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Frenchy’s Field

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Another highly fictionalized version of a “Molly’s” sexploits. She doesn’t really differentiate between fantasy, and the truth.

“EeiiH heihihihn!”

“Huh!” I just sat back, and closed my eyes, but the girls ran around, shrieking with laughter.

Sometimes, they sounded like screams, but I don’t know where all the boys are today, and it’s. [10:19] in the morning, on a Saturday morning, but I’m horny. My friend Polly wasn’t home, so I stopped by the park on the way back home.

Well, I suppose there’s always dick pics. “Huh!” It’s funny how, you notice a guy hanging out at a park, and watching the kids play in the car. I mean, staying in the car, and watching the kids play on the playground, but I sat up on a hill, where I could look back if anyone drove up.

You have to think, I mean yeah. If he drives up, and lets his kids get out to go play, that’s one thing. Maybe me being here means they just keep driving, since it’s a little obvious when there’s somebody up here, where I can see them.

Look down through the windshield, to see them pull open there pants, and their arm shaking. God, they say this is like the rape, and sexual assault capital of the Southwest, but you wouldn’t know it. From the plaza rats walking around downtown in summer, practically half naked. Oblivious to the risk of some guy following them around, but if it’s a girl.

“Huh!” A frizzy haired beige Asian girl, in glasses. I just don’t look like the type, you know? Keep an eye out for those sexual predators, girls, but I tried that, and there just to good at hiding.

So, I searched for [Dickflash] in the [Car] but only because I exhausted all the possible combinations of little dick, and shaved. It goes straight the gay side, of course. Because girls don’t just search the internet for movies of guys beating off in cars, doncha know. “Huh!” I switched back to Straight.

[Chikan girl watches me beat off on the train.]

[Azn] [Chikan] [Jav] [Japanese] [Kogal] [Public]

“Huh!” Okay, she’s Japanese, but [Schoolgirl]? I don’t think so. [Teen] She looks all Business, but I guess. Most guys want to imagine all Asians are young looking, until they hit like 50, and start getting wrinkles, I guess.

It also means censored, but even through the pixels, I can see that it’s small. Dark, and the red blob on the end flashing brown, then red again when he pumped the skin up, and down to cover it.

Hairy, though. Too hairy, but she finally looks over, and her eyes go wide. She looks around, and smiles. Nods, and even leans over a little, but at least she kept her clothes on. Her legs crossed, but scissoring a little, and squeezing one side of her bra, with her head down. Below the seat back in front of her, buildings flashing by behind her, but I didn’t even check the time.

“Huh!” It was over, [0:23] seconds, and then it ended, but at least I got to see the jizm white spurts shoot out of the pixelated blocks, and land on his pantlegs. The squeezed it out, and wiped his fingers off, but that was it. She was getting up, and I assumed he fixed up his pants, but she was holding a brown folder diagonally when it stopped. Picking it up off the seat next to her, it could have been leather, or pleather, but it had a brass zipper around it.

The wind gusted, and picked up some dust. With a shriek of laughter, and a bunch of hair blowing around, before they pulled it out of their faces, and put their hoods up, to run off.

Leaving the playground, abandoned, and the parking lot still empty, but they got in the buss stop, and hunkered down in the plastic shelter. Only 3 walls, and a roof, but I got up, and dusted off my skirt. Headed down, and took the trail around, bored.

That gave me an idea, though. So, I tapped back to Google, and typed in [Bang Cock Ladyboys.]

Of course, it was a pay-site, and there’s no way I could get into the member’s area, without proving I’m, at least 5 years older, and my dad would probably figure out who stole his credit card when the bill came.

Oh well, I clicked on Models, and scrolled through the new ones, until I ran out. Went back up to pick one, that didn’t look too bad.

[Saffron] “Huh!” At least she had a cute little dick, and being Thai, it wasn’t censored, but they must start when they’re young, some of them. Not Long Mint, give you 3 guesses why she’s called that, and the last 2 probably don’t count.

It’s not, too twisted. That’s another thing, I noticed. Maybe it’s the hormones, I don’t know, but a lot of them grew funny. Twisted around, or. “Huh! Hihihihn!”

Not this one! Of course, a lot of the pictures are her little boobs, with the nipples pointing out, and the fresh healed surgical scars underneath, but I don’t have to look at those. I carefully touched the screen, and spread my fingers, so it didn’t go straight to the pay screen, but I could blow it up, and swiped down to it.

Looking down, with her legs spread, and her bubbles around her skin, but the hard little spike sticking right up, and her scrotum wrinkled up almost like pussy lips, except for the pink line down the middle, and the dark cleavage between the bottom of his ass cheeks.

“iNo! iAqui!”

“Huh!” Some boys running, dark little Hispanic ones, cutting across from the Alsups with a paper bag, and chatting in Spanish on the sidewalk.

“Huh!” I felt my chest, my heart pounding with the dirty thrill, and noticed that I’m almost to that round double spiral wall sculpture, thing.

I don’t know what it is, just like 2 walls, but they start out at the ground, then slope up, turning around each other, and getting higher until the tops end in the middle, with a couple benches, and a circle open in the middle. To get in out of the wind, but instead, I started on the rough one.

It’s just rocks, maybe they got them out of the arroyo, I don’t know, but instead of polishing them like the other wall, they’re stuck together. If I’m careful, I can walk around, but not too careful to keep the wind from pickling up my skirt, and blowing it over the small of my back.

I laughed, and looked over at the boys, staring right at the back of my panties, and pulled it back down, but slowly. “Huh!” Halfway up, I just went back a few feet, so I could hold onto the edge, and climb down to the bench. Listening to hear their excited voices over the wind blowing bye, and swirling in my hair.

“Ayagidda yaggada…” I don’t know, Spanish? Too fast to follow, maybe if they wrote it down, and gave me long enough to type it in google translate, but they came closer. “¿Niña, Girl?”

“Boys, come in, huh!” I pulled my panties down, and held the corner of the bench to slip them over my heel. “In here, aqui?” I think that means here, or there, I don’t know if it I pronounced it right.

“iMamacita!” The other one pushed him, and he pushed back. “Tay DJ que estaba pour el sexo.”

“Poor me.”

“iNo! Poor me!”

“Boys, boys! No need to fight, plenty of me to go around.” I tried to throw my undies, but the dust devil. I think, whoever made this, probably invented a way to make dust devils, though it’s usually not quite this windy until spring. So, they flew sideways before the boys could jump, and catch them, hit the wall, and impossibly fell up, before disappearing, and fluttering away. “Huh! Never mind those, look.” I pulled my skirt up. “See?” I pointed back and forth, between their crotches, “Now, it’s your turn, go on. Don’t be shy!”

“They grinned, and went right for their pants. Holding their shirts up, in unison, which was hilarious. Then, they both tucked them under their chins to hold them, and get both hands to work on their pants.

“Huh, let me. Oh! I know, it’s cold out here, and my hands are cold, but it’s nice and hot in here.”

“Hot in here.” The one on the right pulled up my skier, while his friend rubbed it up my leg, and around my hip to fondle my buttock.

“iA la verga!” They laughed.

“Poquito vergas.” I rubbed it in, their ice-cicles, and their tight wrinkled ball sacks, shriveled up. I guess like Saffron’s looked, only I could feel them.

“Sangre mezclada culo.”

“Sangre mezclada coño.”

I think ^that ment mixed blood.

“Boys, huh. ¿Tu queres mi culo?” He nodded, and squeezed my buttock, under my skirt.

“Mi verga into culo?”

“iMe verga ensu coño!”

“Huh, yeah guys. Just wait, not right away, but you have to get it wet first.” I stuck my fingers up, and my tongue out. “Hahlahlalah!” I pointed back, and turned around.

“Sí, besa su trasero, ¡Mugriento besador de mierda!” He pointed, and laughed. “You.” He pointed down, and grabbed my hair. “Get it wet for you punta.” Pulled me down, and rubbed the side of my hair, to grab the other side, but he didn’t have to make me. Twist my arm, or pull my hair, I just pulled out his clean tighty whiteys, and sniffed.

“Dude, you have to rinse better. What is that, Irish spring?”

“Suck it, suck it off. Soap? Soapy?”

“Mp smuip! Yeah.” I smacked my lips, and clicked my tongue, then shrugged, and went back down.

“Oolooloolool!” Behind me, his friend went to town. Up, and down, all around. He got my pucker, but also my crack, and all the down to my clit, which made me jump. “Uh!” My knees shot out, and I hunched. “Ngm!” I shook my head, and squeezed tears out of my eyes. “No, not there.” I looked at him. “Tell him not there, it’s too hard. Huh!” I panted, until my tummy stopped twitching with painful spasms.

“¿Que hesiste’?”

“Solo lalami vergita?”

“Ella dijo queno. Que no la gusta, e yo DJ que so coño es mio.” I think that last part, after no le gusta was he said that my pussy was his?

Well, it’s mine, but my clit is. Well, super sensitive, so sensitive it hurts if you rub it the wrong way. So, rather than try to explain that for him to tell his friend, I just nodded, and bent over to suck some more little vergito, while his friend went back to trying to shovel out my fudge hole with his tongue.

“”No te ennis titties.” He felt my top.

“Swop, pah! So, you don’t have any hair on your balls, either?”

“¿Que esta?” his friend stopped eating out my ass crack.

He shook his head, and tried to pull my back down by the neck, but I grabbed his shoulders, and pushed him back.

“No, sit down.”

“iAye, piedra fria!”

“Huh, let me take this off.” I stripped as quick as I could, “Sit on this, here. Aqui?” I held down my skirt so he could scoot over. “Huh, now shut up, and let me fuck you. Hold still.” I had to reach down between us, and hook it with my thumb. Hold it back by feel, and squirm until I could find the hole, but by then, I was loose, and wet enough. He was dripping with spit, and probably even a little slick from leftover soap residue, but I just sank down easily, until his wet balls stuck to my taint. “Huh! Huh!”

He felt down my back, and squeezed my butt cheeks. I think he told his friend do it. Do her now, but even with them pulled out of the way. His friend’s stubby little tacquito dick just was’t long enough to penetrate. So, he ended up smacking the hands away, to squeeze them together, and hotdog my buns.

“Uh, huhuh! Uhuhuhuh!” It made me shiver, but not cold. Hot sandwitched between their pale brown winter bodies? Look, they’re Spanish, old Spanish, castillian I guess, from the old Zorro days before this was even California. Let alone Mexico, or New Mexico, the missionaries, and Conquestadores, and Dons. I don’t know, all the family flags underneath the portico in front of the Fiesta Archives, on the Plaza?

“Ngm muh huh! Ahn nahnm! AaaAAEEIINGH!”

“Jes, oh jes. Orgsma por me.” He went on in Spanish, but I didn’t care. I could barely even breathe, let alone gasp in another breath of fresh air from rubbing off my mons pubis on his. I don’t know, he had a little gut, but more like a baby belly then real fat, or you know. Mexican fat. He was New Mexican, but not like. A fat old Mexican. More like a boy that just happened to be New/Mexican, and his friend, but I don’t know if either of them could come or not. They didn’t bother faking it, and the younger one just gave up trying to get it in my butthole, but his tongue was more than good enough, and finally, I just climbed off. Panting, and pulling my clothes out from under the older one.

Not really the big one, not much bigger then my thumb, and he didn’t have a knuckle in it, of course. But still, a whole lot better then trying to twist my arm around to get my thumb in and out, to pump the knuckle in and out, and his friend. Well, that was mostly just 4 hands, and arms to hold me, grope my ass, feel my legs, and my tummy. Pull me up and down so the little squirt moved around enough to feel it inside me, and mash my pubeless mons into the chubby bulge under his belly to stimulate the tiny point of my clit enough to get off, without shocking me hard enough to kill the mood again.

It turned out the Allsups bag was just full of candy, and stuff. They held it open for me, and I picked out one of those coconut neopolitan bars, from all the nasty tamarind flavored shit, cinnamon flavored jawbreakers, and blocks of sesame seeds in honey I hate, because they get stuck in your teeth if you don’t snap one off trying to bite it, but thanks.

“Huh!” I guess, my first interracial threesome, and attempted double penetration. Close enough, so I went back home for a nap. I had no idea how much group sex wore you out, but I guess that explains why mom was always worn out, after one of her parties.

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