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Summer time… part 2

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His ass was just too tight for my home made dildo. But, I was going to change that.

He was in pain, I tried to calm him down. But he wanted it out of his ass, now. He got down on all fours in front of me. I tried pulling it out gently but he was clamped tight around it. I told him to act like he was taking a big shit and push it out. He was grunting hard and I was pulling at the same time. Finally,  it came out. He was crying a little. I apologized for hurting him. He said he was ok. I laid back on the couch to rest a minute, thinking that play time was over when Sammy put his mouth on my dick again.

He said, I’m sorry cuz, I didnt mean to wimp out on you. I told him that’s ok, and I understand. My dick was getting hard again. Do you want to fuck me, I asked.
I’ve never done it before, with a real dick. I’ve been using different things to fuck myself for a year or more. I like it a lot.

I spun my legs around so they were on his shoulders,  his dick was just inches from mine. I tugged on his a few times and up it came, the tip brushed my greasy asshole. I slid my ass farther off the couch. He was circling around the hole with the head of his dick, I cant wait any longer, I thrust my ass onto his shaft. Oh my god, I said. Fuck me cuz, fuck me. He was jamming his dick in me hard now, I was going to come very soon. With every thrust he made a grunting sound, uh, uh, uh. Oh yeah, faster, faster. My legs began to shake, my ass was humping up to meet his dick. I was yanking on my dick faster too. I’m cumming, I’m cumming, ooohhh yeah. My dick was shooting cum on my belly and chest, Sammy kept going at my ass, pounding me hard, his balls slapping my ass. Sammy was about to cum, his strokes slowed down and he was holding his breath, then in one big thrust he moaned he was cumming too. I felt his hot sperm shoot in me. An experience I had never felt before. When he pulled out, he laid beside me, both breathing hard and exhausted.

Some time later I woke up with Sammy trying to put the slick handle up his ass. He said he seen how much I enjoyed it, he wanted that too. I told him that I would find something smaller for him to use tomorrow.

He seemed satisfied and so was I.  We went back in the house for the night. As I rolled over in bed, I heard him say thanks cuz, cant wait until tomorrow.



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