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The Woods

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Possible trigger warning, may cause flashbacks for those who recognize some parts of my story as being from real experiences.

It’s summer, hot outside. There’s some hiking trails near my apartment and having nothing better to do I get up off the couch to get dressed and head out for a hike, reaching for the first pair of shorts and crop top I can find I throw on my bra, and a skimpy matching pair of panties, throw on my clothes and an pair of ankle socks.

One last look around the kitchen to make sure I have what I need and I slip my shoes on and head out the door. Whilst on my hike, enjoying the views, trees, birds and other little critters I’m lost on my phone playing pokemon and have my music blasting in my headphones. There’s a few other people out today, giving friendly glances in passing.

I like to go off the trail and make my own little adventures by the creek, it seems I’m not the only one. There’s a handsome man I haven’t seen around before, Acting like I didn’t notice him I take one ear phone out in hopes maybe I’ll catch his eye too and he’ll stop to chat with me for a bit. I give a sweet smile in passing but he doesn’t say more than a quick hello. Slightly disappointed I put my other headphone back in and keep walking.

Just as my favorite song comes on and my mood picks up a little someone grabs me from behind, and a wet cloth is placed over my mouth and nose. My vision goes dark… When I wake up my body is slightly sore, my vision is kind of foggy and I no longer have my headphones in. I don’t recognize where I am as I haven’t explored these parts of the trails before and the trees and brush are dense, not allowing me to see very far in any direction. I try to move, I can’t. It’s hard to pick my head up because it’s still foggy and I notice I’m naked. Each wrist and ankle spread as far as they can be, my own clothes being used to have them tied to various bushes, stumps, and fallen decayed trees.

I hear leaves crunching and twigs cracking from above me were I can not see, it’s him, the man I saw earlier. He steps out in front of me and doesn’t say a word. He kneels down next to me and cups one of my breats. Giving it a firm squeeze, I think he can feel my heart beating through my chest. As I begin to protest he wads up my panties and shoves them in my mouth to muffle any cries I may let out. He then reaches over to my other breast and tweaks my nipple a bit, watching mesmerised as it starts to harden with his touch.

Briefly he leans over and takes turns giving both my breasts a quick suckle, flicking each nipple with his tongue before pulling away and throwing his attention to my lower half. He slowly shifts his weight to get a better angle as he studies my pussy, he reaches out to touch it and feels me flinch, he can hear me whimpering but he doesn’t stop. Spreading my lips to get a better look he uses his other hand to rub my clit, I’m writhing trying to get free but it’s no use, he must know his knots, maybe he’s done this before? Done what? What is he doing to me.. what IS he going to do to me?

Letting go of my lips he runs a single finger up and down my slit, admiring the velvety feel and slides a finger inside of me making me gasp. I’m starting to panic now, I’m sweating, I can feel the earth beneath my body. Uneven and sharp with debris, it hurts, but that thought is quickly ripped from me as all of a sudden his mouth is on my pussy, sucking at my outer labia, sticking his tongue straight out he runs it down the crack of my pussy.

I’m fighting again, really trying, silently praying as I cry out, trying to scream but the oanties in my mouth make it impossible for anyone to hear me, assuming we’re even near the trail. I notice the bulge in his pants and now my mind is screaming, please, please god don’t let him want to do more. I hadn’t even finished the though before he let go of me to unzip his pants, he didn’t even bother to take them off. Just lowered them enough to expose the throbbing cock which was once restricted by his jeans.

Swiftly he moves on top of me and positions himself at my pussy but just rests it there, rubbing it against me admiring how wet he’s now made me against my will. For the first time he makes eye contact with me and I can tell exactly what he wants with me by the look in his eyes, my eyes fill with tears knowing I have no chance now. This seems to please him, knowing he’s taking something from me. That I can’t do anything. Still grinding himself into my vagina, fluids increasing against my want he viciously attacks my breasts, not expectantly, he’s not too rough, firm pressure as he sucks and nibbles.. and flicks them.

I can hear my piercings against his teeth, he let’s out an almost animalistic growl of lust and suddenly pulls back, grabbing his cock and giving my pussy a few slaps before placing the head right at the entrance of my vagina, with no warning he gives a sharp thrust and like that, he’s inside of me.. all of him. My pleas and cries only seem to motivate him, I wish I could stop, I can tell he wants it but I can’t. I’m scared. Still growling he starts to speak. “You wanted this didn’t you?” His voice strong but shaky with the force he’s using to take me with each thrust. “Dressing like that, you were asking for this you fucking WHORE” I can feel his dick hitting my cervix, I can feel my vaginal muscles tighten, my orgasm is coming.. I cry harder, beg myself not to, I don’t want to cum. What’s wrong with me? How could my body betray me like this.

Then it hits, an earth shattering orgasm not even myself could have ever achieved on my own, my pussy spasms on his cock and I can feel my own juices leaking out, this isn’t enough for him anymore. He’s used me so good that my vagina has naturally relaxed, he pulls out and presses his cum covered cock against my asshole. My eyes widen and I give one last try at screaming for help as he slides right in like he belongs there. Must have only been another two minutes but it felt like forever… I can feel him finish inside of my ass, his cock and balls emptying inside of me as he let’s out a satisfied moan.

He waits for a moment before removing himself from my ass. Stands up, pulls his pants back up cuts my arms and legs free leaving my clothes unwearable, I’m scared and defeated I don’t move. I just hope he’s really done with me now. He goes to walk away but turns around and says to me “I probably didn’t even need to drug you, slut” and spits on my naked body before walking away leaving me alone in the woods, naked and on the ground. Covered in leaves, bruises and scratches. Crying, and trying to understand what had just happened to me.

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  • Reply AssGuy ID:bt1hxzrj

    What happened to you, you little slut, you got fucked good. Love the way he tied you up and then rammed into your cunt, bashing your cervix. And you came as you were raped, you dirty filthy where.
    You deserved that cock up your ass after cumming like that. He went good up your tight ass, ripping you open. Wish you felt more pain. Fucking take that cock, whore.

  • Reply Pulchritudinous Peach ID:n248krgv1

    This is not a true story, just some of the details from my own experience was used in the story to add a more realistic personal touch to the story.

  • Reply GG ID:44oehkaab09

    Good story

    • Plowsis ID:5s5szue4t09

      Good story what was your age

    • Pulchritudinous Peach ID:n248krgv1

      Thank you