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Forest encounter

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Going for a walk in the forest with my dog, I had an unexpected encounter.

My name is Vivian, this is a record of the events leading up to my stupid rape.
I had spent several years overseas working on projects and had become moderately wealthy. I had a few lovers but by the time I returned home, I was definitely single. I could have lived off my savings, but I wanted to do some work and earn my own keep.
I was 34 when I started part-time work in a boutique lingerie shop. Within a year I was half owner. About a month after that, the doorbell rang and my life changed in almost an instant. In came my future husband Stuart and his four girls, Samantha, aged 12, Chloe, aged 10, Grace, aged 6, and Sophie, aged 4.
Stuart looked like he would rather be someplace else, but he was struggling to do the right thing and get his eldest daughter fitted for her training bra. I could see that Chloe was also needed some attention too. Grace was trying to hide behind her father and Sophie was looking like she wanted to buy the shop out.
After an initial greeting, I took the two oldest to look at the younger girl bras and crop tops, then I got Sophia interested in some pretty tops and then I faced Stuart and Grave, managing to get them to look at leggings. Then I was back with the older pair and helping them try on a few samples.
While I had moms and dads bring in their daughters, this was the first time I had a dad by himself. For some reason, I just clicked with this group, and I was really enjoying myself fussing over them.
Another round of checks to see if the girls were mostly sorted, I then began to place their selections on the counter. Samantha had a soft padded bra and a crop top, Chloe had a couple of crop tops. Grave had stuck by her dad and did not present anything, while Sophie wanted a unicorn pyjama set.
“Dad, I really need new knickers too,” Chloe informed him.
I saw him cringe slightly. “Perhaps in a few weeks, Ok love?”
‘Dad on a tight budget’ I realized, I would need to go carefully while the sorted out what they could afford today. We also had rules about how much discount we could give to close friends and our families.
“Sophie, can you put the pyjamas back now. Thank you.”
Sophie reluctantly did so. Then I had the job or ringing up the till. I was careful not to tally the prices as I did. I hoped I could come in under his budget. I looked at Stuart, I could see him adding up as I went. He drew in a deep breath when I announce the final price. He slowly drew out his bank card and I put the transaction through.
It was then that Sophie caused my world to change, she looked at me and asked.
“Are you going to be our new Mommy?”
“Sophie! No,” hissed Samantha, Chloe gasped and looked shocked and Grace turned to her dad and started to cry. Stuart picked her up and hurried out of the shop. The two older girls also hurried out and Sophie turned towards the door, leaving me feeling bewildered.
“Shit!” I said softly.
Then I realized they had left their shopping behind. I picked up their bags and moved towards the door. Then I had a thought, and selected four pairs of cheap knickers and slipped them into their bags along with my business card.
I went outside where they had gathered and handed over the bags. They had begun to calm down again.
“Anything I can do to help?” I suggested.
”Thanks,“ replied Stuart. “I think we are all good now.”
They walked away up the street.
A year later Stuart and I married.
I knew Stuart was unable to have any more kids, he had a bad infection after his vasectomy, and that meant that he did not perform well in bed, but we were still able to pleasure each other.
I had honestly thought that looking after four girls would be enough for me, but I began to ache for having a baby of my own. We looked at options, but nothing was going to work for me.
Stuart found an almost ideal solution, he got me a male puppy from a friend of ours. It had a mix of labrador, boxer and jack russel. We called it Charlie.
Our friend wanted the puppy for future breeding, so we did not get it neutered. The kids and I loved the puppy. It grew rapidly, and it was very good-natured most of the time, The only annoying trait it seemed to pick up was for it to sometimes put its nose up my skirt, but fortunately, he did not for any of the girls.
After the girls went to school I would often take Charlie for a run or a long walk, we both seemed to enjoy being together. One of my favorite areas was a forest near the edge of town. The council had put in new tracks and pathways for a variety of users. We had a lot of fun exploring and found some of the older unused tracks and clearings as well.
Charlie grew more, and also seemed to get a bit frisky from time to time as well putting his nose up my skirt. Try as I could, I could not stop him from doing it to me, he did it just sometimes when I was wearing a skirt.
A few days later I was worn out, Stuart had taken the girls into town, and I was home alone. Charlie had been asleep on the rug in the lounge, I began to doze. Charlie stretched and came over to me, I reached out and gave him a pat and a scratch behind his ears. Charlie then jumped up on top of my knee and began to hump it. I tried to push him off and away, but he circled around and jumped up again.
Charlie was growing up and was now ready for mating with other dogs.
I was getting a bit frustrated. While Stuart was kind and gentle in bed, I lacked getting the scratch I needed from a good deep fuck. Not much I could do to change that without hurting someone.
After a morning run, I showered and then went to the kitchen to put on the kettle for a cuppa, just wrapped in a towel. Charlie snuck up on me and got his nose up under the towel, giving me a quick lick. l squawked in surprise. I tried to push him away but he snuck another lick in before he retreated.
“Yuck Charlie,” I scolded him as my hand slipped between my legs to find his saliva wet on my pussy. “You are a naughty boy. I’ve just showered. Now I need to wash again.”
That was the first time he licked me, but it was not going to be the last. A few days later Charlie caught me in my shorty nightie when I went for a midnight pee. This time I tried hard not to shriek but tried to push him away, he got in three licks before I managed to close the bathroom door. After I lay in bed feeling confused as well as a slight feeling of arousal thinking about what had happened.
Over the next few weeks Charlie managed to get licks in four more times, I was starting to get quite annoyed by it, but I just didn’t know what to do about it.
Stuart and I tried to make love on a Saturday evening, but he quickly lost interest and was unable to give me any relief. He soon fell asleep, leaving me wide awake and disappointed. I went out to the kitchen to get a drink and to sit and think. Charlie snuck into the kitchen and before I had a chance to react, his nose was up my nightie, and he licked me.
I tried to push him away, then something inside me clicked, and I sat on a chair in the dining room. Charlie came back over and I part my legs, his nose slipping under my nightie.
Cringing to begin with, I let Charlie lick my pussy.
I felt so ashamed when I returned back to bed but quickly fell asleep.
For some strange reason, it became difficult for me to get much time with Charlie over the next few weeks. Charlie also seemed to lose interest in getting his nose up my skirt.
It was during a long walk in the forest that Charlie began to take an interest again. He started to poke his nose in up my skirt. I was in two minds about what I should, I knew I should really return back home, but part of me wanted to see if he would lick me again. Maybe for just a few minutes.
I found my way through the trees to an isolated small clearing, then I reached up and pulled my panties off. It took me a few goes to get into a good position for Charlie to lick me well. Then I felt very guilty again. But hell, it felt good.
I knew nothing about the subject of dog-sex, and I was too ashamed to try to look it up for myself. It was only on the occasional walk in the forest that Charlie seemed to get interested in me. Then I would return back with a bit of a crooked smile on my face. So far he had only licked me, but I was thinking I wanted him to do more.
I made a plan, sorted out a few things to take with me and then got myself ready. I would go back to the same spot he had licked me the first time in the forest. I was hopeful enough that It was isolated and nobody else would be about.
I took a small bag with me, unsure just what I was going to need to help him get inside me. Walking into the forest Charlie seemed to be excited, I hope that this would be a good sign. We walked for some time before I found the old track then would take us close to where we wanted to go. Then I pushed my way through the trees and came out in the little clearing.
I tingled in excitement. I carefully laid out a rug and sat down for a drink and a bite to eat. Then I stripped off my panties and called Charlie over.
Charlie came but didn’t seem too interested in licking me. Then I realized my mistake, I had eaten a chicken wrap and he could smell it. I would need to wait a while. Then for an idea totally unbeknown to me, I pulled off my dress as well and laid back on the rug.
Charlie came over and sat close to me, looking at me with a look of confusion.
After about 15 minutes Charlie got back up and started to sniff around the clearing. I looked at him and though he got a scent from a mouse or rabbit.
“Charlie,” I called then I wondered what to say, then I had an inspiration. “You are a naughty boy, now come here and fuck me.”
I saw a shadow before a guy sat down next to me.
“As you wish,” he responded.
Shit! Shit, shit, shit, oh shit! I felt my face and ears flame in deep shame, I pulled my arms up to cover my face with my hands. I was lying naked on the rug and I was not alone as I had expected.
Too frightened to look, I felt the guy place his hand on my belly. He began to rub back and forth.
“Nice, you look like you are wanting it.”
I cringed and gasped, I tried to say no, but nothing came out.
His hand slipped between my legs, feeling he dampness I had from earlier when I was trying to encourage Charlie.
“Ahahaha,” I tried to find my voice, but no.
He half rolled over on top of me, his hand still between my legs while he pushed my arms aside from my breasts. His mouth sucked my nipple up, and his tongue began to tease it. I had expected him to be harsh, but he wasn’t, my nipples were getting firmer. She switched nipples then he began to rub my pussy with his hand. Damn, he was making me feel wet again.
The guy shifted, pulled his pants down,
and swung right over on top of me while easing my legs apart.
“Please, no,” I whimpered, “Noooo…”
He laughed, “But you are so wet and I think you are wanting it”.
“Please,” I begged, “Please, don’t do this.”
I was hopeless compromised, it was not a good position for me to be in.
I felt his hard cock for a moment on my lower belly, then he eased it back and it fell between my legs. He eased forward and I felt his cock come back to find my divide, he was going to fuck me. He pushed slowly, his cock slid on my damp lips and his cock quickly found my entrance.
“Oh my God! No,” I whimpered and screwed up my eyes..
His cock slipped inside me. I gasped. He pushed in and his cock eased further inside me, my wet pussy offering very little resistance. He eased back and pushed in deeper, then he slowly began to thrust, his cock slipping easily inside my pussy>
“Shit!” I told myself. There was very little I could do now to stop him. I looked over at Charlie, I tried to call him silent, mouthing the words out, “Help me”. Charlie just looked at me.
Thrust in, then ease back, repeat, my pussy feeling his cock working deep into me, keeping me wet and aroused. Nothing harsh, nothing rough, just a steady rate fucking. Damn it, why did this start to feel good. I realized my body had started to tingle.
He slightly shifted his weight, his cock changed angle just a fraction, the effect on me was electrifying. That deep scratch I had, it was now getting attention.
The euphoria caught up with me, I had no idea that I was going to react so strongly. With a sudden rush, I groaned loudly as I orgasmed. Damn, it felt good.
“Oh Yeah,” The guy responded. ”See, you did need this.”
“Oh hell, damn, shit, fuck, argh, nooo…” I told myself, but I knew he was right, and that hurt.
I needed a good fucking, and I sure was getting one. Thrust and ease, again and again. Damn him, he was still going and I felt the euphoria rise again.
Then I noticed a shift in his action a bit faster and he was puffing harder, he seemed to get excited.
Damn, I knew I was going to orgasm again, a firmer thrust, pushing harder>
I groaned out loud again just as he grunted and thrust in quite hard.
Hell! We were climaxing at the same time, I felt the warm, wet rush inside me as I quivered in my own orgasm. His cock was throbbing and pulsing inside me.
It took me a few moments to realize just what had happened. Shame made me flame again, I had just been fucked, and I had no idea who he was. Technically he had just raped me, but it sure did not feel like rape.
He eased out of me and shifted to one side, sitting up. I stayed where I was, a bit too stunned and ashamed to think about moving. I could feel my pussy starting to ooze with the guy’s cum.
The guy whistled short low whistle, Charlie perked up and trotted over to where I lay. Then the guy guided Charlie to go between my legs.
Charlie didn’t take long to begin to lap up the cum oozing out of my pussy., his licking began to probe in between my lips and rub against my clit. Then his tongue pressed against my entrance and slipped a little way inside me. That set me off and I orgasmed on Charlie’s tongue.
Then Charlie was licking me again, and the guy seemed to be helping Charlie.
Charlie began to arch up and spring forward, onto my belly, his hind legs still between my legs. Charlie began to hump. I felt his cock against my thigh, then at the top of my pussy, my thigh again, then the guy leaned in and pushed his hand down between my legs.
A moment later Charlie’s cock was guided in against my pussy, slipping into my entrance.
“Oh Oh Oh,” I whimpered as Charlie began to hump in earnest, his cock pushing deeper into my pussy.
After about a minute or so, I felt a hard lump begin to push against my pussy. Again the guy seemed to guide it in against me and then pushed it further up into me.
With each hump I felt a small spurt inside me, Charlie had begun to cum, but not only that, Charlie’s cock seemed to be getting bigger inside me. Then I orgasmed again.
The guy stood up and looked at me,
“You were a very nice fuck, thank you, Have fun with your dog, he really likes you.”
Then he was gone.
I looked at Charlie, he was still between my legs and his cock was still inside me.
“Time to go home Charlie, off you get.”
I tried to pick up Charlie and moved him back so his cock would slip out of me, but I didn’t get far, I felt the awkward bulge in his cock catch in my pussy, it was not about to come out.
“Ow, What the hell, ohh, ohh, ohh no, shit, Oh God, please, no.”
I had Charlie’s knot stuck inside me, not that I knew what it was then, and I had no idea what to do. I was well and truly stuck.
About twenty minutes later we got free, I quickly dressed again, my face very red from the embarrassment and shame I felt. It was all just a bit too much for me to cope with.
No, I knew full well I could not say anything to anyone, it was just too embarrassing for me. I just had a deep feeling that it had been very stupid that day for me. Time to try to put it all aside.
A couple of weeks later my period did not arrive on time, Shit!

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  • Reply Henry ID:42p3wut0a

    Wow that’s sad. My mom and sister both make me have sex with them every day and night without a condom. They are on the pill now but said they want me to make them pregnant

  • Reply Sarah ID:5v8sdkd9i

    So you had the baby?

    • Vivian ID:33wnj8j

      Hi Sarah. Yes I had the baby, it took some time to admit what had happened, then some time to get it all sorted out.

    • M. Lovdahl ID:fx7itcm9d

      Was your husband forgiving for the situation

    • Vivian ID:cc4itakzk

      Hi M.Lovdahl, having the baby put a lot of stress on our relationship. I did want to have a baby for myself, and he was unable to give that to me. Getting caught out was very difficult to explain. We still are working through some issues, but we ae still together, just need some more time.

  • Reply Daniyal ID:3d5ey0l2d9k

    Is this really a true story?? Vivian?

    • Vivian ID:cc4itbgzm

      Hi Daniyal, yes it was just a very stupid day, I was alone with my dog, looking for something more. I got caught out.

  • Reply Lazer1 ID:pl40qw6q

    Awesome to here that you are pregnant, you must be so proud.

  • Reply Carl ID:6629enn49b

    Well Vivian, how late is your period now, had a test yet?

    • Vivian ID:pl40qw6q

      Alas my period failed to arrive, Ive now had the test, it was positive, Im pregnant.

  • Reply Lazer1 ID:cc4itbbhm

    This made me laugh so much, you didn’t have a clue about sex with your doggie, just thought it would be straight forward, but no.
    I loved it when the guy got on top of you and started raping you. I got so hard reading that, then you both climaxed at the same time. I really laughed when your doggie began to fuck you too, getting his knot inside. And now your period is very late, excellent, hope it’s a girl for you.

  • Reply Carl ID:cc4itbbhm

    Vivian, you left a message on my story about your period, You need to put it up here, so everybody will know just what is happening.

    • Vivian ID:cc4itbbhm

      Ok Carl, as you asked me to do this then ok.

      I am getting worried now, my period is 6 days late, it’s never been this late before.

  • Reply Carl ID:cc4itbbhm

    Nice one, got caught out good and propper. love how he got into you, then fucked you. I laughed when you dog mounted you too.

    • Vivian ID:cc4itbbhm

      Yes, I got caught out badly, so ashamed by it, hard to really understand.

  • Reply Irene ID:cc4itbbhm

    Sorry to hear about your encounter, such a shock to your system, Hope you are feeling better now.

    • Vivian ID:cc4itbbhm

      Yes feeling somewhat better, My own stupid fault, wasnt as prepared as I had thought.

  • Reply BigPapaPump ID:bo2qeo2qk

    Mmmm so hottt,email and lets talk about it [email protected]

    • Vivian ID:cc4itbbhm

      Hi BigPapaPump, I’m just not sure on making contact, still feel a bit odd and ashamed about it all. It was just so surreal for me, still trying to figure my feeling out.

  • Reply Luna ID:5c8mii2e8

    Wish someone would do me like this…

    I wrote my story here too

    • Vivian ID:cc4itbbhm

      Hi Luna, I have read you story, such a horrid event for you. Please take care

  • Reply A Dickson ID:6629eno6id

    I love how the guy raped you, you were reluctant, but he got his cock up you anyway. You climaxed together, which is awesome, and now your period is late, even better, cant blame your dog for that.

    • Vivian ID:6629eno6id

      Yes, I knew that in reality, it was rape, just felt kind of surreal, we did climax together, he got what he wanted, I got a bit more than expected. And yes, my period is running a couple of days late.

  • Reply Delany ID:6629eno6id

    Wonderful, you really did get it, fucked by the guy and your dog too, love how they both came up you. And yeah nice that you got so embarrassed, I know you wont be able to tell your hubby.

    • Vivian ID:6629eno6id

      I sure did get a lot more that I had expected, and yeah just so embarrassing. I know I can’t tell anyone now, the shame is too raw still.

  • Reply Bare ID:8x7mg38l

    awesome story. Hope you return to the same spot for more thrills as I’m sure the man will be returning to see if your there.

    • Vivian ID:6629eno6id

      I have not returned back there again, just an odd feeling when I get close. I get very embarrassed and have to turn away.