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Wife dicked by a dog

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We were young and full of life and very curious about sex.and willing to try almost anything we thought of

It was our first house and Mona and I were constantly horny having sex everywhere in the place we just couldent keep our hands off of each other .
One afternoon as we were driving home we spotted a stray dog the looked like he was half starved and he looked so forlorn standing by the road so I stopped and coaxed him into the back seat and we stopped for a hamburger and fed him.
He was a Boxer mixed with something else but he was also a very good looking animal and I was sure that he had just gotten lost and somebody was looking for him so we decided to take some pictures of him nd post them around .
One afternoon her and I were fooling around in bed and I thought that I had closed the door but hen came in when I was fucking her and he jumped up in the bed and started sniffing at my ass and he licked my balls so I jumped off of her and she was laughing so head at me that he smelled her and licked her pussy and she creamed get him off of me but I was laughing now but I was laughing at her she looked so funny trying to push him away but he just pushed her fingers aside with his nose and I was beginning to like this so I tried to get her to relax ad see if he could make her cum but she was still trying to get away from him .

She looked at me and said get him away dame it but I was watching and she said its a fucking dog get him away but I said let him see if he can make you cum I am afraid he might bite me and she said he is a dog dammit but she finally began to relax and we had kind of named him bear so she laid back and closed er eyes but her body began to respond to him and soon her fingers were rubbing her clit and she was breathing harder .
I watched his tongue go into her and her body would arch off the bed when he did that and I asked are you going to cum and she moaned ummmm umm her fingers still rubbing her clit and then she groaned and her body arched off the mattress and she began to shake like she was cold then she sighed deep and relaxed but bear had tasted her juices and wanted more his tongue going deep into her and she moaned and said make him stop I am going to cum again but I watched as he made her cum twice more before she begged me to make him stop but Bear by now had lost interest and jumped off the bed and went outside,
Mona was tired and in minutes she was sound asleep so I went out back and tossed the ball around for ear and he was an eager player and I started to wonder if I could get him to fuck her he had balls so the thought remained but after Mona woke up I mentioned it to her but she again brought up the fact that he was a dog but she was willing to let him eat her again so I waited until after he had got her off once than I coaxed hm off the bed and Mona was still all worked up so I got her to get on her hands and knees and she was laughing at how bear would walk around her and small her pussy and lick her but he did not seam to know what to do so I helped him up on her back and tried to get his dick in her but he was not into it so I had to jack him off until his cock sowed then I pushed him into her but he just stood there looking at me so I began to push him deeper into her and he got the idea and he started fucking her like a rabbit and when I saw his knot start to swell up I pushed him harder until he wad all the way inside of her and Mona was grunting he is to big but they were knotted now so until after he came ad his knot went down there was nothing we could do .
Afterwards we talked about it and then after a couple hours we tried t again but this time I tied a pair of my socks on his feet because he had scratched her sides the first time and she had been so preoccupied the first time that she had not cum so we had no problem with getting him to do it again.
since we didn’t have to worry about her getting pregnant we did this a lot and she really liked having him lick her to orgasm and we were disappointed when his real owners came to pick him up.

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    Great story. Let him continue to lick your ass, you will like it…. You might even like it if he fucks you.

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      Where do you pose them ?

  • Reply Unknown ID:7ylg8entzm

    Charles, how is your daughter acting when the dog tries to stick his nose in her pussy? Has she let him sniff and or lick her pussy yet??

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    With my second wife we had a black lab that was always tring to sniff my wife. One day I talked her into letting him. She went nutts as he started licking her. I got her to turn over and get up on her knees he mounted her quickly. He knotted her and they were locked together for a good 30 mins. It was something to see his cock is all of 9” and it was all in her. I started to notice how he has started to follow around and sniff our 12 yr old daughter. My wife has even encouraged her to let him sniff her saying he likes you. I’m sure it will go further.

    • Hornydom88 ID:2atx32a9qk

      I’d love to hear an update about this!!

    • Redrocket ID:7zv2u2dk0c

      Charles I would like to hear more of this

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    So, do you get a new dog to fuck her?