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Timmy’s 16th Birthday. Part 1

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How giving a 16th Birthday Party for my step son , his older brother turned me into a crawl puppy begging for mercy.

Over 20 inches of snow had fallen in 3 days so the 16th birthday party I had planned for my youngest step son Timmy had to be cancelled, so him , his elder brother Tommy and myself sat down for an evening at home, dinner and birthday cake, the bottle of champagne I had bought to celebrate his 16th birthday was opened , yes I know ,but hell your only 16 once so why not?
We started playing poker for pennies, and it wasn’t long before a bottle of Brandy appeared on the table, and by the time we had drunk a couple of small glasses each I was out of pennies, and Tommy was dancing around the room saying take that sweater off you don’t have any money left, bet with your clothes.
I said I think your fucking dreaming, and he was walking around doing a stupid chicken impersonation that made me mad ,so off came my sweater .
Sitting there in a bra before I had even sipped my drink I promptly lost the next hand, and I lost next hand ,so sitting there in nothing but a bra and panties I said game over, give me back my clothes.
Timmy sat there slowly shuffling the cards, he said because my party was cancelled let’s do this. I will deal two cards ,one for you ,one for me, if you win you get your clothes back, if I win you take your bra off. I said NO CHANCE, Timmy your Father would beat you silly if he heard you say that, and he looked at me and laughed .
Like he gives two shits about us, where is he tonight, in California a 1,000 miles away in some bar
getting wasted ,you fucking know it and so do I. I said I think you have had more than enough to drink , went to take the bottle off the table and he got hold of my wrist, he held it hard, said one turn of the cards then I am going to bed.
He was hurting my wrist, I never seen him like this, he kind of frightened me, so I said OK, one turn, and he let me go and I sat back in my chair He was cutting the cards , said say when and I said stop, and he took the top card off the deck, turned the Jack of hearts over over and flicked it across the table to me.
Tommy was laughing saying you useless bastard Timmy, you’ve lost, looked at me, said you look relieved, and I made a stupid face ,opened my mouth wide before clenching my teeth together and closed my eyes.
Timmy said it ain’t over till it’s over and turned the King of Spades over, smiled at me and said off with that bra lady.

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  • Reply Ben ID:bpcjnotv3

    I hope you had fun

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    cheap thrill no big deal