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The Horse Bride (Part 1)

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My parents got separated when I was a little girl. I don’t have much memories of my mother except for her beautiful body and long blonde hair.

She would often roam around naked in the house, flaunting her big butt, beautiful breasts and the curvy waist. I admired her like people would often do to a Goddess or an art piece. But dad often yelled at her which didn’t make any sense. Before I could understand what’s going on, I found myself left alone with my dad and never met mom for a long time after that.

My dad has always been a hot headed man and raised me with too much restrictions. I hated every bit of it and missed my mom so much. To escape all his bullshit, I pretended to be a nice girl and rebelled behind his back. My best friend Rebecca had a sort of similar background. She was being raised by horrible parents. The only difference was that she was being sexually assaulted by her own father.

Rebecca and I started to stay out more and went around having sex with random boys. Later, we got tired of providing non-profitable sex and stopped all these sexual charity shit. We decided that taking money for sex would make more sense.

We started selling sex to older men with cash and I suddenly found out that I liked doing it with much older men than the boys my age. Rebecca wouldn’t give a shit about the customer’s age but I would select only those in their 50’s or older than that. I would often do them raw if they offered a little more than the usual rate.

Becca told me suck off the cum or take it on my face if I didn’t want to get pregnant. But I liked the thrill so I wouldn’t even take birth control pills. Those old men liked it more that way so it worked for all of us. I could always clean out the cum from my pussy with a little help from Becca. She would furiously finger fuck my pussy, every time I told her that I had cum saved in my belly. I later found out that she had once gotten pregnant by her father and her mother forced her to have an abortion.

A few years later, my dad got married to his girlfriend and I didn’t like her at all. She would always look at me like I was some kind of dirt. So I fucked her father on their wedding night. The very next morning, they found out and immediately kicked me out of the house.

I went to Rebecca’s apartment where an unknown woman showed up later that night. “You’re Alexa right? I’m your mother…” that’s what she said and I lost all words. I had no idea who she was and yet she claimed herself to be my mother. She looked almost like me so there was no doubt we are related.

Turned out, it was my dad who called her pick me as he had thrown me away, like I was some trash. She told me that, she knew why I was kicked out and how I was living my life until then. She told me that she was constantly fucking other men even after I was born and the time she fucked dad’s own father, made him loose his patience and kick her out. She thought it would be bad for me to grow up around her bit later she regretted not taking me with her.

She started sobbing while talking about how much she missed me. “You were born a whore Alexa. Just like me, your mother. There’s no way of escaping it. We can only embrace what we are and enjoy what we have, while we can. That’s all we can do.” she said and I agreed.

Rebecca let my mom stay at her apartment for the night and the next morning , I found them naked, together in the bed next room. I didn’t think much of of it as I had been guessing that Rebecca was a Lesbian. I thanked Rebecca for letting me and my mom stay for the night and left with my mom.

After a long drive, she took me to a big house with a pool and big walls around it. Two dogs came out of the house barking loudly and panting. One of them was a Black German Shepherd and the other one was a Bulldog. They looked like predators.

I was kind of shocked and stepped back but mom seemed to be used to it and opened her arms for them. They jumped on my mother and started licking her cheeks and breast. Only then I realised that she was actually wearing a very small bikini top that didn’t even cover her areolas. The ripped shorts didn’t cover much if her big ass either.

A few minutes later an old man who seemed to be in his sixties, cane down the stairs. He was a fat man with bald head and chubby cheeks. I immediately felt horny and kept staring at him. He came to my mother and kissed her on her neck. I thought she was dating him but I was wrong as within a couple of minutes, a few more old men came out kissed my mom like they were used to fucking her regularly.

There were seven of them. “What are you mom? The Snow Whore with the Seven dwarfs?” I asked her in a very serious expression but she laughed it off. She just introduced me to them and they were already touching all over my body. Not that I minded.

Later that night, they brought in a few more friends and they all gangbanged me and my mom at the same time. We were lying on the same bed side by side and those men took turns, fucking our mouth, pussy and ass.

We became rod sisters on the very first night and started living the raunchiest life one could ever imagine.

My mornings would start with those old folks standing around my bed and jerking off their morning woods. I would gladly suck them off dry and swallow their cum. Sometimes my mom would collect all the semen from them in a baby bottle and feed it to me like feeding milk to a baby.

We would fuck all day and sometimes lick each other’s sore pussy for those men to watch. My mom would often tie my legs up on the ceiling, spreading them apart from each other and hang me upside down. The men would ride me like a bicycle and pour loads of thick cum into me.

Sometimes she would spread my pussy wide, like she would open a packet of chips and let those men spit cum into my pussy like I was some trash can. She would later put corkscrews in my pussy to trap all the semen in. I later found out that she wanted me to get pregnant by one of them to get the money from child support. Or maybe even force them to hand over a huge portion of the money they would leave behind soon.

I was actually enjoying my life and having so much fun that my dad would never allow me to have. Mom let me pierce my belly button and nipples. She would even let me smoke and drink as the men in the house loved gangbanging me when I was high.

She let me play with her toys and I gradually learned taking in her one foot long dildo and two cocks in my pussy at the same time.

One night I was high on some shit one of those men brought for me and two of them started pulling me by my nipples. They pulled me up the stairs and took me to one of the rooms that I had never been to before. It was where the dogs stayed and it always seemed to be locked. Although I had sometimes heard screams and moaning of my mom but I never paid much attention to it.

They pulled me into the room and I was shocked at what I was seeing. “Mom?”

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    Hot. I love a girl who knows what she is and doesn’t hide it

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    Awesome story great writing very erotic lot of desire to dothe same as the mother and daughter

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    So fake and stupid i would. Never read anymore more of you storys ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      Okay, but they are real, but thanks for your stupid comment u perverted dogshit

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    Miss kitty we need a part two and question you call this story the horse bride does that mean you fucked a horse and is you mom fucking the tw dogs please post a part two or right back

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    Great story. Need to hear the end!

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    I need part 2

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    Hello Miss Kitty I would really love to hear more of this beautiful story I would love to hear more of you and your daughter God I hope your daughter got pregnant I would love to know if any of these men got you pregnant as well please keep going my cock is so fucking hard I need to know more or you can text me or call me at 1-209-324-7633

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