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Dad dog best friend and me

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I was 13 best friend Tina was 15 and I lived with my dad and great Dane Benny

My story is about a crazy time as I was growing up I’m 13 five foot 1 blonde skinny with a cute ass and reasonable boobs for my age Tina my best friend is 15 with jet black hair a little taller than me and a little bigger than me but we share absolutely everything . This all started when one night as usual I was led on the rug watching tv and on my phone , wearing shorts and a T shirt when our great dane Benny started to sniff my ass and push his nose down , I pushed him away three times finally sitting on sofa.
Thinking nothing of it dont get me wrong I’m not innocent I’ve had a couple of boy friends an encounter with lauren the sitter but that’s for another day ,I knew all about sex and although I was a virgin playing with my self was a regular past time .Next night same again shorts and T shirt and Benny came sniffing it wasn’t unpleasant his breath was hot giving me a strange sensation his nose pushing harder then he started licking my shorts and legs for a bout five mins before going into the kitchen,at which stage I went to the loo, I was surprised at how wet I was which deserved a little play time . Pulling up my little knickers that instantly changed colour soaking wet I thought of Benny and decided to leave the shorts off and return back to the rug.ittook 30 seconds before he was back pushing hes nose harder into me now licking and nibbling it felt great but then I looked over my should to see dad looking down I was so excited I hadent heard him come in I pushed benny away but to my surprise dad said leave him hes only playing and come and sat on the coffee table in front of me just talking ,this was awkward benny was licking and nibbling my clit and I was about to explode in front of dad ,I then noticed the big bulge in his shorts at this I came and for the first time I felt hot liquid running down my inner thighs I sat up and because it was Thursday Dad went to squash.
What was it that made me so wet the dog or Dad watching me being licked by dog ? It was all I could think about all day at school so I raced home to repeat Benny’s treat.i changed to go down stairs but this time put on only my T shirt and went down on the rug with in minutes Benny was again sniffing then licking my bare ass i spred my legs to give him easier access he wasted no time shoving his nose around my pussythen licking furiously I wanted more so I got to my knees with head on floor offering my wet hole unobstructed he licked me rubbing my clit lick never before his tongue then entered me as far up as possible instant pleasure he then returned to licking and nibbling my clit bringing me to a violent shacking orgasam I laid back down on the rug he found my lips and started licking I was just to push him away when I let him carry on after all he had worked for it.Tina was coming over to stay and I couldn’t wait to tell her,Still puzzled why I came so much with dad watching though .This is my first story if people like it I will tell what happened on sleep over feel free to contact on [email protected] would love to hear from like minded girls only for now thanks

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  • Reply Anonymously

    What size bra do you wear?

  • Reply Jimmy

    Awesome story

  • Reply Gary

    Very good for 1st time. How about your dad screwing a female dog and your male dog putting his 8 inches into you at the same time. Yum

  • Reply daddybillyboy

    good on you toni hope you all enjoyed the experience

  • Reply Ilovemydad!?

    So how old are u now

    • Toni hurston [email protected]

      Just turned 26 you ? Have you experienced dog or dad ?

  • Reply BigPapaPump

    Can’t believe dad didn’t join in

    • Mike

      Let me know if you have big black cok

  • Reply Jay

    Did your dad fuvk you too?? Who took your virginity,, dad ir dog??

  • Reply Carl

    Sound like you wanted more to happen, next time?

    • Varun

      Snap me for more things to do with dog : snap : varun4yu

  • Reply Alex

    Has anything happened between you and your dad?

    • Toni hurston [email protected]

      Yes dad and Tina

    • Alex

      Do you have a snap? Kinda wanna hear more

    • Toni hurston [email protected]

      Dont do snaps take it Alex is male ?

    • Alex