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Teachin Step Daughter-in Law What her Cunt and Mouth Are Really For – PART 2

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2 days after the initial encounter with my Step Dauhter-in-Law she shows up and I think it’s to rat on me for dirty fucking her in the cunt and mouth but was I ever surprised

On Monday, 2 days after the wedding, the wife and I were staying at the mother-in-laws and having coffee around 10:30 AM, when who pulls into the driveway but Sue with her son. I immediately got very concerned since I had just spent Saturday afternoon dirty fucking the little bitch and teaching her to suck cock and swallow my cum. I figured she was going to spill the beans about the whole thing as she was a very angry little cunt. The first thing I noticed was her skinney ass was dressed exactly the same as when I dirty fucked her on Saturday as she was drunk. But the one good sign was except for her 2-1/2 year olsd son, she was alone. My wife got up as they came to the door and picked uo the grandson. I heard Sue say – I have brought him over to spend some time with you while I have to do some things. And then she walked in to the table and sat down not looking at me like I was not there – bad sign.

I offered coffee and poured her a cup. She did not say a word to me except the yes to the coffee question. I asked if she was here for a couple of days and she answered – Yes while she got somethings straighted out. I thought thats not a good sign. All the attention then turned to the boy so I got up to go to the bathroom down the hall. As I was coming out of the bathroom she was waiting to go in and slipped me a note she had already written. I went into the bedroom to read it and it said “We need to talk about what you did to me on Saturday- meet me at Copes just after I leave – BE THERE. (Cope’s is the market a couple of blocks away).

I had made plans to go to the local hotrod shop so it was going to be easy to get away when she left. After about 30 minutes she had made arrangements for my wife to keep the son while Sue went to do some things and would be gone most of the day. After Sue left I followed behind her to the parking lot and when she parked, got in her car. She immediately told me she knew that I raped her when she was drunk. I reminded her she was NOT drunk at the apartment and liked what I did to her and had her do – same for the stop on the way to the wedding location. And I said – If I remember right at the picnic table you laid right down and lifted your ass so I could get you naked without a problem. And when I said we were leaving you wanted to stay and fuck some more – right??

To my great surprise since she was acting as she usually does – pissed off at the world, she smiled and said she had thought of nothing else since Saturday and was here to see me so I could do anything I wanted to her some more. I was concerned it might be a put up deal and said – maybe we should not – because of her rapid change of attitude. She immediately teared up and said you don’t want to do it to me again. The tide was rapidly turning in my favor so I said – Do what to you again? It then dawned on her I wanted her to use the words I told her to so she says – Fuck me and let me suck you off. Just to push the issue I ask – And what are you going to do when I cum off in your mouth? She answered – Swallow it like you taught me to do. Damn my cock was starting to get hard right there.

We were in a vacant part of the parking lot so to see how much control I had over her I told her to take off her shorts and panties and then put her shorts back on. She just looked at me and I told her do it again and she started stripping. When she had her shorts back on, I told her to give me the panties as I would keep them until later and then ran my hand up her loose shorts, used my finger to check her slit. It was dry again as before so I just rubbed the outside. And that quick, the little cunt came off – but forgot to tell me she was. I pinched her cunt and remined her I wanted to hear when she was going to cum and she said – I’m cumming again and did. It actually made her slit a little moist. Yes, I want the gals to dirty talk about getting fucked and sucking cock – it’s my thing.

My cock was raging by this time but knowing this was not the place to really enjoy a blowjob, I told her to open my pants and get my cock out and lick the joy juice up I knew I was putting out. Sure enough as she got my cock out and the head of my uncircumcised cock was covered with juice when she skinned it back and she licked it clean, squeezing out all she could and then swallowing it. I patted he head and said Good Girl, you are going to be my great little cocksucker.

I ask what she had to do and she said see her sister and let her know she would be spending the night at the folks house for a couple of days – the mother and dad worked. I told her I would get a motel room on Buck Owens Drive and see her there in an hour. We parted company and I went to the Adult store to buy flavored lube, a vib and dildo. And started planning in my mind what to do to her – this was going to be fun. Since I had her panties stuffed in my shorts, I had told her to get a short skirt from her sister and be wearing it with no pantes when she got to the motel. I wanted her pussy exposed when I walked up to her car. She looked at me and then smiled and ask- Is there anything else I said – YES be ready to get the hell fucked out of you and swallow a quart of cum. She just said – OK!

Needless to say it was one wild afternoon. When I asked how often her husband was fucking her she said maybe twice a month and it hurt like hell. I ask how did she ever managed to get knoocked up like she did and she said he would feed her booze and then do it, always hurting her. It appeard that was what he liked – to hurt her. She said it never took him more that a couple of minutes to cum and he never did it a second time. I ask did it was? and she got the hint and said never fucks me more than once.

Since the little cunt had already cum off twice in the parking lot I figured it was my time and had her give me a good slow blowjob after I got her naked in the room. Oh I forgot, she showed up in a pretty short skirt and I could see that little blonde snatch as I walked up to the car – we still do that today. I did not use the viberator or dildo on her at this meeting as all I had to do was touch her cunt and she would cum off, and the flavored lube worked well as I made her cunt tastee along with slick. She has since had 2 more kids – in a panic with the first one thinking it was mine until I explained to her I was cut and shot blanks.

Her cunt is still as dry ass ever but is just as good as it ever was. And does she ever suck that cock – First CLass and swallows ever drop. I asked her about a year after the picnic table epesoide had she ever sucked off her husband and she said she tried but he stopped her. As far as I know I am the only one doing her and it has worked out well for both of us. But I some times wonder what would have happen if she had told on me. It’s a good thing she loves it and can’t wait for the next time. Over the past years we make fewer trips so her fuck/suck real time has reduced but she has filled the gap with dildo’s and vibrator time. 2 years ago I rented an insde storage locker and had a Monkey Rocker shipped in and set it up for her and she uses it 4-5 times a week. It has worked out well for her and she loves to use it with me standing in front of her making good use of her mouth when I am there. Best move I ever made was telling her I was going to fuck her if she did not sit still at the picnic table. You just never know!

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  • Reply Dan ID:bo2qeoxzm

    Damn I can help y’all out I don’t live to far from there

  • Reply WARREN KEGLER ID:fzq5oothl

    you should have gotten plenty more toys to use on her and fucked her in her place while husband is not there and her son goes to sleep!

  • Reply Doug ID:2zicu2b9d3

    Still fucking the little bitch every chance I get and will forever. Nice to train one to be a cock sucker and enjoy the benefits especially watching then swallow all your load and want more.

  • Reply WARREN KEGLER ID:7zv2ucfzrb

    she came back for plenty more

  • Reply Gaz ID:645g3wwxij

    Snap chat me poppapuller

  • Reply Timothy Copenhaver ID:2c3iwvkm9c

    Omfg what a great story I would love to fuck her myself use her as a fucking whore and slut it would’ve been great if you would’ve got her pregnant hope to hear back from you

    • FRED ID:2zicu2b9hm

      I have dirty fucked the little cunt ever way there is and she can’t get enough of it. I commented one time about getting someone to help me do her and it made her cum off. For the rest of that session it was all she wanted to talk about. She claims she has tried to get some different guys to fuck her but no luck – she is some what bashful.but also afraid to do anything that would effect her kids/family situation. Like most skinny gals she loves the ass fucking and I do it just about every time just to please her. She one time caught 2 different loads of my cum in a glass and then drank it as I photoed her.. She can actually milk my cock in her pussy and that takes skill. You never know how thwy will fuck and suck until you give them the chance.

    • GG ID:44oehka9k0j

      Hot. She seems to be a good naughty slut.