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You never know what you’ll find on the internet, let alone what you might like… #Yiff #Cosplay

“Stop right here,” Dawn got her phone out, “And say cheese!”

So, I posed in front of a window. She clicked it, then turned around, and held it up for a selfie. Turnt around so she could look at the screen, she didn’t even make a face. She looked serious, but then she grabbed me, and dragged me to the door. “Let’s go in.”

Okay, so I checked my wallet, and got a cup of hot water for tea. They had a nice selection of herbal ones, so I picked Red Zinger, while she got a hot chocolate. That warmed her up a little, while I steeped my teabag in the huge mug. That’s what’s great about this place, yeah it’s kinda a lot of money, but they make up for with with big servings.

She giggled, and put down her phone. Sideways, so her face was barely in the corner. She swiped it right, out of the picture completely. “Check it out.” She pinched, and spread her fingers to blow it up, then turned it around.

“Uh?” She got up to look over my shoulder, but “You took a picture.” Of a guy’s dick. I looked back at the man, with his jacket hanging down, but I saw the knees of his green pants sticking out the side. Manspreading, I guess. “You think he’s hard?”

She plopped down, “Well if he isn’t, then it’s got to be huge when he is!” She giggled.

“Sh! You little perv.” I couldn’t help grinning, so I wiped my nose, and shook my head.

“Well, what do you think he’s looking at, on the internet?”

“Well, obviously.” Porno.

“BRB,” she got up, and left me, so I dunked my tea bags, and took a sip. Smelled the mint, and tried to pretend that the steam was what was making my cheeks so hot. What’s she doing?

Oh, looking over his shoulder up on her tippy toes with him on a bar stool, in front of the high counter, just inside the window. Obviously, and if she doesn’t cool it, in this crowded place. Well, what’s he doing, looking at porno in public, and hanging out with his leg wide open, and his boner sticking down his pantleg? Does he want to get caught?

She finally came back, but she wasn’t laughing, and she wasn’t even smiling, she had that serious look on her face. Super serious.


“No, he wasn’t looking at dirty pictures. He’s writing.”


“No, about.” She pushed her cup out of the way, and leaned way over, but she finished eating her marshmallow anyway. ‘screwing his daughter’s ball.’ She shook her head. “Cunt. He wrote that, her bald cunt, over, and over again.”


“I know, can you imagine?” I shook my head, holding my mouth.

“Well, he can’t stay in here forever, so we better follow him.”

“Mw, now?”

“No, when he leaves.”


“Uh!’ She rolled her eyes, and shook her head. “So, I can see where he lives,” She thought, “And maybe talk to his daughter. Yeah, she sounds really young?”

“How young?”

“Well, she has a my little pony. He wrote that too. Which one’s Rainbow Dash?”

“I don’t know, the one with the rainbow main, and tail?” I guessed.

She finally smiled, and sat back, but she didn’t uncross her arms. “That show’s for furries anyway.”

“Furries?” I shook my head, and just played with the strings. Nervously, but at least she changed the subject.

“Yeah, that’s some weird fetish.” I rolled my eyes. Of course, she changed it right back to sex again, right away. “It’s not really like zoophilia.”

“You mean like, bestiality?”

“Yeah, but not with real animals. Cartoon animals, and cosplay.”

“Weird.” I guess I kept looking at her phone, because she picked it up. “You wanna see?”

I shook my head, but anything to get that image, out of my head. “Yeah, sure.”

It turned out to be just pictures, I mean, like drawings in pencil, and some of them in color, but you know. Just cartoon characters, like ponies up, and posing, with tits. “Wh, why do they have boobs? Like horses have boobs.”

“I know, huh? Or cats, or especially birds and lizards.”

“Ew, really?”

“Yeah, and snakes too. You know, Rule #34.” If you can think of it, there’s probably porn for it. “No exceptions. Ew.” She turned it around, and flashed me Kai Lan.

“Is that?”

“Ni Hao!”

“But, she’s like. Uh, her head’s even bigger then her whole body.” And her butthole covered up, with white. So you can see her bald cunt.

“Yeah, just like Dora the Explorer, there’s a lot more Dora porn, really.”

“Don’t bother, I’ll take your word for it. But.”

“What?’ she looked up, then back and forth across my face. “Really? Because Kai Lan is asian. I thought Hentai sites were for asians.”

“Huh!’ She shook her head. “I never realized that, but I guess because Dora the Explorer is more popular, in general.”

“Yeah, with like toddlers.”

“Well, what about Barney and Friends, or Teletubbies?” She giggled, “What?”

“You’re really getting into this. Furry stuff.”

“No, I’m not, I have a little sister!”

“I know!” She comes over while we’re watching her, all the time.

“Well, what if she gets on the internet, and.” I found it.

Of course, Rule #34. I turned my head, and then the phone over, so it filled up the whole screen.

“Let me see.” She pulled it down, so I dropped the phone on the table, and dunked my tea bags and picked it up to take a sip. It was strong, of course. What with all the nervous swirling, and what little water it had in the bottom. “Wait, what’s the triceratops girl named, in Barney, and friends.”

“I don’t know.” She picked it back up, and started thumb typing. “And it’s not Triceratops.” She held up 3 fingers. “They have 3 horns like this.” She went back to typing. “Uhm, oh yeah. Sty racko saurus.” She turned it around to show me, but then she looked up. “Omygod!” she got up, , but the man was already on his way out the door.

Well, she convinced me. I even thought that, “Somebody should do something,” but if everyone says that, and nobody does anything, then he still gets to go home to his daughter, and her bald cunt.

“I got your back.”

“Well,” she took a picture before he drove out. “He almost got away, but no harm, no fowl, I guess.” She looked back. “You finished with those tea bags?”

The baritsa was clearing the table. “Yeah, who you calling?”

“9-11 of cour.” She held her hand up. “Yeah, I’d like to report a pervert?” She left, so I followed her out, and let the door close, behind us. “No, a child molester, I think he’s doing his daughter. Can I send you a picture? No, not child porn.” She shook her head, and rolled her eyes. “I got a picture of his licence plate.” She listened, and nodded. “Hang on a sec.” She put them on speaker, and held it out. “N. E. C. eleven eighty-seven.”

“Okay, what state?” I heard keys typing.

“Nebraska, I guess he’s local, from here, or at least he got his car registered around here.”

She held the phone up, then winced when the operator man said “And your name?” Loud in her ear.

“Uh,” she looked up, switching back to phone phone. “Jill, Jill. Petersen? That’s Petersen with an E. I mean 2 es. P. E. T. E. I mean 3. eS Ee eN.” She enunciated.

He finished typing. “All right, now did he do anything illegal?”

“Besides screwing his little girl, and writing about it on the internet? Oh yeah, and the site’s called Sex Stories Sixty Nine. All one word, no underscore, or anything, and then the number 69. He also flashed us his penis. In his pants.”

“You, and who else?”

“My daddy.” I took the phone. Took a deep breath, and pitched my voice up as high as I could, to sound like a scared little girl. “He hurt me, in my panties.” I sniffed, and Dawn held back giggles. “I had to tell someone, but I didn’t know who. Please make him stop.”


“I got to go, here he comes!” I hung up, and we ran off, giggling. But then, the next time my little sister was watching Barney, and Friends.

Oh yeah, Baby Bop, that’s her name. She’s supposed to be a 3 year old Triceratops, even though she doesn’t have any horns, and she had a birthday. That whole episode is called “Look at me, I’m 3!”

“I always wanted to dress up like a princess,” she said on stage, when Wendy got to see their live show, but at least it wasn’t on ice! “Ever since I was 2 years old! I’m 3 now.”

“Uh!” Well, I can’t really look at her the same way, now. Ever since I saw her, all grown up, and. It’s silly, they’re dinosaurs, and even though Dawn’s little brother would tell you they’re not reptiles, and their warm blooded, that doesn’t mean they’re mammals.

Yeah, big purple ones, with spots, and you ever notice how Barney is purple, with a green patch in front, and Baby Bop is green, with a purple patch up front?

Well, I didn’t have to watch it with her, with mom home, and I just saw that picture once, but I can’t get it out of my head, like that damned “I Love You,” song.

“Huh!” Well, it goes all the way down. The purple patch, I mean, so her bald cunt stuck out, with that big green tyrannosaurus rex cock stuffed inside her, and her legs up behind her arms, so her tail stuck out the back, and.

I don’t know why, honestly. With all the weird stuff Dawn showed me, but it turned out. Well, okay for one thing, saying she was Jill, instead of herself didn’t work for a minute, but then Jill got a call from the cops, and then she got a call, and had to talk to them to make a report, but thank god they didn’t come to my house, for lying, and saying I was a made-up little girl that got raped by her daddy every night, but.

“Huh!” I shook my head, and swallowed. Remembered to lock my door, but it turned out to be a false alarm. He didn’t have a daughter, hell he wasn’t even married, he was just lonely, and made up that whole fucked up story in the first place, but with the licence plate number, they tracked him down first. Then, they called around to try to quiet down the panic, since the story got out.

I just wanted to think about a, well. It’s not really a nicer story, it’s still sick, and kinky, but you know, there’s real people in those dinosaur costumes. Barney is really Bob West, or Dean Wendt, depending on how old the episode is, but they’re all on reruns. Playing over, and over again, because apparently that’s how toddlers learn stuff, which is why Dora says everything 3 times, but you know what?

She really shouldn’t be going out alone, with a stuffed monkey. I assume that Boots is just a stuffed animal, and she doesn’t have a real monkey, but Swiper.

“Huh!” Well, he’s a fox, and I’m sure he just wants to steal her backpack, but once I started looking at that. Well, those sites, I kinda got sucked down into one of the deeper, darker holes on the internet.

You know, Rule #34? Well, you know that’s for anyone to find what kinks they like. Even dirty old men that want to pound their daughters in their bald little cunts, so they squeal fuck me daddy!

“Huh!” I had to turn my head to breathe. Then back in the pillow to muffle my moans, humping my fingers into the mattress, but you know.

I don’t have any pubes yet, and it’s just a distraction. I’m never going to be chased down by a T-rex, with a big red E-rexxxion, but then there was that funny video. I showed Dawn, and she laughed too. She’s not always that serious, unless she’s hot on the trail of a pedophile. A sexual predator, she can smile, and laugh with the best of them, but apparently these lesbians got one of those inflatable T-rex suits, and hoverboards to chase each other around until “He” caught her with a strapon.

“Mhn hn. Fugh mrh dee rexs, huh!” I had to breathe again, so I just whispered.

‘huh, fuck me, t-rex, huh.’

Would you fuck me? I licked my lips. I’d fuck me.

At least that Goodbye Horses song was a little less annoying, stuck in my head.

“Clean up, clean up, everybody everywhere.”

“URH!” I just shook my head in the pillow, but after the kindergarten, or day care. I guess, who the hell would ever drop their kids off at a daycare run by Dinosaurs? Not just a dinosaur, a T-rex, or a man dressed up as a big purple plush carnivore.

A predator, and there’s no zipper in the front. For him to zip up, I imagine it zipping up from the crotch, so his balls drop out, then jumping around. Back and forth, and even kicking up his heels, so his tail flops around, and his huge boner bounces back and forth.

A real one, a human, well. Man, really, but a Furry. Not a scaley, that’s one that likes reptiles, and fish. They don’t have scales, though, if you look close, they’re plush, and a little fuzzy, but then the Kindergarten finished singing the clean-up song, and that means the next song is the theme song.

I hate that song, and even with the pillow over my head, it doesn’t help, because it’s already in there.

“I love you, you love me, we’re a happy family.” To the tune of This Old Man.

“Huh!” Too late, I’m already horny, and 1 good climax wasn’t enough, because now that song makes me feel horny again. Hot, and horny, but you know. When the kids go home, it’s got to be hot and sweaty in those suits.

Even naked in there, Julie Johnson. That’s the woman that plays Baby Bop, she’d need help getting out of it, with the zipper in the back, and his hands slipping in to reach around, and cup her breasts. Bending over, so it splits wide open, and the cool air from the studio fans on her back. Her buttocks when they’re exposed, and that big hard green cock sliding down between them. Up between her legs, and the tails bouncing around with their hard rubbery thrusts.

“Uh, huh huh huh!” I have to catch my breath, but finally it’s quiet. “HhuhH! Whew!” It washes over me again. “Huh, fuck me. Barney.”

“Hihihn! Let me in!”

“Uh!” I shook my head.

“It’s nap time!” She’s yelling at the top of her lungs, and pounding on the door.

“Nhm, in a minute. Give me a minute, I’m changing, and calm down. You’re never going to fall asleep yelling like that.”

“MOomM!” She ran off, and I turned my underwear around to pull it up. Clean cool underwear on my hot dirty bald cunt.

“Huh!” I better put a dress on, before she brings mom to tell me to open the door. “Snh?” Let out all the muggy air, heavy with sex sweat. “Huh, all right, the room is all your’s.” I went to the bathroom, before either of them even saw me in the hall, and washed my face. Turned on the water, and took a piss while it warmed up. Filled the bathroom with clean steam to fog up the window, and the mirror, so I could take my clothes off.

I’m not, really worried about, anybody seeing me, in the bathroom. Naked in the shower, there’s nothing but blue skies out the window. So, he’d need an airplane, and a telescope to peep in on me, mom, or my little sister.

Potty training, with her bald little cunt. “Huh!” Why did I even read that sicko’s stories? They’re all the same, with her bald little cunt, over and over, sometimes twice in the same sentence? I guess, it’s a good thing he never got married, had kids, a daughter with a bald little cunt. To come in her room, and pull back the covers.

Make her pull down her underwear to show him her bald little cunt. Wiggle and giggle, “It tickles!” with his tongue buried in her bald little cunt. “Huh, huhHhuh! That’s enough. I’m wet enough, daddy. I’m ready for you to fuck me. Fuck me, daddy, yeah fuck me!”

In my bald little cunt.

“Huh! Hhuh! Huh! Sphft!” It’s hard to catch my breath, with the water running down my face, and almost in my mouth. So, i grabbed the shampoo, and felt under my arms. “Huh!” I have to shave them, next. Between them, my legs, and my bald little cunt. “Huh!”

It’s a lot of ground to cover, all right?


Mom (Mf Sex Talk)

I waited for the water to stop. “Kelly,”


“We should probably talk when you get out.” I looked back at their door, and then the spare bedroom. “In the office.”

“All right mom, I’ll be right out.”

The screen was dark, because the screen saver came on, but I’m not aroused. I’m worried. “What is it?” She twisted her hair out of the towel, and hung it up.

“Huh, well.” I just bumped the mouse, figuring that the pictures would save me at least a thousand words. “I found your sister looking at this.” I just turned around in the office chair.

“Oh,” she covered her dirty grin, and shook her head. “Hm.” She looked up, and dropped her hands. “Well, I guess I must’ve left Safe-search off.”

“Well, I had a lot of explaining to do to Wendy, but. I don’t know how much damage it’s done, but she said that you.”

“Well, she can’t spell Barney, and Friends, so I typed it in for her, but there wasn’t anything like that.” She pointed, “On the first page.”

“The first page of.” I looked back over my shoulder, “Of Deviantart?”

“No, Google Image Search. She just wanted to look at pictures, of Barney and Friends. I didn’t know that she’d find hentai ones.”


“Well, that’s Japanese, well it was. Originally, now there’s a lot of western fans, and artists starting to make it too.” She shrugged, “I guess.”

“Well, we better talk about your search history, and.” I took a deep breath, and braced myself. “Kenneth, he hasn’t been.”

“No, mom. Ew, he’s my father!” She held her arms. Over her chest, and I don’t know, whether that’s a victim sign.”

“So, he hasn’t been showing you, any pictures, or videos.”

“No, ew. You know him better then that, he wouldn’t never take advantage of me, or my friends, let alone cheat on you.”

“I know, I just had to be sure, but if not him.”

“Omg!” She shook her head, “You weren’t listening to me?”

“No, I just put your sister down for a nap, and she was so hyped up, it took a little while for her to calm down. I just walked past the bathroom door, and. You were kinda loud in there.”

“Well, I didn’t mean that.”

“You said ‘Fuck me Daddy.’ pretty loud.”

“Huh, I know. But it’s not a real fantasy.”

“There’s no such thing.”

“I mean, it’s not like I want him.” She tapped her chest, “My dad, I was just pretending to be someone else. Someone with a. You know, a father. Like that.”

“Huh, well. I. I don’t understand it, but I don’t suppose I really have to. I just have to warn you, not to expose your sister to any of that. Sort of thing in the future.”

“I know mom, and I’m sorry. I’ll be more careful from now on.”

“Good,” I clicked on Safe Search, and [x]ed it out. “But I’m going to have to have your father install some new programs.” I switched over to Downloads, “I bought.”

“What you get?’ She came around to look over my shoulder, and read “Net-Nanny?”

“It’s a filter, so she won’t stumble on any of those sites, but I don’t know if we can trust you with the password, until we know that this sort of thing won’t happen again.”

“Huh, I know. I fu, huh! Messed up.” Well, after I heard the filthy things coming out of her mouth, in private.

“And try to watch your language when Wendy’s around. She’s too young to understand these things.”

“Okay mom. I will, I promise.”

She started leaving. “Wait, uh. Kelly?”

“Yes mom.”

“Well, you understand this tech stuff a little better than I.” I shook my head, “We didn’t have all this. Rule #34?” I shook my head, and she nodded. “Well, I read on the website, here.” I went back to the browser.

“Use Chrome, or Firefox instead of Exploder.”

“Why? It’s Microsoft Edge now.”

“Well whatever, but for some reason, hackers write most of the malware programs for that, instead of the Linux based browsers, so they’re more secure.”

“Well, which one’s better?”

“I like Firefox.”

So, I clicked on that. “But you still use google?”

“Yeah, go on ahead. What did you want to show me?”

“Oh, net-nanny lets you filter the results, or sites better, so you can cut out all the ones with pictures, or video until she can read?”

“Wendy?” My face heated up, so I nodded.

“Mh hn?”

“Mom, okay scoot over.” She bent over the computer. “Let me install this, and see what they have for settings.” She typed. “What site?”

“Well, there’s this. Story site, but it has ads on every page. Is there some way to block the ads, and just read the stories?”

“I don’t know. I guess not, since the ads are how they make their money, on free sites. They have a pop-up blocker, so I can block those.” She went over to the mouse, and started clicking.

“Those are the ones that open up a new window. With explicit pictures, and video.”

“Yeah.” Kenneth isn’t interested in any of the explicit video games, but he asked me if he should maybe try some of those pills for penis enlargement. Not for erectile dysfunction, he doesn’t have any problems with that yet, thank god. I have serious doubts that those even work, any more than the secret pressure points, or techniques to make you grow 4 more inches overnight. “Huh!”

“So what’s the site?” I pulled a pencil out of the cup, and wrote [Sexstories69] on a sticky note.

“Oh, huh!” She crumpled it up, and shook her head, but typed it in. “So, you like that site, huh?”

“There’s some stories on there. Like I said, we didn’t have any of this,” let alone cartoon pornography pictures, “When we’re your age.”

“You mean you, and dad? He reads them too?”

“Well, some of them, we ready them together. He’s my husband.”

“I know mom, but what’s he like?”

“In bed?”

“No, mom. Erotica, what kinds of stories does he like, you to read?”

“Huh, well, you know, men.”

“Oh my god, gay stuff?”

“No, but. Bisexual, women. You know, 3somes?”

“Oh, yeah.” She turned back. “That’s pretty normal, I guess.” She took a deep breath, and her shoulders tensed up. “Um, what do you like. To read about?”

“Huh, well. Honestly, the same sorts of things, my mother. She used to buy these trashy novels, and she said they were romance. I suppose for our father’s benefit, and they all looked like romance, if you just looked at the cover.”

She turned around, and leaned back against the computer desk. “It’s hard to imagine grandma even being sexual, or young enough to have sex, but. I guess, if she hadn’t she wouldn’t have had you, and I wouldn’t even be here.”


“So, they were really trashy?”

“Some of them were downright raunchy!” We laughed together. “You wouldn’t believe what actually got printed back in the day, but I suppose. That’s how I started imagining. Imagining, mind you. I would never, actually cheat on Kenneth, in real life.”

“Oh,” she nodded. “Yeah, that’s pretty common for housewives too. I guess, so you mean like soap operas?”

“I don’t watch soap operas.”

“No, but you know what they’re like, just talking to your friends.”

“Well, yes. I suppose they fill me in on who’s sleeping with whom, and every divorce. So, yeah. I guess i never thought about it that way, but I suppose you’re right. Besides, he’d never go for it.”

“You cheating?”

“Why no. Watching me, with another man.”

“Oh, huh! Yeah, he’d never be a cuck.”

“That’s short for cuckhold, right?”

“Yeah, I bet. Not the way that incels say it.”

“And incels, I’ve heard the term, but while we’re talking openly, and honestly. What’s that all about?”

“Well, I guess it’s this losers club online, for virgins to blame women for their inability to get laid, so they’re mysogynists.”

“Which is?” We didn’t have a lot of these terms, either.

“Sexist,” she shrugged. “I don’t know how that translates to spree shooting.”

“Oh, there’s a connection, between the school shooters, and these.”

“Incels?” She shrugged, “There’s definitely at least a correlation, but a lot of them are members of Incel clubs online, or repeat the same narratives in their manifestos, but honestly, Dawn’s the one that knows more about them, so you’d have to ask her.”

“No, that’s okay. Why, would you look at the time? I should probably start dinner before Wendy wakes up.”

She can be a bit of a handful, especially when she gets up from her nap. With her batteries topped off with energy. “You mind helping?”

“With dinner?”

“No, with your sister when she wakes up.”

“Sure, I’ll keep her out of your hair.”



Author (Denouement)

I tried to keep the boring psychological nerdiness out of it. However, if you’re interested in looking it up, the keywords are [Repetition Compulsion.]

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