Fuck by my Co worker pt 1

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I was 18 years old working at the backdam, my co worker name Kevin, we were alone in the field with the machine when all the other workers gone out to obtainning some parts for the machine, so we where chatting and waiting for them to arrived, so it’s been a while them not returned, we decided to go picked watermelon to eat in a farm nearby, Kevin was leading the way to the farm n I was behind him walking, he stop to rolled up his pants, actually I were front walking to reach the farm. We almost to reached and there was a big Mango tree there, so Kevin said let’s us take a rest for a while then we will go again, after stand for a few minutes I decided to sit on the ground, Kevin said he going to urine and when he finished he turn around he was fully erected he came closer to me, his dick were so fat and long, he said if I wanna suck it, I said no, a few minutes he forces his big cock in my mouth and told me to suck or else I would face the consequences, then I do realize that he been have a knife with him, so I allow he to have his dick in my mouth, he started to fuck my mouth harder and fast and eventually he ejaculated in my mouth, I have no other option I have to swallowed it. After that he told me to undress, I told him suppose them other workers came back and they will want know where we are, he shouted and said we won’t take long, as I were proceeding to undress he started to stroke his dick and he actually undress too, he lie on top of me and romance me passionately, he lifted my feet in the air and eat my ass and spit on it, he was so horny and he put his fat dick with pressure in my tight ass, at first I felt pain, but after a few pounding, I felt better, I can felt that big cock in my ass touching my inside. He got me in different position and I even ejaculated while he fuck me without I touch my dick. After that he pulled out and ejaculated on top of me, he smiled and said I would love to fuck that ass again and I didn’t respond. We get dressed and proceed to get the watermelon to eat and go back where the machine was.

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