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Dad dog best friend and me 4 FRIDAY

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Tinas final plan Dad was up for watching gorgeous Tinas pussy filled with Benny ( the great dane ) and i was up for losing much more

Friday afternoon Tina came to mine straight after school to get ready Dads promised entertainment, Tina had already asked my Dad if he would like to see Benny fuck and knot her to which he eagerly replied YES .earlier in the week Tina had taught me the art of sucking deep and was determined to put it to good use , not forgetting the house rules (what happens in the house stays in the house ). we went straight up stairs to get ready,well get undressed down to small knickers T shirts no bras from no where Tina produced the huge silicone dildo again saying lets make sure you are ready for Dads cock i took it in my mouth swallowed as much as possible gagging at first then working past it , then she said in order to get your Dad to take your virginity i may have to fuck him first to start him off , are you okay with it ? after all we have done together as far as i am concerned share and share alike .
Tonight just follow my lead if i point with my finger just follow okay ? yes i said and with that she pointed to my mouth then her nipples willing to obey i started to lick suck and nibble to which she pulled my head into her , after swapping my attention to each hard nipple i licked down her stomach to her gorgeous smelling wet lips moving between her lips clit and tongue deep inside her, she shuddered and leaked a little with that i moved two fingers in her which slid straight in opening her legs as she lent back with her hands on the bed i worked faster and harder until come was rolling down both legs you know how big Benny is and his knot is huge i said lets stretch you and get you ready i said holding the dildo on the floor i asked her to sit on it, she squatted down moving in a circle motion until the head opened her up she smiled opened her legs wide so i could see her take every inch she rode it until the carpet changed colour from her liquid gushing , with that she pushed me on the bed and buried her face in my lips and pussy i was already turned on and came in minuets . we had worked hard to prepare and decided T shirts only .

6.30 Dad walked in two both of us in living room , we are ready are you getting changed Dad i asked as Tina stroked Bennys head you both still wanting things Dad we agreed Benny was to lick me and Tina is going to fuck and let Benny knot her for you Okay said Dad slowly house rules ? of course
we said together . Showered Dad came down 20 minuets later in shorts and t shirt , sat on settee facing coffee table Tina knelt me over coffee table lifted my t shirt exposed my ass opened my legs making sure Dad had full view of my pussy inserted a finger worked it in and out the called Benny who immediately began licking me lips clit and inside wave after wave of pleasure came over me, meanwhile Tina was rubbing Dads very hard bulge watching him watching me whilst Tina was working on his cock made me shake and leek whilst screaming with pleasure Benny continued for about five minuets until Tina moved his head and placed a finger in my now soaking pussy i smiled re-positioned myself on the edge of the coffee table legs opened wide as Tina re- inserted her fingers dad was just staring Tina took my dads hand led him to my pussy saying you will never finger a virgin pussy as wet as this.as Dads fingers worked in and out Tina pulled down his shorts and started wanking him for a short while be for laying him down on the floor undressed him and said be for Benny knots me we are going to play with you .
she set on his face while Dad sucked and licked and by the way she held her head back eyes closed she was loving it she then turned around still sitting on his face she took his cock and swollowed it in one after sucking him for a while she brought her body up still squatting on his face pointed to my mouth then Dads cock finally i was now sucking my dads rock hard cock there was no objections so i carried on until Tina moved down sat on that hard cock sliding it in her all the way she lent forward whispered in my ear your turn next kissed me for a long time with tongue ,first time ever to which i moaned with pleasure she then rode my Dad like a wild animal until she stood up saying not yet you have more work to do.

Tina arranged me on top of dad and worked his tip in me it was big and stretched me but i wanted nothing more as i tried to take more i closed my eyes and winced to which he said your not ready
DAD i really want you to be my first seriously ! you positive YES i said he told me to stand up and left the room returning with a clear tube ~( Dad works in pharmaceuticals ) he passed it to me saying its cathgel its a lubricant containing mild anesthetic it will help numb the and ease things for you ,Tina took the tube sat me on the coffee table squeezed the tube and fed the clear gel inside me with her finger to which Dad regained his stiffness she positioned him on the floor again and i straddled him again easing the tip in with my hand i very slowly lowered my self down on him as far as he could go then started sliding him up and down harder and harder the pain was intense but the pleasure was extreme , i was determined to loose my virginity by this time i was bouncing down on my dads rock hard cock as hard as i could still couldnt manage the final length then Dad started to thrust in as i was going down he was obviously close in one moment he clamped my waist and thrusted up as i pushed down it felt like something snapped inside me all the way up he went deep inside pushing my inner pussy then he came shooting stream after steam into me he held me for a few minuets kissed me then i stood up cum blood and my wetness running down my legs i went to get cleaned up .

on going back in living room Tina asked are you okay i said a little sore but no regrets Dad smiled , Tina said we still owe your Dad a show with Benny okay and with that i told Tina to sit on coffee table opened her up with two fingers and called Benny he licked my fingers then straight into Tina licking her lips clit and exploring her depths Dad was fixated after about fifteen mins Benny tried to mount Tina and i pulled him away , placing Tina in front of Dad i gave her a T shirt to stop Benny scratching on all fours i brought Benny behind her he wasted no time clamping her and thrusting his hips he was soon inside going at Tina like a machine i knelt in front she went on elbows to allow Benny full access and to grab my hands now looking int my eyes shouting hes growing hes growing the hes fucking huge and o my god hes knotting she screamed as his knot grew to tennis ball size according to Tina and she should know it was in her, Benny turned they were now butt to butt after 25 minuets of pulling and tugging a sloppy pop and Tina was free left with buckets of dog cum flowing down her legs Dad was now that hard and big we couldnt leave him i whispered in Tinas ear and she agreed off to the stairs closet i went in Dads bag and found more gel .
i covered my dads now huge cock in gel he was puzzled as Tina and now i were not virgins ,i pulled Tina over the coffee table removing her T shirt moving to her gorgeous ass i fed gel in her gorgeous virgin ass i brought Dad behind her moved back in front of her and said to Dad two virgins in one day ! he nudged gently into Tinas arse easing his thick throbbing cock into her slowly until his balls were touching her pussy lips Tina looked in my eyes stopped biting her lip and screamed Fuck me with this she kissed me full on whilst being pounded eventually grabbing her hips and coming deep in my best friend . we all agreed house rules and agreed last friday of every month to stay in together. Thanks for reading hope you enjoyed and would love to speak to females with similar experiences [email protected]

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    That’s very hot

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    Your stories were hot as hell. Loved em all. Keep writing girl, ur good.

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      Had so many negative and nasty comments dont post any more

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    That dad is one lucky son of a bitch. And the dog too.