Ben and The Brute

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2 years after my love with Gus, I had also moved to a different town in the same state, but yet, still far away from my friends. Along the way, I’ve made new ones, which has led to this moment in the story: One day, I was invited to a birthday party. That party was a blast. Later that exact same night, to my surprise, I was invited over to spend the night with my new friend. He and his parents had 7 dogs and a cat. 2 doberman pinschers, 1 German shepherd, 1 chihuahua, 1 Jack Russell terrier, 1 golden retriever, and 1 American Staffordshire pitbull terrier. That pitbull was a black and white, 85 pound male pitbull by the name of Brute. He was a hunk of a dog. When we were all getting situated and ready to go to bed, we were actually assigned a watchdog throughout the night. As the welcomed guest, I was kindly allowed to choose the first pick, out of all 6 of us. I took quite the while choosing, but as I looked around, I noticed Brute smiling and wagging his tail. I chose Brute. Everyone else took the rest of the bunch and I was given a tent to sleep inside of in the living room. I invited Brute in, for safety. Everyone slept in their bedrooms, far away from my tent in the living room. Anyways, I actually pulled out a bag of Doritos (the nacho cheese kind) and I got my hands all sticky. Brute pushed forward and started licking my hands, and then my face.

Here’s where the interesting part finally begins! I start to play with him. I swear, he just reminded me of Gus. I decided to take off my lower clothing, except for my socks. I invited him to lick my pussy, in which he happily did. But then, here we go again. Brute jumps up on my back, has me on all 4’s, and makes me his b*tch. I felt his cum dripping both inside and outside of me. But then, he rammed and rammed until he finally got his knot in. It’s been 2 years apart from my last experience and this time, I muffled my scream, that no one even heard it. We were knotted for 53 minutes. When we separated, we were both satisfied. Heck, the tent was closed up, so it could create at least lesser noise from the inside of it to the outside of it.. When he got done licking his penis, I held him tightly close to me and we fell asleep. I packed my things up the next morning and left to go home. At this point, I had sex with 2 amazing dogs. So I thought, why not get one of my own? 1 month and 1 and a half weeks later, I got a dog that was great in both size and screwing, literally!

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