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Teaching teenager

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She wanted to know if she was doing it right

I’m in the military and I get sent on detachments quite often. I was going to be sent to a city not far away and I’d be there for a couple of weeks, so I decided to make my stay there a bit more bearable by driving down and leaving my car on base before hand so I’d have wheels for the entire time. I owned a truck, with a camper on the back, which I decided to leave on. The first night there I went to the junior ranks mess for a beer with some of the guys and as I was going in I saw this girl standing outside the door. She looked pretty young but I didn’t think much of it since she was hanging around the mess. I assumed she was with one of the guys inside and he’d be joining her momentarily. As I passed by her though she gestured for me to come closer. Curious, I went over and she asked if I’d take her into the mess with me. I didn’t give it a second thought. I was alone and now here was this girl wanting my company. Of course I took her in. We had a few drinks together with the guys from my unit, then eventually left. I asked if she needed a ride home, but instead she asked if we could go for a drive. The mountains weren’t far away, so I decided to take her out that way. Just before going into the big hills I pulled off onto a small road and away from the highway. I found a secluded spot and we started kissing. Before long I had my hand between her legs feeling her up. Then out of nowhere she says, “Could you show me how to give a blow job?” I wasn’t ready for this and I sat there pretty stunned for a bit. “You mean you’ve never done it?” I asked. “No.” She admitted. After another few seconds I answered, “Uh…Okay.” Slowly I unzipped my pants and she went down on me. In just seconds my cock was as hard as a rock and I was moaning and groaning as I tried to instruct her about not letting her teeth scrape my cock. She was a fast learner and in no time I had to explain that if she really wanted the guy to like it, she’d have to swallow his cum. In less than a minute I was erupting in her mouth and she was eagerly drinking it down. I shot another and another load inside as she desperately tried to drink it all. After several minutes she sat up with my cum dripping from her lips and asked, “Was that okay?” “That was great!” I told her. “Now will you show me how to fuck?” She asked. “That’s gonna take a few minutes.” I told her as I pushed a tiny bit of my sperm off her chin, into her mouth. She smiled and sat back quite happy with herself. I suggested we go back into the camper to fuck and she eagerly joined me. She sucked my cock again to get me hard, then I fucked her. There was no blood when I pushed my cock into her, so I began to wonder why she didn’t know how to fuck. She explained that she’d had an accident on her bicycle and that had broken her hymen. Her pussy was quite tight so I believed her. Slowly I shoved my cock deeper and deeper inside her. Eventually she felt less pain and I began fucking her. I figured being a virgin obviously wouldn’t be on the pill so I planned to pull out in time. The problem was that her pussy was so tight I lost control in just minutes. Before I knew it I was filling her tight cunt with more and more cum. When we were finished she politely said she had to get home. We got back in the truck and headed back toward the city. On the drive she explained that she had a test in the morning and if she was too late, her dad would be really angry. My eyes opened wide. “Just how old are you?” I asked. “Fifteen.” She confessed. My heart went into my throat. I quickly dropped her off down the street from her house and raced away. I was terrified someone was going to be knocking on my door any day.

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  • Reply Bob ID:7pqjf5vm9d

    Lucky you.

  • Reply Dean ID:5rhvk80k0b

    You ought to check up and see if she’s ok now. Plus if she gets pregnant it might ruin her life and chances of higher education especially if she doesn’t have supportive parents. So abortion or custody rights if she can’t have one

  • Reply Cursed_Spirit ID:5vn551pyd9j

    Hey atleast you might become a father