her until she 18. The next day was her 18 birthday . I got a idea celebrate her birthday in my house. I call out parent and let then know and they agree. My sister her name is Shang because my dad went he divorce my mom he married a Chinese girl. My sister is a mix black and Chinese. The next day we all where at the party. My wife was talking to my sister asking question if she a virgin and she said yes and planning loose it with her boyfriend. Asking if she got her period and she said yes. Then my wife told her I got a present for you. I know someone with a big cock can blew your cherry and you will like it. He could teach you stuff what you can do to your boyfriend. She gave a bag with a slutty maid dress and tell her to wait in her car in the back passenger seat. The car was in the garage. She didn’t know the guy it was me. She got dress and wait in the car. My wife got my parent pass out drunk and took my sister boyfriend to my room to fuck him. I saw my wife get him naked and holding his cock in her hand and bring him to our room. I went to my car and went inside of my car where my sister was she was surprised to see me. She ask what you doing here? I touch her her shaving leg it was so soft and tell her I’m here to make you a woman. I force her a tongue kissing then she slap me and said what the fuck your my brother. I grab her hair slap her twice and said look hoe I’m going fuck you and you going like it and have my baby or I will tie you and make our dog fuck you and recorder and show mom and dad you fucking a dog. She start crying please don’t do this I’m planning go to college. I told you shut up. Now kiss me. I kiss her my tongue inside her mouth and her in mine. She told me ok we can fuck but don’t cum inside me. I will swallowed. I tell shut up and let me see those beautiful boobs. I tear her shirt and bra squeeze her tits hards then sucking and bite her nipples. She was moaning. I make a hickey on her right boob. I remove her dress code and panty start finger that pussy and eating her pussy. She was moaning and crying. You like it slut. I keep eating her pussy. Suddenly I hear my sister I’m going to cuuum. Yes cumm slut and she squirt on my face. I knew you going like it slut. Now open your mouth No please not that shut up slut and do what I said she open her mouth and I put my 13 inch inside her mouth. I keep throat fucking her. She couldn’t breath. In ten minute I cum and she swallowed a huge load. She still crying. Now for your birthday give open your leg. She crying and open it. I put my 13 inch inside and start fucking her and pumping inside her harder and harder. She was screaming take it off is too big it fucking hurt. The car was shaking. I told you shut up and take it. There where blood on my cock I blew my sister cherry. I couldn’t stop fucking her and kept fucking her harder and harder my pre cum start coming out. She was crying and moaning loud. Ooooh fuck I’m going to come.She cry not inside me. I’m going get pregnant. I kept fucking and cum inside her. Our parent see my car open the door and scream first you fuck your cousin and married her and now you fuck your sister. She call my sister a slut. And tell her forget you collage money your car and take all your stuff from our house. They took a taxi and left. Leaving my sister with me. I told go take a shower. She went up took a shower and saw her boyfriend her white boyfriend naked in bed with my wife. In a week she broke up with a her boyfriend. She find out she pregnant. Our parent force her to aborted. I told her no. My parents tell her get out and you not my daughter and my son. She move to my house. Make a minister come to our house and married us. I told her you are our maid and my slut wife. You do everything that we told you. In nine month she have a beautiful baby girl.( This story continued)

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