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Dad dog best friend and me 3

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Monday night and Tina’s at mine after school for the full details of Sunday night with Dad and to plan this week.

I told her all in detail how dad had held me while Benny licked me to shacking a orgasam then I got to bring him off on my boobs .okay said Tina let’s go get ready ,as Tina said before if I do as she says her plan will work and to be fair to date I’ve had Dad cum on my boobs Tina’s fingers in me shes licked me fucked and knotted Benny and I’ve slid my fingers in her gorgeous pussy and had my tongue in her basically I’ll do virtually anything she asks,
Small kñickers was the order no bra just T shirts she said it’s to jiggle, 6.30 We heard key in door Tina pinched my nipples said do mine we moved to the stairs remembering to bounce and jiggle and it worked Dad just stared and watched my 36 c and Tina’s 36 odd mesmerised he went to get changed and came down to kitchen I went in after a few minutes Dad said I hope you don’t walk around the house like that if people call around No only when your in the house okay he said I have a confession to make Benny sniffed and pushed his nose in Tina Toni what were you thinking you cant tell people about things like that ,Oh shit Tina’s plan was going tits up and I’d never have Dad and Benny when Tina came in kitchen and said it’s okay Mr Hurston I really liked it and what happens in this house stays in this house house rules that’s why I like it here okay said Dad.

We let monday sink in for Dad and decided Wednesday warm up Friday the big ñight , Wednesday night in about 4 with Tina arriving at 5 we went upstairs to get ready Dad came back like clockwork at 6.30 we waited till he was showered and downstairs , I was told to srip naked with that Tina licked my boobs rubbed my clit till I shook a little said your ready and told me to go down shouting her name as to give the impression I was looking for her an to hold his attention. I did ad sat opposite him on the coffee table I smiled and opened my thighs alittle to wich his gaze went from my boobs to thighs a little more to feel fresh air on my lips and I had his full attention.

Tina walked in living room nacked sorry mr Hurston now you and Benny have seen me nacked Benny ! Saiid Dad yes when he licked me and things Tina said is this still house rules Yes was the replied Tina sat at side of me and we both opened legs a little wider on cue Benny walked in and started sniffing and nudging me is he allowed to play I asked yes if you want Dad said with that I sat on edge of table legs apart to give Benny full access he went frantic licking and pushing his tongue in as far as possible Tina was now led slightly back with two fingers in her playing away which Dad was watching with this I shook and leaked on table
My turn said Tina and I guided Benny to Tina’s gorgeous pussy and off with loud wet slurping he drove in Dad was now very hard and I helped him out of his shorts rubbing that big shft I started pulling and after five mins Tina said swap ?with that she took over pulling then without warning she buried him in her mouth as he cried out Tina wanking him he sent four huge spurts of cum in the air she licked his throbbing shaft kissed it kissed Dad and said thank you . As she tried to stand up Benny jumped on her back she pushed him of and said not now Dad said why have you before I replied she had sex and knotted with Benny it was awsome to watch Tina looked my dad in th eyes and said would you like me to fuck Benny for you Yes was the reply keep Friday night free and remember house rules with that we went upstairs.

Out of nowhere Tina produced a 12 inch rubber latex dildo and said you need to learn how to suck ,
My instructions were no teeth lips tongue and take as much as possible after fifteen minutes practice she took the shaft and my head and pushed until I gagged but after a few gos I got the hang of it, lesson done my turn finally I caressed her boob sucked and licked her nipples licking down her belly down to her soaking lips an clit I loved the taste of Tina after licking and lapping her for a good while I sank a finger in then worked in two using my thumb to rub her clit knelt in front of her watching her leak god I was horny not to miss an opportunity I grabbed the dildo slid it between her lips a few times then pushed gently and more than half just disappeared in and out thrust harder and harder until she screamed
Put her hands on my shoulders and pushing her hips forward squirted in my mouth face over my boobs and stomach I was ready to explode she led on the floor and I jumped on her face telling her to lick me which she did bringing me to a massive orgasam , exhausted we both feel asleep.

Wednesday and Thursday Tina was with family for me school work Wednesday Thursday Dads squash night I wet to kitchen made a sandwich and saw a tub of ice cream finished sandwich got big tub out bowl scoop started to scoop flicked on floor typical before I cleaned it up Benny was In there job done i got mine and sat down Benny sat in front of me drooling i scooped a bit out and gave it to him then a bit fell on my leg he had that o well shorts of ice cream on the thighs he had that game on striped nacked ice cream every where he licked every bit finaly i rushed to kitchen scooped ice cream and fed it in my pussy Benny didnt let me down i came twice he was now huge and i couldn’t fuck him feeling sorry for him i pulled him off god there was a lot of dog cum and that knot was huge no wonder Tina screamed.

Thanks for reading hope it wasn’t to long Dad dog best friend and me 3 FRIDAY NIGHT to follow

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    You and Tina are good sluts for daddy and Benny my snap is @sweettslutt

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    Another fine story Toni,keep up great work darling

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    I really enjoy ur stories Toni. U always make my dick hard. I wish I could be there Friday night to watch. Ur dad is 1 lucky bastard. I’m
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