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Dad dog best friend and me – sleepover

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Havinvig been licked to death whilst dad watched it was now sleepover with Tina

Saturday 10am and Tina is on the front door step she is 18 months older and had sex twice and has performed oral sex which makes her more sexually experienced but I couldn’t wait to tell her about Thursday as we share everything I know she has never had a dog lick her.
We did our usual shopping and snacks ready for films at night and headed back to the house I was clock watching until Dad said at 7 I’m off out do you want anything I replied we are fine and off he went.
We went up to my bedroom to get changed films were always T shirt and knickers we sat on my double bed and I couldn’t hold it in any more I told Tina how Benny had licked me and Dad had watched in detail of course and how I’d let Benny lick me inside tha night after Tina’s reply was dont believe you i wouldnt do that and you definitely wouldn’t .I’ll show you if you want I said as she sat crosleged on the bed ,I didn’t wait for an answer I called Benny upstairs he immediately started sniffing and nuzzling, hes just playin said Tina funny that’s what Dad said at first.
I moved to bottom of bed to give him better access Tina shuffled down the bed still crosleged facing my right hand side so she could watch I still want sure how she would react but I was now getting damp and enjoying Benny. To say she wouldn’t do it she hadn’t taken her eyes of Benny so I moved things up I took off my knickers laid back and opened my legs straight in went his tongue filling me then licking and nibbling wave after wave of pleasure then I exploded whacking and screaming as Benny enjoyed his hair work drinking me I slowly sat up I was soking but still not as much as when Dad watched ! .
Tina said nothing and I thought I’d over stepped the mark as she sat there still crosleged silent,until I looked down and noticed her light gray knickers had a large dark grey patch she was obviously very wet.
I pushed Tina’s shoulders back onto the bed and as her legs unfolded Benny was straight in nuzzling and licking Tina started to sit up but I gently pushed her back down Benny was pushing his nose harder and all resistance stopped after 5 mins she had opened her legs was moaning and biting her lip now was the time I sat on end of bed slid Tina’s knickers off and opened her legs I have see pussys before ” Lauren the minder ” but Tina’s was soked with matted dark hair and a large clit dutifull Benny rose again liking and nibbling whilst I watched she was now in a world of her own eyes closed I helped Benny’s acsses py placing my hands on her inner thighs and gently opening her lips to let Benny inside her he went full tongue Tina’s head wet slowly back to load long moans finishing with her arching her back and thrusting Benny tried to get on bed but I pushed him down Tina sat up looked at me and said that was amazing Benny was still stood there with a long thick about nine inch penis red and all vein covered with big balls and by the way Tina smelt great I wanted to taste but maybe next time.
We cleaned up and tested on bed on our phones Tina suddenly said look how common this is you cant get pregnant it’s safe and knotting sounds awsome I read it and ws surprised ho many people are into it . Down to watch films about 30 mins into film neither one of us were really interested in it,Tina stood up removed her knickers and said I ready pulled me up by my hand removed my knickers looked me in the eyes slid a finger in me as far as it would go then said guess you are too.

She asked me to lay on floor like I had done with Dad I did and she called Benny as ever he started to like my ass Tina knelt down on my right hand side slid her arm under me lifting my ass in the air pushing my knees apart for easy access my head was on the carpet turned to look at Tina mean while he was licking slurping nibbling having the Time of is life as was I Tinas fingers then opened my lips and that tongue was straight in ,moaning quivering I looked to see whilst she was watching Benny she had little beads of excitement dripping of her lips ,I turnd slightly and pushed two fingers right in that gorgeous soaked pussy ,Tina knelt upright looked at me then smiled I couldn’t resist tasting she giggled sat in front of me then guided my mouth to he lips it was now a competition who could lick deepest and quickest I came shacking violently at which Benny tried to mount me so I sat up .
Tina said swap she pushed me forward buried her face in my soaking pussy and eat me licking slurping noise wet slipping sound filling the room she paused as Benny was licking her furiously he then jumped on her back she lifted her head up soaked and dripping and asked do you want Benny to fuck me while you watch ? I replied yes yes do it I led on floor at side of her and could see his massively swallon deep veiled penis it was thick and at least 10 inch just slapping Tina’s thighs then I saw it sink straight in all the way Tina screamed he was relentless Tina settled into it moaned and screamed o God hes huge Benny then stopped Tina screamed hes knotting hes growing she grabbed my arm he still growing hes fucking huge then it stopped that were tied after 15 mins she said hes commin like a hose pipe in me with that a splash Benny was free and Tina oused dog cum .that’s the best feeling ever even though a little sore you have to try ,not having dog take virginity well said Tina I think between Me Benny And Daddy we can set that ,have a plan she said

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    Fucking hot story Nothing like reading stories like this. 13/02/22

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    Is anyone else rubbing the pussy to this

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      are you ?

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      No missMqueen but will fuck u

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      No but am rubbing my cock 🙂 13/02/22

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      Knotting you

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    Sad chain of events what sick fucker should be in prison

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      Jesus fucking Christ learn how to spell you fucking retard.

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    Should have picked up all that doggy cum from her cunt

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    I would love to see a video. My cock is so stiff reading this I need to wank myself silly

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    You and Tina should fuck dad!!!

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    I would love to watch the video two of you great story

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    Mmmmmmm fucking hell ???