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First off Fence (Gmmg)

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The character Code G means Girl, or “Tween.” Be-tween the onset of Puberty, and turning 13, because she’s an “Early Bloomer.”

“Huh?” I turned on my phone, to text Mom, and ask her what was taking so long, but she already texted me.

[I’m sorry, but somethings come up. I have an emergency meeting, so do you have money for the bus? It’s nothing to worry about…]

She went on, but I checked the time. She sent it over an hour ago, but now it’s almost 4:00, and I’m going to be late.

Even if I did notice her message, it wouldn’t have been early enough to save 75 cents for the bus at lunch, but I think I can make it, if I hurry, and she’ll pick me up.

[No, I’ll walk.] The studios’ just around the block, but there’s no way she’ll call back from the meeting. So, I picked up my bookbag, and headded out around the office to the gate.

The school buses already left, so at least there wasn’t a lot of traffic going out of the parking lot, and as soon as I was out on the street, I had the path between the fence, and the curb.

“Huh!” It said this morning that it could get up to 60, but when I checked the Weather.Com site, it said 72 at the Airport. That was a long way away, but it felt even hotter.

Aunt Famke never told me that it could happen when you’re Starting your period, and I checked my purse for pantie liners just in case. Well, 1 left, for emergencies, but I guess the cold front was gone. Looking up, there wasn’t a whole lot of clouds in the sky, but it gave me something to think about.

Imagining this one was a sheep, and that one. I don’t know, they all look so fluffy, and white, they could all be sheeps wandering away from the herd, but that got boring quick.

Then, I got to the end of the fence, and there’s a trail back there too, I kept my eye out for green brambles, since the leaves haven’t grown back yet, but as soon as I got back far enough, I stopped to put down my bookbag, and stuff my jacket in the top. Oh yeah, with my uniform in there, I couldn’t fit it in, so I had to pull the sleeves through the straps, and let it hang behind me, like an apron.

I sure didn’t want to tie it around my waist like some Alternative girl from the 90s flannel. “Huh!” Gosh, it was hot on my back, and that just made my bra strap stick to the sweat. Maybe I’ll just skip the practice all together, and wash up in the bathroom when I get to the studio? It’s too hot to put on the uniform too, and then all that rolling around, it just sounds so hot, and sweaty, I’d much rather just take a shower instead.

“Uh!” Nobody’s watching, through the fence, the school yard is empty, and now my bra’s getting sweaty up front, too. I remember watching this older girl, over at the prayer meeting, show off her “Magic Trick,” so I unbuttoned my sleeves first, and untucked my blouse, to reach up under the back pack, and pull the bra strap down to unhook it.

I think I can pull it off walking, but it just felt good to let them out. Dry them off underneath with the cups, which reminded me. I put on the ones with the foam lining, this morning since it was cold, and I thought I’d need the insulation. That’s why it felt so hot, but the foam was soaked, so drying my breasts with them just didn’t work.

Now, the tricky part is getting the shoulder straps down my sleeve, so I can pull it over my hand, and let it snap back up. Like magic! I think, what did Penn call it, when he busted that magician on Fool Us? They always talk in code, or at least he does, Teller just keeps his voice down, because that’s part of his style, oh yeah.

“Gaff pull.” To pull a gimmick back up your sleeve, when you make it disappear. It’s not real magic, there’s always a trick, but I switched my backpack over, to the other side, and pulled the bra out my sleeve, to tuck it in the zipper pocket in back. “Huh!”

That feels a little better, but I really must be late, now. “Uh,” I better hurry up, before they close the studio. So I don’t interrupt the class, maybe one of the other moms will let me in, while they’re waiting in the waiting room, and I can run off to the bathroom, with the shower in it.

“Hm.” That sounds nice, especially the cold water, before it warms up, and washes the sweat out of my hair. It’s sticking to my neck, so I have to pull out my pony tail, and tie it up higher, coming to the end of the fence.

“Uh?” The trail just stopped, and took a turn at the corner, to follow it. Instead of going straight, so I could come out on the other side of the block, but then again. It’s down the street that way, and the brambles are too thick to even try to go through there in nothing but my shoes, and socks.

Well, my skirt of course, but that’s also too high. Not high enough to show my knees, since I got the new one this year. The old one got too short, and what’s the deal with showing your knees to the other girls, in class?

It’s not like any boys go there, and they make us wear a uniform anyways, so I seriously very much doubt that my classmates are going to be distracted all that much, if they see my rough red knees. I guess I cover them up as much as because of the scars, from skinning them, and stuff.

“Huh, yeah. She’s hot.”

“Huh?” I stopped, and, “Snh?” Smelled smoke. Not burning leaves, or even fireplace smoke, tobacco smoke, from cigarettes to go with the boy’s voices, talking about some “Slut.”

“Shes not a slut.”

“Yeah, well it’s a good thing she was a slut, or I never even would have gotten head from her. What did you think, you’d get sucked off by virgins, or prudes?”

“No? But I guess a tugger’s all right.”

“Hihihn!” Then, I heard a girly giggle. “Can I? Touch it.”

“Huh?” I held my breath, and peeked around the end of the fence, but sure enough, they were too busy to look around.

Boys, high school boys by the look of it. With cigarettes, and a couple little hands reaching out the fence. It shook, with a tingle sound from the chain link, and I shivered. Like I was cold, but I knew the spot.

Over by the corner, the back corner, where they kept the lawn mowers, in a shed. I guess the smoke covered up the pee smell, from using it to pop a squat, when you didn’t want to run in, and use the restroom. Especially when you know there’s probably going to be a line to wait, just to get a bathroom stall and a toilet.

Ting ting ting ting!

“Huh! Huh, huh!” I gasped for breath, but the chain link shook so fast, I could feel it all the way around the corner, and the windex smell hit me before I even got another whiff of smoke, from there cigarettes.

“Stop.” I peeked, and the boy stepped back. She let go, and he took over. Pumping to keep it hard.

“Stick it in here. Don’t waste it!”

“Uh!” He stopped, and held it straight out.

“Oomph! Mmn!”

Oh my god, she was totally blowing him, right there in the school yard, while his friend watched!

“Uh,” He let go, and put his hands up, to hold onto the fence, and leaned up all the way, so I couldn’t see anything, without coming out where I could look through the wires bent back and forth to hook around each other, and whoever was in there, sucking off her boyfriend. “Uh, huh!” The fence bent in, when he put his head down, and groaned. “Oh, yeah. Huh, huh!” Panted, then stuck his butt out.

So his penis flopped down, and glistened, wet with spit before he pulled up his underwear, and dried it in there.

His friend dropped his butt, and put it out with his foot, then I heard little footsteps run off. Her giggle, and I went back quick to peek around the gardener shed.

All I could see was her hair, she didn’t look back, and of course she had the same uniform on as me. So, no telling who it was, other than one of the brunettes, which doesn’t narrow it down much. One that didn’t bleach her hair to be blond, and I didn’t see anything up front to suspect she was old enough to start sprouting.

“Yeah, but no tits, you sicko.”

“Uh?” I shook my head, and looked around, but I couldn’t even start looking for a way through the brambles before they came around the corner.

“Well, she’s not going to be so flat forever, and you know girls start before boys anyways.”

“Not always, and besides.” They stopped, and he stopped his friend. “Huh? Hey, what are you doing back here?”

“What are you doing back here? It’s a girl’s school, you know.” I stepped back, and lifted my toes to dig in my heel, while my back foot found a good flat place to grip, sideways. “To protect girls like that from boys like you, coming around to.”

“Get my dick sucked.” He laughed, “What’s it to you? She likes me, and she likes the D.”

“Check it out,” He pointed. “Oh right, you don’t like tits, huh?”

“Shut up!”

“Ow!” He rubbed his arm, and laughed.

But, “Huh!” I looked down, and covered up my blouse. Too late, but at least when I pulled it out, it wasn’t see through, and stuck to my nipples, so they showed through.

“You just embarrassed, because you got so hot, watching them hook up?”

“Hey man. We better take off, before she calls the cops or something.”

“You’re not going to yell, and call for the cops, are you?”

“See you later.” The one boy ran off, but then again. He had a girlfriend already, and honestly. I guess I was a little jealous that she landed a high school boy, even if he is a bad-boy, but it’s like he said, you know?

If they weren’t bad boys, they wouldn’t be DTF. “You like my tits?” I let go, and pulled my top down, tight. Looking down, sure enough my hot nipples were hard, and dark enough to look pink through the sweaty cotton blouse.

“Yeah, you got nice tits, for a little school girl. How old are you?”

“Well, how old are you?”

“Thirteen, but you can’t be much older then twelve, they don’t have middle school classes here.”

“How would you know?”

“Because my sister goes here?”

“Was that your sister?” I just realized, he has the exact same brown hair as she did, only cut short, of course. Being a boy, and all. “You watch your sister giving boys hand-jobs, and head after school, and you called him a pervert?” I stuck my thumb over my shoulder.

“No? She’s not a real slut, you know.” I shook my head, “Just because she’s got a boyfriend, that doesn’t mean she gives it out to all the boys like a whore. She’s not like that, I just wanted to make sure they don’t go too far. You know, because she’s still kinda young, for that kinda thing, but as long as they keep it like this. He can’t grab her, and force her to do anything against her will, through the fence.”

“You mean rape her.”

“Yeah, I guess. Or molest her, or whatever. Look, I can’t stop her sneaking out at night, but at least I can chaperone, and make sure she stays safe. Stays a virgin, and doesn’t let him take it too far.”

“Well,” I don’t know how to argue with that. “That’s not. Too stupid, I guess.”

“So, you’re not going to tell?”

“No, I won’t call the cops, but. I might know some other girls I can tell.” I thought, “If you know some other boys, who’d like to come by, and show off their.” I looked down, and tried to see if he was hard, through the front of his pants. I couldn’t tell, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t, if he doesn’t having it stick straight out.

“You want to see mine?”

“Huh!” I tried to play it off. “Okay. Sure, why not. I already got to see your friend. Huh!”

He pulled the zipper down, slowly, but so slowly, I too excited in anticipation, and dropped my bookbag to grab his hand. “Don’t tease me, you tease.” I pulled them up. “You like them so much?”

“Huh! Yeah, what are you doing, going to this school, when you’re obviously too old for it?”

“No I’m not? I’m 12, and how does it feel to feel up a 12 year old, huh? You feel like a sick pedo pervert?”

“No, but it’s still hard to believe. You’re really only twelve?”

“Yeah, but I got my period in 4th grade, when I was 9. So, if you think about it, I’ve been growing up for 3 years all ready, and it’s not like I never made out with a boy before. I just. Golly nads!” I stopped rubbing it through his underwear, and pulled my fingers back out of his fly. “I never seen one this big before! That’s for sure.”

Or hard, for that matter. Now, it makes sense why he kept it in his pants, and didn’t even touch it the whole time, because she was his sister, and he didn’t want to whip it out. Jerk it off right in front of her, but while he got his belt unbuckled, and unbuttoned his pants. I got my blouse open enough to pull it over my head.

“Huh, come here.” I squeezed my arms together, so my sweaty cleavage wrapped around it, and felt up the back of his legs. To grab his butt, and feel the muscles flexing in it, when he pumped it up and down the middle of my chest.

“UH, fuck. Huh!”

It didn’t take long neither, and as hot as it was. As hot as my neck felt, the sticky wet splashes felt even hotter. Squirting up, and rolling back down, until he caught his breath, and slowly shrank soft, and shriveled in the mess.

“Ihnihnhihihn!” I didn’t hear her come up behind me, and I guess her brother had his eyes down to watch what he was doing. “You got a girlfriend, too!”

“Up. But,” I shook my head, and pulled the Gi top out to wipe it up. Put it on, over my skirt, and pulled the belt out, to hold it shut.

I didn’t even learn his name, but I’ll ask her, tomorrow. She must not be in 6 grade yet, because I know all the girls in 6 grade, at least by name, but I’m sure I’ll see her around. So, I can get her number, and call over there to talk to her brother, but I better get to the studio.

“Huh!” [4:27] Before mom gets there, and grab a shower. The dance girls always hog the 1 shower, and why can’t they wash up before they come to the studio, anyway? They really need to get a locker room or something, but I don’t know.

I kinda like the sticky mess, between my breasts now, and I wish I hadn’t wiped it off, so I could just hold it open, and look down to see my first load of boy juice. From a real boy, who can get it up, and keep it up, and hump my bust any time he likes.

“Snh!” It even smells spermy in there, but I better get there before mom, so i don’t have to make up a lie.

She always knows when I’m trying to lie, and I’ll be grounded for a month if I told her what I did, instead of kicking his ass, skipping Tae Kwon Do class.

That’s what she got me the Tae Kwon Do class for, so I could defend myself if boys ever got grabby.

Well, I don’t want to kick his ass. I’d much rather feel it, shaking in my hands, while he shoots his wad all over my neck and chest.

“Huh!” Yeah, I’m going to have to do that, again, and again.


Lisa (gm sis/bro Talk. Denouement)

“So, Famke, huh?” Only the blonde with the biggest boobs in the whole school.

“Huh?” He was still lost in lala land.

“Famke, your girlfriend? Good job!”

“Like Famke Jannsen?”

“No? She’s a brunette, not a blond. You mean the girl from the Xmen Movies, the old ones, before First Class, right?”

“Yeah, she plays Jean Grey.”

“Well, I guess there’s more then 1 Famke then, but not at my school. She’s lucky, there’s only about a million Lisas.”

“She always dress for Karate? She doesn’t know Karate, does she?”

“I don’t know? I never saw her in that Karate top before, why don’t you ask her? She’s your girlfriend.”

“Well, not really. I mean, we just met, but she’s not a slut, right?”

“No,” I thought, “But I guess that makes sense, now.”

“What does?”

“Well, I just remembered, last year. Some guy came over, and started pestering us on our way home. Not just me, all the girls, but she scared him off.”


“Well, hold this.” I handed him my book bag, and took off my purse. “And this.”

“What for?”

“So I can show you? Nobody’s going to see you holding my purse, so just take it a second, okay? She did a little twirl like this, uh!” I fell down.

He laughed, “And that scared him off?”

“No?” I got up, and dusted off my skirt. “I messed it up, let me try it again, she tried to kick him like this!” He jumped back, and dropped my purse. So, I picked up, but he put my bookbag on, and carried it. So, I didn’t ask him for that back, he doesn’t seem to care. Just because it’s plaid, like our skirts, and you’d have to read the logo to notice it’s a Girl’s School.

“So, what’s she like?”

“I don’t know, she’s a six grader. They don’t hang out with us.”

“Oh, but she’s really just twelve?”

“Maybe, and maybe not. She might be 13, I don’t know her birthday, but girls lie about our ages, too. How come you told her you’re only thirteen, and still in Jr. High?”

“You heard that, huh? Well, you must’ve missed the part where she made fun of me, for feeling up a 12 year old.”

“Well, even so. You’re only 2 years older, and didn’t you hear Lance say girls start before boys do?”

“Yeah, but I didn’t think you were as dirty minded as boys, too.”

“Why not? Now your just being sexist. Of course we have dirty minds, some of us.”

“You’re dirty mined. Er. You know what I mean.”

“Not really. I mean, maybe my mind is dirtier, and maybe not. I don’t know what you actually think.”

“No, I mean for school girls, at your Christian School.”

“Uh!” I had to roll my eyes, “No, why don’t you tell me what the girls at my school are like?”

“Well, why don’t you tell me?”

“It’s an all girl school! So, of course we think about boys a lot, and talk about you. What did you think we talk about all the time, the bible?”

“Well, no. Just girl stuff, like hair, and makeup.”

“Boys, kissing, periods, dating, making out, getting married, and having sex, and kids. Yeah, Fuck Marry Kill, girl stuff.”


“Most of them are virgins, me too.”

“Oh yeah? Now who’s lying?”

“Uh, hand jobs don’t count, it’s just like jerking off.” For girls.

“And blow jobs?” It was really more like a hand job again, only he finished with the end in my mouth.

“Uh, you have any smokes left?”

“I’m not giving you cigarettes.”

“Not cigarettes, just a puff. You can smoke the rest of it, but I have to do something to get the taste out of my mouth.”

“I thought you liked it, cum breath.”

“I did, but now it’s just. Light up, all ready, come on.”

“I don’t know if I want to smoke after you, with dick on your breath.”

“Oh,” I giggled, and shook my head. “You didn’t say that the other night, when you’re giving each other head out in the garage.”

“He told you about that?”

“No, you told me about that, because you need to keep your voice down when you’re fooling around with our boyfriend.”

“He’s not our boyfriend.”

“Well, then you can stop fucking around. Ow! Don’t hit me!”

“Well watch your mouth.”

“Or what, you’ll smack it again?”

“I’m sorry. Don’t tell.”

“I’m not going to tell mom, and dad, especially on you. You know he’d hit the roof if he found out you’re a cocksucker. And it serves you right for calling me a slut.”

“It’s just weird, hearing you talk like that.”

“Well,” of course I have a dirty mouth to go with the dirty mind, there both in the same head. “You going to smoke that, or just hold it, come on!” I just don;t have to watch my mouth around him any more, since we both had the same dick, in our mouths.

“You don’t inhale?”

“Huh! No, it’s just to get the taste out of my mouth. Here.”

“I’m not gay, you know.”

“No, I guess you’re both bisexual.”

“No, we just wondered what it’s like, to get a blowjob is all. So, we figured we’d never get a chance to try it with a girl, but the way. And you think Fanny.”

“Famke. She hates being called Fanny, so don’t you dare. If you ever want to get with her again. That’s a dealbreaker.”

“I thought you didn’t know her that well.”

“Well, you never seen how mad she got when someone called her fanny.”

“You don’t think she could beat me up. With her Karate?”

“I don’t know, I only saw her try it once, but she missed.” I giggled, “Probably those big bazooms threw her off, walking around so top-heavy.”

“You’re just jealous.”

“No I’m not. As long as she stays away from my boyfriend, that is.”

“Don’t worry about him, he doesn’t like big boobs.”

“Yeah, no shit.” Then, we got to the end of the woods, so he had to put it out. He’s one to talk, like I’m too young to be smoking. I don’t, I just wanted to try it really, since I heard the best time is after sex. Okay, it’s not really sex, it was just a beej, but still.

I don’t think I really like it. What so great about smoking anyways? Well, my boyfriend smokes, so i guess I better get used to it, before he starts kissing me.


Famke (Gg Boys Talk)

“Hey, Famke.” She came right up to us, the next day.

“What do you want?” I pushed past the girls, “I better talk to her, in private.” And come up with some excuse, to hide what it’s really about. “Sh, keep your voice down in here.” I leaned up against the door, while she went over to the stalls, and pushed them in. “Your brother want to see me again?”

“Yeah, after school, but you want to walk me over there? You don’t have Karate today.” She guessed.

“No, and it’s Tae Kwon Do, not Karate. But I’d already be on my way there, if I did.”

“Yeah, I figured, so you want to go see him, and his friends?”

“Yeah, where?”

“Over at there school. We figured, it wouldn;t look good if a bunch of boys got caught, over at our school, but if we go over there.” She shrugged, “I guess we can say they lured us over there, if we get caught.”

“At the high school?”

She laughed, “No, he’s still in 8th grade. The middle school.”

“Good, so then we don’t have to take the bus.” That makes sense, or explained how they got all the way over here, right after school, unless one of them had a car to borrow, I guess. “So, he’s 12?”

“No, thirteen, but he just had a birthday, and his first blowjob.”

“I didn’t put it in my mouth, did he tell you that, he put it in my mouth?”

“No, he said you gave him a boob job, and speaking of which.”

“I didn’t get a boob job! Who told you that?”

“Nobody. Well, okay, pretty much everybody guessed that, after you came back last summer. Not this summer, but the one before that?”

“Yeah, I had a growth spurt.”

“I’ll say, and you got a couple spurts yesterday, too.”

“So, if you weren’t talking about him getting his first Beej from me, what girl. Hey wait aminute. You two aren’t doing anything, incestuous.”

“Ew, no. What makes you even think that?”

“Well, he was watching you play glory hole over by squat shack.”

“Yeah, but only because he didn’t trust his best friend, alone with me.”

“Was that your first BJ, too?”

“No, not really. I mean, yeah, I got to before that, but no. It wasn’t really like that, yesterday. I couldn’t really get much in my mouth, without whacking my head on the fence. So, i just jerked him off in my mouth.”

“What’s it like?” My panties were starting to sweat. Well, I hope that’s just sweat, and not something else.

“A beej?” She shrugged, “Just like eating a hot dog, only you don’t chew.”

“No, at the end, when he. Huh! The sperm, what’s it taste like?”

“I don’t know, like nothing else. I ever tasted before.”

“But it’s not gross, like boogers?” I felt my top. “It felt kinda sticky, and slimy, like snot.”

“No, not at all, but if you get your freinds, we can go over and show them, so you can find out for yourself.”

“Oh, no. No way, they’d never go for that.”

“Oh, there prudes, huh?”

“Nehuhahah!” I heard them laughing through the door, and rolled my eyes. Turning around.

“Huh, you guys better come in, then.”

“What are you two talking about?”

“What did it sound like we’re talking about?”


“Oral sex.”

“Yeah, and eating it.”

“You spit, or swallow?” Britannie went right over to. What’s her name. “I’m Brit.”

“Lisa. You’re not. Gonna make fun of me, for starting so young?”

“Hihn, no. Wait, how young?”

“I’m 10, and in 5th grade, but I only just started, and it was just 2 times.”

“One boy, or two?”

“Just one, my boyfriend, Lance. He’s in 7th grade.”

“He got any hair on it?”

“Yeah, a little but me too. Not as much as him, but.” She stopped, pulling up her skirt, and looked around. “You wanna see?”

“Yeah, no. That’s okay, I remember how little I had, when I was your age, but Lance Meyer?”

“Does he have a brother named Oscar?” The other girls laughed.

“No, but he and my brother said they would try, and see how many friends they could get together, after school. Today, right now, if you want to come with us, and meet them.”

“How many boys?”

“I don’t know, as many as they can get, come Oonn!”

“Huh!” I just rolled my eyes, and followed them out. Okay, well if we follow her, then I don’t guess she can say we led her astray, but I don’t know whether to believe her when she says she’s 10, or not.

Then again, if I was going to lie, I’d probably try to pick a better number like 1. So, it doesn’t sound so much like I made up the first number I could think of, right on the spot. Then again, I can get away with saying I’m 13, a least, and they’d believe me, if they didn’t know me, or at least if I’m not wearing my primary school uniform. That’s a dead giveaway, but now I have.

Uhm, 1, 2… 6, six girls. Ah ah ah! Well, 7 including me, but I can take care of myself.

“Back here,”

“Oh,” I didn’t have to worry. Of course, they have a back fence too, so we don’t have to be scared that there would be enough for them to surround us, and overpower us. I can relax, and let down my guard, a little.

“Where’s Lance?”

“Yeah, and where’s your brother?”

‘here.’ He whispered behind my neck, and took me in his arms. ‘huh!’ His breath was hot on my hair, neck, and ear. ‘why don’t we get out of here?’ he kissed my neck, and down to my shoulder.

The girls started giggling, but too bad they didn’t have enough boys to go around.

Oh well, that’s their problem to worry about.

I got mine…

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