Color Wheel

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“Uh!” She came to the door.

“What?” She held it open, “Scott’s not here.” She looked down, and pulled her jacket out. “Is it something I’m wearing?”

“Well,” since she asked, “Maroon with Pink, and Fuscia?”


“They clash, especially with the yellow in your hair, and the blue in your eyes.”

“They’re Valentines colors, and Barbie’s a blonde, with blue eyes, and she wears them all the time.”

“Yeah, well they still clash when she wears them, and.”

“What are you doing here anyway?”

“Oh yeah.” I pulled the card out of my jacket, “Can you give him this?”

“Okay, well. Why don’t you come in, and wait until he comes back?”

“Okay.” I hung up my jacket, and then I heard her sigh. Hold the card up, over her top. “Who’s Candi?”

“Oh, a girl at school, but she prefers Candice, not Candi.”

“Oh yeah. Because she’s older, huh?”

“Well, a little older.” I guessed, “I don’t really know her,” but I’d seen pictures.

“Well, it’s sweet,” She giggled, and slipped it back in the envelope.

“Thanks,” I worked hard on it. “I’m glad you like it.”

“Well, I’d like it better with my name on it, instead of Candie’s. You get it? It’s sweet.”

I sat down, at the kitchen table. While she ran back to her room. Then back out to the kitchen. “Here.”

“Oh, thanks.” I looked down, and she took it back. Wrote my name over her’s in crayon.

“You get it? It says I want to be Witch you, because she’s a witch, but that doesn’t mean bewitch you.” She wiggled her fingers, and pulled them black. “But if you read it wrong, you might think it says I want to be With you.”

“Yeah, I get it.” Scarlet witch. One of those pre-made Avengers hallmark cards, that comes in packs. At least they weren’t all stuck together on 1 card, so you have to tear them off, leaving a rough edge. They’re cut out separately, so the edge is smooth.

“Well, if I’d known you’re coming over, I would have made you one, special.”

“No, it’s nice, I like it, thanks.” She giggled, and ran off again. Dropping her purple sweater in the hall. I went to pick it up, hang it up, and then she ran back out.

“So, what goes with pink?” She held up 2 tops, both of them button up. “White?”

“Well, white goes with everything.”

“What about yellow?” She switched to the other top, and held it up.

“Well, that matches your hair, and your eyes, of course, but it doesn’t really go with pink.”

“Okay,” she dropped the white one, and ran off. Pulling her pink spaghetti strap top off, over the back of her training bra.

I picked up the lemon yellow shirt. “Uh.”

She pulled the yellow top on, “What about hot pink?” started buttoning it up. Well, she got one button done, then stopped.

“Well, no. Not really, with that yellow.”

“Okay,” she bent over, and pulled the fuscia tights down, backing into her room. She sat down on the floor to pull them off. “I noticed you matched red, and white in the card, so that kinda makes pink. You can hang that up in the closet?” She pointed, and got up.

In her underwear, and an unbuttoned shirt. She pushed my side, so I stepped out of the way, and grabbed an empty hanger.

“So, what goes with the yellow top?”

“Well,” I swallowed, “On the color wheel, blue, or”

“Blue!” She bent over, and dug around in a basket. “I have a blue dress in here, I think. It’s really bright blue.” She stood up, so at least the shirt covered the back of her underwear, and I shook my head.

Still holding the hanger, and the white blouse in the other hand.

“Yeah, you better put that on.” Before her brother comes home, and catches me in her room, half naked.

“Hey, you’re not a homo, are you?”

“What? No, I don’t sound gay to you, do I?”

“Because you’re an artist, and you know as much about dressing as a girl. I mean, not, dressing up, like a girl. You don’t do that, like a drag queen?” At least she kept buttoning up her shirt, while she was saying all this.

“No, not at all. I just.” Swallowed, “Well, honestly, the whole reason I got into art is because, well. There’s nothing but girls in there, and I thought it might be a neat way to.”

She flopped her head over. “They do nudes in there?”

“No, of course not.”

“Too bad, you should do some nude modeling, for the girls. I bet you’d make a great model, since you know so much about fashion, and stuff.”

“Well, thanks. It’s just the color wheel, we had a test on that, but no. We don’t do any nude modeling.” I wish!

“Oh, shoot.” She got to her collar, and shook her head, then started unbuttoning it again. “Huh, it’s crooked.” She started in the middle, so she didn’t line up the right buttons with the right holes. So, she had to undo them, and start over.

I couldn’t help noticing that, she was starting to outgrow that training bra. Though. It looked tight, a little too tight, and then I started thinking about all the girls in class. Only this time, instead of getting up to lay across the table, while we drew them reclining, nude. I don’t know why I never thought of being the one up there. Maybe striking a pose, with my arm up, and my hip out, or turned slightly, to put my leg up, and hide the slowly growing boner, in my pants.

Only, I wouldn’t be wearing pants. Finally, she got the shirt unbuttoned, and then she buttoned it back up. So, she could stick her arms in the dress, and hold it up. Over her head, so the blouse pulled up, and I could see little blonde curls, curling out from the tops of her legs. Around the tight crotch of her panties, until she struggled into the dress, and pulled it down.

“Can you button it up?”

She turned around, so I could put my leg down, and stop hiding the boner I had, but I tucked it up, and pulled out my shirt to hide it, first.

“Yeah.” She held her hair up, out of the way, but I could feel her body heat. Through the silky yellow blouse, while my fingers felt the slots in the back. The vertical slots, in navy blue buttonhole stitch, in the cobalt blue fabric.

“Thanks,” she dropped her hair, and spun around. “How do I look?” She stopped, and twisted, put her arm up on the wall, and stuck out her hip. Slowly picked up her leg, so the cobalt pleats slipped off her knee. “Like this?”

“Yeah, huh!” The same pose she saw me making, only obviously not to hide a boner, or anything. “You look great, and you’re a fast learner.”

“Thanks, I better go get these nails off. Come on.” She ran off, and opened a door, down the hall. “In there, I just have to grab some stuff, to take off these nails.”

“Oh, okay.” I looked around, but the table came up to just about my knee height, and the chairs were tiny. There were smocks, 3 of them hanging up on a board, like the one for jackets by the front door, and the shelf for shoes. Made out of dowel rods, screwed into a drawer, with a pan under it to catch any drips, if they were muddy, and wet.

“Huh, you have an art room.”

The color wheel, right there by the window. When she just pretended to. Well, she didn’t ask me what that was, she just nodded, and smiled. Knowingly, and she didn’t wear such god awefull clashing colors, just to seduce me, did she?

No, come on, man. What are you thinking, she’s too young to even know what she’s doing, except for playing dressup. She dressed up as Barbie, for Valentines, because she’s a blonde. A natural blonde, with pubic hairs, that doesn’t even shave them, because she’s too young, and innocent, while I’m here, perving on her, and trying to think of some reason why it’s not as sick, and perverted as it really is.



“Huh!” He left the door open, so I peeked around the corner. Just to see if he was done, taking care of his boner, but he had his pants up. So, I went in. “All gone.” I held up my fingers, and showed him. “So, what’s a better color to go with this?”

“Well, where do you keep the nail polish?” He looked around.

“Oh, no. I’m cut off, honestly. I’ll have to wait for mom to get home so she can unlock her bathroom. It’ll be fine, she likes doing our nails together, I was just wondering, for later.”

“Oh, well. You sure do have a heck of an art room.”

“It’s a playroom, but that’s mostly art now, that my brother and sister outgrew most toys, and stuff. Can I draw you?”

He laughed “nude?” Shook his head, “I’m sorry, that was just a joke, you don’t have to answer that.”

“Mhn!” I bit my lip, nodding. “Well, I’m not going to take my clothes off, to draw you naked, so. Why don’t you take your shirt off?”

“You serious? I don’t know if that’s such a good idea.”

“Well, it’s your idea, and you don’t have to worry about anyone coming home, anytime soon. They all have dates.”

“What about Scott?”

“Yeah, he’s probably over at the college right now. Oh, yeah. I knew about that, I know all about that.”

“Then why did you lie?”

“Well, you worked so hard on that card for him, I didn’t want to hurt your feelings, but you can give it to him later, when he tells you about his hot date. Why didn’t you get one of those college girls, the other day?”

“Oh, I didn’t want to go.”

“You didn’t want to go, to see a bunch of college girls running around topless. In there panties?”

“No, well. I didn’t think it sounded. Huh!” He sat down on the dresser, full of art supplies. “Well, don’t you think it would be a little creepy? I mean, they did it to protest the school’s policies, not so middle school boys could go, and gawk at them.”

“I know, huh! You’re just really mature,” and kinda gay, “For thinking about it that way, especially in middle school.” I took a deep breath, and sighed.

“Oh, sorry.” he pulled his shirt up. “I forgot, you want to get out some pencils, or something, to draw me?”

“Sure.” Okay, I don’t want to say anything, that isn’t nice, so I just bit my lip, and pulled out the drawers. For a clean sheet of paper, and the box of pencils. “It’s not that, it’s just. Huh, the boys at my school, they’re not mature, at all. They don’t seem to get Valentines at all, and.”

“So, who’s Doug?”

“Oh,” I just crossed his name out, on the card I gave him. Shrug, “You know, this boy, in class.”

“You like him?”

“Hm, ” I lookd over. “Huh!”

“Oh.” He covered up. “I’m sorry.”

“No, it’s okay, I. Just.” Shooked my head, and mouthed WOW! Silently. With my back turned, and my blush spreading down my neck, and tummy. Heading even lower…

“Well, you did say nude.”

“Yeah, I just wasn’t expecting it.” I picked up the easel, and set it down. Focused on the clip, just a giant clip-bard, on a tripod, to clip the top to the paper to. “You can just put your arm up, in the doorway. And your leg up the way you were before?”

“Like this?” I took a deep breath, and peeked up over the top of the easel.

“Huh, yeah. That’s great.” At least his junk was hanging behind his thigh, but I kept glancing at the front, while I sketched in his leg, and his buttock. On one side, he doesn’t have a tummy, like abs, and I was a little disappointed that he didn’t have more muscle, but then I got up to his arm, and the sweaty hair he had under it, which just made my eyes look back down at the curls peeking out the front. The top of his leg, and drew a quick line for his hip. “Huh, I just wasn’t expecting you to be quite so hairy. I mean, I hoped.” He was muscular too, but no, he’s skinny. But hairy, yeah. Not too hairy, but I scribbled it in as best I could, until I noticed my hand was shaking.

“Well, I don’t shave or anything, I wish I could grow a decent beard, but I tried shaving that. I don’t think it really helps me grow more back, or any thicker, but I guess it was worth a try.”

“Hhuh! Mhn, hm?” I knew I should have taken the chance, to get my fingers busy, as soon as I got the nails off, but I didn’t want to keep him waiting. Okay, that’s a lie. I was hoping he’d still be at it, and I’d get to see him before he fixed his boner. Now, I’m wondering where he shot it, or maybe he used a kleenex from the box, then threw it out, so I better check the trashcan when I get the chance.

“Uh, you almost finished?”

“Yeah, I got the basic lines, I. Ngm!” I blinked when he put his leg down, and it sprang up. “Well, you, uh. Recover, that quickly?”

“Sorry, uh. I better put my pants on.”

“Oh, no. If you want to take care of that, again. I.”

“What do you mean, again?”

“Didn’t you just, well, you had a boner before, so I thought I’d give you a chance to. You know.”

He shook his head, “Well, I didn’t, I just let it go down on it’s own.” He looked down. “See?”

I nodded, wide eyed, and then shook my head, and stopped sucking on the end of the pencil. “I just didn’t know any boys could do that. Off and on, whenever they wanted.”

“Well, no. Honestly, I can’t control it,” he laughed, “It’s got a mind of it’s own, but.” He pulled his pants up, and I started itching, so I pulled up my dress, and threw the merkin on the dresser, beside me.

“Wh?” He shook his head. “What’s that?”

“A merkin.”

He laughed, “It looks like a Tribble.”

“Uh!” I rolled my eyes, “Star Trek, really?”

“Oh,. sorry. I thought you liked.”

“Star Trek? Do you have any idea, what it’s like growing up a blonde haired, blue eyed girl with a name like Uhura, and freckles?”

“Oh,” he looked at my face. “I never noticed that, before. They’re really pale.”

“I know, it’s my face?”

“So, how come you wear fake pubes in your underwear, is it to look older?”

“Huh! No, they’re not. Well, they are my real hair.” I held it out, “I guess because I shaved off my real ones, and I like the way it feels. Especially when I just shaved them. Well, they don’t grow back to stubble right away, I don’t have to shave every day, but you know.”

“No, honestly. I just don’t understand. Why anyone would shave their privates, and then cut their hair to stuff it in their underwear.”

“it’s not to feel older, it’s to feel. Uh! It turns me on, okay? It’s just. It’s just sexy, to me. I know it’s weird, and I don’t expect anybody to understand it, but it’s my kink, I guess.”

“Okay, okay. I’m not judging you, I’m just a little confused, but. You’re really. Mature.”


“What? You just said the same thing about me, not half an hour ago.”

“Yeah, for a middle school boy, but it’s different for girls.”

“Well, how? I don’t mean to argue, I just don’t understand, so you’re going to have to explain it to me.”

“Huh, okay, you got me. It’s not really, any different for a 5th grade girl then it is for an 8th grade.”


“Wait, what?”

“Sorry, I don’t mean to correct you. Go on.”

“You’re in high school?”

“Yeah, but just a freshman.”

“Well, still. That’s awesome?”

“Well, not really to me.”

“Well, I’m glad, and. Huh! It’s okay, I understand why, I’m too young for you to find me attractive, and.”

“Oh, no. I.” he stopped when I put my hand up.

“That wasn’t fishing for a compliment, and I don’t want you to lie to me, just to make me feel better.”

“Well, it’s not a lie, okay? It’s the truth, you’re not just mature for a 5th grader?” I nodded. “So you’re about 10?”


“You’re also precocious, and tricky, in a good way. I think. I don’t know, but it was really kinda clever, how you made me think that you had no idea who Candice was, and look.” He pointed out the color wheel, I nodded. “You even had me mansplaining which colors matched and clashed, just for an excuse to play dressup, and flash me your body in your underwear?”

I couldn’t help grinning. “And you’re okay with that?”

“No? I’m not just okay with it, I’m impressed, and flattered. Especially that part about, “Oh, have you done any modeling? Because you really could be a model.” Hahaha!”


“That’s what gave you away, if you’re wondering.”

“I thought so.”

“Well, now I have some idea what you girls go through, whenever some creepy guy starts trying to trick you into taking off your clothes, or. Whatever, honestly, I was just playing along after that, but how’d you do?” He had his pants up, and came over to look around the back of the easel. “Well, I guess you can work on it.”


“Well, I don’t even have a head?”

“I know? I haven’t gotten to that part yet.”

“Well, I guess I can keep my pants on for the rest of it, but does my butt really look like that?”

“Oh, my god!”


“Ihmnehahuh!” Okay, yeah. He got me.

“Well,” he shook his arm out, and put his knee up, in the doorway again. “Like this?” This time, he looked over his shoulder.

“No, put your head down, not. Not so far, up a little, but looking down. Like you’re taking a shower?”

“Well, I don’t take a shower like this.”

“Well, I don’t care, it’s my fantasy, and when I diddle of to this later, I’m going to draw it in the shower, so you’re soaking wet. Now, wipe that grin off your face, so i can draw your mouth.”

“Okay.” He thought, and looked up, but I’d already finished sketching his eyeball. “I was imagining something more like something to put my foot up on, like a barrel?”

“Okay,” I went back down to his foot. “You want me to draw on some pirate clothes, like captain Morgan?”

“No, you’re drawing in clothes?” He shrugged, “I guess that’s how you do it, huh. You start with the body, and then put on clothes.”

“Yeah, nice thing about drawing, instead of taking pictures is you can add in whatever you like. So, how about bleachers. You got bleachers, at school?”

“Yes, of course. I don’t want you painting me, dressed up like a pirate.”

“Well, I’m probably going to use colored pencils, and markers, but what’s your school colors?”

“You thinking of drawing me as a jock?”

“Yeah.” I erased the line of his pants, and set down the eraser. To make them shorts.

“Well, I’ve got my gym clothes, at home.” He didn’t bring his backpack, just the card, in his jacket. “So maybe I could put those on, and come back, some other time?”

“Yeah, you ever seen the movie Titanic?”


“Well in it, Rose said it was the most erotic thing, she ever did.”


“Posing for Jack, nude while he drew her?”

“Oh, yeah. Huh, I guess it is. It’s weird.”

“How so?”

“Well, I’m starting to think, maybe it was just sexist for me, to assume that it was any different for girls, or men.”

“Yeah, I guess, but everyone thinks that.”

“Well, they’re wrong. Rose is right, I never felt so sexy before in my whole life.”

“So, you want to go get your gym clothes and come back? No, not right now. Like you said, some other time.”

“Yeah, I’d like that.”

“You’re going to think about this, next time you get a boner, and take care of it?”

“Yeah, in the shower. Probably.”

“Hm. Can you put your other arm up? Like you would, if you’re playing with yourself.”

“Yeah, you want me to get it out?”

“You’re hard again?”

“Yeah, real hard. As hard as it’s ever been.”

“Okay, we better take a break.” I set down the pencil, and headded for the door.

“Where are you going?”

“Well, I have something to take care of myself, but I’ll let you have your privacy.”

“Huh.” He nodded, “Yeah, that’s probably a good idea, but wait.” He went over to the dresser, and picked up my merkin. “Snh!” Smelled it. “Don’t forget this.”


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