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Beach holiday

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Our holiday trip to the beach went astray. A double booking caused a lot of trouble for my mom and me.

It was meant to be a nice summer holiday, the last week of the school holidays, just mom and me. My mom was thirty-six and I had just turned twelve. We had hired a small, two-bedroom batch for a week. We were excited and packed our clothes and togs ready, then we set off on a four-hour drive to get there in the early evening.
As we pulled up at the batch we noticed lights on and another car parked in the carport. Not a good sign, Mom slipped out of the car and told me to wait. She knocked and went inside. After a minute she called out for me to come inside. I went in and found that there was a man and his large, teenaged son already there, Mom got her booking letter and showed it while the man did the same. Both letters showed the same booking date, but different agencies.
We were stuck as it was peak season, and getting anything else was going to be just about impossible. We had brief Introductions, the man was Grant and his son, Alex, my mom Marie, and me, Joanne. After further discussions between my mom and Grant, it was decided that we would stay and try to sort things out in the morning. While the place could sleep four people at max, it meant that a couple would have to spend the night in the big bed. Sorting out just who slept where, was a bit more tricky.
We had a drink and something to eat then we took our bags and put them in the bedrooms. I was going to have a single bed in the second bedroom while mom was going to share the main bedroom with Grant. Alex would have the other single bed in the same room as me.
I felt awkward knowing he was going to be in the same room as me.
Mom and I went to bed fairly early, we were tired after our trip, I lay in bed confused but then I started to drift off. A short time later Alex came into the room and began to get ready for bed, it seemed as if Alex did not wear any pajamas.
I drifted off again, then a while later, I woke up hearing voices from the next bedroom. Mom and Grant seemed to be having a bit of an argument, but I couldn’t really tell what or why. Then it went silent and a few seconds later I heard my mom gasp and stifle a squeal. After a moment, there was a soft kind of swish, swish, swishing sound, along with my mom’s subdued voice, she didn’t sound too happy.
I sat up for a moment, then realized that Alex was watching me.
“What’s going on?” I muttered.
“What’s going on? That’s easy,” he replied. “My dad is fucking your mom. That’s what’s going on.”
“Ohhhh…” I didn’t know what to make of that, I only had vague ideas about fucking and no actual idea how to go about it.
“Yeah,” Alex paused, “Yeah, he definitely fucking her.”
Alex stood up, and stretch and came over to my bed, “Have you been fucked?”
“What? No,” I stammered, feeling scared. “No,”
“About time you were then,” he smirked at me while sitting down on my bed.”While my dad is fucking your mom, I can fuck you as well, it’s easy.”
“I, I don’t want to be fucked,” I told him.
“Of course you do. Listen, you can hear your mom getting fucked, she’s fine with it, so will you. Now wriggle over and let me get into bed with you.”
“No, please,” I begged.
Alex took hold of me and pushed me back down onto my bed, he slipped in next to me, he was naked. I felt stunned and had no idea what to do.
Alex pulled me closer to him and began to rub his hands over my body. I quivered and squirmed against him. His hands seem to rove over most of my body.
“Mmm…” he almost purred, “I need your nightie off.”
Next thing he was pulling my nightie up and forced it up over my head, then he dropped on the floor. Again I was wrapped up in his arms and hands, but this time his hands found my small breasts and rubbed against them, making me writhe as he squeezed them.
“No, I don’t like this. Let me go.” I whimpered.
‘Now, now, take it easy Joanne, the fun is about to start. Your panties need to come off.”
His hand eased down over my belly and he began to rub the front of my panties just to make the point. I squirmed harder.
“We don’t want to disturb you mom and my dad by making them come in here, now do you?”
I stopped for a moment, I could hear the ongoing swishing and a muted gasps from my mom, it seemed Alex could hear it all as well.
My attention was suddenly brought back to my bed as Alex took hold of my panties and pulled them down.
“No, Please, I don’t want too,” I began to tremble.
“Of course you do, it’s easy. Just try to relax and I can get started.”
Alex half rolled over on top of me while pulling me more under him, I knew I had limited choices. I felt his hand slip over my belly and run down between my legs.
“Aaahh,” I whimpered at having his hand placed on such a sensitive area.
“Quiet now Joanne,” He warned me.
Alex began to run his finger along my slit. I felt his penis become bigger and hardened against my thigh. His other hand came up and began to squeeze my breasts again. I squirmed and tried to cringe back.
Alex then shifted to be right on top of me, his knees slipped down between my thighs, forcing my legs apart. He penis was hard against my belly. Then eased down and his penis slipped between my legs.
I lay there feeling very vulnerable, scared and unsure of what was going to happen next. Then his penis rubbed against my inner thigh before pushing up into my crotch. Alex reached down with his hand then guided his penis up against my vagina entrance.
Alex pushed, I arched up and cringed, gasping at the searing pain that erupted from my body.
“Quiet!” He hissed in my ear.
Alex pushed again, I cringed back as far as I could, trying hard not to scream or make any sound. His penis was jammed tight up against my entrance. Another push and I felt his penis squeeze in hard, it was really hurting now.
Another push, I felt sick in agony, his penis had managed to squeeze through and was now just inside me. Tears welled up and began to trickle down the side of my face.
“Ohh yeah,” he whispered in my ear. “Yeah, you sure are tight.”
I didn’t know what to do or what to say as I felt his cock squeeze in a little more. He then eased for a moment and he pushed in again. Little by little, I felt his cock worm deeper and deeper inside my vagina.
I felt trapped, I had no idea what I was meant to do, this felt somehow wrong, but I had no idea just how wrong it really was.
In the dim light, I could see Alex grinning while holding on to me.
His pushes grew longer and he eased back further, slowly I noticed that we had started to make the same kind of swishing sounds that I had heard from the next room where mom and Grant were.
“Oh Joanne, you are just so tight, this is awesome,” he stated as he started to speed up his thrusts.
“Please stop,” I begged.
“But I’ve just started,” He informed me, “no stopping now till it’s time to finish, you really will want that.”
I didn’t know how to respond to that, so I just lay there, trying to figure out what was going on. Swish, swish, swish, our bodies rocked back and forth. Sometimes I heard the same noise coming from the next room, along with an occasional grunt or gasp. Mom and Grant must be doing much the same thing.
After a couple of minutes, Alex seemed to get short of breath and he looked as if he was getting excited, I had begun to become a bit numb as the awkward tightness eased.
Alex grunted, then he thrust in very hard, making me gasp as I felt a sudden warm surge go inside me.
“Ohh yeah!” Alex seemed triumphant.
I could feel his penis throbbing and twitching deep in me, and he looked very pleased with himself. Then I heard my mom kind of gasp and groan, then silence fell.
Alex quietly slipped out of my bed, stood up, and turned towards his bed. He then turned back to me.
“Joanne, you did alright, really you did. Please, no hard feelings, you will feel better after a good night’s sleep, I’m sure of that.” He walked over to his bed. “Night Joanne, sweet dreams. And Joanne, thank you.”
I lay in my bed feeling quite put out, not sure what had happened was really meant to be, but nothing that I could do about it now. I rolled over onto my side facing away from Alex, so he wouldn’t notice the tears rolling down my face.
After a few more minutes fatigue caught up with me and I fell into a bit of broken sleep.
I woke the next morning to find Alex gone, but I could hear voices from the kitchen. I quickly pulled on a top and shorts and made my way out. Mom and Grant were sitting at the dining table, but there was no sign of Alex.
“Sleep well, Joanne?” Mom asked.
“Yes mom, did you?” I replied.
“Yes, I did thank you,” Mom looked at Grant frowning.” It just took a bit of time to settle in and then it was good.”
I then headed to the bathroom that was out the back. I had a pee and then needed to go quite a clean up between my legs.
I was about to return when I heard mom’s voice slightly raised but under check.
“Look, I know you are sorry, but that didn’t change the fact that I was very tired and wanted to sleep, I wouldn’t have minded quite so much otherwise, but, I was not in the mood, and then you raped me.”
“I can’t justify my actions, I am sorry, but what is done is now done, I just hope for a chance to make amends. Okay?”
“I’m not happy, but I don’t know where else we can go. We will need to stay a few more days anyway.”
I made my way back out, feeling a bit shaken from what I had just heard.
“We will head out and go to the beach shortly Joanne,” Mom informed me.
I was happier to be away. We had a really good time at the beach. But then evening approached, we headed back to the batch.
Grant had put on a very nice barbecue for us all along with a variety of drinks. Both Grant and Alex had beer, while mom had several glasses of wine, I had fruit juice.
After that we all headed to bed, I was tired out after a day in the sun.
As I lay in my bed, I again heard Mom and Grant in some kind of discussion, then a short time later I heard the swish, swish, swish sound again. I hoped mom was alright.
“Your mom is getting fucked again,” Alex stated.
“Ohhhh!” I replied.
“Time for you to be fucked again too,” Alex informed me as he moved over to my bed.
“I, I don’t… Please don’t.” I whimpered at the thought of being fucked again.
“The second time is much better,” he whispered to me as he slipped into the bed next to me.
A couple of minutes later he had my nightie off followed by my panties. He briefly rubbed my breasts making me cringe and whimper, then he was on top of me again.
While the penetration of his penis wasn’t as bad as the previous evening, it still was tight and awkward for me.
Alex lay on top of me, his penis working in and out of my body, probing deeper than it had the day before. I was being fucked again. A couple of minutes later Alex ejaculated inside me again.
Soon after we both were asleep, it hadn’t hurt this time, so yeah, it had been better the second time.
In the morning I woke to find just mom in the kitchen, I had a wash and then after breakfast, we went out for the day exploring rock pools and swimming.
When we got back Grant and Alex were cleaning a couple of fish, and then we had another barbeque.
After we went out for a bit of a walk but then returned as the sunset. I got ready for bed and then quickly fell asleep. I didn’t hear Alex come in but it was quite sometime later when he came over and got into bed with me. I was still very sleepy when he pulled my nightie off along with my panties. A few seconds later I was on my back under him again, his penis throbbing as it worked its way into my vagina.
Alex went a lot slower this time, his penis hard and pushing deep into me, I just lay there getting fucked, I was unsure what I should do.
It took Alex a few more minutes before he began to ejaculate again into my vagina. He then slipped over to his own bed, I looked at the time as saw that it was just after midnight.
I dozed again for quite some time then heard my mom and Grant arguing about something. That was soon followed by the swish swish swish from their room. I knew mom was also getting fucked again.
We spent the next day swimming and jumping off the jetty, before another barbeque organized by Grant. Later we headed for bed, mom, I knew had drunk a fair bit of wine again, while Grant and Alex had a few beers, I also had been given a small glass of bubbly wine that made me feel quite drowsy.
I went to bed feeling quite light-headed, and very quickly fell asleep. I woke up again much later. I felt Alex next to me, but instead of rolling me over onto my back, I found myself face down, also missing my nightie and panties.
Alex pushed my legs apart, then he climbed on top of my back. His penis wobbled about between my legs, but then he guided it to my vagina entrance. Alex pushed and I gasped, the angle of his penis was very different from what I had expected and was quite uncomfortable for me.
Alex pushed his penis fully into me, making me cringe, then he began to push in over and over. Alex did not last very long, then I felt him thrust hard into me as I felt his ejaculation inside me once more.
Alex returned to his own bed, I went back to sleep, only to be woken up again about an hour later when I heard my mom gasp, quickly followed by sounds of her being fucked again.
We explored more rock pools the next day, then spent the afternoon swimming in the sheltered bay. Then we took a long walk back to the batch.
Grant had ordered take-aways for the evening meal, along with more wine and beer
Grant then explained that this was going to be their last night here and wanted to treat us. Mom looked secretly pleased. I was looking forward to having the second room to myself.
We ate and drank, I had some more bubbly wine, a little over two glasses before mom realized I had drunk so much. Mom made me drink a couple of glasses of water to try to dilute the effects. But I could also see mom had quite a few glasses of wine herself.
After a while I began to feel very tired and went off to my room, I saw and heard my mom do much the same thing.
I sat down on my bed feeling quite flushed and a little wobbly. Then Alex came into the room, grinning at me like a cat just found the cream. He came over to me and began to take off my clothes. I just sat there and let him do it. He then eased me back onto my bed, he stripped off his clothes then sat beside me. Alex then climbed on top of me again, his penis quickly filling my vagina. My head felt fuzzy while he slowly fucked me, then I felt his cock twitch and he began to ejaculate inside me once more.
Alex moved back to his own side of the room and settled into his bed.
I began to doze, but then I heard a little squeal from the next room, followed but the sound of my mom getting fucked once again.
I quickly fell asleep again, then I woke up needing to pee, then I got another glass of water, and went back to bed. I was just dozing off when Alex came back over and slipped into my bed again. I was not at all ready for being fucked again.
“Please, no, I don’t want to,” I tried to tell him.
But Alex persisted, I tried to push him off me but I had no success.
“No, I really don’t want to,” I begged again.
“Open up Joanne,” he instructed me.
Very reluctantly I let him pull my legs apart. Then he was in place, his penis quickly found it way into my vagina.
“That’s better,” he whispered in my ear.
There was very little I could do, I was held down while he slowly pushed his penis in and out of me.
“Please stop, please let me go,” I begged again.
Alex ignored me, he kept on pushing his penis back and forth up inside me.
About a minute or so later, I heard my mom’s voice call out, “No, don’t!” Then there was silence for half a minute which was then followed by the sounds of my mom starting to be fucked.
“Sounds like my dad is fucking your mom again,” Alex informed me, “He really likes fucking her, and I really like fucking you too. I’m really pleased we got double booked.”
Alex shifted his weight a little and carried on fucking me. I wanted him to get off me but I had no hope of shifting him. Push in and then ease out, over and over.
Then I heard my mom again. “Ohh ohh ohh.”
A moment later Alex thrust in hard.
“Oh yes, yes. God Joanne, you are good,” Alex puffed as I felt the surge of him ejaculating inside me.
The next morning was a kind of a blur for me, Alex and Grant hurriedly packed up and departed, leaving Mom and me alone at last.
We went back to the jetty for the afternoon, then explored the rock pool again. Mom got takeaways for our last night, along with a bottle of wine.
I went to bed that night with a fuzzy head again, having shared some of the wine.
On the drive back home mom looked at me with her serious face.
“Not quite the holiday I had hoped for, but we got to go to the beach, we had fun swimming didn’t we?
“Yes, mom, we did,” I answered.
“I’m sorry that you had to share your room with Alex, but there was no other way. We would have had to come back home otherwise, and I really didn’t want to mess up your holiday.”
“Thanks, mom,” I looked at her, “It would have been a pity to have to go back home.”
“Yes, it would have been a pity,’ She paused, “A pity…”
She turned away but not before I saw the tear in her eye.
“Grant was not the easiest man to get along with, it wasn’t easy at times, but I did my best for us.”
I thought hard about my next question, then I got up the courage to ask.
“Mom, I overheard you talking to Grant, you said something about him raping you, did he rape you, mom?”
I looked at mom as tears flooded her eyes. “Yes sweetheart, he raped me.” She turned and pulled out a tissue, wiping her eyes. “He raped me each night we were there.”
“Ohhh, I’m sorry mom,” I looked at her again. “Why didn’t you say?”
“We had planned this holiday for so long, I wanted you to have a really good time. I hope that you did have a good time too.”
“Joanne, tell me, did Alex touch you?”
I looked away, and quietly said, “Yes, he did.”
Mom pulled the car to the side of the road and gave me a big hug. “I’m so sorry, Joanne, I had no idea. I had put up with it to make sure you had a good holiday, but it sounds like we both have been raped. Did he, did he push his penis inside you?”
“Yes mom, he did, it hurt the first time but not so much after that,” I told her. “We could hear some noise from you and Grant through the wall if we were quiet, Alex told me that his dad was fucking you. He wanted to do the same with me”
“I understand, I knew there was a risk of him raping me when I agreed to go and sleep in the same bed as him. I had hoped he would have been an honorable man. But the thought of having to drive back home, that would have been such a big disappointment for you, well for both of us.”
Mom started the car again. “Let’s get back home and take stock of what happened and what we can do about it, okay?”
We drove home in relative silence, I was lost deep in my own thought, I had been raped. Mom had been raped.
It was the next day that mom and I had a big heart to heart. We talked through everything that had happened there then mom got out her diary. She flicked through a few pages, then I watched as she did some sort of calculation.
“Joanne love, when did you get your last period?”
I thought back for a minute, “I think it was about the tenth.”
“Ohh, that’s the same day as me.” Mom looked at me, then turned away, stood up and walked about the room. Then she walked back to me and gave me a big hug.
“I’m so sorry Joanne. It is not a good prospect for either of us.”
“What do you mean mom?”
“When Alex fucked with you, did he spurt gooey stuff inside you?”
“Yes, he did, I had no idea what it was.”
“That goody stuff is called semen, and it has a lot of sperm within it,” mom told me matter as fact. “Now, if the timing just happens to be just right, those sperm can then swim up inside and meet up with an egg. That timing is usually about two weeks after your last period.”
“Ohhh… That would make it about the twenty-fourth. So, that’s the day after we arrived at the batch?”
“Yes, it’s the day after we arrived at the batch,” Mom hugged me again. “I’m so sorry Joanne, I didn’t mean for any of this to happen.”
“Ohhh,” I held tightly onto mom.
My brain finally caught up with what my mom was trying to tell me in her own way. Then I realized that it was not just me that was affected here, she had the same dates as me.
“Mom, it’s you too, isn’t it?”
“Yes Joanne, it’s both of us. Now, we must be brave and wait to see just what happens.” Mom tightened her hug on me. “Sweetie, we can do this, okay?”
“Okay Mom, together.”

It’s now three weeks since we went on holiday. Neither mom nor I had had our periods yet. Mom has brought us a couple of testing kits.

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  • Reply Anonymous ID:1yr1nvv9d

    You doing ok?

  • Reply Sanji ID:41ex792th

    Haha nice

    • Joanne ID:cc4itbghm

      Hi Sanji, it wasn’t nice for us, being raped over a few days was quite hard to accept.

  • Reply Doug ID:7ylvmikv9b

    You mom wanted to have sex with him. You might of not wanted it at first but I bet you spread your legs willing by the second night. I bet you still talk to him. How many men have you fucked sense? I bet before you are 21 you have 3 kids and won’t no who the fathers are.

  • Reply Truth to be told ID:45b5papkk0b

    I understand your reasoning for being too young to understand sex. You being a child for sure will depend solely on ur mum decision on important as these but certain things she could make better decision as an adult. How a 12 year gonna cope up being a mother at young age n let alone carry on having baby out of rape. Are you gonna gave the baby for adoption? Which you shd given the way you conceived the baby n the trauma it will bring to your life. You are too young to handle these moreover you cant depended on your mum who are also has a own responsibility to her baby. I believe your mum was enjoying the sex so much that she neglect to take step before and after the rape. I could be wrong on certain things but your mum decision and action perplexed me until to this day. I hope you could tell her part of the story on her behalf so that certain details are more clearer. All the best to you n your mum.

  • Reply Truth to be told ID:e5wtwkbvz

    Is it possible to get your mum side of story be told since there were many unanswered questions to reason to what had happened for instance 1. Why your mum accepted to share a bed with a stranger unless she attracted to grant and willing to hv sex with him. 2. Why she did not leave once she had been raped n kept being together for few days more 3. Why both of you did not terminate your pregnancy earlier on rather accept the pregnancy to continue . These questions probably best can be answered if your mum told on a part of story.

    • Joanne ID:cc4itbc44

      My Mom has chosen not to directly reply to this. I put up this post so I will be the one to answer.
      We had limited choices once we arrived to find the place with someone already in place. Finding an alternative was impossible at that time.
      We had been planning out holiday for quite some time, and were very excited by being on holiday, something we didn’t expect to go so wrong. We tried to make the best of a bad situation. Yes it was partly my fault for not telling mom what happened, I was very confused, and didn’t understand it all.
      The choice to carry on with our pregnancies was a very personal choice, but one we discussed at some length.

    • pussyeater ID:8ambellt0a

      Pls update you and your mum life now. What is your future lies ahead.

  • Reply Zerlinda ID:2kyee16thl

    Hi joanne,,in my opinion… it was kinda your fault coz… at the beggining you would have chosen to share rooms according to gender(you and your mom and alex with his dad)

    • Joanne ID:6629enqb0j

      Well Zerlinda, it would have been nice to share a room with my mom, but I had no say in the matter. My mom tried to work things out the best she could, alas it didn’t work out how we had hoped.

  • Reply Joanne ID:2kyee16thi

    I dont, but mom sometimes gets a wax

  • Reply Joanne ID:2kyee16thi

    Im now an 8 C bra, small panties, I not sure on mom, but I think she is an 16 D, med, both use bikini briefs, usually a bargin pack.

  • Reply Anonymous ID:5whwbjoii

    How is it being pregnant with my Child?

    • Anonymous ID:5whwbjoii

      Sorry that was mean i dident mean to make u sad

    • Joanne ID:2kyee16s43

      That is a very cruel thing to say. I dont belive you were the one.

    • Anonymous ID:5whwbjoii

      IK it was cruel and yh i’m not the one Who did it sorry

    • Joanne ID:2kyee16thi

      Do you think it might be a better idea if you post using a name or suchlike in future

  • Reply Mike ID:fzq6vfu43

    Are you excited now that you seen the baby scan. What was your favorite position with him.

    • Joanne ID:6629enahra

      Can’t say excited, but it was amazing to see the baby. and no, not a favorite position

  • Reply Joanne ID:6629enahra

    We had our pregnancy scans today, I saw my baby.

    • Anonymous ID:5whwbjoii

      How was your reaction seeing the baby

    • Joanne ID:6629enahra

      Hi. It was kind of freaky but also amazing seeing the baby.

    • Anonymous ID:5whwbjoii

      I feel realy bad that you got raped and impregnated i wish you all well and if you need someone to talk to i’m happy to help

    • Joanne ID:6629enahra

      Hi, Thanks for your concern, Mom and I are working it all out. it is hard for us, but we will get through.

  • Reply Mike ID:vzg6b544

    Are you missing having your nightly sex with him? You must be excited to be having his baby are you going to name it after him.

    • Joanne ID:cc4itaj8m

      Hi Mike, No, I am not missing him raping me, I can’t say I’m excited to be having a baby, but I guess most young girls kind of dream about it. I don’t know what name we will be using

    • Mike ID:fzq35kt0d

      Did you cum when you two made love? Did you enjoy the feeling of him coming inside you?

    • Joanne ID:cc4itaj8m

      Hi Mike, there was no lovemaking, just a boy raping a girl. He squirted inside me, that confused me but he told me it was quite normal, that it showed me how much he liked me.

    • Mike ID:vzg6b4oh

      Did you enjoy the feeling of him cumming inside you? Was it a little exciting knowing you were breeding

    • Joanne ID:1ah770leoid

      Hi Mike, I was very confused when he squerted inside me, I had nothing much to do with boys in that way. I had no idea what so ever that he was going to mske me pregnant, that was going to be a very horrid shock, both for me and my mom.

  • Reply A Dickson ID:cc4itaj8m

    Hey, its good to hear that you are both still pregnant, a wonderful result of a very nice raping. I bet that you and your mom both look wonderful with you expanding boobs and bellies. Great outcome for you. How many weeks are you now?

    • Joanne ID:cc4itaj8m

      Hi A Dickson, it has been very hard for us, and yes I’m still pregnant and so is my mom. Yes, our boob and bellies are getting bigger an more awkward. We are now 19 Weeks

  • Reply Ree Ree ID:15qcje3dk09

    It’s good you stopped trying to push him off and just opened up to receive that dick. Just lay there and take it. Like l did when l got raped. Believe me, your baby was meant to be here. Glad it happened to you.

    • Joanne ID:6629enpd9a

      Um, Ree Ree, I don’t think you get it at all, Mom and I didn’t ask for any of this, but we found ourselves in this position. being 12 I had no idea what was going on, not fully understanding his desire to rape me. But mom and I were raped, and we are pregnant now.

    • Carl ID:6629enpd9a

      Hi Ree Ree, nice to know that you got raped too, sounds like fun, tell us all the details, who was he, did you get preg and have a baby?

    • Ree Ree ID:15qcje3dk09

      He was a friend of our family. And yes, l had the baby. When he would come by to visit our family. He noticed my belly swelling up & boobs getting plumper. He was very happy proud of himself for giving me his rape cum and little baby boy.

    • Joanne ID:6629enpd9a

      Hi Ree Ree, I’m sorry, I thought you were someone a bit more nasty, but I was wrong. I am sorry you had to go through this too.

  • Reply Ree Ree ID:15qcje3dk09

    So glad you both got raped and pregnant. Rape pregnancies are the best. Getting all that forbidden, forceful cum in y’all pussies. HOT!!!

    • Joanne ID:6629enpd9a

      Hi Ree Ree, we were trapped in an awful situation. Both mom and I were made to have sex somewhat reluctantly. Yes, you can say we were raped, and at the time I had no idea I could or would get pregnant. Mom thought that she was on a safe part of her cycle, and she didn’t know I was getting forced to have sex too. I had cum forced into me every night, and I didn’t know what to do, Mom was just the same, but she understood what was going on.
      Being pregnant has been quite awful for me, and mom has been suffering as well. Our bellies have got quite a noticeable bulge in them now. I don ‘t like being pregnant.

  • Reply freaky daddy ID:2t56rp20a

    Hmu if u wanna horny ever…my snapname.. im_steve26

    • Joanne ID:6629enpd9a

      Hi freaky daddy, we dont use snap. We will do this together.

  • Reply duh? ID:6629enpd9a

    good to hear about sluts being raped, slut mom and slut girl fucked up good.

    • Joanne ID:6629enpd9a

      We are not sluts, its not our fault at all.

  • Reply Big 0 ID:7ylvmikv9b

    Plz girl you and your mom were in heat. Truth be told you looked forward to fucking him at night didn’t you. Did you swallow any of his cum?

    • Joanne ID:6629enpd9a

      Well Big O, it is well known women and girls that live together often cycle together, so, yes, you are right that we both ovulated at the same time. We has planned our holiday for over six months, so the timing was kind of random to what stage we would be in for our holiday. The truth is no, we had no idea we would ovulate while on holiday, nor that we would be double booked with the guy and his son. And no, I did not swallow any cum

    • Big 0 ID:vzg6ca43

      But Joanne I see you didn’t say you didn’t suck on his dick. So you were not swallowing yet. Don’t worry you will be soon. What part did you enjoy the most did you ever think about having sex with both of them?

    • Joanne ID:6629enpd9a

      WTF BigO, you really have no idea, do you? I never said anything about sucking, because there was no sucking. I didn’t “enjoy” what he did to me, it was very confusing for me. I wish we had never stayed, but we didn’t know what was going to happen.
      I am not thinking about sex with anyone at the moment, I doubt I will for quite some time.

    • Big 0 ID:vzg6ca43

      Your not being true to yourself. There’s no way you didn’t enjoy it. You would of slept on the couch if you didn’t want sex. Did you ever cum from him

    • Joanne ID:6629enpd9a

      Well Big O, you believe whatever you want, you were not there, I was. What happened, happened, now mom and I have to dealwith that.

  • Reply Big o ID:7ylvmikv9b

    Like mom like daughter you both spread your legs night after night especially you the daughter the boy told you your mom was fucking his dad. Then you spread your legs for him did you even one time ask him not to cum inside you? You both enjoyed the sex you obviously wanted his child so don’t act like a victim so girl up you had a great week at the beach and you made a life time souvenir. I bet you are pregnant again next year.

    • Joanne ID:6629enpd9a

      Gosh Big O, you really dont have a clue do you? I didnt understand about sex and him getting his cum up me. At no stage did I enjoy it. what you think is only what you think, it has no bearing on what happened. Yes we made mistakes, and we are paying the price for that.

  • Reply Dickie ID:6629enpd9a

    I hope you and your mom are enjoying your rape pregnancies.

    • Joanne ID:6629enpd9a

      Hi Dickie, no, we are not enjoying our pregnancies, but we are trying to get through them one day at a time

  • Reply gally ID:6629enpd9a

    How many weeks pregnant are you both now?

    • joanne ID:6629enpd9a

      Hi gally, we are now 15 weeks pregnant.

    • Homeless whore ID:zpy8zghhrk

      Pussy rape is enjoyable I loved getting raped when I was homeless

  • Reply gally ID:6629enov99

    Love it, you and your mom got raped over and over, so awesome. Nice that you both came back home pregnant.

    • Joanne ID:6629enpd9a

      Hi gally, we were caught itn an impossible situation. After the first night we felt we had little choice but to endure. Finding out we both were pregnant was quite a shock. I really dont likke being pregnant, and Im trying to be brave abiut it.

    • Joanne ID:6629enpd9a

      Hi gally, yes we were raped a number of times, and as a result, we both became pregnant, I’m trying to be brave now.

  • Reply Sweet ID:fzq364oia

    Have either of you contacted them to tell them the good news? I sure it would be a turn on for them to no you are both pregnant. I had sex with a girl who was passed out at a party a couple years ago. The next time I saw her she had a big belly don’t no for sure if it’s mine but I hope so.

    • Joanne ID:6629enov99

      Hi Sweet, no we have not contacted them, we do not have any contact details. I dont really like being pregnant, it makes me feel a bit sick and dizzy, I think mom is much the same. I am getting a bit more of a bulge in my belly now, and my boobs feel swollen and tender too. Mom says that I have to be brave.

  • Reply Uriel ID:3zm4ogbz8rj

    Joanne, how’s things going I’m sorry for what happen to you and your mom. I wanted to know if you or your mom have Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat so I could talk to y’all sometime

    • Joanne ID:cc4itbgzm

      Hi Uriel, Thanks for kind words and the offer, we are taking things one day at a time. We are keeping off most social media at the moment just too many trolls about. I sometimes go in Dalnet, but that quite hit and miss.

    • Uriel ID:3zm4ogbz8rj

      Can we talk on the phone sometime? Joanne

    • Joanne ID:cc4itbgzm

      Hi Uriel, I would like too but I think it’s going to be a bit too awkward just now.

    • Uriel ID:3zm4ogbz8rj

      Why is it awkward I just to help you and your mom out that’s all

    • Uriel ID:3zm4ogbz8rj

      I just want to talk to you or your mom over phone there is nothing wrong with that

    • Joanne ID:cc4itbgzm

      Hi Uriel, mom has told me not to phone for now. She feels there are some people out their who would use it to kake advantage of us. We just cant rule that out for now. I think she wants some kind of check to make sure before making contact.
      Sorry but I cant change that.

    • Uriel ID:3zm4ogbz8rj

      Why is it going be awkward I just to help out with giving you advice that all

    • Joanne ID:cc4itbgzm

      Hi Uriel,

      Alas, it’s not my decision, we are getting plenty of advice as it is. What advice did you have in mind to offer? I’m sorry, but we need to be very careful now.

    • Uriel ID:5u100ta78j

      Joanne how are the pregnancies going so far do y’all know what y’all having?

    • Uriel ID:5u100ta78j

      What of check would your mom want before I can talk to y’all

    • Joanne ID:cc4itbgzm

      Hi Uriel, we both have been struggling with the pregnancies, but take one day at a time. We dont know yet what we are going to have. Mom and I sat and cuddled, then we checked the hard lumps in the bottom of each others belly. Tht made me feel better.

    • Uriel ID:3zm4ogbz8rj

      I wish I could help y’all out at least on being the step father of both babies

    • Joanne ID:cc4itbgzm

      Hi Uriel, Indont think you becoming my step dad is something that we would consider at this point in time

    • Uriel ID:3zm4ogbz8rj

      Oh I can be the step dad of your baby that’s it

    • Joanne ID:6629enov99

      Hi Uriel, I dont understand, how can you become my babies step dad?

    • Uriel ID:3zm4ogbz8rj

      There is nothing wrong with being a step father to your baby I will marry you someday?

    • Joanne ID:6629enov99

      Hi Uriel, I cant get married, Im only 12

    • Uriel ID:3zm4ogbz6id

      Hi Joanne,
      How are the pregnancies going along how many weeks are you when are the babies do???

    • Joanne ID:6629enpd9a

      Hi Uriel, our pregnancies are progressing, been having some more sickness too, We are now 16 weeks, and due mid October

    • Uriel ID:5u100ta9qk

      Hi Joanne,
      Do y’all know what y’all having boys or girls?

    • Joanne ID:6629enpd9a

      Hi Uriel, no, we don’t know, might find out when we get our scans, but might not.

  • Reply Bob ID:28y3s55v9i

    That was sick

    • Carl ID:cc4itbgzm

      Oh Yeah, its called morning sickness 🙂

  • Reply Joe ID:fzq364xia

    Sweet are you both excited to have been bred by strangers.

    • Joanne ID:cc4itbgzm

      Being both pregnant from the guy and his son is quite hard for us, more so for me being so young. Mom says we can do this together, we will have our babies at the same time.

    • Joe ID:fzq364xia

      Joanne you new a little about how baby were made right?. So when you were making your baby was it a little turn on knowing you were going to get pregnant?

    • Joanne ID:cc4itbgzm

      Hi Joe, I had vague ideas about how babies were made, not the full-on descriptive detail nor how it would feel. I thought babies were made with caring love and a couple wanting to make a baby, not someone using force
      I believe I was impregnated by the first or second night of the rapings.

    • David ID:fzq36520b

      I am happy for you now you are ready to fuck a lot of men.

      Did you like the feeling of him coming inside you

    • Joanne ID:cc4itbgzm

      Hi David,

      No, I am not ready to be fucked by lots of men. I felt very confused when he began to cum up me, it felt very weird, and a bit scary as I didn’t understand what was going on.

    • Joe ID:fzq6vftzi

      it’s time to get pregnant again. Are you ready

  • Reply Joanne ID:6629enrd9i

    This morning I had my first bout of morning sickness, I threw up.
    Mom says she had been feeling a bit sick too, but not as bad as me. She said I can expect to have more morning sickness over the next few days and weeks.

    • Atlas ID:1yr1nwv9c

      You ok?

    • Joanne ID:cc4itbgql

      Hi Atlas
      Doing as well as can be expected, both mom and I have had some morning sickness.
      I’ll try to get online later

    • Atlas ID:1yr1nwoia

      I have been on the webside you sent trying to talk more with you but you havent been on it

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